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  1. who do you think most embodied the ideals and values a knight is supposed to have. and is a great warrior, natch. people often speak of the dragonknight but there are others.
  2. as he was essentially a conquering warrior prince, i imagine his skills were at least like a royal trained from birth such as robb. perhaps to the levels of rhaegar or the dragonknight. where would you guys place him?
  3. at some point in the distant past, the god emperor of mankind got teleported to a chaos-affected backwater planet. those who inhabited it decided to call him aegon the conqueror. but over time his powers over others became fable, and the dragons got more hyped up. he did bang two hot women though. eventually he had his fill of trying to improve these people's lives and took the first ship home in secret after faking his own death. then he cast a psychic wave to make them all forget his other powers besides being a dragon rider. or maybe he saw the ice daemons coming and decided to come back one day to finish them off.
  4. stannis - birthright. and robert having a big hammer. renly - kinder than the other claimants, more charismatic, much much larger military (and would have been even more if robb agreed to an alliance), right of conquest, with renly specifically citing his elder bro's rebellion against mad king (i dont think stannis = mad king of course).
  5. thanks for your thoughts. would robb make a deal with aegon? i think theyd see that they have a natural common enemy.
  6. lets say it becomes a war of six kings due to aegon landing right at the outset of COK. he lands in dorne (doing his best to avoid renly's monster army). how does this affect the timeline?
  7. lets say he made all the decisons we think he should have made (theon stays, karstarks stay), and king's landing falls. what would he do next and how would it affect the rest of the timeline/country?
  8. how are you that brainless? i merely suggested that he would either marry one of the two. but i went with tyrells cos theyre stronger. either way he needs a massive alliance to get an independent north. maybe convince renly to grant it somehow.
  9. how do you think robb could survive, and end up with an independent north/intact army? i think the main way everything he did would go well is if the arryns and balon sided completely with him rather than leaving him to rot. that gives him a united north/riverlands/vale/iron island alliance. an additional marriage alliance or political deal would give them a a dornish host (to hell with the freys, robb need not marry them), should they need it. after all doran would see that robb has so much support it would be foolish not to throw in his lot with him for the time being despite his true loyaties being to dany. karstarks murdering lannisters and rickard's death in this timeline is probably seen as acceptable losses, but robb would be convinced by his many advisors that he needs every man he can get to fight off tywin and stannis. so rickard would stay loyal. and despite the betrayal, walder frey would still bet on what is increasingly the winning team and support robb. also we would need stannis to lose since he wanted the north to be kept under his boot. and eddard to be alive. same for renly, who wanted a united westeros too. renly's taken out like in the original timeline. that gets tyrells out of the war. renly was too powerful to live, even for this alternate robb. in order to prevent the tyrells riding to save joff's throne, robb would have to move fast to marry margaery. he might lose freys but at this point hes so strong he doesnt need them. stannis may take king's landing and put joff's head on a pike but what of it? he'd be trapped there. same with tywin who is now essentially surrounded and cut off in the riverlands. robb destroys him and then sends 10 000 men to besiege casterly rock. then tyrells can give robb stannis, whom he would allow to be released and be king in the south. stannis probably refuses (out of stubborness and rage at his entire campaign falling apart). people like to say robb and stannis would be friends but even renly, the far more reasonable of the brothers said robb and edmure would never truly be independent. so why would stannis allow that? he would give sansa back but thatd be the first step to bringing robb to the table. as for mance, i think robb would spare some of his men to swing around and hit them. he would obviously believe jon if jon begged for reinforcements. as for dany and aegon, they would see that stannis is a weakened supportless heathen with a false god and fight him. the war in the south probably goes beneath robbs notice since what does he care? so aegon probably gets the dornish if robb didnt, and with that his sellsword/dorne alliance could take king's landing in a fortnight since crownlands and stormlands took so much losses in the war of four kings (as it would come to be known). dany lands after hearing of her nephew's conquest of the iron throne, flies in to help him finish off stannis. she convinces aegon to let robb be independent, and they pledge to form an alliance with robb the conqueror to fight off the others, which they do. im not saying this is at all realistic, im just saying its robb's best case scenario. post below your ideas for how robb could come out on top with everything he wants.
  10. during a tourney at jaime's hands before he can crown lyanna. would this stop the rebellion and keep targs on the throne?
  11. how do you think aegon would have done against the real enemy if they woke up during that time period? lets say hes called his banners and knows about how to kill them
  12. ""lone wolf dies"' is of course iconic. jaime "i don't believe you"". sansa "you stand accused....baelish""
  13. this is one of his more heavily criticised moves in the show and thus he largely gets the square of the blame for how many on his side died. so what if he didnt? just rode back to his lines and stuck with the plan to hold a defensive encircling formation? would their losses be anywhere near as great given the arryns would come soon anyway?
  14. mine 1. aegon the conqueror - yeah i have a thing for mythic ancient badasses 2. roose bolton - the tywin of the north. badass voice, badass schemer. 3. night king - mostly due to recent epic events. i think he has the potential to be a very creepy and powerful final enemy
  15. how can it be betrayal when jon fucked everything up and thus needed to be saved like that? their plan was a cannae style encirclement. not getting themselves charged and encircled. not that sansa held anything against jon for that.