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  1. actually Bran should. He is the rightful heir.
  2. I love Arya and Bran in the pics. Maisie and Isaac look amazing.
  3. He is indeed! The rightful heir will arrive at his castle....and Lady Meera will have a hot bath for the first time in some seasons
  4. And they are the best..... amd in the new pics from the cover he looks super responsible, like a Lord or King.
  5. Bran looks amazing in the cover..... I mean...these are the looks of a Lord..... Arya as well!
  6. And I knew There would be an scene between them as well since I knew Jon WaS leaving. And lf and the crypts had happened in season five.
  7. Fof course its obvious especially if you read the reddit thread......lads doesn Say anything until lots of peoole have started speculating about the crypts LF and the statues.
  8. Bu t my point is that season 8 will be a masterpiece compared to this. And I think it's gonna be really satysfying. They are leaving the best for the ending.
  9. Well, I knew this part of the leaks were true since a long time ago. i was referring to other ones. And it's since the wight hunt plot for Cersei (general plot of the season) was almost confirmed by wotw that I knew that season 7 would be bad. I still have hope for the storylines (isolated ones) of my favourites, anyway. I think there must be something more than the weird scripts of a leaker who contradicts himself and refuses to respond questions until one day he decides to guess everything (not the questions they asked him about). If not, it's gonna be really really bad.
  10. Obvious because Jon would not leave her (those pics being worried) without addressing LF. I guessed that something would happen, but I didn't write about it. Lads2 said he pushes him, ok, not very different from my guess. Eitherway, truth will be proven after 7.01. If lads2 is lads1 even all the contradictions he made and refusing to answer simple questions we'll know because recently he has given lots of details for the first episode. Then, the ones who love the leaks about him will be really happy or maybe the ones who don't believe in him will be. It's just a TV show anyway. Like really....lads2 said that there wouldn't be conversations between the members of the wight hunt....or that Brienne says "Fuck Loyalty", Arya and Sansa's scenes are written so badly acording to lads2..... but people can believe what they want. I choose to take into account the contradictions as well and not to diminish them like if that was not important and good guesses, predictable ones after lads1 were proof of everything. Season 7 is a mess anyway. But if lads2 is true then it would be even worse. However, Season 8 will be much much better. It's based on the ending. And the best things are saved for the last. That's something to take into account and to look forward.
  11. Even part of lads1, yes.
  12. If Jon and LF are together it's obvious that there will be a confrontation and we know that Jon leaves and we know that he stays with Sansa and talks with her being worried from pics that are from a long ago. So meeting LF before leaving is a good guess. lads2 has said many things. One true? Ok, still a good guess based on previous info. or maybe he knew some things like lads1 and oh, this is one, but still a predictable guess. and Yara/Ellaria is super obvious. No one said it because people is not interested in it. He didn't say anything about the Archmaester even if asked many times, etc.
  13. Yes, Gaztelugatxe's coastline was an amazing choice, just like I believe Iceland's locations will be for the "wight hunt". Unfortunately the plot of the season doesn't fit such a level of greatness.
  14. The 4 chan ones. The bear polar moment. I really want this spoiler to be true!
  15. I don't follow the "leaks" of the second leaker, but that Ellaria (who happens to Kiss everyone and sometime spoisons them) and Yara (who happens to Kiss every girl she finds) Kiss is not an OMG spoiler confirmation since they are captured together and we know this from lads1. Then the LF/JOn moment. Didn't read his original comment, since I can't find it (the original) on the Internet. So far it would be the only one spoiler that he would have guessed right. If lads1 knew who were flming and when (LF and JOn) obviously there will be a confrontation (if the post actually says that) and the other one could have guessed it right based on speculation. There are many contradictions in lads2