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  1. N+A=D?

    No. Just No.
  2. Arthur Dayne

    I'd like to see the quote as well, but if there was any rift, it may have been due to Rheagar's closeness with Dayne, whereas Barristan seems more loyal to the institution of the KG, if not Aerys himself. I am wondering if there was a subtle competition between the two to be seen as successor to the Lord Commander
  3. Reach Noble House Scenario

    Marlo got knocked out of the tourney once, so I'm not going to let him ride again and ruin his brother's chance at glory. Instead, I give him tasks to do around the tourney itself, so he can at least be seen to claim some credit for helping run a successful tourney, which is not a terriblle thing to be known as. There will be other tourneys where Marlo can win. Lidole has earned his shot at glory, so I let him have his chance. Hopefully he wins, if not he still makes it into the Order of the Green Hand, and it will improve his standing, as well as that of the house. Pamela's betrothal I will let rest on the tourney outcome. Her infatuation with Oscar may only be that - an infatuation. Drag out the marriage negotiations with everybody, see what she will be amendable to in a year's time. My bodyguards grab Ferric and hustle him off to a tower cell for the night. Persuade Becca not to talk in the meantime. In the morning, I offer Ferric a choice - he can go on trial for the assult, or he can give the girl a weregild as a apology. This would be a decent dowry for the girl, and I can escape a blight on my successful tourney. I dislike covering up a rape, but its probably the best outcome I'm going to get.
  4. Iron Islands Noble House Scenario

    Ivarr, I think should become my heir. Sigrud would be content to let the house rest upon its laurels, whereas Ivarr would seek greater glory. As for the marriage, I'll marry Bryda, which gives me a chance to maintain my neutrality, by raiding off in Essos. Sigrud can be a ward for Lord Stern for a while, but he will be close enough to foster brotherhood between Ivarr and Sigrud, so they don't erupt in civil war after I die. I take the drowned men off on my raid to Essos, if they prove to be too troublesome, they can meet thier god. The one who drowned my father can do so anyway, he's obviously incompetent. They can get lost between the islands, Essos and Westros.
  5. I think the biggest point against it is that at the point war breaks out, Doran doesn't know Viserys is dead. As far as he is concerned, he still expects a Dothraki crossing of the narrow sea, with the last Targaryen at its head. What contact between Varys, Illyo and Doran is we don't know, but the marriage pact indicates that there is some. As far as Dorne is concerned, it would be better off saving its armies for the wars to come, because unlike the other kingdoms, Dorne is aware of the wars to come. And from Doran's point of view, what gain could there be? Destruction of the Lannisters? It will happen, either in this war or the next. Westeros in disarray? Happening anyway.
  6. The Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb

    The ship's body, i thought was the ship itself, but the best place to hear her reply would be the bow of the ship, particularly for non family members. Family members have the whole telepathy thing going on
  7. The Last Kingdom II - NO MERCY [SPOlLERS Season one]

    I really like the books, been meaning to watch this
  8. Last One Wins

    Something you pay
  9. Be as unhelpful as possible 2.to

    Given the length between Dorne and Winterfell, he could probably walk the last leg. Why aren't there more kids called Aegon around? Surely a few more people would want to honour the Dragon kings
  10. Outrageous Lies bout TP above, Ver. 24 (I like it better than 23)

    Joey Crows is actually a joey. He travels around in his mothers pouch, complaining when she hops out of WiFi range
  11. Westerlands Noble House Scenario

    Since I came second in the tourney, I'm obviously not that bad. I take Reyne up on his offer of his daughter, as it will only increase my prestige, and give me a new horse and armour. I only need to defeat one knight in the upcoming tourney to stay level, as they will give me thier horse and armour, which I can give as a randsom in place of my own. Any more after that is a bonus. I take Lord Pearce up on his offer to open a trade route, as it will help diversify my wealth and help me weather future crisis. Even though Lord Crakehall will have to be involved, I can grin and bear it for the money involved. I spend the money on the gold mine, as I know there's gold in those hills. If by some chance I win the tourney, I can get a new silver mine and repair the fishing boats then.
  12. Crownlands Noble House Scenario

    I see my duty here clearly as perpetuating the family line, and unfortunately that means staying at home and having lots of sex with the wife. I will send my older half brother off with my troops, as I need him to command in the field, though I make sure that he has a few loyal men by his side. If he gets overly ambitious... well, accidents happen. I send Donuil off to the Citadel with a bit of coin and my best wishes. His family loyalty has earned him that much I keep my maester as close as my father suggested, and have a eye to replacing him at some point. He may be good at healing, but accidents happen with all this very sharp weaponary around. I try and get my aunt remarried, building a bridge with another house. And if my wife is seeking to get rid of me, I have a tower cell, and childbirth is a dangerous buisness
  13. Riverlands Noble House Scenario

    I have already a good relationship with the Blackwoods, and I needs to keep that going until Quentyn gets knighted, but I don't want to get involved in the next Blackwood-Brackn war. I don't see either option as being without its drawbacks, so I buy time with extended negotiations with both Frey and Blackwood. Quentyn is my heir, so wait and see if a new option will arise. Lord Mallister seems the best option for Candace. he may not be the prettiest man around but he's not much older than her, and seems a decent enough choice. It also prevents me from having to jump into the Blackwoond-Bracken war. I think Lord Vance has the best option here. A chance for Jason to wander around Westeros for a while? He'll be delighted. Possible betrothal if he proves a decent squire? Even better! My wife will be disappointed, but all children have to leave home eventually Benjy is a difficult one. I will put a couple of trusted guards to watch him, and if he shows signs of sexual activity, concede that the girl may be telling the truth and confine him. It's a punishment, and should appease Lord Tully
  14. Biggest Thing you missed in the books?

    Not the place for succession rules, but I'll jump in. There's no clear rules for what happens when bastards are legitimized. Just as there are no clear rules for the succession itself. Brandons trueborn son would indeed come ahead of Ned and all his family, but Brandon never married. Accepting your premise as Jon as Brandon's son, it would be likely that if and when he was legitimized, there would probably be a note about where he would fall in the succession. When Aegon 4 legitimized his bastards, he placed them behind Daeron in succession. But Ned, having petitioned Robert to make Jon Jon Stark, might put Jon behind his children, or name Jon his heir, or heir after his sons. One of the reasons GRRM has had so much success with basing his books on the Wars of the Roses is that there weren't any rules then either. Quite often it was decided through battle and war.
  15. Dorne Noble House Scenario

    I legitimize Torak and Lucia, but behind Jana in succession. Having only one heir makes things a bit nervous, and people start plotting. I talk to Jana, and ask her about the marriage to Martell, and if she will consent to it, approve of it. This would let her spend some time at Sunspear, and give her powerful allies in the Martells should my son contest the succession. An older husband would allow her to gain a few heirs of her own, yet probably outlive him. Given Torak's skill with the blade, I write King's Landing and see if I can get him a place at court, and try and angle for him to enter the Kingsgard. This will improve my houses renown, remove him from the succession, and earn my house a place in the White book. I also imagine this would go down well with the singers, and earn him decent respect from the smallfolk. Lucia can marry Lady Qorgyle's heir. As for my cousin, I probably just kill him there and then. Probably my paramour too. I just wouldn't be able to trust them after this.