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  1. News 155 will be applied: Government members will be suspended. New Government designated by the Senate, who will take control to rule Catalonia. New elections in a maximum of 6 months.
  2. I saw that, surreal...(he is acting on his benefits as well, though-in geopolitical terms).
  3. In the books? She barely thinks of him...and vice versa
  4. Yes it waa this one. It is from i started watching thrones. So peter knows and Liam also knows a secrrt and Alfie knew the "a bit likeca luke skywalker" situation (jon being a targ but could also bre jon and dany beibg twins, not liklely).
  5. I saw an i terview where he implies jnowig he ending. That is from some seasons ago when the shoe was not as popular.
  6. 1) i said NOTHinG TO VICTIMS of sexual abuse. Re read my whole argumentation please. 2) i didn't miss your point. Having less issues it is still insonsistent since she is objectively ypunger and falling for a so called fatherly figure (in your words) is much GROSs than your persinal issues with Sansan.
  7. It would be interesting to discuss Jaime and Brienne's present and future after last episode: "No one". They met after one season and a half since their last goodbye scene. -Brienne looks at Jaime from a hill, in Riverrun. That scene mirrors that from Jaime in Season 5 when he sees Sapphire Island for the first time, and reminds him of Brienne. -Before Jaime talks to Brienne, Bronn is making jokes about Jaime and Brienne having a sexual intercourse inside the tent. And notices "the way she looks at him." -Then when they are talking Jaime's character resembles a little the one who was redeemed after his trip with Brienne. Of course, it's not the same at all, since his book counterpart is at a whole different level at this point of the story in regards his relationship with Cersei, but he is not as arrogant as I supposed he would be and I think the reason of that is that when he is with Brienne he changes. -Brienne makes a good point talking about him being a knight and having honour, and I think that he uncounsciously keeps that information for himself, but the show character is not stillprepared to change again: "I'm a Lannister", he says. There is also the point when she wants to give Oathkeeper back to Jaime, and he refuses, saying it's hers. That particular scene has only this meaning in the show, don't think it would happen in the books, but considering the changes, I think it emphasizes that Jaime is different when he is with Brienne: it mirrors their scene in S4. -At the end of the conversation, Brienne reminds him that she might have not choice but to fight him, if she fails persuading the BF. And he swallows saliva and tells her that he hopes it doesn't happen. -After that he has a conversation with Edmure in which he reminds him of honour several times again, but this time Jaime's words are more harsh and emphasize again his "love" for Cersei, being the one who matters, and he does all that for her, the opposite thing that in the books. -When Jaime takes Riverrun, I' confused because it's not exactly in pacific terms, but I'd say (tell me I'm so positive) that Jaime is not involved in the killing of the BF (actually a little battle) and some remaining Tullys. I'm not so sure what he would have done to the BF, possibly killed him (or not?), but it's interesting he doesn't have that choice: they tell him he is already dead and that he died fighting for his house. Jaime seems not to take about it, being proud...but then he sees Brienne again, and they "say" goodbye again, mirroring the scene from S4, but with a more bittersweet tone, especially considering his words to Edmure, and his confession to Edmure of his unconditional and sick love for Cersei. -So, what are your thoughts about these scenes? Do you think Jaime will reedem again and become "some sort" of the Jaime of the books? -Do you think it's the end for Jaime and Brienne, or just a step forward, considering their scenes together, the gazes and "Bronn's foreshadowing"? -compared to his arc this season? -Will he come apart from Cersei's or not at some point of the remaining episodes? -Considering what has happened to Cersei (not trial by combat), will we have the "burning letter" scene or maybe a new version of it (maybe Jaime saving her)? -Will Brienne's or Edmure's words (or BFs sacrifice) have an impact on Jaime's future? I'm a bit skeptical of Jaime changing, and very disappointed with the "obsessed about Cersei" version from this season, but I found a glimpse of hope in some of the scenes, to him becoming , at least, better than he is at the moment, (don't know if he will be able to become the same person as he is in the books at the end of aDwD, but who knows!!!) and maybe changing his unhealthy love for Cersei to one more pure for Brienne..... I'd like to share my thoughts and read yours about this arc in Riverrun and especially Brienne's meeting.
  8. i love this!
  9. I can totally see Saint Tyrion as a Kardashian
  10. Yep, it is. Especially now, since I used to like show Bran.
  11. sudden emphasis from this year, explained in the "outisde" the episodes, with no consistency with whhat they had done the previous year. But this show is not supposed to be consistent.
  12. As a Bran fan, I'm sad because they prove to be very bad writers, not even being consistent with their own inventions. Bran is supposed to be this way because he has dowloaded the info so quickly, but the real reason is to make the s7 wf plot work. If they wanted to make it work, he should have behaved oddly in s6, but he didn't. It's sad, but they have destroyed other characters that I like such as Arya, who sometimes I don't recognise (and others behaves as the Arya I know), and well, many other characters, it's just bad bad writing.
  13. yeah, I think he behaved normally in season 6 after he became 3ER.
  14. the writing leaves a lot to be desired
  15. yes, he was emotive with Meera
  16. He was just saved by Benjen just after Hodor had died
  17. Same with Jon in the wight hunt, he barely says anything. But why? Benjen was just a plot device, being killed by a group of wights which he knew he'd no kill bc the horse was too tiny for both of them. Reminded of Jack in Titanic. So badly written as well.
  18. They messed it up with Bran, making him change JUST when S7 began, because if he had been normal he'd have exposed LF in episode 1, and that would have meant no "prom Queen Games" in Winterfell. The writing was so so bad...
  19. haha, well, what I know is that she was not meant to die in season six since her story would not be complete, and nowhere says she dies.
  20. It was an outline, so if she was not there in 7.7 it could be because she was not a protagonist of the storyline. (In the final script she just says a couple of sentences in fact)
  21. Tormund would be good for the fun and also to make Jaime realise he has to act on his feelings!
  22. HIS BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He would marry him!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Norwegian GUY!! Tormund He is hilarious
  23. They already did in this scene Sansa doesn't need her protection / wached over/ cared for anymore (in her words).. When Jaime arrives, Brienne will forget those oaths completely I'm not a child, and I'm LOW The trip to KL is long....
  24. Yes, I agree with that. I think tthat it's very likely that we see a sex scene between Jaime and Brienne and alson between Sansa and Sandor. They like the sex scenes, so they won't change the story so as not to show them Not sure about Arya/gendry. My bet is that we'll see their first kiss as well, at least. I can't wait for all of that!!
  25. Sandor doesn't have a fatherly relationship or bond with Arya. It could be argued that he was his protector sometimes (and also that they developed a friendship as companions). ALso, if someone still had doubts about that "so-called" father figure, it is established in 7.7 that Sandor already cares for Arya but he can't be that "father figure" anymore. Why? Because of his dialogue with Brienne. They both agree that Arya not only can take care of herself, but that if anyone wants to do be on her path and molest her, better run (paraphrasing) --> she really can take her of herlself, not afather anymore. Moreover, it is also established that Sansa does not need a "mother-protective" figure anymore when she DEMANDS Brienne to leave to KL bc she doesn't ned her protection. Sansa doesn't need her protection / wached over/ cared for anymore (in her words).. I'm not a child, and I'm LOW and I'm home. The trip to KL is long.... Oh...And also when she finally executes LF for his crimes. Both girls have grown up. The show dealt with her traumas in season 5 (there are some scenes that show this). They ended in the finale of season 5 when she jumped. In season 6 she is strong enough to face LF for what he did to her and she even faces Ramsay, ultimately ordering the dogs to kill him. In season 7 she is totally a woman on top and a ruling Lady and she finally kills LF, ending her past as a victim (I've learn a lot from you LF). She has become the master, and the master has been executed. You could argue that season 5 was not time enough to deal with the trauma, and I could answer you yes, we have to take into account that the show INVENTED the whole thing and they are not good with storytelling without book sources. The thing is she healed two seasons ago. If she wants to move on with a man, she will. If Sansa wants, she will. The show established she has moved on, so if she does find love, you can't say it's because that (you can blame on how they developed the story, but the facts speak for their own). It's not from nothing, that was Jonerys. He has been his protector (true knight) several times and they were friends. It's a BatB story actually. The Beauty has to see the beauty inside the Beast, and Sandor now is a better person (even if he always was good to her) in general, since he met Ray. The person they loved is not gone, but of course, they won't kiss in their first scene together. They will talk a lot before. They'll probably like each other even more, because Sansa is older and more secure of herself after everything she has exeperienced, and Sandor has been with Arya and helped Jon, something that Sansa will like. I explained why they don't have this relationship anymore (if they ever did) in my response to @jcmontea in this same post. Your reasoning about Arya-Sandor upsetting you less is not consistent with the arguments you provided, since, if you believe he is like a father to her, it would be horrible to develop a romance between them (incest between father figure and daughter is really gross). Moreover, you refer to the age gap as a problem. If it realy is (which is subjective), then bear in mind that Arya is 2 years younger than Sansa.