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  1. Time is the last thing I'd rant about in this show since I've been accustomed to that and I like imagining that some magic makes time not be a simultaneous event for everyone involved. Sometimes it gives us cool surprises such as Tommen growing up, or teleportation. How do we know that characters don't spend days in the ships but then for others it has been a matter of hours? Maybe that would explain the wight hunt... maybe they don't experience the teleportation phenomenon in their bodies while others see that they have teleported. So I think that time passes quicker in between seasons (offscreen) - I always assume that at least 4-8 months happen (and thus we see how Tyene's hair has gorwn, for instance). And my assumption for that is that we are told that years have passed in between seasons, like Theon or Yara talking about Theon's past this season, for instance. It would be cool if someone wrote down every evidence of time passing in GOT since s4. I believe there are some contradictions or relative magic moments as well (like Tyrion's or Cersei's trials). Does time in KL expand or contract depending on the characters involved? I think that would be a cool thread. Does it happen as well in the more septentrional regions? That would explain why the WWs are moving so slowly in the eyes of the audience. As for time, my guesses are that s8 will cover a huge period of time like season 1, although this time it will be covered in less episodes.
  2. I agree that Talissa's is rUshed but Ygritte's is well done because its developed through several seasons and they share lots of experiences together alone like climbing the wall. They have sex but later they are even more in love .It's different there when in theory they are in love before and bc people tell us many many times. As for the minority my experience is totally different. I personally don't know anyone who has liked it from the forum(apart from people from this thread or others related to jonerys) and same thing outside hese boards. I would have liked to see that poll. Is it still open? Do you have the link? As for the time well we will have to disagree bc i can't see how these scenes cover six months especially after what Sansa says. I normally believe that after each season at least some months happen in order to understand how the characters grow up, but the show doesn't make it clear (it did in season 1, though). And my assumption for that is that we are told that years have passed in between seasons, like Theon or Yara talking about Theon's past this season, for instance and bc the characters grow up due to that the actors grow up. My theory is that time is relative in Westeros and we should not nitpick at it because it's already a complete mess. Of course, that can't mean half a year or periods as long as that during the season if we take into account the words of Sansa, Cersei, etc. We can add some weeks more, but not months. So when talking about periods of time during a season (saying weeks for instance) for Sansa might refer to a maximum of 1,5 months (I add a month more to these weeks), considering also that Cersei speaks with the iron bank and she also says something about paying the debt soon (between episode 3 or 4, I don't recall what she says but it's soon or a matter of weeks as well). Furthermore, we also have the wight hunt, that covers several trips around the continent in not more than 48 hours. However, in between seasons, some months actually happen; otherwise events from the past could not be referred as "happened many years ago", like Theon's tortures.
  3. Yes, I see there's some inspiration even with that! I agree there are many references to the books, I can't claim that nothing from s7 is gonna happen (who knows, maybe things in the Citadel? or even Jonerys in a political way..) but it's clear that the season was basically filler.
  4. @jcmontea about the ice and fire thing This dynastic war is one of the three main plotlines, there's another plotline involving the Others, these kind of superhuman characters, and then there's the exiled Targaryen daughter, who seeks the return or her ancient throne. Why those three main plotlines? Well of course the two outlying [main plotlines], the things that are going on north of the Wall, and Danerys Targaryen on the other continent with her dragons, are of course the ice and fire of the title, A Song of Ice and Fire. The central stuff, the stuff that's happening in the middle, in Kings Landing, the capital of the seven kingdoms, is much more based on historical events, historical fiction, it's loosely drawn from the War of the Roses and other conflicts around the 100 years war, although with a fantasy twist. One of the dynamics I started with was people being so consumed with their petty struggles for power within the seven kingdoms... that they are blind to the much greater and more dangerous threats that are happening far away, on the periphery of their kingdoms. He mentions the things...not Jon Also, another: Why your saga is called A Song of Ice and Fire, because of the Wall and the dragons or is something more beyond that? Oh! That’s the obvious thing but yes, there’s more. People say I was influenced by Robert Frost’s poem, and of course I was, I mean... Fire is love, fire is passion, fire is sexual ardor and all of these things. Ice is betrayal, ice is revenge, ice is… you know, that kind of cold inhumanity and all that stuff is being played out in the books.
  5. Exactly, I coudn't agree more.
  6. @MinscS2 I was gonna reply to your posts (in bold) but when I quote your box nothing appears. I was gonna make the effort of erase my part, unbold yours and put in in boxes to make propers replies and also re-tag you ('cause if I didn't do that the boxes would have no poster name and that's not respectful to the poster) in the style of this board but I can't, nothing appears: That was gonna be the last time I did that because it's an extremely tedious work, and 'cause I study and work and I'm extremely busy but I read your analysis and wanted to ask you to please quote me in the proper way next time you wanted to quote me (in the phones you have to press Enter twice at the end of each part of the paragraph you want to separate). So for the first and last time I'll try to do something with it, and quote some parts -doing a lot of tedious editing- I won't bother to respond again if the quotes are not in the proper style due to the amount of work involved (not saying it's your fault, you might not have known about this) I have not said I would stop, I don't know what I'll do, but I made it clear that my extensive analysis would be until the episode I had rewatched. I see you agree that it continues rapidly in epi5,6, which, in fact, justifies that the romance is very quickly one (one of my premises so as not to take it as an organic romance in development, especially since until episode 4 I have not seen nothing more than two strangers that start believing the parts they didn't like from each other, no romance, and at most we could see the start of a friendship). -I have not said the show lacks hints, I said those "hints" are so forced that make the "omance" not organic or believable for many viewers. -Exactly, to make the audience know there's something going on is precisely what I consider a forced hint, and bad writing WHEN the characters have barely met. If I have to be told by everyone else that there's something there from the start it's objectively forced and/or the script/acting is bad. -I have not said that there's no trust in episode 4, in fact, I've said the contrary. In episode 4 she starts trusting him and that's not badly done, which is not loving him from a realistic point of view. So it's not that she hasn't met other people that has behaved like him? What about Jorah and Daario? -Exactly, another time when another character comments on it means that it's badly done since they barely know each other. It's like the writers are unsure of the scenes they have written and that's why they are forcing others to tell us. As I said, it's not the way it has to be done. 2 And here we disagree due to what I've already explained on my analysis until episode 4. I explained to you that I don't leave it out, but that I've not rewatched it. I've read your points above and below this and yes, I see there's more building up there, but it doesn't change the fact that if I miss the first stages of what I consider a properly done romance I can't believe what happens next and/or consider it good writing. If you doubt of my sincerity there's nothing else to discuss about it, since I've been very open-minded. I've told you that I could even accept that gaze in ep3 or 4 as a "hint" if the romance was developed with many more shared experiences and not rushed but it's not the case. I have no reason to secretly ship them and say otherwise, so I don't know what you are referring to with sincerity here. Actually no, if that was a proper romance they should not have kissed until episode 7 or s8 to make it more believable. it doesn't change the fact that the romance is badly develped in the first stages and extremely rushed afterwards. By your comments I see you might like rushed romances, I just dn't. We can not guess correctly how much time has passed. Baby Sam grows up slowly, while Tommen ages quickly, and ravens fly as quickly as planes. However, I think that Sansa mentioned he had been there for a few weeks, so it’s definitely not half a year. We’ll have to agree to disagree on the chemistry. They behave in a very diffeent way. Dany is not a BIT temperamental, she starts burning people alive in the first seasons, and continues doing so many times (khals, even burning slavers alive random ones- without a trial), doesn’t listen to Tyrion when burning Tarly’s…) Meanwhile Jon does his duty with Janos Slynt, his duty following the rules of a Lord Commander. Dany follows her own rules, doesn’t listen to people and never hesitates. Jon does, and it’s hard every time he does this, which is…Janos Slynt and? Well, the ones who actually killed him, maybe someone else? I don’t recall it. The differences are HUGE. I don’t think that a minority of viewers dislike the relationship or how it has been developed.
  7. It's done in all the TV shows, bcause it's the big moment, and I found it very odd that we didn't have that and instead we moved to a sex scene. If I was a shipper I'd be disappointed.
  8. oh and Davos about off screen Jonerys makes it even worse. We are told about it as I said. Good romance doesnt need that.
  9. of course I can. If by epi 4 they are not even friends they cant visibly become believable soulmate lovers just with a couple of scenes and she rescuing him for his stupid idea (she implies it was a silly idea of brave men) but maybe she just falls in live with men who bend the knee and he finally does. of course Dany doesnt want any of them to go there but she is extremely more concerned about Jon, as if she was in love with him and it is not consistent with the previous scenes unless we see them as romantic. And I don't.
  10. a king or queen doesnt need to marry another monarch, and Dany doesnt see Jon as a king either. mirror each other but still you fail to see the HUGE incompatibilities in their personalities. written to be soul mates?since the beginning of the story? It's like we are reading a different series. Meeting yes, soul mates for destiny no....
  11. My argument against not being equals is that I don't agree they are each other equals in terms of romance at all (though maybe I misinterpreted the poster and it was about status as monarchs). I maintain that two persons that even if thry share similar values like not judging the daughter for the sins of the father but also have huge differences such as the ones I mentioned don't make them each others soulmates.
  12. Fine, 'cause I'm not alone either with my interpretation of the events up to this point
  13. i took evidence 1 as more as another forced moment for the romance, but you could be right. evidence 2? What do you mean by #epic boatsex cast commentary? I saw the cast being disgusted for the incest thing, I don't know if you are referring to this one, fo they say ice and fire again? Then it's. Interesting, though I very much think that the title might mean more things than just people, maybe forces and possibly more than just one or two people involved. evidence 3: Partnership in some form? Totally. We all know that they will meet. But that's not evidence on the title of the series being solely about them, just hints on the plot -them meeting-as complete evidence. @The Fattest Leech wasn't the commentary also about converging plot lines?
  14. ??? My explanation is very clear in regards that I have rewatched till episode 4 and there is no romantic tension intil this moment. I have said that from there to the boat momrnt they should develop the "falling in love" moments and I still dont see thrm since thr show's premise is that they are already half in love by the time he is petting thr dragon and the caves which is not belieavble. In the wight hubt strategy she is clearly concerned about him more than Jorah, which is totally inconsistent.
  15. well I still don't,see how Jon was elected KITN given his failures (and he has just submitted the North for the foreign queen so I don't think they will be happy) so compare them on that matter its not fair. Dany has been chosen from freeing slaves, having fire superpowers to make dragons live again. I have to agree he also has superpower elements (being resurrected) but he has not helped slaves just treated the freefolk as allies (and eventually friends) BC the NK would have killed them this is different from Dany's goals. And what about thr differences? She wants to conquer and rule, he doesn't want to rule. He would never burn people alive, she does. They are not equals.