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  1. College Basketball: Sweet and disappointing

    If anyone had even a small amount of doubt about Lavar Ball not being out for himself more than his kids despite his constant statements in public saying otherwise, give this article a quick read. This shit goes way beyond just saying outlandish shit for attention, dude is a fucking prick.
  2. Ice Dragon????

    Oh no, not the IceBrandon...
  3. College Basketball: Sweet and disappointing

    I'm watching it right now, it's outrageous. Two blowhards sucking all the air out of a room and filling it back up with bullshit.
  4. MLB Offseason: Countdown to 2124

    Sure looks like 2016 Andrew McCutchen is alive and well in 2017. Fuck.
  5. Star Wars Novels/Graphic Novels

    Empire's End was a satisfactory ending to this trilogy. It had it's good and bad moments, but nothing really stuck out for me outside of the battle of Jakku, which I thought Wendig did really well. If you weren't really that interested in reading this book, the link and videos mentioned a few posts up will be more than sufficient to get the key points from. At least Thrawn is up next...
  6. College Basketball: Sweet and disappointing

    There's really nothing that this guy won't say. If Lavar Ball said that he could give birth a child, I'd believe that he thinks he could actually do it, sans uterus.
  7. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    Well, I'm out...
  8. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    I just finished up the third season, I'm really enjoying this show. My only slight gripe is
  9. What are you listening to? Vol. XXII

    Notorious B.I.G. - Ten crack commandments
  10. What are you listening to? Vol. XXII

    I sense I'm going to go back into some gangsta rap this weekend. I'll start it off with one of my faves of all time. Dr. Dre & Ice Cube - Natural Born Killaz
  11. What are you listening to? Vol. XXII

    Damn I forgot this song even existed. Good stuff.
  12. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    That's almost as bad as some of the flopping "injuries" you see in soccer...
  13. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    Switched to the Marquette/SC game and was instantly reminded of just how big of a douche Wojo was/is.
  14. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    I've had enough of Spike, Chuck, and Samuel L. over the last two days to last me for the rest of my life. Not to mention the kids singing with their mouths full of Gatorade bars.