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  1. I can open the site, but I can't log in, that's where the message about the invalid certificate pops up. Well, it's not like I've been terribly active here and I can use Exploder for the occasional peek and comment. I just don't like to have that crappy browser open a lot.
  2. Chrome recently won't let me access the site due to an invalid certificate. I have to use that bloody Exploder which doesn't care about certificates to get here. I one of your ads maybe acting up?
  3. OMG, if the name of the author weren't Goodkind, the poor intern who'd have to read the submitted sample chapters would have quit the job and never touched a book again. I've written more coherent plots in 3rd grade. Myshkin, how many bottles of Vodka did you need to survive reading and summarising that smelly piece of chicken poop?
  4. You are right about the commercial point, of course. I edit academic non-fiction and keep forgetting that aspect, academic non-fiction doesn't usually make much money and it's not an argument to use in an author/editor relationship. I agree that an editor should like the books and care about them; else editing would be a chore (the publishing aspect aside). But liking does not equal gushing over everything the author produces, as 'fan' implies to me. But maybe I'm too strict with the use of the word; I'd rarely apply it to my own relationship with books even when I really like them (like Malazan or ASoIaF). Tolkien might be the one case where I'd use the word. And for some opera composers, but that's a different medium.
  5. Exactly. And that's the problem with Harriet and Jordan, too. She was too close to the books, furthered by the fact that they were married and probably talked about the books at dinner. She may have been a good editor for him prior to WoT and even for the first 2 or 3 WoT books, but after that, the editing should have gone to someone else at TOR.
  6. Maybe I miss a good book there. But I don't have the time and money to buy all books that get overall good reviews to find out if I'd like them in the long run. When the samples I can find don't work for me - and in case of Hurley I at least read all of them because of the positive talk about the book (often, a few lines are enough to sya 'no') - I won't buy the book. My TBR pile is scary enough as it is.
  7. Yep, I don't need details either. But this is the sort of post I've been waiting for years. Sorry, life got in the way and writing doesn't flow well. Dunno when the book will be out. I'm fine with that, authors are human beings, after all, and I'm waitng for more than one unfinished series but I want to get the occasional quick update.
  8. It would probably be like, "three years of no pressure, what a relief. Now I can stop pretending that I work on the book when I don't feel like it. Three years is such a long time. I will eventually get back to the book." Three years later: Oooooops.
  9. Lol, if I wrote a lot of "something happens with Roderic here"and "Alastair should meet Ragnhild in this chapter", I could call the first two books of Kings and Rebels finished. That first draft of The Wise Man's Fear must have been really rough. I wonder that the publisher and editor believed it could be sorted out in a year.
  10. Two chapters in and no torture? Nicci's grown soft.
  11. Ah ok. I stopped reading his blog years ago.
  12. I only read the samples avaliable online (I can seldom browse English books in Germans stores) and got the impression that she tried too hard to be diverse. Since I had no problems at all with Gardens of the Moon, it can't have been the dive into the world start. I couldn't get into Jemisin, either; the first person POV of that Thousand Kingdoms book reads like chick lit.
  13. I've never read his stuff, but that sounds like it's a Fifty Shades of Grey version of Eragon.
  14. Rothfuss probably had a trilogy worth of material when he submitted, and I bet the publisher was happy enough to jump on the 'it's finished'-train. He then realised that a bit of editing won't do because it was a worse mess than he thought and would require a complete rewrite. What I do blame him for is that he never came out about that, explained and apologised for the delay.
  15. I've been working on and off on my magnum opus Kings and Rebels since 2004 or so. It was not intended as several-books-series back then and has morphed almost beyond recognition - it changed from historical fiction to Fantasy because the history kept getting in the way of the story I wanted to tell, and at some point I got the idea to write about the Lost Realms (Kêr Ys, Lyonesse, Vineta, Cantre'r Gwaelod and their ilk) which I then combined with the no-longer-historical fiction. But some of the characters and basic conflicts still exist, plus a few scenes, albeit heavily edited. Fortunately, I don't have fans breathing down my neck like Martin, because my writing speed isn't any better. The other projects are historical fiction. The Sichelstein Saga - probably a trilogy - is set in the 10th century, the other ones in the Roman Empire. And damn Jovis if they don't remain standalones. I'll use the April Nano Camp to get a prequel story to one of the Roman novels down, and I hope it will stick to the planned 10K.