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  1. I'm thinking about getting a cute little dog, the kind I can hold in one hand, and put in my purse, and in my pic-a-nic basket, and most importantly in the basket on the front of my bicycle, wearing a little dog helmet. Does anyone have a small toy-sized dog? What breed do you have? What's it like? 
  2. I'm starting to think this way about children. I could breed my own but there are homeless ones out there already, shivering, shaking, cowering, no Sarah McLachlin songs playing for them.
  3. I really thought Elder Sister would be here because she said she likes talking about dogs and coffee. Should have gone with coffee. Stupid, stupid stupid!
  4. Talk about dogs. What breeds do you have, or have you owned? What are the strange things they have done? Years ago my family had a dog, a gold lab mixed with some other breed. Golden eyes, pink nose that looked like a pink pencil eraser. Strange thing she did. She would do this funny thing with bugs, where she would flip her head upside down and rub the top of her head over the bug, then look at the bug, then do it again. She also liked the rain and liked to be wet, and to get other people wet and muddy. Someone stole her. There were witnesses to the dognapping. Reports said they were two men with a pickup truck, but we never got her back. She was a floozy, though, she would have shacked up with anyone. No loyalty at all. But our first dog was a chow/norwegian elk hound mix. Thick, toast-colored fur with black face and ears and curled tail. He liked to chew on things. Wood furniture was his favorite. He hated used tea bags. He brought us dead squirrels and moles with the faces chewed off. He ran away one time when my dad took off for a couple of months. I think it was because he liked my dad the most, and went to go look for him. We never saw him again. Never had dogs since those childhood two. They seem like a lot of work and emotional investment.
  5. Does anyone cook southeast asian cuisine: Thai or Vietnamese? If so, message me any recipes, links or tips you might have. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey thanks! I think you know what I'm referring to, it's usually found in a wedge shape. Tapping, you say? I'll have to give this another try. I gave up those sponges years ago.
  7. Do you use makeup sponges to blend your makeup? I usually use my fingertips or a brush. I never quite understood how you were supposed to use sponges for foundation when instructed to "apply with a damp sponge" because it seems as if that would compromise the makeup by smearing it with water, making it more difficult to apply, and that the sponge would do more absorbing of the makeup off your face rather than applying it. I do have some shadow applicator sponges with a round and a pointed tip, which are useful for smudging shadow, but they're in a little plastic baggie in a drawer in the bathroom, so most of the time I don't bother to get one out.
  8. I just bought a new lipstick, Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick. I got the bright red, I think the number is 111. I love this, it's matte but not dry or flaky, it goes on very smooth, and smells nice. I only tested it once at home and then wiped it off, so I haven't given the "lasting finish" claim a true test drive. Under $6, they're a fair deal.
  9. You all have more money in your makeup budget than I do! I just have to go to the drugstore, or make my own stuff. Witch Hazel with a few drops of pure tea tree oil makes a good astringent toner. Tea Tree oil can often be found in the drugstore and it is expensive but it's highly concentrated and will last for months. It's good for hair and skin. Pure Vitamin E Oil can also be purchased at the drugstore and is good for cuticles, lips, skin, you can eat it.
  10. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch sunscreen is awesome because it doesn't make my skin all greasy. However, it does leave chalky white marks on dark things that rub against my skin (hubbah hubbah) after I apply. Is there a sunscreen lotion that isn't greasy and isn't chalky?
  11. Your son is going to grow up in such a different world than the one you grew up in, I wonder if this will even matter. Not to diminish the significance of the name but, you know, it might not send a very big message at all.
  12. Why can't you use both? Either hyphenate or just add it on?
  13. I peeled a zuchini into long thin strips and sauteed it with some thinly sliced red onion. This was served with sauteed tomatoes, garlic, crumbled soy sausage, and shredded parmesan/asiago cheese. Topped with minced parsley.
  14. I made a thai stiry fry. I started replacing rice with TVP (textured vegetable protein) sometimes, and it's a great replacement for two reasons: 1. The prep is instant, which is great for me since I usually forget about getting the rice started in advance. 2. The texture is just like rice, meaning it also absorbs all the extra sauce and flavors, quelling the dish if you accidentally made it too spicy. Absolutely. Citrus juice or vinegar is like a magic ingredient sometimes in anything spicy or savory. I make my own soup often, and that final splash of vinegar or lemon juice in the pot brightens it up tremendously.
  15. Welcome! There are spoilers everywhere so be careful. I am 3/4's of the way through A Clash of Kings and I stick to the non-ASOIAF forums for the most part. This is a very friendly and intelligent community here, I have learned. I've never seen the show. I love Dany's story in the first books, it's one of my favorite story lines. I think you'll continue to like her as her story progresses, too.