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  1. well CUP with only 4 MPs I don't think they'd oppose to a non-unilateral way, they'd probably neither vote in favour or against, but who knows. tomorrow Puigdemont will visit Denmark for a conference about Catalan politics and they say that Spain could reactivate the EAW now in Junts x Cat they say that maybe Puigdemont could not be arrested if he returned because he'd have the immunity of MPs The SP Government said that they'd not accept Puigdemont as President and the 155 willl continue
  2. so these days the Parliament is being elected.....there is a President of the Parliament right now. but not President of Catalonia....
  3. tell that to Thoros and oops...everyone else if Dany had not arrived in time thanks God that Gendry is a good runner and ravens eat lots of energetic corn So if the writers make Jon stupid for love for his new queen he barely knows ut finds sexy and later make the other characters tell him he is that makes the story of Jon only about "honour" and stupidity is justified....good try, but that doesn't convince me, LOL and for the record...I have not said the word "moron" to anyone, don't twist my words
  4. I mean that thr whole thing of the wight inside the chest and everyone wondering what is happening is comical
  5. I am interested in it, but currently I don't have time to watch. But I have read that it has similarities with Utena, which I liked.
  6. I'd respond to the Love boat post which I completely disagree with, but since this is not a debate thread, I'll just say what I have said during months here bc now it came to my mind again how horrible it is. It was awfully done, the love story is not believable, they have known each other for a fortnight, they make us believe this is epic, but it's incestuous, they are not each other's types AT ALL, it's cliche, the scenes that settle that pre-boat scene are ridiculously hilarious : Jon and Dany in a corner as if they were in kindergarten, characters telling them that they ARE in love, so as to compensate the fact that there is no natural development to that-LOL, they have just seen each other once in a "bend the knee" scene, Missandei talking about super sex with Greyworm, and then JOn magically arriving at that moment also to remind us that the cave scene is gonna be super romantic.... And of course, Jon going to the suicidal wight hunt because he is brave for Dany, and after losing Thoros and Viserion and almost all of them dying, he shows HIS SUPER LOVE AND ADMIRATION for Dany to evil Queen Cersei so as to destroy the plan. The icing of the cake LOL Because yeah, instead of a battle scene in KIngs Landing, Jon and Dany just....prefer her showing wights. Oh, the exhibition scene, I must say, I laughed a lot, it was "better" than I had thought since it made me laugh even knowing what would happen. The chest of the wight!!! And finally the boat scene, with a montage that shows us how incestuous it is, and of course, no first kiss, LOL. I won't debate about it, this is not a debate thread, it's just to talk about what we don't like about the show, so I won't respond to comments about why what I have said is not true, and these scenes of the show are good. There are other threads for that.
  7. Yes, I know, it happened last month or early December I think!
  8. Thank you for your links. Its always nice to learn some history. Prosecutors and politicians are saying he is guilty of a coup d'état. The current situation is that he is accused of sedition and rebellion, 50 years (plus the minor ones related to disobedience, misappropiation, perversion of justice..) Here you can learn about what he is accused exactly (and years in prison of each one). Rebellion is the most controversial one and leads to more years to prison, 15 at least. I have read that rebellion is related to violence and apparently the jurisprudence includes non physical violence as a "concept" of violence (for instance, coercion), so they say he indeed committed rebellion. Information here Prosecutors are trying to argue that there was coercion and thus rebellion and "violence" in many of the demonstrations (trying to convince the demonstrators of independence and disobedience of the law- this article). Some people disagree with this interpretation of the concept, and say that he can't be charged for that, because they changed the law 22 years ago so as that rebellion involved violence Here you have this information The article says that the creators of the definition of the crime of rebellion in 1995 included an amendment with the violent thing so as that the actions in defense of independence wouldn't be punished if they were done in a non-violent way. "The crime of rebellion is not only to declare the independence of a part of the territory of Spain, it is criminals of the crime of rebellion that rise violently and publicly for any of the purposes contemplated, one of them, independence," he says. PS: The articles are from Spanish newspapers. I tried to translate it with google itools but it doesn't work anymore. Maybe you could use the automatic translator with your browser
  9. Yes I agree A miscalculation of the response of the State. But they also wanted internation recognisition before; and later international mediation and they failed on that. Because for some reason international actors only agree with Rajoy and everything is an internal matter that Rajoy will solve magically alone with success for the Eu Giving therir support only to him
  10. I refer to the fact that voters should know beforehand if their vote is gonna be for an implementation of the Republic, another UDI or trying to reach agreements that seem impossible/middle term independence. Since the two forces have been ambiguous in these lections so as not to to lose voters, nobody really knows what's gonna happen, although post declarations seem to indicate that it's more the "pact" thing; but some messages are still ambiguous: "this is the Republic" (does it mean you will agree with CUP on another UDI?) but at the same time leaders of ERc aso saying they are wanting to "make Republic" with Comú/Podem (how can they do Republic? is it figurative, meaning ruling in the country of Catalonia? Comú won't vote for Puigdemont and ERC can't rule without him, and they know that. Comú won't vote for a government that goes the unilateral way...(while CUP says it's the only way they are gonna be there to support) These are wways of talking, but in circumstances like this, people should know what's gonna happen.... I don't think that they should be saying that the Spanish State lost....indeed it would not be conciliatory either; although they said that Rajoy lost, which is like saying that the Government of Spain lst, and that's true statistically speaking and Rajoy should know. Btw....statistics of the results in maps of Catalonia
  11. What a pitty that parties from the far sides of the spectrum have more protagonism just because political leaders are not able to deal with nationalistic realities. That's subject of debate. While the UDI was not implemented nor made official (not published) there could be argued they embezzdled funds on ballot boxes, for instance. I'm not an expert on this matter, but they say that Puigdemont measured a lot his words when he proclaimed the UDI...there could be legal mtters there. What I don't understand is why are they accused of rebellion if that involves violence AFAIK Pep! Oh, I didn't know.... well, it's indeed a wight hunt. They are investigating Trapero as well. Ok there are two things here: 1)A report investigating the imprisoned activists Jordi Sanchez and Jordi Cuixart over the Catalonian referendum last October has mentioned Guardiola, according to reports in Spain, and the documents will now be passed onto the Supreme Court judge Pablo Llaren. 2)According to a police report seen by Spanish newspaper El Nacional, Guardiola is one of a number of high-profile figures being investigated for trying to sway public opinion on the referendum, with the report citing that a “manifesto was read by Josep Guardiola and intended to mobilise all supporters of independence”. Whatever role he could have had, trying to say that they instigated masses into independence/sedition as proof of their charge of rebellion is so pathetic. People can be manipulated, and in fact, many people are, from both sides, but that's their OPINION on a matter that only concerns them. If the civilians who want independence or whatever that is legitimate and moral are persuaded into believing this it's their own issue. This is like treating people like children. Seriously. Why aren't all the demonstrators of the last years being investigated as well? Oh please. And this case it's even worse because ANC is an independentist association so it's normal that it encourages people to join the cause. They are not politicians.... And speaking of documents, the police ceased a notebook of a secretary of ERC where he wrote everything related to the Catalan Process to theReferendum, names, events, what was discussed in which reunion, and now more politicians that participated there but were not from the Government, will be investigated (including a CUP member as well). SO it doesn't surprise me that they are trying to fabricate their version of the events saying they are all rebels, instigators, etc. It's like independetisnm woke up with the sun of Japan, and Spanish State woke up in America, they just go hours, months, years late. But they all see the same sun every day at the same hour?How is it possible?And they keep with their only solution: prosecution. The more prosecution, more indepdentists. That's being incompetent from an State perspective. Either stop it before eating things you might not want, or at least "stop" the Process before it ever gets worse. DOing it now it's just so out of place, and stupid. And they are only increasing the situation. Might I say that indeps as well, although trying to defense themselves from the State, so they can't lose their supporters so they say from time to time that Catalonia is a Republic in a perpetual victimhood. Nobody knows if they will do another UDI after Rajoy says No again, or they will win their supporters only bc of the "exhaustion" provoked by Rajoy's Government in Catlonia. That's legitimate to say and try (if not now, when?) but I don't think it's fair either. Gaining independence bc the other doesn't like you should not be the way. Couldn't they wait a few years maybe with another , less hostile, Government in Spain? But I suppose now any side can't seat to talk like real least Puigdemont tried and he is trying again (while saying Republic....) but Rajoy has other priorities, like watching football and who knows what. He has almost disappeared in Catalonia but he won't accept the problem nor talk about it. Why should he? He is the President with rumours of being a corrupt. Meanqhile, Catalonia is losing every day with the 155 decree.
  12. oh Rajoy has spoken: Spain’s prime minister has defended his handling of the Catalan crisis after the snap election he called in an attempt to settle the secessionist challenge resulted in pro-independence parties holding on to their absolute majority in parliament. Speaking the day after the three Catalan separatist parties won a total of 70 seats in the 135-seat regional parliament, Mariano Rajoy stood by his strategy of taking control of the region in response to an illegal independence referendum and subsequent declaration of independence. Asked whether he accepted responsibility for the disastrous poll showing of his conservative People’s party, whose presence in the Catalan parliament was reduced from 11 seats to three, Rajoy replied: “The prime minister accepts responsibility for anything that happens to the People’s party, just as all members of the People’s party across Spain do.” He shrugged off suggestions that his use of article 155 of the Spanish constitution to suspend Catalan autonomy had proved costly and counterproductive. “I think article 155 was applied as it needed to be,” he said. “It was not applied when the Catalan government took the first of its decisions that were against the law. We were prudent. It was applied with the agreement of an enormous majority in the senate and it was applied intelligently. He pointed out that the centre-right Citizens party, which strongly supported his actions, won the largest share of the Catalan vote and the greatest number of seats. “The negative thing about these results, from my point of view, is that those of us who wanted change haven’t won enough seats to bring that to a successful conclusion,” he said at a press conference in Madrid. He said the separatist bloc had lost two seats since the last regional election and had taken a combined 47.6% of the vote, and thus could not claim to represent all Catalans. “Yesterday’s results also make it plain that no one can speak for Catalonia who doesn’t include all of Catalonia,” Rajoy said. “What’s clear after the vote is that Catalonia is not monolithic; Catalonia is plural and we all need to nurture that plurality as a virtue and a source or riches.” With speculation mounting that Together for Catalonia, the party of the deposed Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont, will attempt to reassemble its previous coalition with the Catalan Republican Left party (ERC) and the anti-capitalist Popular Unity Candidacy, Rajoy called for a new direction in Catalan politics. “Elections always offer the possibility of a new democratic beginning, an opportunity to embark on a new phase,” he said. “I trust that from now, Catalonia will enter a phase based on dialogue and not confrontation, in cooperation and not imposition, in plurality and not unilateralism.” He said the Spanish government would be prepared to collaborate with any Catalan government that observed the law and worked to restore stability, security and social harmony to the region. “Without respect for the law, and without a responsible Catalan government that respects it, it won’t be possible to guarantee security and certainty,” he said. Earlier on Friday, Puigdemont, who fled to Brussels at the end of October, said he was ready to meet Rajoy to find a way out of the crisis, but stipulated that the meeting could not take place in Spain, where he faces arrest on possible charges of sedition, rebellion and misuse of public funds. “I am willing to meet Mr Rajoy in Brussels or in any other location in the EU, so long as it is not in the Spanish state, for obvious reasons,” he said. “Catalonia wants to be an independent state, but the next step is to talk with Mariano Rajoy.” Calling the election results a “slap in the face” for Rajoy, Puigdemont said: “We must completely change the recipe because it doesn’t work any more.” He said Rajoy’s strategy of taking control of the region to try to head off the independence movement had failed. “All I ask is that he listens to us,” he said. “We have the right to restore that which the Spanish government changed so abruptly.” Rajoy gave short shrift to Puigdemont’s offer, pointedly saying the leader he should meet was Inés Arrimadas, of the Catalan Citizens party, which won 37 seats and 25.4% of the vote. “The person I need to sit down with is the person who won the election and that’s Arrimadas,” he said. He refused to speculate on whether Puigdemont’s legal situation could complicate his return to the Catalan presidency, saying it was a matter for the courts. Madrid’s direct rule over Catalonia is due to expire when a new Catalan government is formed. Pressed on whether article 155 could be used if the next regional administration pushed on with a unilateral quest for independence, Rajoy said he would not focus on the “worst possible situation” but added that the law had to be obeyed. Despite the political upheaval, Barcelona was calm on Friday morning, with people finishing off their Christmas shopping or sitting glued to the TV to find out how they had fared in the annual Christmas lottery, El Gordo. The coming weeks will see a return to the politicking as coalition talks begin, Puigdemont and his allies seek a return to power and the Spanish government looks on and weighs up its options.
  13. He will be arrested apparently, yes. What they are doing makes no sense. One can argue if they deserve fines, to cease them from politics or even jail if there is a trial What people find extraordinarily incredible is that they are prosecuted for crimes that involve violence that could lead to 30 years of prison, as if they were Tejero and had entered the Parliament with guns, or worse things. (And preventive jail still now for Oriol Junquers, Joaquim Forn, why?) And what it's worse, they retired the EAW once they noticed that those charges do not exist in Belgium. It's quite pathetic. The State has the right to what they think they should do in those cases but this prosecution is exaggerated. Did I tell you that they "punish" the Jordis by changing his partner in jail? SO apparently Oriol Junqueras and Jordi Sänchez recorded some things for the campaign and now Junqueras' punishment will be to stay alone in the cell this Christmas days.... And now they are using the demonstrations of the 11th September of several years as proof of the rebellion chrges, apparently they encouraged the masses to hate the State. 14% is not bad! Rajoy had 8% and now has 4% in Catalonia
  14. And now they are saying that the demonstrations of the 11th of September of several years are proof of the rebellion charges for these politicians and others that will start being investigated. They adoctrinated the masses, apparently, with hatred towards the Spanish State and instiutions, apparently, and calling for disobedience according to Guardia Civil. And if CUP finally absteined for the election of Puigdemont as President (not clear since they say they want to start implementing the Republic and disobedience in an unilateral way) he'd very likely be arrested, possibly before arriving to the Parliament, unlesss he hided very well when trying to return by car.