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  1. I'm not sure if this is a plot hole, but I think it is at this moment. Arya tells Walder's wife to tell everyone that the North Remembers, but Jaime hasn't guessed who is behind all these things. And she also sees Arya's face, and that she had Walder's face, so they could guess that it's a Faceless woman hired by The North (Jon) or even Arya if the wife had given a proper description.
  2. If Sansa and the Hound had zero future together the mention would have been totally unnecessary at this point, since she already knew that something had happened, but not who.
  3. Some of them read the spoilers on reddit
  4. I agree Yes, the scene with Cersei made no sense and was full of Larry has to love Carol, yet he (Nik) tried to portray disilluision. Too bad they included lines like "I'm not angry with you" which were so painful for the ones who like Jaime or Jaime and Brienne.
  5. I had not payed attention to this detail....thanks!
  6. they mentioned the Hound bc he is gonna be part of her future.
  7. THE gift!!!! Of course!
  8. thanks for saying this. The shipping wars usually involving Jon with one of his relatives (aunt, sister...) are nonsensical imho.
  9. I gave it a 6, but I didn't know if to give it a 5, since I'd rate it 5.5/10. What I liked in the episode was that Sam had a lot of screentime being a secondary character and the scenes in the library were amazing, Arya with the Lannister soldiers was interesting, the Sandor+BWB were ok, and the last scene for Dany in Dragonstone was really well-acted and actually moving. It was nice not to see someone being teleported like when she left from Meereen. Unfortunately, Arya killing all the Freys made no sense to me, Cersei and Jaime was hard to watch (even if we start seeing how their relationship sinks) and I forgot about the rest of the scenes. PS: Obviously, I didn't forget about Bran and Meera, but they never have enough screentime.
  10. I think that what she reads is about Azor Ahai according to a pic, and according to reddit is about Rhaegar and Lyanna I think the North might be a little different from the leaks. All the stuff with LF and Bran being absent etc doesn't appeal to me, but I have no clue.
  11. Lads2 had no idea about the Citadel plot or just a few details. Otherwise he would have leaked ep1.
  12. ActuaLly Jon also knows that he is alive from Sam. But thwy just dont care.
  13. The Lannister soldiers mocking twincest
  14. Another rant......why do they all forget about Bran again in the KINT room? They still ignore the rightful heir,
  15. I wonder what gift will Euron give to CERSEI. Cersei wants gifts. But the bst gift for Cersei is a wight. Everyone wants to hunt gifts for Cersei. I laughed so hard when Jon said that they had to LOVE CERSEI.