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  1. so what is the endgame?
  2. @Wizz-The-Smith @Tijgy and others: The basic theory posits that Bran got stuck in the body of the man who would become the Night King when going back in time one too many times. Quoth the original Three-Eyed Raven: “It is beautiful beneath the sea, but if you stay too long, you’ll drown.” Bonkers, right? Pretty much, but the theory is popular enough to inspire a lot of discussion among fans. Nerdist even asked star Isaac Hempstead Wright about it yesterday. Wright, opining that the theory seems overcomplicated and “fanciful,” basically shoot it down.“It just doesn’t feel like Game of Thrones,” he said. “It feels a little bit too Hollywood.” However, Hempstead Wright is better disposed to a similar, less complicated theory: that the Bran we saw in season 7 is actually the old Three-Eyed Raven, the one played by Max von Sydow in season 6, taking possession of Bran’s body. “It seems a little bit more plausible [than the Night King theory] and it doesn’t have so many insane ramifications for the story line” he said. “That would be quite a neat little thing that would sum up that whole circular arc.” That does seem a bit more plausible than Bran being the Night King. It’s also not the first time Hempstead Wright has brought up the theory. Hempstead Wright has thought the theory through as well, and considers the time-traveling incident that created Hodor’s damaged mind to be a precedent. It's scary since that would mean that Bran is dead? Or maybe that both 3eyed and Bran live in his body (and thus why is he behaving oddly). If 3eyed finally dies as old age, Bran would recover And this: There will be some people who are disappointed, I'm sure, because they will want certain people to end up in certain places Just imagine she was referring to Sansa (as LOW, which is something many people might think of her character)......maybe we are less ones imagining Bran as LOW/KITN/WOTN
  3. HBO said there would be multiple endings...maybe it's their way of dealing with it. At least, that's why I would do if I were them.
  4. Oh, thanks for the reminder. I forgot!
  5. Frikidoctor? He made that point, which could be true, but I don't see the relationship between one filming unit and the code name. Was the Big Tree a code name for the season or for the units involved during production? I go with @Cridefea's argument. If they really rewrote those scens late September glorifying Cersei, after knowing the endgame for a decade, it's pretty sad. So overall, if that's ados adaptation, it's very boring.
  6. indeed! they read them in October..
  7. I mean the post. It refers to the pregnancy Podrick....but doesnt mention the other major death and there are not scripts about the pregnancy, etc.
  8. I agree with the fact that the dialogue is very D&D.
  9. WHat I don't understand is why the information from reddit in the post doesn't match the scripts, and vice versa. The information is different.
  10. Well, they said they'd release fake leaks this year, so they can either be legit or not. However, given the quality of the dialogue I read, they could very well be legit. SO I didn't want toread them but I did a "general" reading. Fortunately (or not), no major important things for my favoruites, except somethig I think that sucks a lot in case it's true.
  11. Yeah, I could see that as well
  12. I don't know, I just want to provide information and share facts in debates. Thanks for reading!
  13. Your welcome
  14. I was watching the news The latest wisecrack of Trump has caused quite a lot of trouble in the Middle East
  15. What do you mean? The way you talk about that sounds like Catalonia was a unique place in the world or Europe having droughts as a normal thing (like this never could happen in the rest of Spain or other countries but only in Catalonia) or that episodes from the past that didn't mean not having enough water when they happened, would be repeated but in a catastrophic way out of a sudden. As I said, Catalonia has rivers, and reservoirs and it rains. In fact it rains more or less the same in Barcelona than in London, but in this city it rains much less frequently and with more intensity when it does, which is less effective; but rivers and rain exists. Reservoirs do exist as well. Translation in spoiler tags Spain is having droughts right now, but it's not the case of Catalonia. However, it's not a catastrophic situation even for those regions of Spain. Droughts will be happening in the future in more laces in the world and many countries will be suffering from this due to climate change. Here you have some official information about water supplies in Catalonia: official page from the Catalan Government (Water Agency) documents about the reservoirs News from this summer about the good state of the reservoirs (original source) Translation in spoiler tags Hope it helps.
  16. It would be great if Bran was the General Commander of the Great War, the Strategy department along with Sam. If only they added the part in which he communicates with his siblings or Theon through dreams and weirdwoods, it would be nice if that was done telepathically. But I can buy him and Sam somehow telling others what to do.
  17. I will post some parts of it here , great article! According to police, they were 45,000 to argue in Brussels. 45 000 citizens who have traveled more than a thousand kilometers from Catalonia, often with the whole family to come to the streets for a few hours in Brussels. Puigdemont aptly pointed to this during his speech. He suggested that Juncker would have this demonstration at a subsequent meeting with Rajoy and ask whether those 45 000 Catalans would actually travel more than a thousand kilometers for a group of criminals And that was the purpose of this demonstration: denounce that there are political prisoners in Spain, that the political rights are violated and that the EU looks away. The demonstration also received the name 'Europe Wake Up'. Every speaker at the closing meeting came back to it. The only crime of both Jordi's, chairmen of ANC and Omnium Cultural is to organize a demonstration to express their convictions. The fact that the charges against Puigdemont and the other exiles in Belgium do not hold up to the Belgian judge was of course also repeated a few times. It does not improve the case of Spain in Europe. 45 000 is still an underestimation because then there are not yet added that loosely around the rally, in front of it, next to it, already at the end or quickly from one place to another. And I can say that, I spoke to the counter of the police (recognizable by the counter around the neck). He was just in a narrow street where the demonstrators had to pass between two rows of buses. Furthermore, there was a large group that never came over there. So say 50 000 . At the end of the demonstration police satisfaction was still present. 'A demonstration without incident'. Even when it became hectic, after the appearance of Puigdemont in the demonstration, the police remained happy Will that demonstration in the European district awaken the EU banging? I'm afraid not. The Catalans their love for Europe, motivated by their history, might well get a strong bite. 'The European project came to ban totalitarianism from Europe. Today, totalitarianism is back in Catalonia and Europe is looking away. Spanish response: VicePresident Soraya of Spain says that Catalans have been able to demonstrate there because they have the Spanish National Identification Card. That's because they practise a lot! Several demonstrations every year since 2010 starting as amateurs, now they are professionals, going to Brussels And another thing is patience! Having Rajoy as PM of both Spain and Catalonia due to the 155 gives you a lot of calm! Once you are accustomed to that, only discipline and practise is needed
  18. That song is not independentist, (I think that there are not traditional indep. songs?) it's a song from Lluís Llach (independentist MP) from the 70's that he used to sing during the dictatorship. It's about freedom.
  19. More songs...and videos (not orchestra, but people)
  20. More music... Blowin' in the wind in Southern Catalan dialect (from the river Ebre region) and in French.. and English...and Spanish...
  21. Oh cool for the firemen!!!!!! Blood! I just uploaded the post, I found a video of the whole demonstration here is when the orchestra sings and plays Beethoven later they say that Estonian and Flemish MPs appear Great!!!! Of course, Belgium and Flanders are so beautiful!