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  1. @Tijgy you might be interested in this article, what the European MPS think about the Government in jail maybe you already knew.
  2. The minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain in an interview of Deutsche Welle about the events of the 1st of October.
  3. JUst lost myself in that page, this is amazing, thanks for sharing
  4. In the first pages of this thread, starting at page 2, @sweetsunray exposed a possible explanation that could be that Gendry is the fastest so as that, in the future, he could be the one capable of being faster than Arya (that we know she is many times, like when she fights with Brienne), and we also know that Arya is the "strongest" (an adjective that fits Gendry) from the final episode. And as @Booknerd2 mentioned, the theme of fast/quick vs strong is repeated several times in the books.
  5. This is the man who lost his eye the 1st of October talking about his experience As the article points out, these type of guns are prohibited in Catalonia, bc 5 years ago another person lost her eye during a demonstration. The ones who usd them this time were the National SPanish Police. It's horrible that the ones who should be protecting people, the police, had to use this kind of weapons, that can injure anyone in the street, just walking.
  6. I love canaries I also like parakeets and ducks.
  7. @Tijgy So there was a theoretical plan" to enter the Parliament the first day of the UDI..(10th of Octoberm the day the UDI lasted sme seconds and then was suspended) in case the Government members refused to leave the Parliament. Apparenty there were three ways of entering: -subsoil: sewers -air: helicopters -land: National Spanish Police trespassing on the multitude, the people who were watching everything or who could be trying the police not to enter there By land, " five groups of the Police Intervention Unit " would be occupied (each group will consist of fifty troops) that would clear the park of possible demonstrators and facilitate the entry into the Parliament of the GAR (Rapid Action Groups) of the Guard. Civil. Three hundred of those command-men, who have been compared to the US Marines, are in Catalonia waiting to receive orders. So.. would they have done it (especially land forces) considering the international Press was there? And the Police and Guardia Civiles are still in Catalonia...
  8. Ok, I was reading the premises of the demonstration of Brussels and it says: 1)Explaining the difficult social and political problem in Catalonia 2)Being against the application of the 155 3)In favour of the freedom of political prisoners (ex-Government and the Jordis) 4)Defense of the civil, social and democratic rights of the Catalan country (its people it says) as citizens of a free state in Europe. So I guess it's more transversal (democratic rights) than independentist but the 4 point suggests that is also independentist ("state")
  9. There are more than 90000 visitors currently interested, according to Wikipedia. No idea of when it will happen, exactly. More Info: Yes, demonstrations are always tricky in that sense, better not use public transport or use alternative means of transport, but since its in a labour Day it can't be avoided which makes it more complex for the city. In Spain the 7th of December it's also a Labour Day, but it's between two Holiday days (the 6th being the Constitution Day. which was originally the day they planned to go there, but they changed it, I suppose due to the fact that people going by car could not arrive on time)) I guess many people will take that day off for vacation and travel. Our favourite!! Yeah, he is a bit contradictory and hypocritical, isn't it? And what he says about being happy that Tremosa is Isolated? Wait, Guy is super freinds with Citizens! Now it makes sense. Shouldn't they avoid talking about the nationalistic topics? Or at least respect everyone's opinions? If the guys from PDeCat are there it's because they see their party as centrist and liberal, so I don't think Guy is being fair. I also amuse myself with that....tat article suggests he has problems everywhere!! oh, no one said it was easy to be a leader....
  10. Yes, definitely. I agree with all that.
  11. I agree with you. I had had similar thought on this.
  12. oh! "Shame on EU" The 7th of December there will be another one in Brussels, with catalans who will travel there, apparently
  13. I see, yes EU should be mediating! BTW look at the demonstration that has just taken place in Barcelona with 750,000 catalans against the political prisoners: and translated: Beautiful pics in this one And from your newspaper as well:
  14. I can't find the clip in order to corroborate if Tyrion indeed says -explicitly-that he wil convince the Queen, but what you say about differnt jobs, doesn0t make sense at all. They all have something to do, but the plan is to convince her. You can't say that JOn can boycott the plan ........because he is interested in convincing her. In fact, the obsession of convincing people about the threat of the wws was his idea since the strat., So saying no to Cersei when she only puts this condition and destroying the plan makes him a horrible leader, not even being able to stuck to his own plans. A plan that was for a team, not only "hunting a wight" being his job, as he was the servant of someone and not who he is.