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  1. Yep! This! As I said, she won't be domesticated in her future life. She won't be a typical Lord's wife. She will marry an equal, might even rule his castle (not in the way she believed she wouldn't in s1,), or she will be live with him adventures as an explorer with the one she loves, Gendry! Nymeria stays with her pack. She will do the same. She will choose her pack like Nymeria. I love this one........ Father…. The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives I miss him Arya is quickly reminded of her father then...... And..... That's the sentence Arya picks up when she is worried in the books. That's the sentence that will "safe" her in the books.... ... The FM men tells her that she will be no one's daughter as well in the same sentence. Of course, that's not Arya Stark You will be no one's daughter, no one's wife, no one's mother. Your name ... she won't do what the FM told her. She will find love with Gendry. We know she cares about her father ...... The lone wolf dies but the pack survives.... The connection goes full circle. And of course.... Her name....... show: I'm Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I'm going home" Destined to Willow! She has a beautiful reaction though... or the video: What about happy? SanSan will happen! .................................................................... Oh and Sandorspeak! I dn't give two shits about wildings! Gingers I hate!!! .................................... And this parallel... She will be protected by......Sandor!
  2. Yes, I could see that ending as plausible, though it's more bitter than sweet (actually, it's a tragedy), but definitely more likely that he never recovering and being a robot or an exposition machine. About the ending of being Hand..yes, he said that! And with your explanation now it really makes a lot of sense as well!!!!!!! Also, now Bran is teaming up with Sam, the other member of the knowledge department (also another potential candidate to be Hand of someone).
  3. Oh yes,good catch. I agree with that. ALso, about his ending, the fact that he recovers his sanity and still sacrifices is also a possibility, and another option could be him losing his innocence and ending up as Lord of Winterfell (something that makes sense but that many people doesn't find plausible now), as he was the first Stark child we met, learning about the Stark duties in his first POV, closing the circle. I'm sure Martin has a believable yet not conventional ending for him. In his POVS he is a resilient child, we see the surface, but deep inside he is a non-conformist, an explorer, and even the show has shown the rebellious side.
  4. Exactly, the TV show...he was a writer! And he wrote two BATB stories in his own book
  5. Yes, exactly. I think it's a fair assumption. Nymeria is leading her pack and chooses it over being someone's pet in Winterfell. Nymeria chooses her own family. It's a sad scene though because Nymeria clearly loves Arya, but she makes a decision. She is not a lone wolf, because she has a pack, so by "lone wolf" I think that the showrunners wanted to emphasize is that she will be herself, probably in an unconventional way, she will not be "someone's pet" /the wife of someone's Lord (if she marries him they will be equals) and ultimately she will do what Nymeria does, protect and/or lead her own pack. Anf Gendry is looking for one... Yes, Sansa has become more strong and they showed her as a good Lady in charge. She is capable of many things. What she lacks now is love. But she has been married to Tyrion (someone she didn't love and was from the Lannister family) and then to the son of her enemies, and a sadist. SHe won't settled down with a random Lord, she won't marry again out of duty. This time she will decide who she marries or loves, and the only one left who she has a story with is Sandor. And when they see each other again next season the tension will be palpable..
  6. But it's about who she loves, who she decides to love -that's the important thing. She is an adult now, and Sandor is supposed to be the same age than Tyrion in the books and in the show, so yes, he is older, but he is in his thirties in the show. Sincerely, I'd prefer her to be alone than paired with Podrick or anyone else out of nowhere without a story. But she has one with Sandor....
  7. But Sansa doesn't love Podrick...
  8. LOL? I have no probleM either with Bronn saying that J and B would like to fuck or Cersei asking Brienne if she loves Jaime. You are missing the context. You cant compare the experiences and time (or how the story is developed) for both relationships, with Jonerys what we are told is that they are in love when they are less tham allies, and it feels forced since the start. You like them? Fine You like that it is rushed or forced? Fine, You don't feel that it's forced? fine, again. But don't nitpick on things out of context as if I said that things are black or White. I made it very clear with clear examples what my point of view was.
  9. My keyboard always does this with the words moment, than and creation. It thinks I'm writing in Spanish and French and corrects them as if I was writing in these languages, but maintains the rest of the words in English. That only happens with Explorer. It's weird. I will correct it now.
  10. Obvious fascination......Wrong with my eyes, wrong in your eyes, there's nothing wrong! Some people like Jonerys, others not. I made a long reply to @MinscS2 about the topic today, I can't explain it further! I know, I know, "it's a good way to make us believe this is real" Serously, I said that I don't believe romances tht have to be told by others, I can't change it, sorry. We can agree to disagree.
  11. In the show they have extended her FM version of herself due to shocking twists TM (playing LSH for instance) and there's no way that Sansa and Arya will be staying in Winterfell plotting against each other in the books. In their last scene together, Arya and Sansa are finally free of their darkest paths and they both miss their father. they are happy together, yet her stories have not been finished yet ( that's what they say in the first scene when they both meet). Gendry is still looking for a family, someone who can be trusted, and he'll find Arya again. They have experienced lots of things together and they always trusted each other. She wanted to be his family. And the last time Arya saw Gendry she was extremely concerned, there was a long, a really long shot..... Absolutely. It's been hinted as well and it will happen. There's no one else who would make Sansa happy at this moment than Sandor, and he is still "angry at gingers". LF told Sansa about Sandor, and he asked her if she was safe, and if she was happy. She said yes to the first question, we had no answer to the second. Interestingly, Sandor was mentioned in that same scene! Oh, and she reacts with her eyes when she hears his name (keeping the reaction to herlsef). It will 100% happen. At least the acknowledge of their love for each other. But this is the most hinted romance in all the series IMO and I think that the comments about "fucking" from Bronn will become true. They are each other's soulmates and they will make love, possibly.
  12. well, it's actually less than two weeks. I was saying 2 months to be generous with the poster and taking into consideration that time might be relative in this world (we might be seeing it trhough the eyes of a weirwood). Their scenes in these two weeks that could reinforce the relationship have been offscreen, and we have been told about them. That's not how a good romance is developed. The thing is that we have to believe a story that happens onscreen. defending a ship quoting the posible offscreen appearances doesn't work for me. What we have seen is not sufficient. Until episode 4 I saw nothing romantic. And the only way I could believe it is by somebody telling me that before the wight strategy reunion many offscreen scenes that will be released on the DVD were shot.
  13. An act? What are u referring to? He is very subtle when playing Bran inside him, he almost doesn't appear, and Bran is not "there" in that moment with Meera, it's there but Deep inside, but not in that scene. He is playing him as Bran was occupying 5% of his brain, and in that scene he is not appearing, the other parts of his computer are dominating him, he is only aware to say bye and thank you in that moment. But the showrunners explicitly told him to play it as if Bran was still there in general. They said it's a matter of dowloading info so quickly. No other 3eyed has been like Bran, and Bran is probably the most powerful of them all, so yeah, he'll have a greater role as one of the main POVS and we will see him again.
  14. Of course it wasn't. And FrikiDoctor said that Martin said that Howland was gonna appear in the last season. Not a fan of friki, but he reads lots of things.
  15. Incorrect. As I said, a leaked preliminary outline it's not a defnitive script. It would be interesting to read the leaked preliminary outlines of the last two episodes, there are hge differences. Not to mention that the style in which they write, it seems as if they were believing the actions happening, such as: Brienne is going to die, etc