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  1. Deion making up excuses for Marshawn Lynch is hilarious. Can't believe that asshat is still on TV.
  2. This new Wu-Tang album is fucking boss.
  3. That's the first thing I thought of after watching him run out on the field and get tossed actually.
  4. Nantz gave the kiss of death for the Raiders D on that series with the dreaded "There's only been one 99 yard TD drive this season, and it was by the Raiders." 3 plays later, there's now 2.
  5. Hummels and Heroin was some vintage South Park. Fucking hilarious episode.
  6. Oh I fucking love the look on all the faces in that crowd at Wrigley right now!
  7. I haven't been able to follow the post season as much as I'd have liked to so far, but I'll be honest, I'm kind of getting behind a Dodgers-Yankees WS.
  8. I always wanted to sit in on one of those lie detector tests and ask a few questions about Melrose Place... But seriously, Pitino is fucking laughable in that interview. Just go away douche.
  9. Very surprised I'm in 2nd with my record so far this year.
  10. So Thursday Night Football is the pretty much the bees knees so far this season...
  11. Thoroughly enjoyed the trailer. I'm under the assumption that parts were edited to mislead us on certain things, which I have no problem with.
  12. Tickets are actually on sale now if your theater is a Cinemark, just snatched mine up!
  13. Both pick-6's were deflected/tipped, but he's not looked good all season. Father time maybe ignoring Frank Gore while he focuses on Ben
  14. New trailer to debut tomorrow night during Monday Night Football. Also, tickets to go on sale afterwards.
  15. I'm surprised that this game wasn't earmarked for a Thursday night slot...