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  1. My house knows no king but the King in the North, whose name is STARK! I call my banners and march on Moat Cailin. I write Lord Dustin and explain that Ivor is needed with you on campaign. Let the Dustins sweat over what I might do for a bit, If I can crush the rebellion, a lot of the other houses will fall in line. I write to known Stark loyalists at Greywater watch, Torren's square and Cerwyn, calling on them to rally and crush the uprising. Presenting Lord Cambell to King Barclay in chains will assure him of my loyalty, as well as reaping me great rewards. I hold off on marriages for my children until the insurrection is crushed. I may yet have the chance to position Aisha as a potential Queen. Once Moat Cailin has fallen, I marry off my sons to other potential contenders, making Aisha a more attractive candidate for the throne. I approach Ser Lightfoot, confess to having impreganted his daughter, and offer to see her well wed, and the bastard raised with honour and treated well. Hopefully out of all this I can get enough money to buy my children's medicince myself.
  2. Am I a bad parent for using the Rains of Castamere as a lullaby?
  3. Cadet branches in westeros seem to have married back into the main line at times, as well. You also have the chance of sending younger, less likely to inherit sons off to become septons, maesters or Night's Watch, which would diminish the chances of cadet branches. You see what happens with Lord Royces three sons, one joins the Night's watch, another joins the Rainbow Guard, leaving only the heir. The other possibility is that they have married heiresses and taken thier names. So there might be branches of the ruling houses around, in a direct male line... but are known by another name.
  4. I'd probably start with history, though it sounds like a tough one to do, as history is subjective. Iron would make me really valuable to a military leader. And Valyrian steel because it's cool. As for the topic itself, if I recall correctly, Pate approaces the archmaesters to demonstrate his knowledge of a particular talent, so it's up to the student to try for different links for the chain. As for more subjects to add to the list, I'd say languages, history, plants and thier uses, engineering. Sailing?
  5. I marry the blind girl. She's pretty, and young. So what if she requires a couple of extra maidservents? The problem is that leaves me nowhere to marry my sister off that doesn't come with strings attached. I delay on my sisters match, hoping for a better offer. As much as I hate to admit it, my mother is right. I am the sole man of the house, and should focus my efforts on siring the next generation. I attend, but do not participate
  6. I am iron born, I go raiding. I send Sigvald to the Riverlands, under threat of disinheritance, and let him carve out a fortune there. Win or lose, I disinherit him anyway, and name Celsa my heir. Lord Blacktyde will have his youngest son marry Celsa. They can stay at my keep and learn something about ruling. Tovi can marry Ser Gardane.
  7. Given that Jon Arryn has raised his banners, with both the Lords of the North and the Stormlands with him, it's a massive threat to my rule. I attaint Ned, Jon and Robert. Offering the lordships of the vale, north and storms end to their more loyal banner men will create havoc in those regions, or at least buy time for me to gather the rest of my forces. Send out the Royal Navy to cut off Gull town, and prevent Ned or Rob going back home to call thier banners. I summon Rhaegar and Tywin, offering Viserys for Ceresi. I need my Hand back, as I've bollocks up my own attempts to reign. Summon sellswords with my overflowing treasury. The golden company might be interest to hear that there will be lordships and lands on offer in Westeros.
  8. Back the Justman. While paranoid, he is the one in control, and will not be deposed easily. I wed Sayna to Tully,and he can take Purwyn as a page. I offer Clementine to betrothed Ser Tytos, which should be enough to satisfy honour. Mingol will have to marry the girl he has knocked up. I offer to marry Lady Smallwood myself. I am able to sire another child, and it will make anyone think twice about messing with me. I have a quiet word with the king, telling him of Cedric's problem, and pointing out that he is a capable warrior, an honourable man, and well connected. Not a good one to find against, with a civil war in the offering
  9. I read a theory online that suggested Tyrion cut a deal with Ceresi, after realising she was pregnant. In return for her agreeing to the truce, and sending her armies north to help in the battle against the dead, Tyrion will ensure that her child is named as Dany's heir. Given Tyrion's love for his neice and nephew, and his concern over the succession, it wouldn't be an entirely out of charecter thing to do. Jon hooking up with Dany threatens this plan, as even leaving aside R+L=J, and the possiblilty of Dany getting pregnant, it would still give Jon a claim on the throne, about as strong as Ceresi's own claim.
  10. I go with the Baneforts offer. It gives me a decent dowry that I can use to help out my smallfolk in thier times of need, and still have money to help my wife and sick daughter (who are looking at me while I type) If Marc Lumba is still willing to wed his son to Branwen, I maintain the offer to try and keep on good faith, as well as a ally in the future. It also means that he doesn't have to bankrupt himself for a dowry. I write to my sister, explaining that I will try and draw off as much of the ironborn as I can to the Baneforts, hopefully helping them out a little. I get my maester to swear that the summons to the Golden Tooth arrived after I had already marched, thereby telling the Queen that I didn't disobey her deliberetly.
  11. An interesting hypothetical. Robert takes the throne much due to his inherent popularity, as much as his faint Targ blood. If Robert dies, the rebels might bend the knee, but to who? Viserys is the lone claimant to the throne, although Stannis may feel his claim is the right one and press it. I could see something like Stannis marrying Dany after Viserys is killed, to unite all the claims. But the true power in the kingdom would be in the hands of Ned, Jon and Tywin.
  12. It is interesting that they are married into other Reach houses, with Aerie married to Mace himself, but have so far played no part. Likely that they have reserved thier strength. For them to betray the Tyrells would mean a lot of daughters put at risk.
  13. I marry my sister off to Ser Franz, and Feldo can go be a squire as well. They won't nessacarily interact in this way, so it should keep Feldo away from our sister. Ser Issa will be quietly killed. Godwyn will be charged with the murder of Ser Issa, and allowed exile to Essos or the Wall. Either way, out of my hair. My mother can join the silent sisters or go be a septa. Her children will be scattered, so she won't have a lot to live for. Look for a wife quickly. I need a heir.
  14. I pick the man fighting his prejudices for my Steward. I can always keep him in line, and I am a ruling Lady, so I can always kill him or dismiss him if needs be. Between Curol and Edgar, they should keep an eye on Gallus. And a Fowler as Man at arms. For the suitor, I go with Duram Sand. A connection to the Martells is good, even though his sister hates him, and he will let me take the Ersole Gargarlan girl as a paramour.
  15. Love these, haven't been on the forums due to a arrival in my own house, so will have to chase the others up. If I've been my usual cautious self, my keep will have strong defences, so my family should be safe enough for the time being. If not, I have enough to start over. I can't kill my nephew, but I gather a small guard to take him back home. Maybe he will be ok, or maybe they will reinforce the castle, or at least distract the raiders. I promise to wed my niece to Donal, I need Ser Templeton on my side. A betrothal can be broken later if need be. I press Ser Templeton for a swift resolution to my son's squiring, as I will need him elsewhere, or at least out of harms way. I join Lord Royce on his counter charge. He actually has a point about the bottleneck, and the sooner we settle matters at the gate, the better. But I command the rearguard, just in case