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  1. exactly. Nothing from that plot makes sense at all that we even come up with better kdeas with no effort. let's not forget that Jon destroys the ultimate purpose of his plan in the dragonpit when Cersei asks for some concessions but he says that he is in love with Dany....
  2. With the wight hunt the main problem I see is that they completey underestimate Cersei. It's not about how malevolent she is, or psychothic, it's about the fact that even Hot Pie knows that she blew up the Sept of Baelor, burning the Queen, Hand of the King (and uncle) and the nobility there, but we have to believe that Jon, Dany and Tyrion just think that a person who did that will just want to cooperate with them and the wight hunt (with all the risks, etc) is worth it? Not to mention that Cersei hates Tyrion.....
  3. For the bolded You said this: That's why I started with counterarguments. Maybe you didn't mean all the time, but from those lines I interpreted that was your idea. At least you acknowledged, now, that he is not always angry, but we clearly differ in our interpretations. As I said, first impressions, they way you look to strangers, to me, doesn't equal not being nice. The story proves he is a really serious person, who doesn't trust strangers and that when he is open, he can be really nice after meeting people, many times, despite of his looks. We can just agree to disagree.
  4. Good job, now you just have to proof he is never nice in the books with the rest of the quotes of the books (as this was your first statement in the discussion) and that he is bad-tempered based on sullen look to people that have seen him just once.
  5. Yes, I agree with that. There was no point in Hot Pie calling her "pretty" out of a sudden if that's not for a reason.
  6. It's a clash of trains. The big one and the small one who feels disrespected institutionally speaking and that interprets legality so that he can be elected even if technically he would not be able to rule from Belgium... Nowehere says that he could not be elected in a telematic way, but we all know it's weird. Meanwhile, the big trains feels no shame in keeping people in preventive jail for alleged "sedition" or "rebellion" and I think they pushed the Constitutional Court so as that they said that Puigdemont could only be elected if the judge said so (aka arriving here so as to go to prison ) bc they stayed all day thinking of it. Suspicious. They just want a President they like. They are incapable of dealing with catalans. But hwy would they care? That helps them to cover their corruption, and the Constitutional Court and Judges of State are not precisely neutral. I don't know if it willbe Elsa Artadi, seems plausible. Anyway in two months all the well-known names will be barred from Politics according to the Supreme Court.
  7. I think they could be "filming" random scenes to mislead people, it's not that difficult, we are not talking about lots of time or money resources. And they said they would do something like this.
  8. Ok, so news about the Catalan situation:... The Constitutional Court, after hours of deliberation because they were not sur eof what to do, approved cautionary measures so as that Puigdemont was not elected President in a telematic way (that was last week). Now they are thinking of electing him symbolically (there would be two Presidents of Catalonia, one in Belgium and the other in Catalonia, who would do whatever Puigdemont's Government in Exile decided); but this will unlikely become real (legal issues of this "interpretation" f the Catalan Presidency). Puigdemont, who fled to Brussels in late October, faces arrest on possible charges of rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds the moment he returns to Spain. However, he remains the only candidate for the Catalan presidency and is reported to be exploring the legal and political possibilities of setting up an exiled “Council of the Republic” in Belgium while a government in Barcelona focuses on the day-to-day running of Catalonia. According to the Barcelona-based daily La Vanguardia, Puigdemont plans to establish the council in Brussels on 18 February, while a separate session would see him voted in as Catalan president in the regional parliament three or four days later. Were the latter option to prove difficult, the other pro-independence parties would be offered an alternative candidate from Together for Catalonia. The Spanish government is fiercely opposed to Puigdemont’s return to office and has said a “clean candidate” needs to be put forward to lead the region. It has also said that the emergency legislation that allowed it to take control of Catalonia will remain in force until a new president is sworn in. If no candidate is proposed and approved over the coming weeks, parliament will be dissolved and new elections called.
  9. No, that's his description from Brienne, after Arya has gone away and he is working for a zombie.....his eyes are not full of anger in other circumstances Arya never describes his eyes this way, not even when they are in dangerous circumstances: . You see, sometimes stubborn, bc that's part of his personality, but never eyes with anger or suspicion, nor nar-constantly bad-tempered.
  10. The Mountain appears in Bran's coma dream in agot. Jaime, Sandor and The Mountain, but maybe Bran is there on a vision or on a diplomatic visit to KL with Jon, and the Mountain appears in other scenes. Or Jon+Bran go to talk with Cersei and the Mountain is there with Cersei.
  11. Yes, but now Cersei has become an important character, and has lots of traits of Jaime from the outline. That's what I am referring to. Characters who were not important initially could now have their own story, just like very possibly Sansa.
  12. The outline and his original ending don't have to be the same the outline was written because they made him do it, but he doens't like planning everyhthing, on the contrary, his characters develop, only some things could be similar if anything. And we know many things are already very different. LIke I said, Jaime, Tyrion and Jon/Arya have very different characteristics, Cersei didn't even exist, etc. Sansa is a main character (maybe not one of the 5 most important ones, but still she is now a main, and has her own story), etc.
  13. ok, I certainly had another thing on my mind for "devotion" since you had put that to exemplify a "high degree" of devotion, or being bad-tempered, etc. But well, if that sentence convinces you of that, I can't say anything else. I reaffirm on my initial idea that he is not unhappy or near-constantly bad-tempered at all
  14. He is a serious and stubborn person, sure, but he laughes many times when he is with Arya, we see him being happy many times as well. And more devoted to R'hllor than Stannis? Where do you see this?
  15. Isaac in Dubrovnik? OMG I'm excited!
  16. Why would the outline be so important? Jaime from the outline is Cersei in the novel, Tyrion not falling for Arya is a major deviaition, and sure, Jon could still have something with Arya l (which I doubt now) but there are many things that don't match now. So I don't think that at this point the importance of Sansa there means she is gonna die or not, now she is a major character who has developed her own story. It's better to focus on the actual plot. We just can't know which things from the outline are gonna be true, possibly nothing from that, or some things, who knows.
  17. Yes, it is from December, I think it's from there. It also reminds me of Nik trolling us about Tormund and Brienne to deny the obvious
  18. He is not near-constantly bad tempered at all, obsessed with R'hllor, etc.
  19. Indeed. And I think that the reason why they deleted the scene was because the foreshadowing would have been very obvious, not only for Jonerys (which already had a lot of "foreshadowing" from different characters) but also in regards to Jaime and Brienne. People remember the scene of the tent because it's basically the only time they spoke to each other in s6. This is Gwen's reaction when asked about Jaime and Brienne
  20. Oh well, you determine Gendry's personality by one statement while he is caring for several orphans on an organisation of outlaws being lead by the zombie of Catelyn Stark. Brienne didn't deserve that statement, but she was so much insisting on asking questions. He is a survivor, and it's not like Stannis at all in general.
  21. I agree with all that!
  22. Maybe it's Braavos again, but sounds weird.
  23. I think it will be a scene between Cersei and Euron
  24. Yes, it's a possibility.... It all depends on the meaning of bittersweet for Martin.
  25. I'd be fine if Tyrion turned out to be dark, but that won't happen in this show.