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  1.   The insistence of trying to stay true to the story they're adapting kills your anticipation?   That's it, folks.  Internet's over.  We've now officially hit all possible reasons to bitch about something.  
  2. I don't think the Fool and Shine are really comparable there.  The Fool's pompous entitled brat act was, after all, an act.  Shine was a pompous entitled brat.  
  3. I thought that was Tintaglia who did it that time.  
  4.     That confirms it, I read this book too damned fast because I completely forgot about that epilogue.  
  5. Fitz and Kettricken have great chemistry together, but it's hard to say whether that's from romantic possibilities or that they've been through so much together.  Kettricken owes everything she has to Fitz and Fitz has relied on Kettricken to be a source of strength for him at various times when he finally collapsed under the weight of his own demands on himself.     I don't want them to get together though, because unless Fitz dies at the end of the next book, he'll outlive her by far thanks to that skill healing and see yet another love die by his side.         oooh [spoiler] I hadn't considered Verity-as-dragon on a rampage but with his skilling to Fitz after seeing him (not just when he was right there but after) means he's more awake and aware than we'd been led to believe - though not by much.     Nighteyes - I'm just totally pulling this out of my butt - I think part of him was somehow kept alive by the years of contact with the Skill combined with Fitz and the Fool becoming one during their trip through the Skill pillar.  Because of that, a residue of Nighteyes remained and somehow attached itself to Bee since she was the product of both of them.  Though now that I'm thinking of it, their "merging" happened after Nighteyes died so that goes on the window.   [/spoiler]
  6.     Ahh okay, yeah, I must have read through that book too fast because that only slightly rings a bell for me.  Going to definitely need to give them a reread before the next book.     Oh yes, another part where someone mysteriously started cutting onions around me while I read.       Indeed. But if he wasn't such a dumbass the plot of these books would go something like, "Fitz has a dilemma.  Fitz discusses his dilemma with his powerful family.  Dilemma is solved, Fitz also kicks someone's ass.  The End."
  7. I liked the inclusion of that too.  Though    [spoiler]Was that one Elderling kid always such a dick?  I can't even remember his name right now - Rapsomething - but I swear he was like the joking around, everyone's friend type of kid in the books and suddenly he's just a no-nonsense, off with their heads type.  I wonder if I just read Blood of Dragons too fast to remember what happened to him or we'll get some backstory as to what happened to him.   Anyway, yes, I loved heading back to the Elderling city (geez, I can't remember names for the life of me today) and seeing some old characters.  It was a nice surprise after seeing all the other old characters back in Buck Keep[/spoiler]
  8.   This was one of my favorite parts.  I don't recall if I've ever dropped a few tears of joy from reading something but that scene got me.           This is a big problem with the books, but one I've almost become used to.  So many issues would be solved in these books if Fitz would just ask for help or share basic information with his freaking family.  Although I guess having Chade and Burrich - two closed-mouthed keep-it-to-yourself types being his mentor and father figures don't help with that.  
  9. These cocksuckers better not be messing with my heart again.  
  10. I enjoyed it a lot.  So much so that I was angry at myself for reading it and now having to wait another year for the final book.  
  11. I was blown away when I read that the Stormlight Archives are planned to be 10 books.  Even with the planned time jump (apparently that little girl who was in a few interlude chapters will be a main character in the 6-10 part of the series) that just sounds nuts to me.  And I can't wait to read them.
  12.   I thought so.  It's a big book so there are some slow parts but I thought it really kicked the story into even higher gear.  I was thirsting for more by the end so badly that I immediately went out and read all of his other books.
  13.   Same here.  I was close to giving up on that first book - reading it on my kindle didn't help, where the illustrations between chapters that help explain the world were too small to see - but once it got going and I felt like I had a foothold in the world, I sped through the rest of the book and the sequel.  I'd read the Mistborn books years ago but I sped through the rest of his books after that.   I'm fascinated by the whole idea of the Cosmere - which is that all (or most) of his books are tied together, they all exist in the same galaxy, the magic comes from the same or close to the same sources (which is why they all appear so similar).  There's even a character - the fool in the Stormlight books - who is a world hopper who has appeared in his other series.  
  14. I was actually surprised not to see a thread about the Stormlight books here.  They're really, really damned good.  
  15. This man is secretly a machine.