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  1. Vote if you want I don't care... If I got enough responses I'll post the results.
  2. Can I take my personality and wits whit me?
  3. Dirty secret confession: I check GRRM's not a blog three times a day hoping for a WoW release date
  4. I remember that when I first read the passage in which Joffrey insulted Tywin that it was his father who had won the battles while he hid beneath Casterly Rock, I didn't understand what did Jamie do (besides killing Aerys) to win the rebellion.
  5. I'm a typical Stark. Have the lean/thin buildup, the brown hair, longish face (and sharp features?). Although, my eyes are dark brown instead of grey. And I would say I'm a northerner by my personality too.
  6. It's gotta be Tormund -Giantsbane -Mead-King of Ruddy Hall -Thunderfist -Horn-Blower -Tall-Talker -Breaker of Ice -Husband to Bears -Speaker to Gods -Father of Hosts
  7. Daenerys is uuuuhhh ......... hot?
  8. Raven's teeth because archery and Bloodraven. I would be a badass sniper /combo/ BR's secret agent.
  9. All the lords and nameless soldiers died in the Red Wedding.
  10. Am I the only one who is sorry for GRRM's lost post? I wonder how did he loose it?
  11. I laughed so hard and heartily when I read this.
  12. I hope my children will be able to read the entire finished saga without a shitty TV show spoiling it.
  13. All I want for Christmas... is a release daaaateee!
  14. I hope that when the truth turns out to Jon he will just shit on it and continues what he was doing.