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  1. Sorry, I didn't read this leak in depth since I didn't like that Jaime was there and that Olenna gets killed.
  2. Tyrrells get defeated by Jaime's forces, and Olenna gets poisoned somehow.
  3. but who are the rest of her supporters? Euron? He doesn't care about the wights. Her army just because he leaves? The same army that serves her (and Jaime) after she killed the Lannister Hand of the King? These could have just decided not to serve her, or leave her if Jaime had left her before. No wight exhibition needed for that effect on Jaime. In fact, it's annoying that he is 100% serving her after what she did.
  4. No, It's so stupid, he shoul have left her after the blew up the Sept, so no far from interesting. And he could have been in Jon's team (or rather with Brienne) much before. They trust each other.
  5. Well only the leaders and their allies go there, and as I said, Jon team believes in wws, especially Bri, who has witnessed magic before. Dany? Doesn't she go to the wight hunt in a dragon as well¿ I don't remember well the leak. Dany's team is the only one to be convinced, but I think she is convinced when she goes there before the wight exhibition? Yes, the wight hunt is nonsensical.
  6. people who are there in the exhibition are divided in two groups: cersei's team and Jon and Dany's team. The latter already know about this. As for Cersei's team, it's interesting that the collateral damage of the exhibition is Jaime leaving her but they don't hunt the Wight for him but for her. And Jaime should have left Cersei much before this event, and in fact he could have known about the wws by Brienne.
  7. A ruler doesn't necessarily have to be a Commander. Jon could still be the Military Commander while she (in fact Bran) is the Lady/Queen.
  8. no, that was not I was referring to, in the next post after this I clarified, since it was a bit confusing. I am not saying Sansa should be elected for her goals as a Commander, but as her being the only trueborn daughter Of Ned (we have to forget about them knowing about Bran in order to it to make sense, I would have liked them to mention him at least). Jon, as a bastard, no matter what his merits are (and they were not as good since he lost the battle) should not be elected in front of Sansa. And when Bran returns he should come first because that's how it worked in Medieval times. in fact I think that Sansa should have told Jon about the Vale forces. and I assume that the Northeners don't know about her hiding information when I talk about she being the new ruler while Bran is away. And Sansa proved herself to be not to be a good strategist by hiding information (although we can assume that she could still be frightened by LF or manipulated by him). Jon was better than her but still lost and he is the last one in the line of succession.
  9. I completely agree.
  10. Yes, the fact we are being reminded that the security is strong feels like a joke, unless they have a master plan and they were behind everything. Not serious.
  11. Not heavy losses. Her army is >>>>>>>bigger than Cersei's (realistically, then Cersei's is apparently). She even has dragons, but if you still think the plot of next season is wiser than what I suggested about not trustung her we can just agree to disagree. I just find it tiring to discuss again what's just absurd by nature and it has been discussed at length in this thread anyway.
  12. But they should know Cersei might say yes and just lie to them. I said it, she is not trustworthy. What she did shows what she is capable of. And showing her a wight won't make her change he ropinion. Maybe if she really saw the WW thread through Melisandre's flames....I don't know. But a wight is just ridiculous. They should just defeat her or just avoid negotiating with her at all. She doesn't fight battles, she just burns people that are kept inside a Sept. This is Red Wedding style. They should have learned it at this point of the story, and I can't believe that they don't know the news of what happened in Kingladning because it's huge.
  13. It's not what she could do, but what she did, that shows she is not trustworthy and that she is basically a crazy mass murderer. It speaks volumes about her true self. but let's just say she could just burn them.
  14. I believe that the Northeners do not know this, because if they did, that would be enough so as elect Jon instead of her, and she would basically be kind a traitor, even if it was not her intention and it was just that she was "afraid of LF" or "still manipulated by him" (whatever they want us to believe, it's difficult to find some logic on it, I think there isn't or I just can't get theirs). However, it doesnt change the fact that Jon, even being loyal and honest, was not a Great Commander. Basically my point is not that they shouldn't elect her because she was the saviour (and she wasn't), but because she is the trueborn daughter in that room. In fact, knowing that she hid information in the battle would make her less worthy of the title. I agree it won't happen in the books, because here they just want to focus on the main characters and not on the logic of Medieval times. I think that if they just let things flow, like, let's say, let Sansa tell Jon about the Army (and still show she is afraid of LF if they want) or Jon say "I should not be King" but still had made those choices (electing him) I would find the plot more reasonable. But with what we have and Bran around, it's just incredibly absurd in my humble opinin.
  15. And that's the only thing I admire in Jon, at least he doesn't want to rule and wants the greater good. But he still knew he should have refused, and his decisions of wight hunts will be absurd, regardless of what his intentions are. If the Starks were together, they would all come with brighter ideas.
  16. I buy the manipulated part, but there are still things that don't make sense. Electing Jon when he is not precisely a good Commander. He is a good fighter or leader of small groups, but he clearly lost the battle. So they should not elect him because he did....because he didn't.+ Then, they might not trust Sansa enough, but electing a bastard in front of a trueborn daughter it's just odd. Jon should have said something. He was telling her he wanted her to leading the Starks again...and then this. (Of course let's forget that they both know that Bran is alive, he is just out of the picture but in theory that thing should have been on the table...but they just wanted to créate an "epic" KITN scene)
  17. Jon should ally with Dany to Defeat Cersei. This is the only thing that would make sense given her nature. Once she was out, they could do what they wanted. But she is not trustworthy, she is like the Mad King.
  18. Sometimes I want to believe that the leaks are not real and the plot is more intelligent than what the leaker said. I still think some things that he mentioned are made-up but overall It's just too bad.....
  19. No, their first heir is actually Bran in the line of succession. About Sansa, I think that she has explained them offscreen that she was obligued to marry to the the Boltons and it was not her decision to be raped and those things, you know. Not that she really wanted to be Lady Bolton as you point out. If she was a real traitor, she would not be with them and they would not be fine. (Although that brings the isssue...why is LF around? which is a plot hole, unless the Northeners just accept that Arryn's LF army also saved them from Ramsay, but it's still illogical, like electing Jon KITN). WF's plot has plot holes....
  20. He could not against Dany, although we know from the leaks that Cersei's power threatens Dany, so who knows. Maybe he could just parlay with her instead of bending the knee as his first decision as KITN. If she likes him, he might get the North back, although only as being Lord, as you mention. Boatsex is just my assumption of how he could try to get her attentions to be someone again. After all, rightful heirs don't count.
  21. Every romance has its lines, that are repeated in the story. Jaime and Brienne are about "we don't get to choose who we love..." and Jonerys is about "I'd bend the knee"'s their sex call....
  22. Oh thanks! So there are precedents, it makes sense, in fact.
  23. So Jon will have boatsex so as to ensure he will continue being Warden (at least!) after having bent the knee (and sold) his now independent and autonomous kingdom to Dany? That doesn't look good on him.
  24. I don't remember., It could be from a podcast. I've just found a thread about it. Mormont says that if it's politically advantageous, it happens. If that is the case I will be. Although I'd also like Arya and Sansa to keep the Stark name.
  25. He would like to bend the knee, presumably naked.....