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  1. Possible claimants in the North could be - The Umbers - Greatjon's (great?)-grandmother was a Stark - I believe there is a certain connection with the Glovers, like a generation or two behind Greatjon's greatgrandmother - House Cerwyn, through Aregelle Stark - Karstarks are the closest thing to the Starks in the North, concerning the name, the traditions, and respect, however there was no blood connections in the last ten generations between them (Karstark women married to the Starks, but no vice versa) Of the southron houses, there are the Waynwoods, Templetons and Corbrays, all descendants of Joselyn Stark, through House Royce There is also House Rogers, descendants of Brenda Stark Hypothetically speaking, the southron houses, although only in female line, would have the best claim to the North, but they would never be accepted by the Northerners as their overlords. Most likely it would be one of the Northern houses, probably Karstarks (if for example Harry lives and takes the Stark name) However, there might be also some distant Stark cousins, scattered trough the North, who are still wearing the Stark name, and could inherit the North if all of the main branch dies out. They just weren't mentioned because they hold no plot importance at this date. For example, in AWOIAF, there are the two Stark brothers, children of Artos Stark and Lysara Karstark, who are said to have their own descendents.
  2. Well, I'd be happy if Winds release until the end of 2016. I don't really care about the show anymore, so, yeah.
  3. I would basically try to reward all those who were loyal and helpful with the power and lands of my enemies. House Darry restored to Darry lands, bastard cousin legitimized and proclaimed lord, granting him High Lordship of the Bay of Claws, and some extra wealth and land on the Trident. If none other available candidate, I would make them Lord Paramounts of the Riverlands. If alive and proven loyal, Edmure Tully would be granted Riverrun back, and LP of the Riverlands. If Golden Company backed me in the war, I would try and restore most of their lands and titles. Exiled Peakes would be granted lands of Starpike and loyalty of surrounding lords, if possible both Dunstonbury and Highgarden (if Tyrells fought against me, I would probably go for Ser Laswell Peake as the new LP of the Reach, and his two brothers as lords of Starpike and Dunstonbury, respectively) Exiled Stricklands given back Tumbleton and their former wealth and power Cider Hall to Frenklyn Flowers. Exiled Strongs, Mudds, Lothstons whose heritage can be proven would also be granted their lands back, etc. Plus, there would be a lot of land to grant, just look at Riverlands and Stormlands. Anyone else who supported me in Westeros should be rewarded for their loyalty, too. Alliser Thorne can stay where he is, aye he was maybe loyal twenty-something years ago, but he fought as a mere knight, among many others, in the defense of Kings Landing.
  4. Aside from being a bit crueler, and riding the most badass dragon out there, having the most badass sword and badass dad, he's Henry VIII of Westeros. So yes, definitely an interesting character.
  5. I was just about to quote this. One of my favorite lines evah.
  6. They live on a rocky island, isolated, in the far north, with small amounts of food, and harshest winters. I don't think they can provide more than 800-1,000 fighting men. I agree with you, but I would rather say they are an islander version of mountain clans. Maybe once they were naval-focused, but if I remember correctly, the last time they rebelled, Winterfell burnt their ships and forbade them to construct any serious naval force ever again.
  7. Spikes. Heads. Walls.
  8. yeah, you tell him olly! one of the shitest episodes ever. 1
  9. A 7. - North Was that fake drama in front of the gates of Castle Black really needed? And Olly again? And Ramsay special commando unit burning down half of Stannis's camp without even being seen? I was really close giving this episode 1/10 just because of this. However Wun Wun was awesome. Shireen burning was heartbreaking but expected. - Dorne Awful as always. However, Doran was good. - Meeren All in all, it was good. For an HBO CGI, it was good. Drogon and Dany moment was emotional. However that Jorah sniper accuracy with a spear was too much. And I'm not comparing show to the books anymore, the stories split their courses so much that there's no point doing that anymore.
  10. Finally something worth watching from this season. A solid 9.