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  1. I think he will. It's not a theory I subscribed to until recently, but I believe it's a strong possibility. I also think if he does, Bran will be the one that wargs into that dragon and thwarts him.
  2. If they meet again, I don't think they will continue their marriage. Though I do expect their next meeting to be amiable. Part of me wanted to see Tyrion's reaction to hearing she had been married off to Ramsay. I think he would've been quite concerned for her in that regard. Either way, I hope they see each other again.
  3. 10. This is one of my favorite episodes of the entire series. I loved the bath, the fight, the lord's kiss, all of it.
  4. 10. Dracarys lived up to my high expectations. That was wonderful to see.
  5. 9. Another strong episode with great performances and lots of information to take in.
  6. 9. Loved the Harranhal scenes and Renly's death.
  7. 9. This was a very strong episode for me. Loved Arya's scenes, Roose Bolton getting some face time, and Joffrey/Sansa/Tyrion at the end. Then Bronn's line "No cure for being a c**t." Perfect.
  8. 7. Not very eventuful, but still very good. I loved Tyrion feeding all those different stories to members of the small council.
  9. 8. I loved the road scenes with Arya, Tyrion denying Slynt's honor, and Jon's "Hello Gilly....what are you doing?"
  10. 7. Solid and of course I love Dragonstone being introduced.
  11. 10! Another one of the greats.
  12. I gave it a 9. The bear pit scene really lived up to my books expectations, even though it was quick. I did want the "I dreamed of you" line though. *sigh*
  13. 9. I especially loved the Harranhaal scenes and Yara's words to Theon.
  14. I gave it a 9. It was a very strong episode, especially considering it had to follow The Rains of Castamere.
  15. 10. Another one of their bests. The Red Wedding was so devastating. Seeing it was just as hard as reading about it.