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  1. True but given the every election is the end of the world mantra and the polarization of American politics it was more or less inevitable.
  2. Even if Lamb does win wouldn't a recount be automatic?
  3. Its crazy that we are talking about my Grandmother's home county on the national news. I was up there is September of '16 and all I saw were Trump signs. That we are even talking about a face which should have been such an easy win for Republicans is mind boggling.
  4. In Trump's defense who knew diplomacy/leading a country was so hard...besides everyone.
  5. Or Granny's Peach Tea whichever comes first.
  6. Doug Jones made a perfectly prudent political move. The first Democrat from Alabama in 25 years can't do something this knee jerk liberal (which Jones isn't anyway) in the first week. Get Roy Moore to admit he lost first. Fantastic illustration of internet culture hero on Wednesday and worse then Hitler on Sunday.
  7. Everybody should find an old copy of the lando calrissian adventures and read them if possible. Just to experience how trippy and sureal the stories get. Eventually Star Wars films are going to become as common place and ordinary as Marvel films. You can't bemoan that and also complain about a drop in quality. And to be fair its not as if the original trilogy was immune to stuff that could irrationally annoy you and I'm not even talking about the Ewoks. I hadn't watched New Hope in years. The older I get the more I sympathize with Uncle Owen. Honestly forgot what a whiny brat Luke was in the original. No shithead you can go get those power converts when you finish your chores.
  8. It was very quick but two things. 1. He didn't touch the broom he just sort of willed it into his hand 2. He was telling the other kids the story of Skywalker's last stand. This crappy backwater planet probably doesn't have Wi-fi so he probably saw it all though a vision in the force even if he probably didn't realize what he was seeing.
  9. Thank goodness. From the title of the thread I thought you were going to talk to us all about God or something. Congratulations.
  10. When the Wookies come join the resistance they are not sending their best and their brightest hey're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists, and some, I assume, are good Wookies.”.
  11. This new stuff is certainly not without its flaws (the entire segment on the Casino planet could have been left out) but at least it felt like they were trying something newish and not just a direct shot for shot reboot of Episode 4. Its was also really interesting how the First Order could be fairly competent for Star Wars Villains you know until the plot dictated they be otherwise. My biggest concern is (and yes this is idiotic) what the heck happened to lando calrissian? Nien Nunb is still around It would be great if he could show up in some form for the next one it worked for Frank Oz.
  12. Holy fucking shit. (sorry been staring at the screen trying to come up with something more eloquent and just can't manage it) Thanks to the unsung heroes of the election 20,000 Republicans who actually had some integrity and "wrote in a candidate"
  13. As far as my feelings on the Trump Presidency go I think the Simpsosns said it best. Are we honestly living in a world where a qualified competent moderate Democrat is in a statistical dead heat with a pedophile? Where the President of the United States is honestly kicking around the idea of his own private network of spies? God. Life in Donald Trump's America may be horrifying but at least its never boring.
  14. The series is certainly not without its flaws but at least "The Hand" was not the villains.
  15. 7 pages and no one has bought up TWA flight 800? Well maybe its an old school one no one remembers. Its also shows the problem with conspiracy theories. As to weather or not the government bought the plan down by mistake in some kind of weapons test that went bad ordinary people will never know the answer to that question.