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  1. At this point people pretty much think these are legit too from the same source, looks weird but something D&D would write. Dany is to them the super badass Queen. He can kneel without discussing it with them, these are his vassals. They won't have a time to overthrow him because the White Walkers are coming. They might not like it, like what Robb did but with the White Walkers war, they have to follow him.
  2. If Jon and Dany try to attack King's Landing, Cersei will blow this up result in the deaths of innocent people. That would make Jon and Dany villains. Jon doesn't have a time to plan a war with Cersei when the White Walkers will attack his kingdom. He needs their support and he needs them sto stop the war. He has to convince them Dany and Cersei. Like what? Sansa or Arya has no idea, Bran cannot warg into wights who are under control of Night King. They need proof. They need each other because as far as they know the Wall is the best defence against them. Also, Jon and Bran knowledge is invaluable and dragonglass, Valyrian steel sword that work on the White Walkers. She just needs to come to agreement that this threat is more imment and act accordingly. Pretty much this. It sounds pretty bad but maybe on the screen it will look better.
  3. Height or perhaps Jose trusts Matic more? Matic to me seems also someone who is a bit more creative than Schneiderlin, but then with Pogba and Herrera around no need for him to be creative. Just to make sure that he protects back four and speeds up attack. Fluidity of tempo.
  4. They want someone else. Not like Traoré would be number one or two striker.
  5. Matic is better than what you have. When it comes to other options Bakayoko has rejected you, Radja don't know but AS Roma might not want to sell him after selling Manolas and the other guy to Zenit. EDIT:I meant Matic is better than Carrick and Fellaini.
  6. It looks made up in parts but then D&D are capable of doing that. Wight hunt, dragonpit are definitely not from the books, George would find a different way. Sex has nothing to do with titles and you know it. If you're trying to make it look cheap, use different arguments. Northern independency means nothing whe the white walkers are here, people really need to get that. What would be good for to be king of devastated lands, also Jon is quite different in it from others. They seek power, he does not. He as his purpose to defeat the night king, as much as Bran. \that's why these might be key to defeat them. He had visions about the white walkers and Jon most of all.
  7. Like it or not, they need everyone inluding Cersei. At least to stop the fight between Dany and Cersei and for this you need again Cersei. Don't get me wrong, I'd like them to have their name but D&D set a different terms. She needs the North or you think half of Westeros is unimportant? Dany is not Aegon reborn, Dany is more like Queen Nymeria than Aegon.
  8. If Chelsea pull off Alex Sandro, Van Dijk, Lukaku and other targets. They want apparently CM, 2 strikers, CB and RWB on top of Bakayoko and Alex Sandro who are close. Seems like a pretty good team. Matic is a good option, yours third according to Telegraph and his combination with Pogba and Herrera is what you need. He'll give them room to run around while he's sweaping. But 40m is a lot for a guy who's about to be 30 and left with two years on his deal, who a bit regressed when you can have Radja or other players for around similar sum.
  9. Jon as a King is rather predictable but guess we'll have a predictable ending either way with the amount of debates about it. I'd say Jon and his baby (if they'll have a baby), someone mentioned that they're using Sunset and Sunrise from MMD prophey but there was one leaker (nt sure how reliable) whoclaimed that it will happen in a wrong way than it should be. Make of that what you will. He did it afterwards, he pledged one time in private and then in public. Messy. They want to live, they have cooporate. People are making the North independence far too big of thing than it really is. It doesn't matter if this or that Kingdoms is independent, They need to help each other. Don't be surprised if Sansa ends with a different guy and SanSan only gets few moments of reunion without romantic future.
  10. They'll use it a in diferent way. NK moving with his army, Dany is also moving with her army most of the time. At this point we have no reason to doubt OG leaks. The only way to hurt dragons would be by a spear and that would kill them, otherwise hardly any weapon like Qyburn's ballista. Read where? Some fans opinion? Importance or not, women do take names of their husbands in this story. We've seen it before. That's the way in this story, so Bran might be able to lead House Stark in name and blood - you should be happy.
  11. Rickon is dead, Bran and Jon who knows about them (3ER and maybe legit Targ), so whether Arya or Sansa do marry, they would have to take on the names of their husbands. That's how it works, so the Starks family would be gone in name, not in blood. That will continue. Summer died too but that doesn't make Bran ruler or some who will - at least according to leaks Sansa is the one ruling. Anything this late in the game is there for a reason. They don't have time to waste on unecessarry plots. We have two sources on undead dragon not ice dragon, awayforthelads and 4chan dude. They're not gonna kill just few characters and get a wight. Dragon's death would make it a game changing moment. If all the dragons survive, why is Jon left behind anyway? Episode 6 is this season episode 9 and there has to be some big moment.
  12. To me it seems Stark and Targ heavy, while the show more Lannister/Stark/Targ with Jaime and Cersei having arguably bigger roles and more to do. Besides GRRM has been writing about Targaryens in other books Dunk&Egg, The Rogue Prince, The Princess and The Queen. It started with the Starks and then it moved more towards Stark/Targ. We have Dany, Faegon (Blackfyre), Jon, Bloodraven and had Aemon. Then why is she ruling instead of Jon, learning the craft? Seems like an unecessarry thing to do, unless it serves for something. Jon who's never been a ruler on the show the way he has been in the books in a way or what Dany was at Meereen. I've said anyone can die, if it serves the story. Dany has as much chances as Jon for example or Arya. Especially Jon, since these two are put together mostly in this debates. In fact, I might argue Jon has a slightly more chances if a baby is born to them. Jon especially on the show is the type of person who would rather die than see their child growing up without a mother, It's a big thing for him and Dany's theme is being a mother. Only piece of work that is canon are the books and George been saying that. If the original outline hadn't changed so much for many characters, we might be having a different conversation. GRRM obviously made her role bigger and original outline not that key. Show made her role even bigger and instead of the Vale plot moving her to the North. This should be adressed to someone who hates Dany, wishes her death or props up Sansa over her. In case you haven't noticed, I'll give them 50/50 chances especially to Jon and Dany. Jon is like Beric or LSH who might be living on borrowed times, combine that with their child and we might have the answer or another way of looking at it.
  13. Original outline had Jon and Arya not Dany, that has changed obviously. So by this might be also who's surving who's not. I said Dany is certainly a possibility to end up as a ruler, but also has a chance to die like others. 50/50 at this point which is far from sure thng she survives. Not together with Jon, one or the other with their baby. Baby to me signals one of them is going down - hard to belive George will go for this ending. iI might be pleasantly surprised but currently probably not. Sansa not a ruler as on the iron throne but Wardeness named by whoever sits on the iron throne. You are taking things for granted and that is a mistake. Did you saw the end of the show or the books? i don't think so, so taking original outline vastly changed is not the best idea. I understand if you wrote there is a good chance but you're going on about this like it's a 100% thing.
  14. Opposites do attract but they're not that different and having types? If you mean strong, independent and warrior is not each other's type. We've been watching a different show and in the books - they're even younger and hardly have a type. Jon has been with only one woman, Dany is young and developing as a character. Show made Jaime and Cersei even more important and gave them more to do. George clearly made their roles much bigger and changed aspects of their storylines. If George was willing to make these changes, he might be doing that with who's gonna survive or maybe not. But chances are there which is why Newstar' confidence that they're gonna survivie might turned out true - but it's far from sure thing. I hate saying that but reading the books and watching the show made me paranoid a little bit on my part but also wary of signals and analyze anything. Maybe I am overanalyzing it but juxtaposion of these scenes is suspicious at least. I do think his heritage and the White Walkers represent obstacles to them in their relationship withthe effect upon their fate and wile they might live, they also might die. I just think it's important to acknowledge that big possibility. I see Sansa as someone ruling because she'd be getting lessons in this and Bran concentrating on being Three-eyed raven but after the war could change things. Currently I'm betting on Sansa. Either in the blaze of glory or in childbirth mirroring her mother and Lyanna for example I know people hate this idea of such a strong character to be killed by a childbirth but I think you can see there is a parallel but depends on how much George wants history to be close to this story. Many people think this way but also there are who thinks we're overthinking it. It's pretty much 50/50 or perhaps leaning more towads her death, but chances are there. Same for other characters but I don't expect too many deaths like 2 or 3 from main characters on the show. Main characters include Jaime and Cersei. In season 8 we might get one big death per episode. I am not sure she'll be that much more important ... unless she is somehow involved in his resurrection. When it comes to wildlings and the notherners, we have already Alys and Sigorn marriage and Tormund. If show is anything to go by, she's probably not that important to Jon and to the overall story.
  15. Val is just a female version of Daario. They're not replacing flirt or romance of secondary character with the main and throw there two main characters. Jon and Dany was very much planned after George's original outline since book 2. They have nothing in common, except that their journeys directly mirror each other, but apart from that nothing. She dumped Daario because she does not love him, it happens irl and show did that. Convinient but not like sellsword was even a way for her. @A man has no name Leaks do not paint Jon as much of a ruler, rather a negotiator or again a fighter. Sansa is doing most of the ruling and enjoying it. Jon is fighting his war.