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  1. I believe there is a note somewhere about the World Book, how in universe it was altered at the last minute due to the effect of the War of 5 Kings. Stannis and Eddard's work in Robert's Rebellion is negated, to appease the curent occupant of the Iron Throne. This could very well be something more of the same. Pity the link is gone, I don't have the world book handy to read it myself.
  2. Looking at the timeline, I'd say Benjen probably did participate in the election. Benjen joined the watch shortly after RR, While Jeor has been in the watch longer than Thorne, who also joined following RR. The last election was 288AC, So both Benjen and Thorne would have voted in it, Robert's Rebellion happening in 283 AC. The being fat thing is ridiculous, however.
  3. Actually, Jon's logic holds firm until point 5. 1 A midnight ride by a young man, who is brought to his senses is hardly grounds for execution, given the whores in Moles Town. LC Mormont forgives Jon that before the ranging. 2 The Hardhome decision he defends to his council quite well. He is trying to deny the Others people to turn into a army. 3. Janos is not only refusing orders, he is inciting rebellion. Clearly a executable offence. And Jon does not initially 'spare' Mance at all, he argues for it, that he might use him in the wars to come, but kills 'him' (Rattleshirt) in the end. 4. You could argue that Mance and the spearwives are agents of Mel, not Jon, because Jon can take no action. And until the pink letter, Bown Marsh has no knowledge of Mance's survival. 5. Only here does Jon fully violate his oaths, preparing to lead a ranging south. But I suspect that there will not be a lot of love between Marsh and the wildlings, so he's probably setting himselfup fo more pain
  4. I never really questioned it. Jorah was a hero in tournament and war, and a Lord in his own right. At the face of it, House Mormont and House Hightower are both equal in rank, so no loss in prestige there. Even if the Hightowers are aware of how poor the Mormonts are, Lord Hightower may figure that Jorah's fighting ability must make him a close advisor to the Starks, or at least a noteworthy figure. Where I think people are going wrong is saying that Lynesse could have easily married better. Unless she could have married a Lord Paramount or his heir, Lord Hightower would seek to marry his daughter to bannermen - men of Jorah's rank. And there wouldn't have been lots of sons or heirs floating around. And since Jorah already had inherited, his daughter immediately becomes a Lady.
  5. We know that Tywin gave orders for the deaths of Elia and her children, as it is laid out quite clearly in the books My question is that what were his orders for Aerys? Tywin had no idea that Jamie would turn Kingslayer. We know that Elys Westerling and Roland Crakehall make for the throne room, were they ordered to kill the king? Were they ordered to protect Jamie? What if they had walked into the throne room to find Aerys raving on his throne and Jamie at the foot of it, sword drawn?
  6. I don't think Rhaegar's children were disinherited, as they were presumed dead, Viserys had every right to the throne. As for Aegon, he will be presumed a pretender unless he can prove it otherwise. Which I doubt
  7. Tywin sees the fact that people can take Lannnisters with impunity as a slight upon his family's honour. Even over thirty years later, he still has the same attitude. Tywin knows that war with the Tarbecks and Reynes is coming, and can probably summon enough vassals to defeat them. Also, he has a close friendship with the heir to the Iron Throne, and could probably count on assistance from the rest of Westeros in the event of a long drawn out war
  8. Edric was never declared to be anyone's heir that we know of. He's a logical one to have declared as Robert's heir, but Mace would have taken it as a slight if Renly had suggested naming another heir. Mace wants Renly to knock up Margery and produce thier own heir, not gift anything to one of Robert's bastards. It wouldn't be unknown for Penrose to develop some affection for the boy, which is all we need to explain his motives
  9. To answer the simple question, Ned would have married at his brother's behest. I would go with marrying someone not from the North, simply to help build alliances with the new kingdoms, so I could see Ned being married off to someone from the Reach, or Dorne, the same way Stannis was. If he is still saddled with baby Jon, then he would have tried to keep Jon away from King's Landing, so probably Dorne. If he is not saddled with Jon, then Ned may very well have taken up a position at court. Master of Laws, perhaps?
  10. I don't think we've ever gotten a complete answer to how many links a novice needs to forge before they are called a maester. Hopefully Sam's story fleshes things out a little more. But considering that we've never had any indication that the links have to be the same size, maybe Marwyn could forge longer links? Just a thought
  11. I too imagine the maester's chains as a lot smaller in size. I can't remember the exact quote, but they are also quite tight around the neck, if memory serves. Anyone got the books handy to look it up?
  12. I think this was Lysa Arryn's attempt to play the Game of Thrones. She gets a compliant wife for her son, she protects her niece, and she can have vague ambitions to bring the North under her rule. A little creepy, but not unknown, as both the Starks and the Lannisters have marriages to cousins in their background. Cousin marriage is also common enough in our own world. If you want to get into a really creepy one, look up a guy called Carlos, Prince of Asturias.
  13. Dolorous Edd. The man is comedic gold
  14. Barristan's comment that 'Stark' dishonoured her, as well as Lady Dustin's comment that Brandon likes virgins, lead me to think that he was the father of her child, at least. Whether or not it was rape remains to be seen, and we will likely never know. You're talking about different POV's, some of which may be unreliable, about two people who are dead.
  15. Except Olenna is trying to protect Margery and Loras. Jofferey can't be allowed to be married to Margery for any length of time - he'll get abusive on her, Loras will kill him, the whole thing falls apart. And everyone at the high table is distracted, and half of them are Tyrells in the first place. Using Sansa as a patsy is perfect, as she has motive and is in the right position. LF has Donas sprint Sansa away, and she is a hunted woman, perfect for his need to control her.