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  1. lets say aerys as an old man remains a relatively charming politician and king. maybe defiance of duskendale never happens. maybe tywin and aerys never become enemies. what happens in this new timeline? does rhaegar still kidnap lyanna?
  2. after robb loses karstarks, the vale lords see they can wait no longer and finally ride to the aid of their king, after a short coup on lysa. this mighty cavalry charge smashes tywin's host in the rear. what happens in this new timeline?
  3. which westeros region produces the best soldiers? in terms of quality equipment and armor, tyrells and lannister knights would be up there. in terms of a tradition of militarism and quality training, perhaps the Vale. in terms of pure one on one duels, especially on a ship, i think ironborn
  4. as of beginning of season 7. what do you guys think? anyway my personal list 1. house targaryen. seems to be nigh unbeatable. all the chivalry of the south rides with her, and they themselves were largely unscratched by the war. easily over 100 000 warriors. 2. tyrells by themselves. the flower of chivalry. they have the most knights. though jaime said they have the second largest but that could simply be arrogance on his part he also doesn't know the mines of the westerlands are gone. tyrells have a very fertile land and superior resources to make weapons and armor. 3. lannisters. most likely the house jaime is talking about as being larger than tyrells. showwise we know they can at least call up 7000 men to fight in the riverlands on short notice. 4. house arryn. no losses taken in the war so far. the vale is mountainous but also fertile and the knights of the vale have a strong proud tradition of military might. also the other contender for having an even bigger army than the tyrells. 5. bastard branch of house martell. sand snakes have a shaky leadership but their army's untouched so far. i cant see them having a bigger force than arryns 6. hightowers. they control oldtown and that is a rich place to draw an army from. untouched by the war, and assuming things are even close to how they are in the books, they should be the second greatest house in the entire reach. 7. royces. again they command a largely untouched army and probably the second greatest bannermen of king jon besides the arryns. 8. redwynes 9. yronwoods 10. tarlys the last 3 i dont really know their army power, im guessing based on regions controlled by them and the fact they should be untouched by the wars thus far. freys are spent. starks are smashed. baratheons, boltons, umbers, karstarks, tullys and others are all but wiped out.
  5. my list. not including green boys given a shield and a spear and told to fight in a line. and as of the most recent events. 1. tyrells. they have some of the best knights, and a truly massive area to call from, due to the fertile land and food supply. 2. targaryens. scattered and disunited, however dany can raise about 10 000 if she really pushes it and aegon straight up has ten thousand. that puts them at around 20 000 but thats 20 000 of some of the best soldiers in the world, fiercely loyal to their targaryen lords no less. plus 3 dragons. 3. Arryns. i have the arryns above martells even though they have similar amounts of men,because of the quality of their knights and discipline. also the arryns live in a more proud, militaristic area and theyre always fighting the mountain clans. most importantly, like martells theyve stayed out of the whole thing 4. Martells. yet to commit, thus have taken no losses. dornish spearmen are also very tough due to the harsh conditions. 5. lannisters. took a huge hit during the war, but have tough veteran soldiers who would have been at blackwater bay. i would say cersei could call her banners and get a nice army but nowhere near what it was before the war started. 6. hightowers. powerful bannermen that took no losses except for euron's raid, and command much of the chivalry of the south. thrice that of the next strongest bannermen 7. royces. second strongest house in the vale. banners would be 4000 men at least. 8. boltons. directly, theyre very powerful, but unreliable current bannermen weaken their chances considerably. 9. baratheons. mostly smashed. stannis is stuck begging for men 10. freys. ascended to a great house but they don't have much in the way of loyal allies and their armies took a hit under robb
  6. crackpot theory but i just thought of it because i was reading something about baelish. and how in the show, davos said any god that makes you burn kids is evil. "He" is the Kaguya Otsutsuki of GOT essentially and is working for the Great Other. everything thats happened is all so the Great Other can return back into this world and reclaim it. he whispered in the ear of lords for centuries to war with each other. he manipulated baelish into starting both robert's rebellion and war of five kings. his red priestesses are just reviving people that is needed for the war to come. eventually beric is gonna get turned into an Other, for example. he created the horn of winter, and even destroyed Valyria. he manipulated everyone and everything to reach this point, the point of the war of the Dawn and final battle for Westeros.
  7. followed robb's example and named mace king of the reach? instead of trying to take royalty via marriage to renly.
  8. with such a powerful, fresh house behind him with an elite army, he would be a real contender to defeat tommen.
  9. who is the greatest swordsman the vale has produced? including dead people
  10. in a war. round 1: who has better quality of soldiers? round 2: who has produced the best military commanders (including dead guys)? round 3: who can raise a bigger army if it was total war? round 4: who has a better tradition of honor and chivalry?
  11. how many men can they raise at full strength? including the freys
  12. does baelish still pit the lions against the wolves and murder jon arryn? does roose still plot to take over? is a war inevitable in order to be rid of aerys?
  13. i think they are underappreciated and badass overall. they have a long tradition of chivalry and knighthood, and produced some of the greatest kingsguards.
  14. i know it wont happen but itd be so epic if the final scene was varys in dorne. suddenly he sees a fleet of ships on the horizon. a soldier walks up to a cloaked armored figure with blowing white hair. "your grace, we have spotted land." the boy turns around. "good. prepare the golden company for landing. it is time to take back my father rhaegar's throne. send the usurper tommen my regards"