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  1. arryns, starks and baratheons couldnt have defeated the targaryens by themselves, but the knights of the Trident rode with them i like the men of the Trident. they're in the middle of everyone, have some cool houses, have a massive badass fortress (riverrun), and have produced some great warriors. really awesome.
  2. both are mythical conquerors and certified badasses.
  3. what would you have done as balon greyjoy? keep in mind you have to placate your bannermen who all want to rape and plunder everything
  4. how now do things play out? ill split this into two timelines: book and tv show
  5. jon realises he has no hand for talking things out and sends sansa instead to negotiate a deal to send men north. how does this conversation play out and how would it have affected events following through to the rest of the known timeline?
  6. your responses are missing the point. stannis has already lost his whole army to her. my question is would he recognise right of conquest, or still refuse and insist on the baratheon claim? i always thought he was hypocritical because robert IMO is not the king. "right of conquest" is too easy, too barbaric and basically says any asshole can be king as long as they have a big army. imagine if i came into your house, took your shit and killed your family and said "mine now"? would you bend the knee and say "fuck, well i guess you're right when you put it like that". IMO as soon as robert dies, he should have been like "well im released from that whole elder brother vs king thing. time to go find daenerys or viserys and support them". thats what barristan did and thats why i like and support barristan.
  7. if dany did show up, completely curbstomp the lannisters and took the throne, and then proceeded to stomp stannis whole army as well, would stannis be like "hm right of conquest i guess. you're my queen now"?/ he built his entire rebellion on the notion that robert had a right to the throne before, via right of conquest rather than viserys, or would he just say "piss off, my claim's better"?
  8. and why? i think stormland bannermen are often overlooked. we also dont really know too much about most of them. mine 1. house redwyne. strong naval forces and sea based tradition. 2. house tarly. very martial. randyll is one of the biggest badasses of the series. 3. house hightower. white bull was a massive badass. plus they are very powerful.
  9. and why? here is mine 1. house frey. love to hate villains, cool sigil and locale, conniving, sneaky, opportunistic. honestly i would have done exactly what they did during the rebellion ie hedge my bets and wait 2. house mallister. cool blue color scheme, plus theyre bitter rivals with the ironborn and always have to fight them first 3. house darry. dragon loyalists, even now.
  10. yes i know its probably show only, but jaime and robb almost had a duel. so what if jaime asks for single combat after the Whispering Wood, and robb, spurred on by his sense of honor and fairness, accepted? how does the timeline play out?
  11. ill add in a twist to the scenario. aegon finds dany first, and they marry. thus bringing far more legitimacy to aegon's claim. how do things play out?
  12. by your logic, we should have kept around the roman or british empire, rather than the smaller countries we know today. i demand an end to such imperialism and the targ greed was the only reason the bent the knee in the first place to become one. "it was the dragons we bowed to, and theyre all dead". independence is inevitable
  13. thank you for your replies, guys. very interesting
  14. but do they count, though? they're simply the royal family. cadet branches are more like lannisters of lannisport and arryns of gulltown.
  15. house karstark. other than the boltons, theyre like the odd man out in terms of being an "evil" house in a sea of generic good guys. that interests me.