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    cinema, reading, learning languages, promenades, aller en vélo, travelling, drawing, photography, astrophysics' documentaries and science, Smallville, hairdressing, Bran's growing powers....

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About Me


A Smallville fan. A Chloe Sullivan fan. A Chlark fan.


Chloe: "And you know I'm here for you, no matter what side of nature or nurture happens to be winning out."

Clark: "It goes both ways, Chloe" Chloe saving Clark and Clark saving Chloe


Smallville made sense in its own universe, despite of the fact it was based on multiple stories from Superman and Superboy. Chloe's impact, an invented character, was so intense that end up being introduced in the DC Universe: comics.

Chloe and Clark's relationship based on a true friendship lasted years, being the most solid relationship from the show. And it always became more intimate and stronger. They were both there, for the good and for the bad: teaming up together: as partners against crimeas partners against major supervillains.  Chloe was there to save Clark in all the imaginable ways, and Clark was always there to save Chloe. Chloe was Clark's confidant.

Chloe is the one who inspired Clark to be the hero that he is now: Superman, in Smallville Universe. She always loved him, unconditionally and encouraged him to be a better person.



Always hold on to Smallville


Read more about Smallville here. (Beware of spoilers, it's the wikia, with everything!)