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  1. del
  2. It is!!! Oh, just watched until episode 10, and it keeps getting better and better and surprising me!
  3. "i'm a Dracula Cat"!
  4. I'm from the late 80's and I also remember playing Carmen Sandiego and Prince of Persia at the labs of Primary School... I agree on technology and the good barometer between the most younger and the older millennials but also on the nuance thing. For instance, people from my class started having cell phones at age 12, so at around 2000, while I didn't until 16 bc I also thought they were useless/a waste of time (except for the snake game) until I succumbed to them... (they were very expensive as well) and had to spend money every month so as to be able to send SMS. I much preferred MSN Messenger back then. (And even in the Facebook era until it ceased to exist due to FB.....). But of course, Internet on phones was not thing until not long ago so until then SMS were the only option outside home. It's not that everyone started with them at the same age. With Internet connection, I got it in 1999, but then again, I had used computers at school since age 5. And my father had one of those "Big Cell Phones" in the nineties when I was a child, and I wanted to play with them, so it's not that I was unfamiliarised with the technology. Then again, I also remember my long Summer Holidays playing around at town without using technology ...while, at the same time, I was also into all the different GameBoy's when I was like 11 or so. One thing didn't mean we'd not do the other. There was a balance. Both coexisted, playing outside and also Video Games. And when I was a pre-teen I was also playing with people of different ages, my age mainly, but also two years older than me, and 5 years younger than me, so in my case "generations" were not much a thing; although we were all millennials. Then, as for the topic of the thread, I have no problem with talking with people of any age, even people in their eighties, sometimes it's more about personality than anything else; although in general I find it more easy to have things in common with people around my age than a teenager or people in their fourties and beyond; but it's not always the case, since everyone has their own tastes.
  5. She is saying: "I'm a spring's flower"
  6. Last year I wanted to start its anime due to having some friends that have been watching the anime for years, but the huge number of episodes just prevented me from start watching it. Although, I've watched some random epis and clips with them, and if I want to give a present to them, I already know that a One Piece manga is always a safe bet, and I must admit that I read a little bit of the one I bought for the last birthday of my friend ---------------------------------------------------------------- So, after a long time without watching any anime (except from some of Detective Conan which is always something entertaining to watch and it never ends.....possibly my favourite anime ever), I decided I'd start Sakura Clear Card, basically the sequel of Card Captor Sakura (CCS), that I used to watch as a kid. And the news of the new release could not get me more excited, although mainly because of the nostalgia of those Summer holiday afternoons when I would watch that anime while eating some pastries and drinking cold chocolate . (just like Sakura did in the song endings) I watched the OVA that in theory is the new version of the ending of CCS (basically now a carbon copy of the last manga) and later I proceeded to watch the first two epis of the new show (that apparently follow the ending of the first anime). I didn't watch anymore because I'm not used to wait a week for each episode and it has only been released in Japan as far as I know. So, I'm planning to continue watching in a near future, several ones per day. Looks like the visuals are now better after all these years, and Sakura is now "more blonde" (there's more lightening now in the anime following new trends) but at least the characters look the same in drawing style, and well, Sakura just decided she would style her hair without hair adorns, which is something nice to see. Then, I recently started another anime, which is called "Puella Magi Madoka Magica", that in theory is a deconstruction of the sugar-coated animes of Magical Girls, like Sakura. I must admit that at first I was unsure of watching it, despite having great curiosity in discovering how would they really "deconstruct" it. And well, let's say that I was also strongly encouraged to watch it, and yeah, he ended up being right, it's indeed really interesting (and surprisingly entertaining) to watch. From my perspective, the one of someone who has watched till episode 8 out of 12, I have to say that the sugar-coated opening could not be more misleading to the story we are going to be told. It's not that it's only "dark", although it is, at least it has been sometimes, but it also makes a lot of sense and nothing seems gratuitous. Not only this, but the way the story is divided in their different episodes, in which we get to see the different parts of the big puzzle, as well as the backstories of the protagonists that help us to get the full picture of the different characterisations are both really well-thought Then, let's not forget the "witches" they fight off!!!!!! We get to see a few of them in the first three episodes IIRC, and there is one in particular that was really, really scary. I put her name in spoiler tags because......of important reasons. The drawing style of the "witch battles" is very symbolic and curious as well. I'm looking forward to watching the rest of the show, although I'm also kind of scared due to the fact that a certain night is coming... .
  7. She says: "I love my new haircut!"
  8. LOL it thinks I primarily login with a phone device which is completely wrong, then it incorrectly says I use Android----
  9. This yeah. That was so foreshadowed. I wonder what will happen between them.
  10. Just the fact that it will cover the real ending means that tehre will be lots of surprises and better quality than season 7 (well, that is not very difficult )
  11. Exactly!!!!! And he is the most related to the Old Gods
  12. Totally agree. Some seasons ago. Now, I miss that scheming.
  13. Yes, me too. right now he is pretty boring...
  14. No, I mean, because of that reason, I'd really want to be him to be King. And he'd be a great one.
  15. If only!!