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  1. I was thinking about this today and just realized Littlefinger was trying to turn Sansa and Arya against each other like he turned Lysa against Cat. As for LF's motives for marrying Sansa to Ramsay, the only reason I could see is he wanted to ensure Stannis would lose the battle. Marrying Sansa to the Boltons ensures the North won't help Stannis and he will be defeated leaving LF able to come in with the Vale army and destroy the Boltons himself, saving Sansa, becoming a hero that saved the North, marrying Sansa and then consolidating his forces to take Kings Landing eventually and crown himself king with Sansa at his side. Of course it didn't turn out that way. As for why Royce didn't question Sansa's complicity in covering up the truth of Lysa's death, remember back in season 6, Royce has figured out that Littlefinger sold Sansa to the Boltons and condemned him for it until LF intimidated him through Robin and Royce complied with his plan too for fear of being sentenced to death by Lord Robin. He himself was also a victim of LF's schemes so he can't really talk for complicity.
  2. When you are about to be doused in melted gold you will desperately try ANYTHING to get out of it, regardless of logic or reason.
  3. We all know Ned was infamous to show mercy to prisoners of war, especially those of noble birth like Selmy and Theon and he was kind to commoners but he was also absolutely ruthless when it came to law breakers, even non-violent offenders like night watch deserters. He wanted Jorah executed too for selling people into slavery. Which makes me wonder how Ned would have handled the Davos situation. Ned lifted the Tyrell siege of Storm's End but it was Davos who smuggled food in before and kept them from starving. Would Ned have done what Stannis did and just cleave the tops of Davos's fingers but still knight him and honor him? Or would he have simply executed him for being a smugger and in his eyes a thief and lawbreaker?
  4. If I were a precognitive Ned before the WOT5K, I would marry Sansa to Loras Tyrell securing the Reach, marry Arya to Prince Tristayne of Dorne, marry Robb to Asha (or Yara in show) securing the Iron Islands and then I would count on the Riverlands being loyal because of Cat and the Vale being loyal because of Lysa. I would also expect the Stormlands to be on my side since Robert would still be alive. So you'd have all the might of the six kingdoms plus the King's backing against the Lannisters and the Westerlands.
  5. Assuming Bran's mission that the Three Eyed Raven was training him to fulfill is to help stop the white walkers, what significance does learning Jon Snow's true parentage have on it? It seems only a matter of importance to us, the audience, not the world of Westeros. So Jon is a does that help stop white walkers? Does Jon have special magic due to his Targaryen blood that will enable him to battle white walkers?
  6. She explains it later on in season 2 that she had a dream that she stepped into the fire. "I'm no ordinary woman! My dreams come true!" Also throughout season 1 she is constantly testing her resistance to fire. She is able to enter a scathingly hot bath, able to touch the dragon eggs when they have been on a fire while her handmaidens burns herself, etc.
  7. Ok, in this episode Varys finally speaks to Ned one on one, claiming that he needed a month of spying on him to determine he was trustworthy enough. He now thinks Ned is a man of honor like himself. Ok then he proceeds to tell him that the King is a fool and is in danger of being poisoned by the tears of Lys like Jon Arryan was unless Ned saves him. I understand that Varys is trying to get Ned to consider Littlefinger may be behind it. ("There was one boy, everything he was he owed to Jon Arryan") Of course Ned thinks Varys is talking about the squire Ser Hugh but we all know that as is actually the case, he's talking about Littlefinger. So is Varys trying to subtly get Ned to not think the Lannisters were behind this and to instead suspect Littlefinger but Ned is already so swayed by Littlefinger's manipulation that the Lannisters were behind Arryan's murder and the squire was simply paid off by them. When Ned proves to be convinced by Littlefinger's version of events, Varys doesn't press the point. Next scene, Varys is speaking secretly with Illryio and seems resigned to the fact that the Starks and Lannisters will soon be at war and it's why he comes up with the idea to tell Robert and attempt to assassinate Dany which would motivate Drogo to immediately invade Westeros while the Starks and Lannisters are at war. Am I getting this right? If so, where does Robert being killed in the same way enter into this equation? Why does Varys also warn Ned that Robert is in danger? Is it because Vays wants Robert to be killed by the Dothraki and not Littlefinger? This is giving me migraines! lol
  8. Ok, at the end of the episode, Jaime confronts Ned with a squad of Lannister solders demanding to know what happened to his brother. When Ned tells him Cat took him on his orders, Jaime orders his men to kill Ned's guards but take Ned alive. Ned refuses to be taken quietly, so Jaime fights him in a duel until one of Jaime's guards stabs Ned through the leg from behind taking him out of commission. Jaime then leaves him there. Why didn't he take Ned as hostage?
  9. I don't think they are protecting his body persay....Davos and company saw the body bleeding out and what are you gonna do? Just leave it there? They brought it inside and put him up on a table to inspect the body and then they happened to have to barricade themselves in said room to hide from the rest of the Thorne controlled Night's Watch and Jon's body just happened to be there....