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  1. no idea. Ot maybe BC they thought the wights would see a group of 10 people running but not one? That was my take.
  2. Yeah, I kind of appreciated that they gave him a heroic scene and proper death scene (if only Benjen's had also been as good), although he deserved more. I also prefer the direwolves, but I love the dragons as well, and we had seen him since he was a little lizard. Now I won't see him as the same dragon, but I was also kind of thrilled with the spoiler of him being a wight. I said to myself, at least a proper death scene, and it happened. However, I thought the wight scene would be better,I was loooking forward to how would it be....It's a great twist after all. but Felt like when Daeneerys was leaving Meereen, everything was great until Varys appeared, the chains had the same weird effect.
  3. I also liked some parts of the episode. I think the scene when Viserion dies was so moving and incredibly well-done given it was CGI and the dragons (him and Drogon mourning his brother) portrayed a lot of emotions. I even cried when he was shot and dying. And the meta stuff was interesting.
  4. I think it's clear. Stated 4 times already. I read some of the reviews of imdb....some people said that they were fans of Thrones and were heavily disappointed.
  5. Actually, it's implied that Jon goes to the wight mission to show he is brave--> cause he likes her (It was not his idea, and Tormund acknowledges they are not very smart going there, just brave and adventurous) Jorah wanted to go there, and Jon decides he has to go. And Dany confirms it in "Beyond the Wall". All these man, heroes....risky decisions. The purpose of this season is having a bed scene.
  6. THIS is a good summary of the big issues of this season
  7. 9.4...I got it the first time, the second it's the third! my response after having responded to you with the reviews from the same site you mention: (and receiving the same response over and over again): and also....this one as well: thanks!
  8. Might I add this one? And so it doesn't! This season had some spectacular moments, but the cumulative effect is so squishy and nonsensical that anything could happen; the show has long since stopped justifying its choices. The chains of causation that made the Red Wedding devastating but understandableare gone (perhaps the Night King's dragon-dragging chains have replaced them). If Game of Thrones was once grimly exacting about the reality of violence, killing off its principals to make that point, now the battles are adrenaline gore-fests in which dozens of unknowns and no headliners die. It's cheap. It's bloody. Most disappointingly, perhaps, it's timid. Whatever it used to be, it's now simply the case that Game of Thrones — that sometime iconoclast, that killer of heroes — has become expensive, and toothless, and terrible
  9. The first time you said 9.4 I did get it. My response was about the reviews from that there are many more bad reviews than good ones- we were talking about ..... as for ratings, LOL.......I think @sweetsunray pointed out which is the average rating from this site as well.
  10. you have not read the reviews from there, I guess
  11. The episode picked up where we left off last week, with seven heroes and a fungible number of Wildling Redshirts (Redfurs? Wildshirts?) out to bag a wight to show Cersei. I continue to think this was a ridiculous plan — a silly device to set up Sunday’s action and results, and next week’s big meeting in King’s Landing the one you picked up...not praising as usual (the ones who normally praise it as a masterpiece, let's not mention the others)
  12. the reviews this week are not.....praising the show
  13. It bothered me that she was more concerned about Jon. Yes, she was affected, not saying he wasn't, but she should have cried, IMO. The dragons were her children.
  14. The things have been established in the show as the magical element. (based on ASOIAF). Actually, My first post in this thread some pages back was that teleporting was the smallest issue for me (not that I don't care about) compared to other things such as: -there is no need for a wight hunt because Cersei's army is almost defeated -they have no weapons, almost. -They are the leaders/warriors and they are going to the suicide mission. What happens if they lose? Who is gonna fight the wws then? -Did they really expect to find some wights peacefully patrolling?
  15. This is a thread about the most unrealistic wildly thing ever on Got. And as I told you, I'm not asking for any type of help because 1) I don't need it 2) If I needed, I'd ask in a specific thread about it , but what I'm doing is commenting. That does not apply to me. But I'm sure you can find someone who "enjoys" "hating" the show. Maybe it's not the thread about it, though
  16. If I wanted a solution I would ask. Thanks, anyway. Lol.
  17. lots of people are rolling eyes actually, and that has nothing to do with the fact the books are released or not, BC I think people would like them to be released....but seeing how the show is written in such a lazy style (being destroyed) is something to be bothered about.
  18. I know. It's a big issue. But we have had teleportations since a long time ago, so we are supposed to believe this is not an issue. but cn anyone find a plausible explanation for why does the NK have chains? why do they go to the Wight mission if Cersei doesn't have an army? why do they only have one Valyrian sword and they risk the lives of the only ones who can defeat the was in the future? they realm expected to find just a lone ww pattrooling with some wights? I mean....really?
  19. I so we have to suppose this season is not filler bit the books are? timeline don't even makes sense in the show. Sometimes they speak of years, sometimes it's just weeks. not concerned about the speed of the dragon ir the ravens. I suppose it took 48 hours, so it's plausible. The logic of everything else is what bothers me.
  20. Dany and Jon are pet neglecters. Yeah, poor Viserion. And Jonerys chemistry, oh!!! oh!!!!! Jonnie is Dany's dream. He called her Dany! Hydrophobic substances have more chemistry with water than Jon or Dany have to each other on screen.
  21. hahahahahahahahahaha these wights are strong!!!!
  22. I forgot to rant about the chains in this thread. It was a cool moment for the NK, considering he probably biought them in the supermarket.
  23. But I barely saw Dany drop a tear??
  24. @Wizz-The-Smith our beloved smith/warrior said the same words that Brandon in the last episode! (ravens...I was paying attention to any raven appearance/mention). It's too sad that this is one of the few things I enjoyed from the episode, besides, of course, that it was the most laughable episode from GOT's history. WE FINALLY SAW THE WIGHT!!!!!!!!! and he moves""""""""""" and speaks^^^^^^^^^^^^ and...........goes to the circus!!!!!!!!!!