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  1. @Faera said: Well, "hold his weirwood paste" so to speak because he could take control of someone else to do it. (become a knight, that is) Jaime? It makes some circular kind of sense (to me) for Bran to come across Jaime in the far North towards the end of the story and for Bran to achieve his kinightly dreams through warging Jaime’s body ... ? A final part of Jaime’s redemption ... ? Apols for being several pages out of date and not knowing how to quote properly ...
  2. Hello Professor I am betting on LF, an intelligent guy, being able to hold more than one theory in his minds eye. So N+A=J is a good shout as the first deduction but with further information comes further possibilities for alternate deductions. Ned comes back with Jon, the story portrayed is Ned having being dishonourable with a common or highborn lady, which is uncharacteristic of Ned, but believable, if you don't know him that well. More suspicious, though, when you do. Once Littlefinger thinks about it beyond his initial "probably Ashara" as I think he would because of his feeling for Cat then many other possibilities present themselves. 15 or so years later, LF gets to know Ned and the dishonourable theory starts to look "funny". I think it is now a reasonably straightforward deduction, for an intelligent guy, to get to R+L=J based on the fact that Rhaegar and Lyanna eloped or Lyanna was kidnapped and then we're missing for a year. It seems to me more likely than not he would suspect - do you not agree?
  3. I think he has figured it out, eventually, through a series of not-that-difficult deductions, and now he is 80-90% certain, and that is enough for him to use against Jon, who knows nothing. Given his love for Cat LF have been watching and considering Eddard all these years, from a distance, and then the time they spent together in Kings Landing will have likely made LF even more suspicious of Ned's bastard story. Once that is in question, and if you think about it hard enough, you can get close to deducing that Rhaegar and Lyanna may have had a child, which then all neatly fits together as Jon. So, he doesn't "know" know but he very heavily suspects ...
  4. In answer to the OP. No, he doesn't have to die, right now. Littlefinger has to die eventually, but it feels more fitting, to me, for him to go out in the uber ascendancy in the game of thrones (smugger than ever, if possible) and then to die at the hands of the White Walkers, despite numerous warnings they were coming, because he just didn't believe in snarks and grumpkins. This is a fantasy novel, LF. Any character that doesn't believe in either (a) snarks or (b) grumpkins is on borrowed time.
  5. It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to work out Jon's parentage. Jon has the look of a Stark, Rhaegar and Lyanna spent a year or so together and Ned is uber-honourable and he arrived home with him after seeing Lyanna, who had died. I think it would be incredible if one of LF, Varys, Tyrion or Jaime (who knew Rhaegar very well) did not suspect very, very strongly. LF would have thought about it a lot given his feelings for Cat and you don't need to think about it for long to work it out. Still, it will be a crap way to find out ...
  6. I have to say, Future Null Infinity, you do not seem to be able to take a rational view of Sansa's actions. We all have favourites, I can understand that, but a defence of Sansa in this instance is illogical. The broad concept of a coalition is that the individuals within that coalition (Jon, Tormund, Davos, Sansa) make decisions together to serve its purpose. If you think your view is different to others within the coalition then it is incumbent upon you to persuade, cajole and convince your comrades. To act alone is arrogant and foolish. It may still work out well for the Stark's and I do hope Sansa redeems herself, but, as things currently stand, she has behaved foolishly and even her sworn sword recognises that.
  7. Baelish is a schemer, who claims to understand the Game of Thrones, and people's motivations in pursuit of it. I think it would be a nice way for him to go miscalculating and turning his back on "the main threat" whilst cowering North of Winterfell waiting to clear up and secure power after the Battle of the Bastards. 1. He is hanging around in the north 2. He has no sense of the supernatural so will not recognise the threat if it it appears to be biting his arse 3. Having his smug face torn to shreds by wights seems like excellent television. Be cool to have Jon Snow exploit the one clear advantage he has - his knowledge of the dangers of the far north. Thoughts?
  8. Theory ... SmallJon Umber brings Osha, Rickon and a large wolf head to Winterfell, as part of the wider northern conspiracy/rebellion against the Boltons. It's a risk but with the Boltons having the upper hand it is viewed as a risk worth taking. SmallJon's plan, agreed (reluctantly by Rickon) and the Manderleys etc. is to bring Osha and Rickon to Ramsey knowing that Ramsey will first butcher Osha before killing or torturing Rickon (that is his nature). The inevitable butchery of Osha is the moment the plan is executed. Not sure exactly how this will happen but as Osha is being killed, Rickon is being sprung, probably via Winterfell crypts. SmallJon has written the pink letter (borrowed this idea from another thread, thanks) and this interweaves with the Osha/Rickon plan in that it has the possibility of achieving success and saving Rickon, too, whilst marching on Winterfell with Ramsey and Rickon inside seems to have very little chance of success and no chance of Rickon surviving. This explains why any northern family would allow Rickon to be handed over - a small chance of victory at great odds seems quite Stark-like. Rickon's escape draws Ramsey out of Winterfell, the fact he has lost two captive Starks makes him as mad as an otter and any semblance of strategy and the logical martial correctness of staying in Winterfell (already mentioned by Roose on the show) deserts him. Boom. 1. Northerners are great 2. Ramsey's goose is cooked 3. Jon and Sansa retake Winterfell and Rickon is not dog-meat ... a brief Winterfell party ensues (not sure how we get Arya or Bran an invite) before the battle for the dawn begins ... Come on D&D, you know you want to ... Thoughts?
  9. When the spring thaw finally came, they found her body with a needle still locked tight between her frozen fingers.