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  1. They may not be individual deities then, but if all the "spirits" of ALL LIVING AND DEAD are there, connected, then they surely are the closest thing to transcedental gods that westros has. In my own humble perspective Planetos thus is IN FACT an animistic, or rather pantheistic, world, and the OLD GODS are not JUST a bunch of creepy treeguys living with their minds trough weirnet. The reality of the Old Gods is shown in Varamyr chapter as an extension of all nature, including all, living and dead (body) things, including MINERALS. In my opinion it is made very clear that this is not just the northen men beliefs, this is the TRUE reality of Planetos, if all the living things have the same fate and are intrinsecly connected i would risk to say that is fucking DIVINE and TRANSCEDENTAL, this world soul, in real world is sometimes called anima mundi, and it that shares all the souls of the world, i read it in another fictional book, but the same ontological idea is still spreaded amongst some groups even in nowadays. In resume, if one man soul can be mixed with all the nature in the world, why couldnt it be concealed in an object? T least in part. Not that I believe this personally, but i think the idea cant be just risked out yet. To be true in my original post i did not even mentioned that his soul was somehow invlolved in the process or even that Aegon had one to start with, in fact i don't beleive in it at all. I just brought up the idea that his blood an/or ashes MAY have been absorved by the steel wich is completely different, and may be much more easily to prove. Like we both said, there is no further textual proof or hint of it, but there is not textual capital proof against it either, at least not any you presented so far. Again, this is just a seed of a theory that may or not be fed and grow further, an idea that passed by when readin that part. But as long as we don't have any precise answer we can just theorize using logic and the knowledge we already have about the matters. Maybe it would be a good opportunity to formulate a question about valyrians and blood magic on metalwork to be asked on So Spake Martin... And about the Valyrians being religious or not, does not matter to my theory at all, what matter is their beliefs in blood magic and specially in the power of valyrian blood, wich i assume you can't even try to argue against. Sorry if i seem to be harsh or rude at some point, but surely one can't figure out all by himself that's why i shared the idea here, specially to have counter arguments like yours Lord Varys. So have a good time figuring out uncle George mind everyone!
  2. Oathkeeper is dyed red, could it be King's Blood? maybe removed from Gendry? Just crackpotting a little here but we do know that Valyrians and Qohorik used blood magic and Maester Pol in AWOIAF mentions that the qohorik used it on reworking VS. So not too much away from logical, just a little unbeliveble.
  3. I don't recall knowing that Blackfyre was darkened before reading this, but I may just have forgotten that. Was that on TWOIAF? Anyways, from now on i think this could be very imortant to the main plot, since i believe Blackfyre could be or become Lightbringer itself (as easily as it could not). Or at least this funeral could indicate a very intresting fact about blood magic. I will explain why i think so... The fact that Blackfyre blade was darker after the funeral pyre may indicate an magical process of Blackfyre absorving Aegon's ashes and/or blood. (Even if such a process was unknown one by those who did the funeral) Of course this could all be nonsense and there are big and confusing holes in this theory since... And right after its said that: So how this thing may have worked???? If it's blade was darker, but the sword was not "damaged by the flames" so... As is seems to me, the dragonflame does not really burned the sword darker, since it was unharmed elsewise but for the blade, then Vaghar fires made the blade absorb Aegon's blood. Everything smells a lot like blood magic to me, and there is power in King's blood right? But, we do know that valyrian glyphs and metalwork with blood magic is nothing that comes without a price and without a lot of knowledge. So, was it just a coincidence or was Visenya really a "witch" and made this for some particular reason we don't know yet? This theory is just logical, but kind of weak in factual thinking, and it just points to lots more of unanswered questions, i know. Surely this could easily be a stillbirth theory. But i quite just liked this idea i had when reading this part and needed to share, so more people can add or destroy the theory.
  4. We all learn new shit everyday. It's a very good story though, i recommend to read it when you can. The pile of droppings moment is one of the best. If i am not wrong it is said somewhere else that the Dragon pit smelled to dragon shit, it could be only in my imagination tough. The dragon shit matter is settled then, at least we can rest easy now.
  5. Not saying you are wrong, you may as well be right, but is there any example that proofs for sure that a legitimised bastard comes after a woman, or even younger brothers in the sucession line? And even if we had some cases of it, these bastard legitimizations and women inhereting cases are always out of place, like, some king just decided to do it because he wanted or needed. So they shitted to any the traditional rules of bastardly and great conseul decisions, and often these actions started sucession wars, like the dance of dragons and the Blackfyre rebellion as major examples. And shit, in westros they even consider Maegor a true King for fuck's sake! He had the same right as his father on the lands, yeah, the right of conquest, he was stronger than Aenys, as Valyrians with dragons was stronger than Andals and First Men, and we don't even know the inheritance rules of old Valyria, but shit he just took the crown while his nephew was still alive, how come that he was a true king then? So here is what i think, it can be wrong though: Cat feared that Jon would be a traitor (because most bastards are deemed as traitors in westros culture) and try to start a new inheritance line by eliminating everyone before him in line even without being legitimised.
  6. In the main story it is Euron Greyjoy he is the darkest meanest warlock motherfucker in the whole world he is some classical type of villain. One other badass grumpy asshole that i enjoyed much reading about was One-Eyed Aemond Targeryen, from the war called dance of dragons, but he is not that bad compared to others, he is very hateable though.
  7. What? No nothing to do about him being dragonbane that would be silly. I meant because of his mother. Maybe too much of a dark humor, now i am too ashamed of myself to explain better, sorry.
  8. Aegon III disaproves this thread.
  9. The mask is typical form shadowbinders from Asshai. Quaithe probbably is one, just as Melisandre,
  10. Metal contra as nuvens (Metal against the clouds*) By Legião Urbana (Urban Legion*) I am slave to no one, neither lord of my domain. I know what I must defend, and for valor I have and fear that now it undoes it. We traveled seven leagues, between abysses and forests; By god, I never saw me so alone; And the faith itself is what destroys; These are disloyal days. I am metal, lightning, bolt and thunder. I am metal, I am the eye in your coat of arms. I am metal, the wise breath of the dragon. I recognize my grief, when all is betrayal, what I come to meet, is the virtue in other hands. My land, is the land that is mine, it always be my land, have the moon, have stars, it always will. I almost believed in your promise, and what I see is hunger and destruction. I lost my seal and my sword; I lost my castle and my princess. I almost believed, almost believed; And for honor if there is truth: There are the fools and there is the thieve; And there are those who feed from what is plunder. But I will keep my treasure, in case you are lying. Look the breath of the dragon; Look the breath of the dragon; Look the breath of the dragon; Look the breath of the dragon! Is the truth that haunts; The neglect that condemns; The stupidity that destroy; I see all that is gone, and what exists no more; I have my senses already numbed; The body want, the soul understand; This is the nobody’s land; I know that I must resist; I want the sword in my hands. I am metal, lightning, bolt and thunder; I am metal, I am the eye in your coat of arms; I am metal, the wise breath of the dragon. I don’t give up without fighting, still I have heart; I didn’t learned to surrender; So fall to the enemy then. Everything passes, Everything shall pass on Everything passes, Everything shall pass on Everything passes, Everything shall pass on And our story, won’t be, inward like this, without a happy ending; We will have pretty things to tell. Huumm… And until then, let’s live, we have much still to do; Don’t look back, we have just started; The world starts now; We had just begun. *My personal translation from portuguese, as well as the whole lyrics.
  11. Now I am not saying that Brandon said the thing or not, it is questionable, not an absolutely truth. But i think probbably true, giving Brandon previous acts, like the tourney at Harenhall where he had to be restrained so not to confront Prince Rhaegar for giving the crown of beauty to Lyanna wich seems a shitty thing, compared to the moment when he is sure that she was kidnapped by the same prince. But to compare any possible law of threat/agression against royal blooded when apllied by the Mad King to the same (or even another) law, when being apllied by Baelor Breakspear (wich was a decent guy and not a totally paranoid) wich should be able to see that Dunk was not a bad person, deserving to be maimed. It is quite unfair to compare one happening to another.
  12. Surely Dunk proposed it ha!
  13. SO SPAKE MARTIN: FEBRUARY 04, 2012 ON ETHNICITIES [NOTE: From this reply by GRRM at "Not a Blog".] The Dothraki were actually fashioned as an amalgam of a number of steppe and plains cultures... Mongols and Huns, certainly, but also Alans, Sioux, Cheyenne, and various other Amerindian tribes... seasoned with a dash of pure fantasy. So any resemblance to Arabs or Turks is coincidental. Well, except to the extent that the Turks were also originally horsemen of the steppes, not unlike the Alans, Huns, and the rest. There do exist many other cultures and civilizations in my world, to be sure. The peoples of Yi Ti have been mentioned, as have the Jogos Nhai. I am not sure to what extent those peoples will ever enter this present story, however... their lands are very far away. (I also have peoples and tribes that are pure fantasy constructs, like the Qartheen and the brindled men of Sothoryos). In general, though, while I do draw inspiration from history, I try to avoid direct one-for-one transplants, whether of individuals or of entire cultures. Just as it not correct to say that Robert was Henry VIII or Edward IV, it would not be correct to say that the Dothraki are Mongols. IMNSHO, anyway.
  14. Yeah. but unfortunately we can't be sure yet, so we can just speculate.
  15. I think you got it all wrong my friend. The right question is not "whorty of whom?" but "whorty of what?"... And the answer is in the context of the sentence, you even posted the whole context. I think we can clearly state that "worthy of him" is reference to being worthy of inheriting the Iron Throne. Euron thinks he need to do a heir with Dany to ensure the IT remains at his house dominion (after he conquer it), and to ensure that his (Euron) heir is worthy of sitting in the IT. So, in my humble opinion, there is no bad grammar and it's clear that it is no reference to any misterious thing/entity/person. Edit: Oh i got it now, you meant he should have said "whorthy of it", instead of "whorthy of him" if he was refearing to the Iron Throne. Sorry, i am not a natural english speaker and in my language is more common to say him when refearing to a thing. Now i understand your point. : D