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  1. I think this was Lysa Arryn's attempt to play the Game of Thrones. She gets a compliant wife for her son, she protects her niece, and she can have vague ambitions to bring the North under her rule. A little creepy, but not unknown, as both the Starks and the Lannisters have marriages to cousins in their background. Cousin marriage is also common enough in our own world. If you want to get into a really creepy one, look up a guy called Carlos, Prince of Asturias.
  2. Who will be missed the most if he/she was killed? And why?

    Dolorous Edd. The man is comedic gold
  3. Did Brandon Stark rape Ashara Dayne?

    Barristan's comment that 'Stark' dishonoured her, as well as Lady Dustin's comment that Brandon likes virgins, lead me to think that he was the father of her child, at least. Whether or not it was rape remains to be seen, and we will likely never know. You're talking about different POV's, some of which may be unreliable, about two people who are dead.
  4. Sansa and the Tyrells

    Except Olenna is trying to protect Margery and Loras. Jofferey can't be allowed to be married to Margery for any length of time - he'll get abusive on her, Loras will kill him, the whole thing falls apart. And everyone at the high table is distracted, and half of them are Tyrells in the first place. Using Sansa as a patsy is perfect, as she has motive and is in the right position. LF has Donas sprint Sansa away, and she is a hunted woman, perfect for his need to control her.
  5. Evil Daenerys?

    I don't think so. FAegon and co want Dany as Queen, they need her to legitimise their claim to the throne. It's far too easy to dismiss fAegon as, well a fake, but if Dany, a known and unquestioned Targaryen, takes him as her husband, then his claim is so much stronger. The question is who will be wielding power in such an arrangement, but something could be negotiated.
  6. Tywin, Jaime and the Sack

    Found a note in the wiki which stated that the battle of the trident and the sack of king's Landing was a fortnight apart
  7. Tywin, Jaime and the Sack

    I agree with Banana. At that point, the threat of changing kings with no Lannister influence was so great that Tywin was willing to risk Jamie's death in order to get influence with the new reigme. What I'd actually like to know is the timing of things. We know that the Trident decided things for Tywin, but who told him about the battle? Pycelle? A raven from Robert's Rebels? And assuming Tywin had all his forces ready, how did they beat the rebels to the capital?
  8. Question about the bastard last name Pyke

    I noticed this too. I had wondered if it started out as a tradition of naming bastards after the island on which they were born, which then evolved into simply Pyke. But there's no mention of this in the World Book.
  9. Meanwhile in Stormlands

    Stannis wants Edric for two reasons. As proof of Ceresi's incest, he can be paraded in front of all the lords of Westeros as proof that Robert's children look like him. Two, he can sacrifice the boy to Melisandre if he needs to. That's why Stannis is unwilling to give Penrose a guarantee on Edric's safety. He knows he may need to die before Stannis can sit the throne
  10. Could the Iron Bank collapse?

    I very much doubt that the Iron Banks only investments are in Westreros. Far more likely is that they have loans and investments playing out across the world. Given that assumption, Westeros could collapse into anarchy and the Iron Bank wouldn't collapse. But there are parts of our story that don't take place in Westeros. I wonder how many of Dany's enemies had accounts with the Iron Bank, how much gold she has taken that belongs to the bank. And yet even with that, I doubt the bank is collapsing anytime soon. Not unless she tramples the Free Cities under her dainty sandaled feet.
  11. (The) North Noble House Scenario

    Though be warned. I once did them all in a row, and by the end of it, I killed everyone
  12. The Nights Watch numbers don't make sense

    I am surprised that there is not a lot of people sent to the NW in either RR or Wot5K. Ser Thorne is the only one we hear about joining during/around Robert's Rebellion, although given Robert's capacity for turning former foes to allies, I suppose it's not too out there. The only people we hear about being offered the black is the two from Riverrun. Although, I suppose the Lannisters don't trust the Bastard of Winterfell, and they would be reluctant to send any of Stannis' former army off to join him again.
  13. (The) North Noble House Scenario

    We don't have a lot of examples of people in ASoIAF going against family wishes. Although he is a legal adult, he still has to obey me as head of the family to a certain extent. About all we have as an example is Bryden Tully, who refuses the marriage offers his brother sets up for him. it's still better then him embroiling my house in a war that could ruin my houses standing forever.
  14. (The) North Noble House Scenario

    My watchword in completing these is usually to try neutraility, particularly as allying with a side limits options. So let's try. I take Jai Karstark up on his offer to foster both boys. Jai has clearly tried to do the right thing in this situation, and he is not his brother. I'm not going to rush to offer to take his son as ward, he may want to keep him there with his new playmates, but if he wants to, I will take him. For Ygraine I try and draw out the marriage negotiations with all three prospective suitors. Personally I think the Hornwoods might be the better option here, but I'd still like to settle peace between tham and the Boltons before marrying off my daughter. If needs be, I use my other daughter Iseult to wed the Bolton heir, and try and forge a peace between them. Otherwise, Iseult can marry whoever she choses. Lolla seems a bit young to marry at the moment, and I'm not going to send her off to the Last Hearth without at least some company. At the same time, I'm not about to waste a valuable alliance, so I suggest that Owains son could spend some time courting her over the coming years. She might grow to appreciate him, see the man behind the grunken giant. But she stays with me. My actions in not marrying off either of my daughters to Manderly should be enough to placate the Lockes and Flints. But I warn my son off taking part in any violent action, or I will break his engagement and call him home rather than having him ruin the family name. I also point out, if he earns the ire of the Starks, he will be sent to the Wall
  15. Is Mace Tyrell actually competent?

    I view him as competent, average. But I agree with many posters above that it is the people around him that cause him to thrive, his scheming mother, his scheming daughter, his more than capable bannerman. That's not to say that Mace is stupid or a lackwit, just that the people around him are better.