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  1. Very well put. Until reading your post, I was absolutely convinced that there's no way his name will be Aegon in the books. But you've made me think that it might be possible, and might actually make sense. Thanks for a reasonable, well thought-out response.
  2. This is an interesting thought, and one I've pondered as well. It does seem like this is the direction D&D are going. This most recent episode had a lot of talk of children and the future of the Targaryen dynasty. And when Jorah made the comment to Jon about Longclaw serving his house and future children, I thought that statement was a bit too loaded to be coincidental, especially with all the other talk of children throughout the episode. I know it should probably be assumed everyone hanging out in this thread has seen the most recent episode, but just in case...
  3. It does have significant ramifications, if the truth were to be widespread. But Jon's main focus is on the Walkers at this point. I don't really see him dropping that cause to try and vie for the Iron Throne.
  4. This was my thought as well. We can confidently assume that the weirwood is somewhere north of the wall, based off the fact that it was spring/summer in the first vision, and completely covered in snow and ice in the second (that, and the presence of the wights and NK/Others is fairly telling). Like you said, the Wall had to have been built during the Long Night. I'm still trying to work out when that second vision occurred. Was it in the past, during the Long Night? Was it in the present? I find it less likely that it might have been in the future, but who knows?
  5. That would certainly be the twist to trump all twists, lol
  6. We must hang on to whatever scraps of hope we can find... but I fear it doesn't look good for the wolves this season. It seems like they're only getting cut for the purpose of saving money on the CGI, which is highly upsetting. We can only hope that they don't get killed off in such unceremonious fashion in the books.
  7. IMDb says it was Hightower, but who knows how accurate that is.
  8. Cheaper to just give Arthur Dayne two swords instead
  9. The show has shown time and time again that they have no regard for how long it takes for information, or people for that matter, to get from one place to another. Case in point: how Littlefinger was able to get from the Vale to the Wall in what's only supposed to be a couple of days. But like you said, minor detail ETA: When Arya kills Trant, it happens after dark. Cersei does her Walk of Shame during the day, so it's unlikely the two events happened at the same time. Possibly the same day, but who knows. D&D are not known for their consistency.
  10. D&D stated in the Inside the Episode segment that this pattern was an intentional throwback to the spiral patter from S3. To what end? Not sure. The Night King in the show is the Head White Walker. The Night's King in the books was the 13th Lord Commander of the NW. They are two unrelated characters who do not exist in one another's mediums.
  11. ^^This. I seem to recall Qyburn mentioning that Ser Strong was the "newest member of the Kingsguard" after Cersei returned to the Red Keep from her Walk of Shame, but I can't remember completely.
  12. Just to clear up an earlier question about the actor(s) playing the NK Per the credits from this episode: Screenshot to show that Vladimir Furdik is credited under the "Guest Starring" tab; Screenshot to show I didn't just go make this in Photoshop. Richard Brake, the actor who has previously played the NK, is not credited in this episode.
  13. A very fair point