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  1. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    The magical leaks that I thought were a joke when I read them-and now many of them seem to be true.
  2. Sign in using Google Chrome

    Thanks, I'll try.
  3. Sign in using Google Chrome

    Hello, Since Friday, everytime I try to sign in using Chrome this message appears: 16:18GMT: Our apologies for the shut down of the forum for the time being. Unfortunataely, the website's suffering some severe issues that we've temporarily resolved by closing the forum. We hope to get matters straightened out as soon as possible. But with Explorer it's working. Does anyone know if the problem it's with Chrome and it will be solved? Because with Explorer everytime I have to quote people it doesn't work well, I have to use the multiquoting system and it's a bit tedious, and I much prefer Chrome. Thanks!
  4. I was Reading the original script from the episode 4.10 that is on the Emmys' site (pg 35). Here is the oficial transcript: The THREE-EYED RAVEN. A pale man in tattered black clothes sits in a tangled nest of roots -- a woven weirwood throne that wraps around his limbs. The roots have grown over him, under him, and through him, burrowed through his limbs and come out the other side. His hair is white and filament-thin, his skin pale white and stretch taut across his face like leather. The only part of him that really seems alive is his eyes. BRAN You’re the Three-Eyed Raven. THREE-EYED RAVEN I’ve been many things. Now I am what you see. MEERA My brother... he led us to you, and now he... he... THREE-EYED RAVEN He knew what would happen. From the moment he left, he knew. And he went anyway. MEERA How do you know? THREE-EYED RAVEN I have been watching you. All of you, all of your lives, with a thousand eyes, and one. (beat) Now you’ve come to me at last, Brandon Stark, though the hour is late. BRAN I didn’t want anyone to die for me. THREE-EYED RAVEN He died so you could find what you have lost. BRAN (confused, hopeful) You’re going to help me walk again? THREE-EYED RAVEN You will never walk again. Bran is downcast. For a moment. GAME OF THRONES "THE CHILDREN" 34 CONTINUED: (CONTINUED) THREE-EYED RAVEN But you will fly. I found interesting that they put the Word fly in italics in the script. I wonder if that means that there is indeed a deeper meaning, being it foreshadowing of something or metaphorical.
  5. Recommendations for two weeks in Japan

    I was there 12 years ago, during ten days, but I also recommend Osaka as a city (if you like cities). I think that there I visited a Japanese garden, but I don't remember correctly if it was there, but it was so beautiful. I was also in Hiroshima, the museum of the World War and the Monument are worth visiting. In Kyoto there are temples and don't forget to go see the tea Ceremony by the Geishas, it's very interesting. Tokyo is amazing. There are many places there and it's so big! I personally loved Akihabara. I spent one night in MiyaJima, it's a beautiful island. In Japan the high speed trains are a good way to travel across the country.
  6. A House Reed reunion?

    Yes, I'd prefer it this way too. I hope tehy don't omit him, because he was introduced, but could be. I hope not. Yep. If Howland has been hidden all this time in the books (and we know he will appear) then there must be something we don't know to be told. Bran will have to deal with other things thanks to his powers to prevent the humanity to be destroyed.
  7. A House Reed reunion?

    Yeah, if only Meera doesn't leave BRan. Butif she left then I'd love to see her meeting her father and then both returning to Winterfell. I think the show introduced Howland Reed for a reason. They even made it clear that he was Meera's father. I think he'll appear eventually, even if it's in the finale season.
  8. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Yes, that means they know he is very strong. even more than Brienne! They are the writers, so they make him be this exactly way. Very telling! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Yeah, but My exact claim was that he was a "main secondary" character to be precise, an important secondary, so yes, he is a secondary, but not just an ordinary one. I suppose you don't dispute it either, considering the screentime I showed to you (Stannis was before him) and also the number of episodes, making him fall in this category. I basically showed facts. Well, if one of the three main writers says he is a main character, and we know he is not a big five, I think it's clear he wanted to emphasize he is more than just a secondary. We can't dismiss it as the opposite, that's clear. They know the ENDING of the story. Naming the main ones? even not casual viewers would have problems naming more than 10 or 15 names, regardless if they knew that “this character (add description)” is important or not. Anyway….we agreed he is not a main, so I don’t see the point here. But I doubt anyone would say he is just a mere secondary. I don't know what you mean when you compare Sandor to Bronn, are you trying to say that Bronn is more important than Sandor? If that is the case, I'll tell you it isn't based on different argumentations and facts. To me, it's clear they both fall in the same show category at this point of the show story (31 episodes for Bronn, 30 for Sandor, Sandor having more screentime than Bronn but still not a main..), but Sandor is slightly more important in the whole series because he is more important than Bronn in the books and the author has referred to him more. Maybe the sowrunners will make Bronn as important as Sandor in the ending, but if that's true that would be invented stuff, for the reasons I mentioned. The ending will be the same as ASOIAF (they said it multiple times) so I doubt they’ll change that and make Bronn a front runner, or more important than Sandor. There is also the fact that you mention that disappearing makes Bronn more important, but as I explained, disappearing doesn't make them less important (see again: Bran), so I won't base my argument on that. However, I might add that the fact that a character returns at this point of the story (s7) is an indicator that this character has a role in the endgame, regardless if that character will still remain a main secondary or be even of more importance=develop..... (example: Ned was always important, but not the protagonist of the series as many people had thought, or Brienne's growing importance compared to s2...). Sandor's screentime in s4 alone was more than the double of Bronn's screentime in s4 and s5 together, ALso, when you say: "and then only one episode in s6", I have to say that Bronn has just appeared in 3 episodes in season six and got much less screentime in that season: 5'30'' (330 seconds) compared to 9'45" (585 seconds) in the case of Sandor, which is almost the double of screentime, again…. favouring Sandor. Source: Oh, we don't know how much screentime will Sandor have or if his appearances will be of more or less importance. Not to mention that Leaker was a bit lost and admitted he comitted errors when leaking....and we know nothing about s8 and endgame. What I really believe is that he didn’t come back just to appear to appear in a random wight hunt. I don't know in how many episodes does the show appear. The leaks might be true, but I don't trust them 100% for reasons. Either way, I already said we don't know how much screentime or how the interactions with the main characters will be. As for the number of episodes, well, if that is true, 2/7 is almost the same as 3/10(28,6% vs 30%) right? Guess who does this second percentatge belong to: Bronn in season six!!!...(and you consider him more important than Sandor, I think). And this is not counting screentime and importance in the plot that Sandor might have! Source: About Gendry….Maybe you missed the part of the leaks that was not from the "official leaker".We know Gendry is wearing highborn clothes and his warhammer has the Baratheon sigil. That’s huge. Gendry will be back as a main secondary character, if not more. Neither him or Sandor would reappear if they were as secondary as you think. And they wanted to make both of them returning as a secret. Not being main doesn't mean they are just there only because warhammers are awesome, or The Hounds love hunting. I made two points to your observation in this thread. Maybe you don't remember them, or you just didn't read them (or whatever). But please, don't say I did made only one. I'll repeat it for the last time: 1) I don't think that leak has credibility because the leaker changed Brienne's story depending on the moment. This goes back to the first leaks thread and the PMs. So, as a consequence of that, I don't have to believe in that leak because it involves Brienne. 2) In the case it's true, Sandor not wanting to go to Winterfell because he is afraid of her, has nothing to do with Sansa. It's ironic you say that there are not hints of Sansan during the show but then you point out extremely far-fetched moments like this that represents Sandor's "deep inside" not wanting to go there because Winterfell is a "synonym of Sansa" (which it isn't in fact, unless he knows she is there, by the way). I suppose that was what you mean? In that case, I repeat, my response is that to me, Sandor is afraid of Brienne, not of Sansa; and he could not think of Sansa (rejecting her) because he doesn't even know she is there. This, supposing the leak is true. It doesn't have to be obvious to exist. It can be shocking. See, Jonerys is very likely to happen and only some people had thought about that. I see things in the past seasons, and if you read the hints that some posters have posted about that, the scenes thar are similar to the classic BaTB versions, etc, maybe you'd realize they have been subtle. I for one didn't see some of them, but having read about them in this and other threads, now I see that it could very well be the direction the showrunners are taking. Of course, George and B&W&C are the only ones who know if SanSan will happen 100% or not.
  10. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Bran being minor or major is not the point. In your sentence you are comparing minor characters disappearing with major ones not disappearing ever. You are comparing what you consider a minor character (who could disappear and nothing happens) and main cast, saying that any of them has disappeared ever. The way you said it you are reinforcing that you consider that minor characters can disappear, but it's not true the other way around, but we know it's not the case of all the main ones. You just missed Bran. Major and/or minor characters can disappear and reappear, depending on their story. The Hound was "dead" and disappeared. Catelyn, if she had returned, would have also missed episodes. Bran lost 10 because of a show decision not to show the training, etc. We can discuss if Sandor is main or minor based on other things, not this one. In fact, if we look at facts, we see than Sandor has appeared in 30 episodes. This is the source: imdb and Bronn has appeared in 31, that counting he never "died". It's also interesting that Bran, a main (in fact MAIN in capitals, like Jon, Dany, Tyrion...) has appeared also in 31 like Bronn, only one more than Sandor. So based on the number of episodes, Bran should be more or less as important as Bronn and Sandor, and we know it's not true (books). But, at the same time, we can't claim that Sandor is, for instance, less important than Bronn because of the books (number of chapters) and also the imdb (one episode less after having disappeared for more than one season!) Davos has appeared in the same episodes as Sandor, and he is a main secondary character. So I'd say that Sandor is a main secondary charcater, like him. Brienne, interestingly, she is 33. More than 50 are the big four we know the show loves, and more than 40 are Sansa, Arya, Jaime, Jorah, Theon... Do you really think that Sandor would have appeared in the category of 30+ epsiodes if he wasn't a main secondary character? Those who are in this category are Sam, Varys, LF, Brienne, Davos..... Now, by number of screentime: Sandor is number 22, and that is considering he was not in 1,5 seasons. Guess who has just been placed n21? Stannis. And less? Joffrey, Melisandre, Ramsay, and..Bronn. (meera is n.50 and no one would say is super secondary) I think it's undeniable he is a main secondary one. Ergo, those who not necessarily being very important, will have an important secondary role (not just wight hunt invented filler being parachuted there bc it's cool and funny) and that probably have more impact in the ending that we had already guessed before. That's called character development. And personally, I love it a lot. And...last but not least: The Hound sort of sneaks up on the viewer as a main character over the course of the first four seasons. That's from Bryan Cogman, writer of the show. See the bolded in red. I don't know what will happen to Sandor. He'll die or whatever. Sacrifice, fight....invent something....?? But he could marry. Main characters can also marry secondary ones. And he is a main secondary one.
  11. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    You support your argumentation on the Hound being a minor/not main cast because he disappeared, something that you say would not have happened because the real main ones have never dissapeared. Well, that premise is false, so you can't say the Hound it's not main cast because of that false premise, making this reasoning also false as a consequence of that. It's not true that that anyone of the real main ones have always been present. There is a case of a MAIN character who also disappeared almost as many episodes as The Hound and you totally omitted. His name is Brandon Stark, current Three Eyed Raven and rightful heir of Winterfell.
  12. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    The way I see that, to me it's clear they don't know what happens with him in the QI, and they had to invent stuff. Maybe George hasn't decide f he will meet the BWB or LSH. Who knows. He probably has a key role in the endgame (because considering the leaks he survives s7) that George told them when he told them about the endgame many years ago, and they invented the journey until that moment arrives. We should agree to disagree.
  13. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    he is referring to his story in the Island.
  14. A House Reed reunion?

    Oh I would love that!!!!!!!!!! I think HR has to appear next season or in s8!!!!!!!
  15. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    I disagree with that statement about Sandor's wishes.. My interpretation was very different when I watched the show. And I think a lot of people (if not the vast majority of viewers) would agree with me. Sandor is suffering because he knows he is dying, but it will happen slowly. He knows that if Arya leaves he will die suffering. He then decides he wants to die quickly, and the only way for that to happen is being killed by Arya. The way he can do that is hurting her. How can he hurt her? Obviously, saying to her he would have loved to rape her sister or that he enjoyed doing so. But, considering ther is a bond with Arya and Sandor, she is torn about that, she is about to kill him because he is her friend, but at the same time, he's still in her list and wants him to suffer. Ultimately, she decides not to kill him meaning that she changed her mind about him: he is not just a name on her list (a guy he hates), so she "pardoned" him for that and put his name out, but ironically, that means leaving him dying slowly. It could also be interpreted as that he let him die slowly because she wanted him to suffer (and thus is still an evil name on her list) but we all know that's not the case. There is a bond, strong enough so as to put his name out, not strong enough so as to kill him (or try to save him), so she let him die or whatever, saying to her it was not of her business any more. So, to sum up: if there is this bond between Sandor and Arya, as you have mentioned, and he was dying, he would not say on that moment that he would have loved to rape her sister (only a person who hates Arya would say this), because that would hurt her. And, even if there was no bond, he still wants to stop suffering, so this is the reason why he said so. That was the episode tried to show us, not that Sandor wants to rape Sansa This is the commentary of 6.07: Is this what are you referring? That's what I found, where do you see that Sansan is not happening? I think it doesn't have to do with that at all (I think it's the only one involving BC but if it's another, please could you post it here in this thread?) Natalie Dormer: I'm sure Kit won't mind me saying as we are friends, but I was actually more excited about Rory's return than his... Ian McShane: My role is to bring him back, and he learns a bit of humanity from Brother Ray. Bryan Cogman: Yes, he does. We knew we wanted to bring him back this season, and it's interesting that in the books, Brother Ray is sort of a blend of a couple characters that actually Brienne encounters. And there's a hint that the Hound may be hiding out with one of these characters in the books, George hasn't revealed kind of what he's going to do with that yet, but we took that kernel and fashioned this storyline... It's a sort of paraphrasing version of a speech that one of the characters gives in the books. So George's soul is in there as well, as I hope it is in all the scenes we write, even if they're not in his book. -- Commentary for 6x07, talking about how the show revealed Sandor's return before the books