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  1. Mel wanted to use Edric Storm's blood to wake the stone dragon. Clearly being crowned is unnecessary for magicing king's blood. I think the Queens men heard about that and figured that anyone who calls themselves king would work. Mel does not tell them different because she may be able to use that belief. If any real use would have come from burning Mance she would have done it.
  2. Kid Cersei did not know what frog lady ment by you 3 and him 16. Her friend being killed by her was not part of the prophecy. Frog lady told her she would die tonight not that Cersei would kill her for wanting to marry her brother. Kid Cersei didn't really believe the prophecy.
  3. You're forgetting that not everyone wanted a sane king. Aerys had many supporters in court that he lavishly rewarded. Rhaegar would have been killed if he made obvious attempts to depose his father. Also keep in mind many think the tourney at Harrenhal was funded by Rhaegar so the could speak to the lords about replacing his father.
  4. @Clegane'sPup Lyanna my may have had guardsmen with her who weren't killed for whatever reasons. Or she could have been expected at a castle on the way who looked for her after not showing up after a time. Eddard finding Lyanna is probably a intentional mystery that will be reveled later. On the 8000 years thing getting poked at; people in the books do that too. Many think the dates might be different.