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  1. Garth Greenhand banging every broad in sight during his journey across an Age of Heroes Westeros, while sowing the seeds of the future great houses. (Gardener, Stark, Florent, etc.) There's your what seems like mandatory for HBO boobie quota right there.
  2. Indeed thanks for the clip. They didn't show us Sam telling Jon, opting instead to show us a conversation referencing that conversation. Crazy that I totally forgot that. Guess I blame reading the books over and over again until the next one comes out. Was going to blame just not paying as much attention since the show quality declined, but that wasn't until S5 right? Whenever Dorne/the sand snakes showed up essentially.
  3. Didn't Bran tell Sam NOT to tell Jon? Again, while both would make perfect sense to do, they did not show us Sansa or Sam telling Jon what they knew. Just can't imagine that would be a part of the show, but not something they show us.
  4. ^^ That absolutely makes sense, but we have not been shown Sansa telling Jon what Theon told her correct? Pretty on par for Sansa, as she only tells important information to enemies. They should have figured it out as at least a possibility once they saw Rickon. Based on a few scenes though, it appears that they didn't.
  5. Jon does not know that Bran is alive. The closest he got was when Bran and company were being held captive by the Night's Watch mutineers. Jon came to kill the mutineers, and Bran saw Jon. Bran wanted to alert Jon of his presence, but Jojen stopped it.
  6. I'd put my money on what DarkBastard guessed. They already wasted the what could have been a very suspenseful moment by putting it in the trailer. Why not just get right to it?
  7. It is certainly not crystal clear in the books that Robb wargs Greywind. They do have a connection for sure, just like all the Stark kids and their wolves. Using the show to decipher anything in the books, or vice versa, will get you nowhere. The only people who say Robb turns into a wolf are Lannister soldiers, and the Freys. The former because they're getting their butts kicked by Robb/his army in the field, and the latter because they need a story explaining how they didn't strike first at the Red Wedding. Very much hope we see Nymeria in a couple weeks. While we're at it, hows bouts she's on a leash being held by... Gendry.
  8. Just adding I somewhat recall a statue of a frog made out of black stone on an island somewhere. Not sure if it's the oily kind, or the fused Valyrian kind though.
  9. Here's gold for your journey, do not wear our sigil/colors, and if you bring back an unfit wife I'll have her killed. Try and learn things of use amidst the fun also. Could have worked, no?
  10. Pure speculation: Tywin knew he could just use the Redwyne fleet whenever he needed, and mayhaps even felt one was beneath him? Let wine peddlers, and reavers deal with ships kind of deal?
  11. More of a cross that bridge when we get to it comment.
  12. Flying cars better have little to no cabin noise.
  13. ^^ Two posts above your last.
  14. In no way confirmed. Having never heard about the George specifically dismissing it before, I always did think it possible though. Just the whole map cutting off in 2 places thing when we assume the planet is not flat. Manipulate that map the same way we do with our map to form a globe, and both unknown areas would be on the dark side. That and the Five Forts seemingly being The Wall of Essos.
  15. The far North of Westeros is the far South of Sothoryos, or they're connected by some other landmass in the area not shown on the world map. When the Walkers are ready, they send armies of dead in both directions.