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  1. Wasn't Edard stark in the city when jamie killed roseart? Because he and his men were right behind the lanasters who were about to enter the keep. If this is the case he would have died with all of his men in the fire.
  2. This sounds like jaime he started as his fathers favorit fell to slavery(oaths can be taken as a form of slavery and he was brought low by them) and then rose again to save his people.
  3. Because if jaime were HotK they would be in a better position to remove robert.
  4. They were looking for jon because they were informed by craster that he was in the NW host. There trying to kill AAR!
  5. This pretty much awnsers who lyanna's father is^^^
  6. Can we put together a list of people who could be Rheagar? The first person I would suggest would be Jaqen H'ghar.
  7. Because war against the Others wasn't fought on the wall because it wasn't built yet. It was fought on every castle wall in westerose and every man who fought them was a brother of the nights watch.
  8. Jon giving needle to Arya.
  9. Gendry is probably not going to want the baratheon name so he will probably take the name durandon instead.
  10. No, lady stone heart is nissa nissa. Jamie and Bernie will forg light bringer by plunging oathkeeper into lady stone hearts fiery dead heart.
  11. Rhaella did crown Viserys I was saying aerys named Viserys his heir after Rheagar died not crowned him.
  12. Yet based on everything they would have known which includes the deathes of Aerys, Rheagar, and his family. Then if they fallow the line of succession Aemon/Jon is the right full heir.
  13. The thing is I don't think anyone really knew aerys dacreed such a thing. He probably just yelled about it in the throne room after he learned Rheagar had died. The few people who did hear of it are ether dead(roseart), sent to the wall(possibly alister thorn), or don't care(Jamie and varys). So most people probably didn't know he named viserys heir or it fell on deaf ears.
  14. So he could quit of his own volition.
  15. Then how do you explain water magic, shadow babys, and fire magic? Mell lit six skins eagle on fire while it was flying over the wall.