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  1. The one time he was in the North that we know of he was kind of shackled to his wife most of the time. I know he could slip away if he really wanted to, but I think he kept it in his pants when he went to get a new Hand.
  2. I skipped all the cucking business, so I may be behind...but if there's a question as to whether Andal and Rhoynar culture have similarities, the map solves it. Andalos borders the Rhoynar and it would be more peculiar if they didn't have similar cultures. But I can't see any connection between the Others and Sweetrobin, regardless of who is father is. He's just a sickly boy who's likely going to be offed before too long.
  3. Queen of 7 Kingdoms? very unlikely. Queen of up to 3 of them? More likely, but still not very.
  4. - Aegon is real and will fight Dany's invasion - Gendry will be legitimized, probably by Stannis (hell, Stannis might legitimize them all as a last Fuck You to the realm that rejected him). - Stannis will be the 1,000th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch - Dany is Targ mad and will snap - The North was glacially locked before the CotF broke the Arm and let warm currents go through the Narrow Sea. (may have been the original thing that pissed off the Others.) - Sansa will seduce/help seat Harry the Heir, use him to bring the knights of the Vale north for the War of the Dawn. - Manderly's main army is waiting outside Winterfell and intercepting messengers - Manderly is going to go out in an epic boss way - Victarion isn't as stupid as we think he is.
  5. I like them. Robar Royce sounds like a total badass in his day who got beat by trickery.
  6. I feel like it has to have some type of magic just to stand up. It's 700 feet tall and what, maybe 75 feet wide? With winds whipping out of the north I feel like it would have toppled long ago if there wasn't some magic glue holding it together. Plus the pressure from the top would be too much for the base and it would probably "flow" like a glacier. I do seem to remember some bit about various Kings of Winter or Lord Commanders adding to the Wall, which I think would lend to a "it's just ice" argument, but I may be making that up.
  7. If you mean people in the forum, because of Amelia Clark, who's actually like 30, mainly. Plus how liberally folks in the books seem to use the word "beautiful." But it's not like being married off at 13 is strange in-world.
  8. He can't be king before Balon. Balon would have had to be king first or died long ago, or there would have had to be a Kingsmoot, which apparently hadn't been done in ages. And even if there was, I don't think Euron would have a better case than Balon. But about the same most likely. Maybe be more ambitious.
  9. The link between Jaime and the Valonqar is simple - He is technically her little brother. You just spent several paragraphs trying to build the link between Jaime and "younger and more beautiful," and a lot hinges on him aging better, which is kind of common in men. Always expecting the unexpected leaves you open to surprise by the mundane. Prophecy is a crapshoot anyways. I put a little more stock in this one because we know who made it and when, as opposed to prophecies thousands of years old. But for all we know Cersei mis-remembers it decades later and Arya will murder her or something.
  10. I think the qualifier "enter your mother's Faith and become the High Septon" is pretty key. You can't be High Septon if you keep the Old Gods (unless you believe Howland is the High Septon, I suppose) and the Starks are pretty vehemently and famously of the Old Gods. The other two examples don't need a qualifier because, as you said, they've been done before by Starks. The third does because it has not. The maesters don't use their surnames, but folks still know. Manderly talks about how his maester was a Lannister of Lannisport and he can't trust him. Even if he didn't use the name, folks would know he was a Stark because of the novelty. I suppose it's not impossible a Stark became High Septon, but I feel like we would know about the Stark who abandoned the Old Gods.
  11. Seeing as how Jaime is the odds-on favorite to be the Valonqar (with Tyrion being the red herring), him also being the "younger and more beautiful" seems redundant. And since he fits the Valonqar much better, I'm still thinking the "younger and more beautiful" is someone else. Jaime being responsible for all Cersei's loss sounds like victim blaming to me. It is a good point that adult Cersei has always assumed the "younger and more beautiful" would be another queen but it doesn't have to be. But most importantly, don't bring the show in here. There's a whole other forum for that, though you didn't go too far I suppose.
  12. All the houses that became LP's after the conquest are pretty boring IMO, but this is mainly due to them just not having the time to have the history of the Starks or Lannisters. They weren't even particularly powerful before Aegon, they were just the first to turn. I think the Vances should've been raised, but I'm obviously biased. I think the same can be said for the Tyrells, I've never understood why the Hightowers weren't made LP even if the Tyrells got Highgarden. Baratheon is a slightly different story. I'm mainly talking about in the World book though. In ASoIaF, I don't think they're any more boring than anyone else. I agree that their words are super weak and their colors are pretty generic too, but as far as the characters go I think they're solid. If Hoster was well I think they would be much more interesting, especially if the Southron Ambitions theory is true and he was an architect of the Targ downfall.
  13. Maybe Euron already has it? He's already whipped out one shiny new toy he found in Valyria (supposedly), maybe hes biding his time whipping out his second. Other than that, the only real chance is if Dany's fleet goes super close to the Smoking Sea, and I don't see why they would. I do agree there's a solid chance of it popping up, I just don't know how. It could just be a story of foolish loss. I've always presumed it was a standard length sword, the picture in tWoIaF looked pretty standard.
  14. Union armies tore up rail lines everywhere they went the whole war, but Sherman's famous hardcore march to the sea only really affected Georgia, and even then it was mostly confined to a swath roughly 80 miles wide between Atlanta and Savannah. It's not like Sherman marched back and forth across the south burning everything. He totally wrecked Georgia, crippled the last bastions of southern industry and pioneered total war, but he didn't totally destroy the South. The eventual plan was to bring them back into the Union, not sow their fields with salt and make them unable to recover. And comparing it to Bangladesh is a bit much don't you think? Shit's sweltering hot but there was still plenty of money. But Civil War discussions aside, I think your plan to slowly murder every man, woman and child on the Iron Islands sounds much more in the wheelhouse of Stalin, Hitler or Andrew Jackson than Fightin' Wllie T. It's a pretty big leap to go from total war, economy ruining campaign to an extermination plan.
  15. Probably the most reasonable solution on here (besides my own, of course). Maybe the North deserves cut more than the Reach though. Especially if it was Ned, Tywin and Stannis who did the heavy lifting in quashing the rebellion.