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  1. I should've seen this one coming
  2. Yeah, OLB seemed like it was a given. I'd have preferred a DB as well, there were a few still around that I'd have had no problem with them taking at 30. That said, I've got no complaints about Watt.
  3. Great win to steal away home ice from the Caps. Fleury was impressive down the stretch. Rags lost as well, good night on the ice.
  4. Big time goal there. Would be huge to score on this power play.
  5. Gotta love Milbury implying that Ovi should have tried to injure Crosby. That dude is a fucking joke.
  6. That's one hell of a Force wielding Frankenstein you guys are piecing together... E: There's a torso that would have been great for the final piece, but alas, it was burned on Endor.
  7. Good to see that Sal Paolantonio didn't get shit canned by ESPN.
  8. Hot start to the 2nd for the Pens!
  9. Bears giving up quite a bit to move one spot...
  10. Make it 18 OTs! This has been one hell of a first round.
  11. Reds' twitter with some classic trolling of Cubs fans. Pretty good stuff. Cubs fans do not approve in the comments...
  12. Ovechkin looks like an animal who got out of his cage right now.
  13. In real time, it sure looked dirty with how Ovi goes down. I do find it interesting how pissed off he is and is trying to kill anyone in a Leafs jersey this period, as Ovi lines up and runs guys all the time. Must not like getting a taste of his own medicine.
  14. If they are doing the 'Journey' books for TLJ the same way they did for the run up to TFA, the new Luke book isn't going to be anything that's a need to read anyways. Those books were ok, but short and forgettable. I can't remember anything from them.
  15. Looks like that hit looked worse than it really was, Ovi's back. They shouldn't be allowed to hit low like that anymore, but according to the intermission crew, as long as Kadri didn't stick out his knee, technically that was a legal hip check.