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  1. This is EPIC... The real chess stopped in Season 5. Now the chess pieces move how the "majority" of dumb fans want them to move.
  2. The hate is probably because he lived so long and because he fights for the "wrong" side and never loses. Though GoT stayed far away from the good guy always wins....
  3. If it is pointless... YES.. A whore showing her boobs, or any character in a private room showing her boobs is justified. Boobs just for the sake of saying the "bad pussy" dialogue is pathetic. (They were nice btw)
  4. Have you talked to the "simple" people who watch the show? They hate any character development. They continuously whine when episodes lack action and how they slept through it They like bewbs, They still don't know the name of all the characters (except a blonde wonan they refer to as Khaleesi. She is Daenerys dammit !!) They will be more happy to see hardcore action and dragons any day over common sense. They dont care if a dragon travels the world in a day or the pathetic dialogue or the lack of continuity. BAM BAM.. action..bewbs.. more action. I assume that that comprises of around 6 million people. Starting from 2 million book fans from season 1, to 10 million in season 7. I assume that the show probably brought in 2 million more true fans. The channel cares about this 6 million. They generate adv revenue.
  5. They could have split journeys into two episodes. It tricks people. This seems comical. From some spoilers or (predictions) I hear, we will literally have a phone call next episode. Person A teleports 100 miles, makes a "phone call" and person B a thousand miles away acknowledges it and they both meet up in 30 min. It is too damn stupid. You CAN'T show two scenes one after another and expect viewers to believe it was weeks apart. !!! It was due to very bad planning and story telling. Much could have happened way back from Season 5 to prevent this massive time jumps.
  6. This is what fucking happens when you decide to shit around for two episodes trying to show us the "details" of sam and his shit cleaning. Everything is so rushed now. Too rushed... Very disappointed with this episode. Great.. Jon petted a dragon.. So did tyrion. Nothing special. Kings landing in and out in a minute, traveling all the way to eastwatch.. in a minute. Jamie conveniently escaping, Cercei as an omnipotent know it all... FUCK.. Nothing of this rushing on with the story would have happened if they had decided the pace much much earlier. Now it means episodes 1 and 2 were ACTUALLY meaningless.
  7. And go back to KL and inform the success of one scorpion. When she arrives, they will be ready with 100 scorpions. Dragons will be gone then. If I was Dany, I would try my best to make sure I kill each and every one of them. Unless they "bend the knee" of course.
  8. Is Beric a ressurected Targeryan ?
  9. Show Daenerys IS fireproof. Period. They can make ressurected Jon as fireproof. Its convenient now. Since he was ressurected by the lord of light (fire) But again, that Can never prove Jon as a Targeryan was fireproof since he was burnt.Only undead Jon can be. Also in such an inconsistent show they might just present Jon as always a fireproof Targeryan
  10. 1. Dany fought the lannisters and scored her first victory 2. The only thing she wants now is the throne. Logically, she should be planning on her next attack to move closer to her goal... Am I right? But fuck no.. they show Jon explaining his white walker status in her small council.. WTF? Why would she care until she has the throne? Would you easily give up on your goals you worked so hard on to reach this far and just walk away??? Im hearing so many "confirmed" predictions (pfft. Ya right)! of what happens in the upcoming episodes. I hope the show proves them wrong and has some standard.
  11. Why isnt Jamie dead already... God... The guy has been pissing me off since Season 1
  12. Apparently even a dragon can't handle Jamie and Bronn's plot armour
  13. When did they say gold reached KL before the army? Damnn I guess I was not listening properly. Yes.. I agree with you. They cant even kill Bronn.. fuckin Bronn. Dani had to have even a fucking Dragon hurt but NO nothing must happen to the important characters on the Lannister side
  14. The last we saw, Jamie Lannister falls DEEP into a water body with heavy metal armour. The heat from the dragon flame must have been so intense just before the fall and could have burnt him badly. Is there anyway at all he can survive now? Not to mention there is no ally to pull them both out, and there is a dragon waiting for them if they plan on getting out.