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  1. I wish everyone in this thread could hear the bullshit on sports talk radio from Pitt fans. You'd think the Pitt job is better than landing as HC at UCLA during the Walton era...
  2. I can't wait to hear all the Pitt blowhards suddenly cry out for this guy tomorrow morning on the radio on my way to work like they've been closely following his career for the last several years...
  3. Tony Bennett's teams continue their streak of hot garbage play in the tourney, and this historic loss is the feather in his cap.
  4. UMBC better hope that kid doesn't go cold.
  5. Gotta love Eric Weddle's take on Bradford, couldn't agree more. While it is no where close to that amount of money, Chase Daniel has earned over $24 million to throw just 78 passes in his 8 year career. That's a lot of money to hold a clip board.
  6. I'm on board with this experiment 100%.
  7. It seems like it hasn't gained any steam in the national media yet, but Pitt hasn't even been able to get rid of Stallings properly yet. Apparently they decided to lowball him a buyout of $4.8M against the $9M that was in his contract or else they were going to fire him with cause. But the cause they are going with is him saying to Louisville fans in January that were harassing his players "At least we don't pay our players $100,000." So he has declined and dug in for a fight, arguing that is not even remotely enough to merit getting fired for cause, which of course is correct. If these things are true, and that's what is being reported so far here, Pitt has botched this royally, and it should send a giant red flag up to any coach who would consider taking over at Pitt.
  8. I'm really going to enjoy it if/when Sean Miller gets his comeuppance. His father is considered the measuring stick of high school basketball coaches in the Pittsburgh area, but he was known to get kids to "transfer" into the school district well before it became commonplace. Not really surprised that circumventing the rules runs in the family. Also making my day was Pitt dropping a 7 spot in the first half against Virginia. What a hot mess that program is, and it all boils down to the fact that the fans/alumni/administration think they're a top tier hoops program when that is just simply not the case. I fucking love it!
  9. I actually wanted them to go after Grabner, but this trade will just have to suffice. They really didn't give up all that much either, and got Vegas to eat some of Brassard's salary too. Rutherford has been pretty impressive at seemingly fleecing away top players in trades since taking over in Pittsburgh, and the Pens are absolutely stacked down the center now. Riley Sheahan has been upping his game lately, which makes the Pens pretty deep on all four lines. Gotta like their chances come playoff time, but I'm not penciling them in for a 3-peat like plenty of people are here in the Burgh after this trade.
  10. Has there been a Sylvester Stallone sighting yet?
  11. That's a hell of a fucking play
  12. It's safe to say Blake Bortles is not leading a come from behind touchdown drive here.
  13. Ballgame, Patriots.
  14. Time to see if the Jags D can step up against the GOAT.
  15. Only in Philly...