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  1. I was finally able to look at the weekends picks, and damn were mine fucking putrid...
  2. 7:30 pm on Thursday can't get here fast enough.
  3. Looks like your Colts are dealing with a little bit of accumulation there in Buffalo...
  4. There's a lot to be said of yanking a freshman 3 star prospect with no tape out of college to "prepare" for the NBA draft. But hey, now those Gelo shoes will be available in time to see him not get drafted at all. I saw an article that quoted a GM along the lines of saying that Ball isn't even on their extended list of players to scout. I honestly kind of feel bad for this kid.
  5. Trapped in the Closet... Really don't care for the talk of putting OSU in if they beat Wisconsin. E: Dave Wandstadt is a fucking idiot. No wonder he was so beloved at Pitt.
  6. I'd also include Wisconsin, Michigan State and Iowa in that as well before you get to where Nebraska is mentioned in Big Ten football. Maybe even Northwestern at the moment, which shows just how much they've fallen off the radar when they aren't thought of in the top half of their own conference. To be honest, they almost seem like they've been forgotten in the Big Ten, like Boston College has become in the ACC. Switching conferences doesn't always pan out, and I think those two schools are prime examples.
  7. Yeah I'm with you on the curiosity of seeing Revis back on the field. As we are both from the same hometown, I hope he can play passably well as their 3rd/4th CB starting off, and maybe go out on a higher note than him being beaten consistently by any wideout he lined up across from like last year...
  8. Can't wait for all the Pitt fans who have been shitting on the football program all season here in Pittsburgh to pronounce them as next seasons' ACC champs like they did last year when they upset Clemson...
  9. Not over just yet!
  10. Miami has looked like complete shit today against Pitt. The U isn't back just quite yet apparently...
  11. Well, tuning into Raw to get an idea of what's going on before Survivor Series, only to see HHH come out and take the place of Jason Jordan on Raw's team. Must be worried about it not drawing to make a move like this. Now I get to see the mockery that is Gallows and Anderson. These guys were awesome in NJPW, and are clowns in WWE.
  12. I also can't pass up a chance when someone wants to shit on the Browns...Ben Roethlisberger has more wins IN Cleveland (11) than any Browns QB does since they returned to the league. Derek Anderson is in 2nd place with 10. Factory of Sadness in full effect.
  13. I'm pretty sure Ahmed Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs were two of the three, but I'm clueless on the third.
  14. George Takei accused of pulling a Cosby on a guy in the 80s...honestly wouldn't have expected that one.
  15. It's a real bitch move. How are you going to play for another team when you supposedly wanted to get surgery? Just come out and say what we all know, that you're a selfish fuck who quit on his team the moment his star QB got hurt and wanted out to hopefully go back to NE since they aren't going to win in GB this year. I wish the fucking Browns would have claimed him, guarantee he would've got that shoulder surgery then...