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  1. I'm thinking about getting a cute little dog, the kind I can hold in one hand, and put in my purse, and in my pic-a-nic basket, and most importantly in the basket on the front of my bicycle, wearing a little dog helmet. Does anyone have a small toy-sized dog? What breed do you have? What's it like? 
  2. I'm starting to think this way about children. I could breed my own but there are homeless ones out there already, shivering, shaking, cowering, no Sarah McLachlin songs playing for them.
  3. I really thought Elder Sister would be here because she said she likes talking about dogs and coffee. Should have gone with coffee. Stupid, stupid stupid!
  4. Talk about dogs. What breeds do you have, or have you owned? What are the strange things they have done? Years ago my family had a dog, a gold lab mixed with some other breed. Golden eyes, pink nose that looked like a pink pencil eraser. Strange thing she did. She would do this funny thing with bugs, where she would flip her head upside down and rub the top of her head over the bug, then look at the bug, then do it again. She also liked the rain and liked to be wet, and to get other people wet and muddy. Someone stole her. There were witnesses to the dognapping. Reports said they were two men with a pickup truck, but we never got her back. She was a floozy, though, she would have shacked up with anyone. No loyalty at all. But our first dog was a chow/norwegian elk hound mix. Thick, toast-colored fur with black face and ears and curled tail. He liked to chew on things. Wood furniture was his favorite. He hated used tea bags. He brought us dead squirrels and moles with the faces chewed off. He ran away one time when my dad took off for a couple of months. I think it was because he liked my dad the most, and went to go look for him. We never saw him again. Never had dogs since those childhood two. They seem like a lot of work and emotional investment.
  5. Welcome! There are spoilers everywhere so be careful. I am 3/4's of the way through A Clash of Kings and I stick to the non-ASOIAF forums for the most part. This is a very friendly and intelligent community here, I have learned. I've never seen the show. I love Dany's story in the first books, it's one of my favorite story lines. I think you'll continue to like her as her story progresses, too.
  6. In this book, it is pretty clear that all Westerossi, whether they be of the faith of 7, the God of Light, or the old gods, seem to have a strong fundamental aversion to incest, shouting "abomination! crime! shame!" But how did they feel about this practice amongst the Targaryans? Did everyone simply, tolerantly, say "Well, they have a different culture and religion (or lack thereof) and we respect that? I know people were anti-Targ but it seemed to be more based on a king-by-king basis than an opposition to Targaryans in general. Or, am I missing the part where people denounced the Targs as depraved for their practice? Do the cultures see the Targs as almost a different race of human due to their dragon magic - just as the children of the forest and the giants are different races?
  7. That was a lovely post you made in the Star Trek thread!

  8. Wowzers! I'm a dance enthusiast, too! I don't participate in nearly as many styles as you do, but I love to try anything and everything related to dance. I do not compete and I don't perform. It's a shame you don't continue to perform and teach! Maybe when the kids get older you will? My main love is classical ballet but I've taken a lot of modern, contemporary, and a scattering of jazz classes too. The occasional tap and hip hop. I just love ballet the most. Though I've never done pointe and probably never will becuase I have plenty of technique to work on without that added challenge. The expense of it, the necessary additional classes it would necessitate and the potential for pain and injury don't seem worth the investment although I would LOVE to try it just once! Do you attend a lot of performances? I don't attend as many as I probably should. For example, the Alvin Ailey troupe toured not that long ago and I regret not going when they were in town. There's a 3-day dance showcase coming up soon and I'm looking forward to it. It's a bunch of local companies plus a few visiting groups from out of state.
  9. Ha! This soul torturing is clearly a sweeping epidemic on a grand scale! Oh, whatyou say about Dany! I can't wait to find out why! No Spoilers! I just started a Clash of Kings! Welcome from one newcomer to another!
  10. I honestly can't recall much of the first movie but Legacy, on the other hand, was visually amazing. I think it would be difficult to choose a fave character now, what about you? I enjoy Tyrion's chapters for the clever dialogue, Daenerys's plot fascinates me, Arya is so extremelly endearing, and I enjoy the dynamics of all the characters at the Wall - their unique perspective of all events to the south. I'm most impressed with the complexity of each character - each person is treated with a certain pity for their faults. Although, I was so frustrated at times with Catelyn and with Ned! It's the same with choosing a favorite house. I would not enjoy any one of them as much if they didn't have the others to contrast with.
  11. Thanks, King Tyrion I! l'll check out the game. I've never skyped before. I'll have to warm up to that idea.
  12. Thanks for the advice and the welcome! I'll be careful of spoilers. It has been so difficult to avoid them. I can count about 5 big events that I haven't read in the books, but I'm almost positive I know about already. Such a let down. But what can I expect when I'm behind the trend! It's funny you mention dancing because I take a weekly dance class but somehow it's not conducive to friend-making for me, for some reason. I smile and make some small talk in there but, yeah. Anyway, thanks for the warm welcome!
  13. Hello everyone, I just joined. I am 28/yo female. My name and avatar are Tron-related but I'm not really sure why. I just kind of picked them and will likely change them in the future. (They are so unrelated to this whole Song of Ice and Fire world but, you know, I am in this forum so I obviously like that.) I'm a fan of sci-fi and fantasy movies and shows (Firefly, Eureka, X-Files, LOTR) though I have read very little sci-fi and even less fantasy. So I'm nerdy but not the sexy CosPlay kind of nerdy, just the kind that sits at home and reads and drinks tea alone like a hermit loser. I'm even too afraid to start going to the local game shop to join in the RPG club there even though I really want to. I was considering taking up a prison inmate penpal but that seems drastic and probably wouldn't turn out to be as devastatingly romantic as I imagine it would be. I have never seen the HBO show - Game of Thrones. I have only read A Game of Thrones and the very first part of A Clash of Kings. I have read all of the World of Ice and Fire. It had some spoilers. Lately I have been feeling really lonely and without friends to connect with. I have only lived in this city where I live now, for 2 and a half years, but I've never been a very outgoing person anyway. I barely had a social life before that. It's hard for me to make new friends and I think I have trouble maintaining relationships. I really just want people to talk to, a community to be part of. So here I am! Hello! I hope this hasn't been an overshare.
  14. There wasn't any character I didn't enjoy. But Dany's story by far hooked me deeper than any other character. Maybe it was her isolation from the other events which all else seemed so directly interconnected, but I just fell in love with her story and her progression, the way she started out so small, alone, and scared and then found inner strength. I was fascinated by her. I totally agree with people trashing on Sansa but I have to admit that her chapters sort of sparked in me my childish love of fantasy in all its indulgent silliness. Because through Sansa's eyes, at least in the early chapters, the world of Westeros truly did seem like a fairy tale with potential happy endings.