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  1. U.S. Politics - the pre-pre-pre-pre Primary season edition

      Here's the thing.  Trump was speaking truth about some of these things for years and was considered a joke candidate any time his name came up.  He was laughed out of the 2012 election before he could do more than test the waters.  He didn't get any traction with Republicans until he was explicitly racist.  He was polling between 1 and 4% before that, he spouts off some "hey guys I hate the illegals too" rhetoric and suddenly he's #1 with a bullet.   I have no doubt that people like the other things Trump is saying once they walked into the door, but the only reason they were in the room in the first place was to hear the guy hate on some Mexicans.     As for immigration effecting the little people, can you explain why and how Trump is going to help those little people?
  2. U.S. Politics - the pre-pre-pre-pre Primary season edition

    Trump is the political equivalent of a Kardashian.  The only positive is that his being in the spotlight is itself a spotlight onto how stupid things have gotten and, for some godawful reason, people love him.  I'd be willing to bet a good third to half of those people love him for the impending train wreck aspect of his campaign but the other half are the red-blood Muricans who have cut their teeth on hate over the last 20 years.  Hating Clintons, hating Muslims and furriners, hating libruls for trying to steal their guns, hating Obama because he's a Muslim furriner librul trying to steal their guns, and of course hating those damned illegals.     They've been fed an all-you-can-eat buffet of hate and they never get full.  Trump has managed to turn himself into filet mignon of that buffet.  
  3. Preacher- AMC Comic Adaptation

      The insistence of trying to stay true to the story they're adapting kills your anticipation?   That's it, folks.  Internet's over.  We've now officially hit all possible reasons to bitch about something.  
  4.   Not to mention just how stupidly racist part of that assessment was.  Cliff Curtis has been acting for almost 25 years, he's been in some damned good movies (I loved him in Sunshine) and here comes this stupid ass comment, "herp derp he's brown skinned like Kumar hurrrrr."   Jesus fucking wept.
  5. How bad was your cat this week?

    I kicked my asshole cat out of the house.  She was getting so fat and despite having two separate bowls of food in two different locations of the house, she refused to let my old cat eat, to the point where Chloe - already a tiny little thing - was emaciated and weighing about 1 pound.  And on top of not letting her eat, asshole cat would stalk her throughout the house and just beat the hell out of her for fun.  She was a bullying asshole and I'd had enough, kicked her out.   Now she lays around our front porch all day acting pathetic but surprise of all surprises, like most bullies when someone her own size gets in her face she runs like a little coward.  There's a tomcat that wanders the neighborhood and he straight up kicks her ass and steals her food, which is feline karma if there ever was such a thing.  She doesn't do a thing to stop any animal from eating her food now as we've caught two different skunks, a possum and at least three other neighborhood cats (our neighborhood has a lot of freaking cats) eating out of her bowl while she just sits in the corner growling but not actually doing anything.     I'll never forget the first time we discovered one of the skunks.  We're sitting outside sharing our nightly cigarette and hear something violently attacking the food.  "Geez you pig," my wife remarks at how violently the food is being eaten and then I notice asshole cat sitting on the sidewalk looking towards her food dish with pathetic eyes.  My wife looks down (the food dish is literally less than a foot from her chair) and there's a damned skunk.  It looks up long enough to determine if we're going to mess with it - which we do the opposite of that by running as silently and quickly away as possible - and then goes right back to eating.  
  6. Yeah it was completely unintentional.  The last time they see each other (or last time we see them with each other at least) they give each other a big bear hug and Koll thinks something along the lines of, "you could tell the two men cared deeply for each other."   Not to mention the one time we finally see Yarvi's facade crack under pressure is when Skara threatens to tell Thorn about his betrayal.  He shows fear for the first time since we left his POV, which suggests that angering Thorn is not an intended consequence of his actions.  
  7. U.S. Politics - the pre-pre-pre-pre Primary season edition

    Wow, Jeb Bush.  Just... Wow.  This man is starting to make his brother seem like a brilliant orator.     That is just absolute comedy gold right there.       Oh and never underestimate the power of GOP candidates from using any opportunity to try to blame Obama for whatever is happening.  This time, the Chinese stock market problems     Chinese stock market crashes?  Thanks, Obama.  
  8. Fool's Quest

    I don't think the Fool and Shine are really comparable there.  The Fool's pompous entitled brat act was, after all, an act.  Shine was a pompous entitled brat.  
  9. U.S. Politics - the pre-pre-pre-pre Primary season edition

    In some non-election/non-bullshit mountain talking points news, H&R Block has been caught paying their paid spokespeople in Congress to pass a bill that would make it more difficult for poor people to file taxes without, you guessed it, H&R Block's assistance.       Pretty fucking despicable.  
  10.   Marshall was also hobbled badly and missed some time last season, had a career low in receptions (beside his rookie season).  And I know you're just being contrary, but they drafted White because 1) it's an offense-driven league now.  Having one top WR is nice but having two is even better and 2) Their most glaring needs for defense were D-line and Safety (and CB because Kyle Fuller has bust written all over him) and neither of those positions had players available at 7 that wouldn't be a huge reach, although so far through two preseason games the D-line as it is has looked decent, secondary not so much.  3) Green Bay has proven that a great defense only slows down that offense, not really stops it.  It's more important to keep up with them than it is to try spend all your effort to stop them.       I don't think Jeffery is even in the conversation for best WR in the North, he's firmly #3 or 4, maybe even 5.  I just took offense at the "effort" accusation, which has dogged him since college despite being a top 10-15 type of WR the last two years.  
  11. U.S. Politics - the pre-pre-pre-pre Primary season edition

      The sad thing, buddy, is that in this thread I'm like junior varsity and I still manage to make you look like a fool every single time.  
  12. Reggie Wayne taking a physical with the Patriots today.
  13. U.S. Politics - the pre-pre-pre-pre Primary season edition

      And yet under Obama more illegal immigrants have been deported than any president in history.  It's almost ... almost like you rely on pushing a false narrative straight from Bullshit Mountain rather even try to look at the actual fact of a matter.  
  14. I told myself I was going to wait and binge watch a few episodes because of the slow burn, but I watched it anyway.  Aside from Cliff Curtis going by himself into a drug den where supposed cannibal murders just took place, I liked it.  And even with that one complaint, well, it's a horror story.  The characters are almost required to act dumb for the sake of moving the plot forward.      [spoiler] She did get bit but it looked like her jacket (leather?) took the brunt of it and zombie-Cal was pulled away before he could really sink his teeth in [/spoiler]
  15. U.S. Politics - the pre-pre-pre-pre Primary season edition

    Oh Scott Walker, it's okay.  Taking a definitive position on an issue is hard sometimes, I know.         Someone should maybe remind Walker that they have these things called video cameras that record what you say and then play it back later.  It's understandable, though.  One of the symptoms of being addicted to Koch is memory loss.