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  1. Do you think it could also be that the casual fan who makes up a large portion of the fan base are just either uniformed or misinformed on the situation? Granted, there are going to be racists in every fan base of every sport, and racism definitely factors into Kaep's situation, but, for example, I'd guess that a sizable group of people saw the pig socks and passed judgement without knowing what issues Kaep was trying to shine light on or even bothered to look into it, and probably don't pay enough attention to the NFL to know that it's still an ongoing issue with him. I'm sure we all know plenty of people who are fans of the league who probably have no clue that any of this is even still going on with Kaep, because they aren't as dedicated to following the NFL as we might be.
  2. My two favorite gems from Jay Cutler's press conference in Miami "The good thing is I play quarterback, so I don't have to be in that great of cardiovascular shape." “I would probably say my wife, Kristin, probably talked me into it more than anybody else could.” What confidence building quotes these are for the Dolphins organization, its players, and fans...
  3. Hey @Manhole Eunuchsbane, Must See TV is back!
  4. On the Kaep to Miami front, didn't he piss off like half of the state of Florida by wearing a Castro t-shirt or comments about things he liked about Cuba last year? That would probably be a non-starter for him landing there.
  5. I, for one, am super excited to see the Cardinals not only play ZERO starters, but also hold out backup QB Drew Stanton so they can trot out 3rd string QB sensation Blaine "The Pain Train" Gabbert for the first series, which I have no issue with them doing so at all. This HOF game is pure NFL greed at its finest...ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL???
  6. There's a couple of players here in Pittsburgh who would surely be able to contribute to this study...
  7. Do you mean top of the line like this? Let's be honest, the 2,000-2,500 I'll spend on tickets and all the other expenses over the course of a season is still less than buying a top of the line TV every year. Going to games isn't for you, that's fine, but if you feel the need to take a dig at me because I enjoy it, at least hit me with something that actually makes some sense and that I can get a good laugh out of too. Now I can agree with this. I've been to a lot of big NFL games over the years, seen the Steelers advance to the SB 3 times, and while those games were awesome experiences, they still fall short of the atmosphere a big time college game provides. Not just inside the stadium, but outside of it prior to the game as well.
  8. Yeah, the cost to go to a Steelers game is surprisingly good. Tickets never go up in consecutive years, and when the increase happens, it's a few bucks at most. I went to damn near 300 games with the old man over the years, truly lucky to have had that kind of experience with him.
  9. Yeah, 8 and 2. They started a price tier system a few years ago so tickets aren't all the same price like they used to be, but at the end of the day, it's still $100 a game over the course of the season. The seat license was a one time thing when the stadium was opened, and ours were only $450 a seat, which we thought was a steal at the time. Now, people are selling their PSL's online for $8-10k a seat in comparable areas, so if I do decide to ever get rid of them, I'll make out pretty well. Doubt it will happen anytime soon though.
  10. Watson had been miscast as a closer to start off the year in Pittsburgh, but he has been rounding back into form as a high quality lefty who can work comfortably in the 7th and 8th innings. Good pickup for the Dodgers.
  11. It seems like I'm in the minority, but I love going to NFL games. My dad had season tickets with the Steelers since the early 70s, I started going with him in '87 when I was 6. When he passed, I took them over. Great seats in the 200 level, under cover, and just hit $1000 a seat for the season, so the price isn't all that insane yet. . But, I can see how people don't like it and would rather watch at home, I have plenty of friends who turn down going for that reason. As for me, I'd rather be in the stadium on Sundays in the fall.
  12. Jason Garrett on releasing Lucky Whitehead after he was arrested Here's the gem from Garrett: "When you have someone in your program, in this environment, in this structure, and they don't grow and develop and they make the same mistakes over and over again, it's time to move on." Then the next day when you find out he was misidentified and was innocent like he told you prior to releasing him, and still won't just come clean... Now I get that this is simply just how it is in sports in general these days. If you have high end talent, you get a job or keep your job despite your wrongdoings (I've seen it here in Pittsburgh), but don't be the guy to swell up your chest about releasing someone after they were arrested for allegedly shoplifting like you're making a moral stand and have a standard of conduct on your team when you have signed Greg Hardy, and just this year have had two DE's suspended for substance abuse violations, a CB arrested for DUI, a LB charged with 2 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, all the stuff going on with Zeke, yet all of these guys are on the team still because of their talent being greater that Whitehead's. Jason Garrett is fucking laughable.
  13. THE JUICE IS LOOSE!!! Well, in a few months that is. It's crazy to look back over twenty years ago at the OJ trial, I was a freshman in high school watching the verdict come in. Fuck I'm getting old.
  14. He definitely should've held off on a spot like this until WrestleMania next year, with good ol' JR on commentary...