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  1. That's my take as well.
  2. In GRRM's story twincest is dead, not in the show. It's not the same story.
  3. They are two related Targs. Auntie and nephew. It's going to be a doomed relationship based on incest, which has never been portrayed as good in the show.
  4. when does he talk about that approximately? I would like to watch that part but the video is extremely long...
  5. sorry he said spectacle......everyone watching the spectacle and these things. I read about him knowing Aegon.....but s8 leaks? Is this from his last video???
  6. Mmm. I don't know I haven't watched it. Well, I watched only the part when he was describing the Wight exhibition as a circus....and got bored. I think he is just specuating. How could he know ep7 details 4 weeks in advance?
  7. Yes, in his videos he clearly says that he is just putting all the spoilers together (including info from wotw) in order to explain all the details of the episode as if we were watching it beforehand, like a storyteller. Sometimes he adds some speculation. In the one from episode 3 he said that he thought that MissWorm could not happen in epsiode 3 (as it had been reported by different leakers, apparently) because that would be too rushed, and he ended up being right; but he was just speculating. He also said that he thought that the first time that Jon and Dany would meet would be in the throne room and not outdoors and he explained the reasons (his own speculation). I don't know everything that happens bc I'm not Reading detailed spoilers and I've only watched one or two of his videos, but this is what I remember he was saying in the ones I watched. Furthermore, he even puts screenshots of the original leaks that he is reporting in his videos, during a few seconds; at least that is what I've seen. If he knows something more, like he did last season, that's not from the videos I've watched.
  8. He is just telling the story of the spoilers from 4chan and reddit, that's what he says.
  9. I thought the same since last season. I could be wrong but I still have a lot of hope for s8 for some odd reason.
  10. A pay off ??? Sure, Jaime killing her would b e a pay off for this doomed relationship. They can't die together bc that's what Cersei wants, and honestly,I don't predict she'll have the ending she believes and wants. I'm talking about what Jaime saysin the show, they usually telegraph things. No idea of what will happen with him, but I'm totally certain they won't die together.
  11. If Jaime die sit will be in the arms of Brienne. It would be very miserable if he died in the arms of the woman he no longer loves after havinf said the contarry in the show.
  12. the fact that Sam and Bran appear in the montage is what makes me more angry of all that. The Wall Falling down while they ridiculous, although it foreshadows that the relationship is doomed and that there will be a lot of drama.
  13. zero sex would be nice
  14. What if they rewrite boatsex? lol
  15. She is not totally aware but I like how we can read her mind. Oh, and that's something I'd like to read. And which would be Arya's reaction to this.....would she understand his feelings for her this time? How would their dynamics be?