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  1. i think theyre an underrated and badass house. after all, theyre the strongest arryn bannermen
  2. how would westeros shape up if andalos kept to itself? maybe whatever got valyria got them too. would it just be endless age of heroes or would one or two houses conquer the others, such as the royces?
  3. as we know in the books shes still in essos. but in the show they say unsullied and second sons could take king's landing. so lets say after second sons pledge themselves to her, she decides to not wait any longer, and take what is hers with fire and blood. towards the end of storm of swords, dany sails right into blackwater bay with hardly any warning. what happens in this new timeline?
  4. lets say baelish/robin arryn just flat out refuse to help a bastard deserter and his wildling horde and pulls the army out. jon is slaughtered. what happens next?
  5. thats right. shes the real sister of myrcella and tommen. now hear me out. i dont have any real evidence for this, other than the fact it would show that jon is the real main character and dany's role to play is helping to unite the realm. learning the truth would add much moral complexity to her, when so far she's been quite black and white about it all. and it also would be quite shocking and amazing. the parallels would be contrasting, with the boy who never wanted power has the only right to the throne, and dany, who thought she had a birthright, has far less of a claim. i found it quite strange dany hasnt yet shown much of her dad's madness and actually has quite a sense of honor, much like younger jaime. her half brother rhaegar also seemed nice but turned out to be a selfish obsessed dick in the end. i dont think it lessens the foreshadowing for her character or anything. after all we're supposed to think jon's the real hero despite so far only being revealed to be a bastard. so who cares if she is too? wouldnt that send a strong message to people that it shouldnt matter what blood you got and only you choose your true destiny? so maybe this happened. rhaella had a night of momentary weakness (much more likely than ned having the moment of weakness wouldnt you say?) and asks her kingsguard to bed with her after a beating from aerys. they share some wine and eventually rhaella decides she needs to feel something. this comes into play when later hes like "i have shit for honor, i dont deserve redemption etc" because hey, he has so many broken vows. whats he supposed to do? disobey his queen? just for cersei? and to add onto my theory, jon is the legitimate heir to rhaegar's line. and its another reason why jaime turned on cersei and chooses to stay loyal to rhaegar's sister and son. because he loved rhaegar and he loved the queen. he won't make the mistake of failing to protect the targaryens ever again. also if cersei slept around, she only did it for herself. whereas jaime was serving his queen loyally when he cheated on cersei. so the conflict there convinces him to ditch her for good. and when dany arrives, jaime looks into her eyes and sees something he cant quite put his finger on....
  6. how would he respond to the war of five kings?
  7. badass king with two hot sister-wives and three dragons or dashing mercenary rogue sleeping with any hot girl you like while killing fools on a wednesday
  8. during the greyjoy rebellion? also he manages to kill stannis in single combat during the battle. if so, what happens now with the royalist fleet destroyed?
  9. if it happens, IMO the ice dragon alone more than levels the playing field. and it sets the stage for a kaiju battle to truly behold.
  10. by the time of the final battle, night king will have ice giants, ice spiders and an ice dragon. more than worthy of a final enemy
  11. again the timeline shifts because joffrey kills loras. so obviously they send lannister men after him and capture him on the road. idk i just want a tyrell vs iron throne war. why does everyone on this goddamn forum keep going "herp derp this AT cant happen" when all i want to know is what happens if it did?
  12. during robert's rebellion, rather than stagnating outside? maybe he commissions tarly to lead one massive assault up the walls, once and for all.
  13. i know the show kinda screwed them up but they used to rule the friggin riverlands. and before the andals and targaryens showed up, were basically king of the seas. i think theyre total badasses, the fantasy version of vikings
  14. stannis simply is never a factor in any stage whatsoever. or maybe hes on a ship and falls off. what happens to the world?
  15. i obviously mean the scenario is mace doesn't care about renly initially or at least doesnt rebel because of him. but rather to get revenge on the IT