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  1. I don't know if we need a specific spoiler thread or what but go see it because its really cool. This time around it is less Thor and more Guardians of the Galaxy (give the people what they want) it actually has some very cool moments.
  2. Just another day at the Trump White house
  3. Why has no one posted this yet?
  4. God please. Just one marvel series where the hand is not the main villian.
  5. Trump also happened in Charleston. Same old story and in the end Trump Jr bailed and left the county with a 30 million dollar tab. Would be interesting to see how many times they have done something like this across the country.
  6. Did I die the day of the election and maybe I couldn't process it so I'm busy having the dying delusional fantasy of a Trump presidency? Every single day it just gets stranger. Maybe I just ahold of one of those Portal guns from Rick and Morty and didn't realize it. Will there ever come a point when Republicans will admit there is no difference between campaign Trump and President Trump? (I still have to check myself mentally when I write those words) But no among my family it is the same old story Dear Leader Trump wants to do glorious things for the country and its the dishonest media who isn't giving him a fair shake. I mean I say "dishonest" but apparently what this means in 2017 is "following someone around and reporting what he actually says"
  7. Ding Ding Ding!!!! They already have a built in audience.
  8. It is still defiantly worth a look.
  9. I have a policy now with movies I REALLY want to go see in the theater (which isn’t often anymore) until I see it complete internet blackout no Rotten Tomatoes or other bullshit. That way at least after I see a film I know how I feel about it and not how I am supposed to feel about it. I absolutely loved this film like I haven’t loved a film in many years. What I say is this all of those retrograde classics that were supposed to recapture the sprit of the original are more often then not a massive disappointment the Blade Runner 2049 is not and in 20 years it will be regarded as a classic there is just something about it that sets it apart from a lot of the other misfires. Given current trends we are probably never going to see anything like it again much more in the vein of Marvel and DC sometimes fun, sometimes clever but not a lot of depth. People say they want movies that are different then what they are currently offered give them something a little different and they don’t go to see them. This is simultaneously completely understandable and extremely tragic. I get it that people don't want to be challenged to think when they go to the movies but it would be nice if they did.
  10. Can we have a change of venue for once? Give New York a break from the latest world ending event.
  11. There really were great parts of series. The episode where they all stumbled into the Chinese restaurant was pitch perfect what has the potential to derail Netflix and its Marvel Series is really very simple for me does every single show have to revolve around The Hand, Black Sky and mystical junk? Its not that it isn’t good for what it is but it does get old after awhile.
  12. I always have this sinking feeling in my stomach. However crazy the news cycle is today it will just be more fuck nuts tomorrow.
  13. Anyone saying let them make their little speeches and go back to their little troll caves really needs to watch that Vice News thing. HOLY SHIT.
  14. I will give the Alt-right credit on this one point. They can at least recognize Trump's idiotic statement of "Racism is bad" as the pile of horseshit that it is. Why can't the rest of the news media?
  15. This is a serious question how do you respond to some idiot who says that Black Lives Matter is just as bad as the Alt Right. Black Lives Matter appears to be reacting to a genuine pattern of police brutality that has been affecting the African American communities for decades even centuries t The Neo Fascists on the Alt Right appear to be good old fashioned Xenophobic Nationalists who live in a fantasy land the prime one of which appears to be this idea that the "chosen race" is on the verge of being annihilated.