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  1. Some leaker mentioned that Gendry won't be happy to see them but I lost orientation which one it was and if it's true or not. I can see that happening, too good to let it slide. Didn't OG lads mixed it up then Beric and Thoros? Thoros, Benjen, Viserion and that's it?
  2. Also Jon and Thoror with Beric about resurrections, Tormund and Thoro or Beric as he has no love for their view of the world. Gendry and Thoros with Beric because they sold him to Mel/Baratheons. Tormund and Hound or Jorah might be interesting. It has potential. Beric is dead, isn't he? Along with Thoros. Gendry is the last living Baratheon. Pretty important if you ask me and sigil of House Baratheon, good lad and post-war might be a very valuable ally for anyone on the iron throne (if there's any). If he makes it there like I hope he will. Jorah and Barry were always key for Dany. Saving her, counselling her and might be important for NW or House Mormont post-war and also in the war itself. Jorah is a skilled warrior, Bronn too. Qyburn was always in the shadows and key for Cersei and will be in the future. Lyanna made Jon KITN, Hot Pie makes delicious pies = that deserves the price of admission itself. Edmure is heir and last living Tully (Sansa, Arya nd Bran are more Starks). He also has son or daughter with Roslin. Pod is there for Brienne but other than that yeah don't know with him. Every character is important bu then I'd imagine Stannis will be important oo at least in The Winds of Winter against the Boltons, Rickon too. Both of them are dead on the show.
  3. One of the few reason why I'm rooting for wight hunt. Interactions between characters that might serve for the future and also that specific episode.
  4. I do think it was to be alive come the end of the story. As for the bolded part. Sadly, yes. His idea of bittersweet ending might not be in line with what Tolkien created. George's other work was pretty dark towards the end and this might be like this dark with a glimmer of hope. It might be shor-lived if one of the dies at the end of the war. That's why and chances are high. Season 7 is pretty early because most og guesses were later on season 7 to even met for the first time and then progressing. e'll get instead of this two full season of them. He said it's gonna get dark and it will get based on leaks and what little they know of the future season 8. Dragon getting killed, basically best way to defeat them killed by a single spear. Pretty dark stuff fro mthir point of view. It ain't slow burn because it escalates very quickly due to the pace of the show probably but still a lot early than people in general suggested. Different wolf. GRRM view of bittersweet might be different to Tolkien's. Again the original outline is by no means certain proof of anything. Things have changed in that outline and you know it. I won't be sure with this and your certainity about the outcome. People mentioned hotu scene where it was according to many hinted at Dany joining Drogo in th afterlife. We know Jon seens nothing **surprise** but again it was put thre instea dof other visions probably for a reason. Dany is closest to Aragorn as GRRM said himself. Going t live, marry his love, have kids and rule. I wish it was that simple but highly unrealistic at this point to me and others.
  5. They¨Ll do most likely one at the time, foure at the same time is too much even for them. Spin offs has nothing to with it whether they'll kill them or not. Plot dictates it, if plot demands they'll do it. People know that this show is as realistic as it can get, people die. They were not building Dany to rule mor to conquer and save the world. This is their destiny and give hope to others whether by winning the war or having a child as the future. You know that child is very likely and that means fuure is secured for Targaryen legacy or them as characters. Then one of the mor both are killable same way Rhaegar and Lyanna were. In fact Dany can rule with her child, raising him or Jon. It could end up the way they've been raised by Tyrion or Sansa for example. So many options. She doesn't even have to marry anyone because she can make herchild legit, Jon presumably too if he gets the power and be acknowledged as legit Targ.
  6. His laughing can mean it's accurate or not .. I mean it's George after all. This is why im not stating it as a fact but rather my impression of the whole thing. At this point just hoping we'll eventually see the remaining two/three? books he's planning to do.
  7. Yes. Imagine Jon and Dany living, ruling and having kids ... if some people want to add dragons surviving too. Yes, they've suffered but not more than others. A lot of people will look at the ending based on who will sit there and under what circumstances, The way you're writing it, it would make people question it if this is really bittersweet endign we've been promised and not sweet. Both of them getting basically everything. Yes they've lost a lot but so did the others. Ruling is not easy as you've said, but again is what Dany wanted, restoring Targaryen legacy (while Stark could basically end there), what Jon deep down wanted too. He's quite ambitious. Since they're meeting this early and presumably as we think having a child. It tells to me it won't sadly last until the end It will be short lived, passionate and a very important romance that will be key for the present and future of Westeros. Winning war of dawn and having a child as the promise of the future. Yeah, no. This is the most optimistic scenario and basically going against what we've been seeing. i'd hate such an ending no matter how much I like them because it has to fit within the context of the story itself. As Kit said it will go very dark from here on. I just can't imagine this ending in the same way or copy of other stories when George and I'm not sure (someone can find the quote) said it won't be copy of Lotr or WoR. Someone asked George about the original outline and impact .. whether it can be quoted and be relevant to our story. He laughed, so it can go either way. I won't be calling with an absolute certainty they won't make it or they will make it. I know it was described as "coming of age" but mind you that show made Lannister far more important or significant than Stark kids sidelining Arya and Bran a bit or in other words expanded Top 5 into Top 7 or 8 including Sansa. What makes me wonder is why Jon and Sansa relationship is that important mentioned few times by D&D. Is it for the North plotline or something else? Is ure as hell hope it's just tosettle their differences and not what i've been arguing with some around here or elsewhere. You know what. Season 7 spoilers indicating Jon and Dany love story but I've always expected ,if they fall in love in season 8 more towards the end, it will last. Sooner they meet, the more I get the impression it won't last that long. Something will happen. So Jon and Dany are not a foregone conclusion to King and Queen to me and many other at this point for variety of reasons. We don't even know if the iron throne will be standing at the end. It would be easy way out of this by making everything fall into their lap as Jon and Dany, and we now George goes hardly for it. In fact this romance has promise to be epic, important but also tragic. Their whole lives had been this way or story for the most part. Realism of brutal war, politics and schemes.
  8. Endings for them wil be same or very close to it stated by D&D. So, if you're saying they probably won't make it in the books, same will happen on the show. Dany dying in childbirth is apprently for fans beneath her even if this is exactly her theme, children and motherhood, mirroring her mother but anyway. Sacrifice is cheesy, but then ending with them together on iron throne is not? Jon and Dany are most loved characters especially within the show fans but that does not mean they'll make it because of it. If they're going to do this, it's because George wanted it this way, but at this point I have my serious doubts over this.
  9. You know that Robert based his right of conquest/rulling on the terms that he has drop of Targaryen blood in him via his grandmother to give it legitimacy. Kinda hypocrisy on his part. Of course you can have claim, much like Jon has one but again claim only go so far. If you have army that can support it, then this combined with a claim put you in best position.
  10. I don't think so, since D&D called Jon and Dany in EW cover Ice and Fire=son or daughter from it would be union of Ice and Fire at least to them. Their opinion matter the most. I wrote in another thread. Then why having a child in the first place, if there is a marriage them rulling? Isn't it too much? Usually romantic angle followed by sudden deaths as we've seen before. Thanks George. If Aegon=Henry he shares some paralles but I think we can't really place them like equivalent Jon with Elizabeth or even Sansa, Dany, Hnery or Aegon. George took insirations also rom other eras and character within the same era of WoR. But if Jon is Aegon=who resemble Henry Tudor(Jon itself does in some details) ... then that theory of Jon marrying Sansa is weirdly hanging there. One of the reasons besides Rhaegar already having son namd Aegon for me to not like it. Aemon or Jaehaerys would be better and more unique since show skipped part of Targaryen family tree. Never had the impression George was about to simply retelling WoR. Structure of the story might have been more straighforward to a classic fantasy (there are visible elements of it still even in this story) but along the way the he changed quite a few things. Not rulling out Henry Tudor/Elizabeth of York. ending or Aragorn and Arwen but also really can't decide if it ends this way either. Just have this hunch there is a twist to this or the overall story. Sansa does like Jon and maybe arguably more but like I said, it's hard to really say Jon or Sansa=Elizabeth because it's not accurate statement. George takes inspiration from various events. Red Wedding takes from Kojiki, the Massacre of Glencoe 1691 or the Black Dinner from 1440.
  11. There are parallels but that doesn't mean it should end this way or will. Put it this way, Would it people consider it easy because I know a lot of would and in fact I've seen debates of happy endings sort of way. If Jon and Dany do have a kid, why do we need both of them or George for that matter? Isn't this the reason exactly for it to be the case, if they have a child... so the child can continue the legacy. If this is to happen, then why do we need a child for them? GRRM admitted fans have guessed some theories and events that will take place, not the ending itself. Maybe, Im wrong and you can correct me with some of his interview but didbn't he only mentioned Lotr style of ending. Besides there are various versions of ending from tons of people. Really don't know how would that be feasible and realistic to fans to end Jon and Dany with a kid, Tyrion as a Hand. Maybe we're too pessimistic but that's the way this story has been going, there is always tragedy waiting around the corner and price to pay for happiness. Overthinking the ending? GRRM is inspired to some extent by War of Roses and various events from history but when it comes to WoR, not like he'll do exactly same ending. I can't place Jon with anyone in that era, but then I can't strictly put GoT characters like 1-1 to any people from WoR. They doshare similarities, some more and some less Robb (Edward IV younger ) ,Stannis (Richard III), Robert (Edward IV older), Daenerys (Henry Tudor) but also Aegon can if it. If Jon is who spoilers he is, then it might add to another theories more than Jon and Dany. Jon is a cross between few characters Frodo, Aragorn ,Gandalf elements from LOTR, Henry Tudor, something from Elizabeth. Elizabeth of York is hardly inspiration for Jon besides being a bastard and claim, later on marrying Henry. gender wise, history and characteristics seems more fit to Sansa but also Anne Nevill. I've seen quite a few essays on this how her life echoes that of Sansa to some extent. We had a a debate on this, didn't we? Jon and Dany are far from Aragorn and Arwen, in fact tone is a different description than just replicating it. Then wat's the point of it? GRRM has to distance himself a bit and while respecting his inspiration, giving his own spin on it. Bran or Jon could literaly fit Frodo's ending but will he do it? He might have already done that with Jon. Daenerys is often compard to Aragorn, not Jon. Who has some similarities which are rather too obvious. George's endings in previous books were dark, gloomy and twisted if I can use this word. So going by that it might lean into it but not too much. Elves basically died or left the Middle Earth, Frodo too. Sam and Gimli followed them. Can't see GoT known for basically killing characters for the sake of it can do it without any significant big time characters death and by that means top 5 or 6. Some dying and some living with the notion what it cost them to achieve this.
  12. That's understandable given where he and the story is. Show is furthe ahead but he had dreams of dragons, as you've mentioned R+L=J. Show made Jaime and Cersei far than Sansa or Arya. IF Jon, Dany, Tyrion are alive ... can you see them three rulling because I can't imagine it. Not the way poeple have been presenting it on various sites. They might live but there has to be some sort of twist that will make it bittersweet. Not mentioning shocking deaths D&D are known for.
  13. Rickon is already gone, Davos as much as I hate it likely. Tyrion won't die, GRRM's favourite character along wirh Arya ... for his wife. Sansa will live in my opinion as much as fandom wants her dead (not you) and Jaime will die. Jaime alluded to it in his scene with Bron in Dorne on how he wants to die "in the arms of the woman he loves." that seems to be Brienne. Dany is not the only Targaryen because here is Jon. In fact if we're going by your scenario that she has to live, her House Targaryen could die if she's infertile. So Jon is kinda needed here and in my opinion their child is the future of House Targaryen and not them or both of them. In other words, both of them are not necessary for it. I know a lot of people want them dead and while I do not want them dead, there's this idea that one of them will die in the big finale against Night King. Dragons will die 100% along with white walkers, magic to leave the Westeros once more. Ending with Jon and Dany, dragons and eventually their child woud be seen as highly happy.
  14. Jon already did and Dany is looking likely if certain things fall into the places.
  15. Is Jon Leeroy Jenkins in the books? I doubt that .. what¨s intersting about him in the show besides swinging the sword? He's there to stand around with his moody look on his face, looking all pretty and everybody does things he's supposed to do.