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  1. It's a pretty head scratching move, but I can see the need for a guy like Reaves who can actually play a consistent 4th line role as well as be an "enforcer". The only guy they had to drop the gloves was Sestito, who only dressed for games when trouble was probable, and he had no value besides that. I know nothing when it comes to who's who in the NHL draft outside of hearing about sure bets like McDavid, Matthews, or Crosby, so dropping 20 picks may not be that big of a deal, but adding Sundqvist in makes no sense. As of now, the Pens have no 3rd or 4th line center, which I'm assuming means they plan on keeping Bonino somehow if they didn't mind trading the only center prospect that was NHL ready. They definitely overpaid for Reaves, and Rutherford said as much, which is not a good look when you flat out admit something like that. Makes you wonder how much Jason Botterill was maybe keeping the old man in check prior to leaving for Buffalo.
  2. Had the local sports talk radio on earlier in the car, and they were saying that they were hearing rumblings from inside the Pens organization that they are looking at moving Phil Kessel. Insanely stupid if you ask me.
  3. Vegas has already traded two D-men they picked last night, sending Trevor van Riemsdyk to Carolina for a 2nd rounder in 2017, and David Schlemko to the Habs for a 5th rounder in 2019. Their draft was kind of underwhelming imo last night, but they got a few solid pieces in Fleury, Neal, and Marchessault. They are doing a nice job of stockpiling high round draft picks however, but hockey seems like it's the most hit-or-miss league when it comes to the draft so that could be a risky, but probably necessary endeavor to stock their system. Will be fun to see how they develop as a franchise.
  4. Looks like Adidas really has a thing for stripes on the sleeves...imagine that.
  5. I saw a few articles that said they are leaving the front chest/shoulder areas open like the new Preds jersey with the assumption there will sponsors' ads on them by the end of the Adidas deal. I'm expecting a few misfires as usual (Preds is def one) when the jersey company changes, but at least Nike didn't get their hands on the jersey contract, or we'd be dealing with color rush uniforms in the NHL...
  6. You'd think whoever talked him into the new 'do would've been able to get him to lose the stache as steps I guess...
  7. Has anyone on here ever been injured at work? I was in a pretty bad work accident a few years back, and now that I'm able to work again, I'm starting to find that it's a huge red flag in the interview process, despite the accident not being my fault at all. Very frustrated with the job hunt atm...
  8. Pens could have up to around $18 million in cap space once Fleury is off the books. But they have some RFA's that are going to eat up some of that cash in Dumoulin, Schultz, and Sheary. It does leave them some room to maybe make a splash FA signing though. The next week in the NHL should be quite interesting. Plenty of player movement sure to come. Will be cool to see how Vegas shapes their roster.
  9. Looking back at the game now that my head's free of alcohol, the one thing that stands out (outside of the Pens winning the Cup ), is that we finally got the goaltending show that was expected at the start of the series. Rinne and Murray were outstanding last night, and I can only imagine how much better this series would have been if the visiting goalie had actually showed up once or twice during the first 5 games.
  10. Well I was out at the bar, and couldn't hear what the call was, so I assumed that was what it was. My fault for being wrong. I still think it would've been overturned though if it would've gone to a replay for interference if it had come to that. E: What a great series, and no disrespected intended.
  11. Back to Back! The disallowed goal was the right call, no matter how slight the interference was, it was still there. Kudos to the Preds, when you get hot in the playoffs, there's not much else you can say, and they delivered the whole way through. They were an impressive team throughout, and this was a fantastic game to end the Finals. Now the question here in the Burgh is, does Crosby pass Lemieux as the hockey icon in town with 3 Cups? I say yes.
  12. Yeah I just finished off 6 episodes and thought about doing the same, but I don't think I'll be able to handle another 7 hours. Agree, it's been a pretty rapid story movement in a very short time. I'm not even sure if it's been 24 hours yet through 6 eps. I'm enjoying it so far though, but not as much as prior seasons.
  13. What a completely fucking whacky series this is! The Pens had to love doling out a thorough thrashing like that after getting their asses handed to them twice in Nashville. I'm leaning towards the Preds winning game 6 in a closer contest than the last few have been, but I want to see who's going to be in net for them.
  14. Whoever wins game 5 is raising the Cup. Murray needs to find whatever Rinne did after game 2, and fast.
  15. So one theater in all of the US is having a few women only screenings, and people are complaining about it? How fucking pathetic. I'm pretty sour on the DC movies outside of the first two Batman films, but this one looks pretty good, and the WWI angle is actually pretty intriguing to me and needed to avoid the Captain America comparison as mentioned up thread. I know none of the Wonder Woman backstory outside of what I've read on this thread, so going into this without any preconceptions of what it should be will probably make it more enjoyable, as I tend to constantly compare things on screen with what I know of the source material. Here's to hoping this film delivers.