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  1. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    And as I mentioned earlier in this's not that Brienne was an abomination. And Jaime finds some parts of her attractive in the books. And we just have to look at how he looks at her in th show. Moreover, we are talking about humans, not animals. (basically saying the same from the other day about this topic, but I think it's very important).
  2. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    season 8 has six episodes, not four.
  3. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Yes, they are saving the best for the last season.
  4. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Yes, it's always a good thing that a character like Ramsay is not anymore in the show. I agree with the complexity issues. I didn't like them not because they are villains (I hate all the villains, but it's interesting if they are not one-dimensional) but because they were too sadistic (especially Ramsay) and I was tired of it. However, I have to say that as much as I hate Joffrey, I "liked" him in the show (amazing job from the actor).
  5. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    eta: By effective I mean to defeat Ramsay (not effective enough bc they couldn't save Rickon).
  6. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    I can't blame her for not fully trusting Jon but I think she should have told him anyway brcause the most important thing was to try to save Rickon at all costs. However maybe she thought the Vale would comr just in time....still not the best decision but it was effective. With Jon away and LF around I think she will be confused about trusting or not Jon again. But ultimately she will be on Bran's and Arya's side.
  7. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    It was for shocking reasons. They didn't give any explanation. No, it's Arya, she just survived. It's just one of the many plot holes of the writing. (not to get surprised given the quality of the leaks, in case they are true).
  8. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Yes, I really hate what they are doing with feels like if she was two different persons.
  9. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    The rder of the ICE DRAGON could be Bran. We know that he will fly (they included that line from Bran's POV of Dance in the show...they even put that word in italics in the original script, making sure it was very important...) and we have an excerpt in AGOT that could be foreshadowing this (amongst many other interpretations). Bran III. AGOT: Bran spread his arms and flew. Wings unseen drank the wind and filled and pulled him upward. The terrible needles of ice receded below him. The sky opened up above. Bran soared. It was better than climbing. It was better than anything. The world grew small beneath him. "I'm flying!" he cried out in delight
  10. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    The quadrangle thing: Dany/Jon: it's likely going to happen due to that the first leaker has been correct with other things (still in the air though until s7 airs). I think it could happen and if Dany dies, Jon raise this child. I think that Jonerys is doomed due to that they are doing it in s7 and not in s8 (this is why I don't see them as endgame, I believe that endgame or more important romances will happen in s8), and then Dany could die, (or Jon) and the romance would be tragic. Jon/Sansa: I don't buy the thing of Sansa raising the child as hers, marrying Jon. She could have her own babies with a man who she is not related to, like Sandor, who she has a story with. What I don't see is a marriage between Jon and Sansa at all, due that they have been raised as siblings and that would stop them from falling in love in the next 13 episodes (especially with Jonerys in the middle). Another reason why I don't see JonSa is that when Jon finds out he is a Targ after having had sex with his aunt he'll feel so bad. It's possible that he still decides to be with his aunt (especially if they are going to have a child) but from now on all I can see is a doomed relationship due to that fact. In the case he leaves her or Dany dies, he'll feel so devastated after everything that the last thing that Jon would do is marry his sister/cousin after this experience of incest and lost. Last, but not least, Sansa would not choose Jon because it's her brother, and she has been married twice with men she didn't love, so the third time, if it happens, with be with someone she loves as a lover, not as a brother. Nevertheless, Sansa could still love Jon's child because she would be the aunt of the kid (technically she would be a second aunt, but you know, the aunt, she doesn't have to marry her "brother", it's not natural). Sidenote: I am referring to the classic love between aunt and niece/nephew, not incest involved. Dany/Tyrion: The scripts from lads2 are fake. He failed to respond about certain characters despite saying he had the scripts and contradicted lads1 when talking about who told him about that, etc etc. BUT Tyrion might have feelings for Dany. In 6.10 It looked like They could be hinting at that possibility. It's just a could, though. However, if Dany has to fall with someone that has unrequited feelings for her it would be Jorah, not Tyrion. With Jorah there have been 6 seasons of a story of unrequited feelings and if they tried to make this a little believable they still have the scenes between her and Jorah in s5 and s6, that could be interpreted in such a way (she having growing feelings for him). Dany/Jorah is unlikely but Dany/Tyrion will never be a romance. Sansa/Tyrion: Recently talked about this iin this thread, I believe they are not the Beauty and The Beast story, but SanSan is. If they end together it will be as part of the bitter part of the ending. They were never in love. And both are searching for someone new, not old forced marriages.
  11. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Yes...Jaime and Cersei is absolutely boring!!! Time for leaving!!
  12. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    I think Brienne is not as ugly as the book suggests to some readers (same with the show) and we know that Jaime finds her eyes amazing, and notices her curves. She is not like Cersei, but it's not like she is as ugly as it might seem to some people in general (who are not as fans of her and know her in detail). I think casting GC was a good choice. She is stunning, but of course they make her "kind of ugly" but not especially ugly, as you suggest (so as that genetics would prevent him to be next to her). And In season 3 wit the longer hair, she looked even beautiful. I mean, I think Jaime could perfectly be physically be attracted to her, and, considering there is love, then there is nothing that would stop them. And in show terms, Tyrion is much more ugly in the books (literally very very ugly) and still has had sex with women. Ygritte is uglier and is with Jon.... so I don't think these "natural laws" are as strict as if we were animals. They are proof that it's not the case. Humans, not animals.
  13. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    I don't recall these shots....but even if they are's not that every single angle has to have a interpretation....especially between siblings! I suppose that if we analysed all the series we could also see similar shots with other characters, then would that mean that there are potentially more pairings that the ones that are clearly hinted? It's very likely that we could conclude (watching the 60 hours) that there are pairings between Friends and parents....that was my point.
  14. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    I didn't see anything in their scenes that would let me to believe that they were hinting a future romance or marriage between them. I just saw two siblings reuniting, eating together, agreeing and having an argument, and ultimately having a nice scene together in winterfell when the winter finally came. It's just my honest interpretation. I don't claim to be right but I believe at 99,9% that those scenes were just about that.