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  1. I like the idea that Sansa kills LF in the Vale and comes into her own there. I do not think she will stay there. There are too many connections to the North in her story. Her story is a Northern one, and I think she will go there, whether that is to take power in her own right, or to help her half-brother with the Others' or something else, I don't know, but she's going. I'd bet on that much. My biggest problem with this is with the Mad Mouse. If the Mad Mouse does take Sansa, I don't see a simple round-trip to KL. That wold be anti-climactic and ultimately pointless. I would expect either Sansa to attempt escape or to turn Shadrich to her side. Or, if they do reach KL, imprisonment by either Cersei or the Tyrells. Tbh, though,I think Shadrich is a red herring. Also, while I do expect something to happen at the tourney, I think Harry survives. There is too much story potential there, although I doubt she will marry him (or anybody else, for now.)
  2. GRRM likes to create as much pain and chaos for his characters as possible. I therefore have serious doubts that Stannis will consider the Manderlys as his allies. More likely, he will regard them as enemies, and attack first, ask questions later. As for Davos and Rickon, they aren't showing up any time soon. Personally, I am of the belief that Davos ends up at Hardhome, and goes North from there. I believe that Stannis is one of the lies that Daenerys must slay. While I don't think she necessarily has to kill him in person, I do think he will still be around when she arrives. That means that the battle with the Boltons will end up as, at worst, a stalemate. Neither side can withstand a siege. Bolton has too many men inside the castle, and not enough supplies. Stannis simply doesn't have enough of anything. One possibility would be for the Boltons to lay waste to Winterfell (again) and make a run for the Dreadfort. If they can make it to the Dreadfort, they will likely be secure for awhile. I discount any suggestion of Stannis being able to use his own troops disguised as Karstarks or some other such ruse. The Boltons are familiar with such tactics and would be on the lookout for them. Ultimately, I expect the possibility of a stalemate, with the Others' attack coming at a really bad time for everybody.
  3. Jaqen is a member of a religious cult devoted to death; specifically, bringing it about for specific, named individuals. That such a person would have peculiar ideas about death and its prevention is not unreasonable. And, remember, his death, and that of the other two men, was inevitable absent Arya's intervention. An alternate explanation is that he feels that he has a karmic obligation to Arya for saving his and the others' lives. In any case, I think his reaction to her naming "Jaqen" as the third victim shows that it wasn't a ruse, but real on his part. He seemed to be genuinely afraid that if something went wrong he would have to kill himself. I have doubts that he was trying to recruit her. For one thing, a better test would involve seeing if she was willing to actually kill people. Anybody can ask for someone else to die. Very few can do the deed themselves, especially children. Another reason is that he had no real reason to actually expect her to show up. At the time he gave her the coin, there was every expectation that she would join her family at Riverrun. Robb was winning, and he still had the Freys on his side. So her arrival in Braavos would have been regarded as very unlikely, absent some sort of calamity to her family (which actually happened). Of course, he knew who she was by this point, so if she did arrive, the FM would have their hands on a malleable scion of a great Westeros family. Very nice to have. Probably because they are not actually the same person. That line is only in the show, not the books. I do agree with you, though, that his actions and statements are inconsistent with his being a Faceless Man.
  4. Sansa is in the Vale only because Littlefinger took her there, and she has no way to leave. She has no real ties to the Vale, nor any reason to remain once she has the ability to leave. I expect that she will spend some time learning techniques of influence and manipulation from Littlefinger, and use those to advance her own interest, which are, I think, based in the North. Given the amount of imagery of Winterfell, wolves, and the like, plus the fact that the story as a whole seems to be headed North, I would anticipate she will head there. I also expect the Others to attack the North before long, so Sansa's role could be to obtain help for the North in the form of troops and food. I don't see her going to KL,, unless the Mad Mouse takes her, which is possible but unlikely. There is nothing for her there but trouble, and even if Aegon takes over, I don't see what he can really offer her as her only interest in the IT is to stay as far away as possible. The Riverlands are also unlikely. They are in a state of war, and there is nobody there that she knows. LF also has no interest in the area. Lord of Harrenhal is a nice title; he sure as hell doesn't want the responsibility of actually occupying it, though. I do not believe that she will marry Harry, or anybody else. She has no interest at this time in marrying anybody, and a well-founded suspicion that any interest in her would be for her claim on Winterfell. As for Harry, she will flirt with him on Littlefinger's orders, but not any further. Harry seems more Robert than Joffrey, so he would be happy to take her maidenhead if she gives it (which I doubt) but won't do so by force. At some point she will come to the conclusion that LF really is a bad guy and/or will come into conflict with him on his current actions, and will take him out of the game, likely by killing him. This will be made easier by Littlefinger's underestimation of her abilities and his inability to recognize that she actually cares about other people. While the is a litany of sins that can be laid at the feet of Littlefinger, this is actually not one of them. Winterfell's destruction is the responsibility of Theon and Ramsay. While LF did do his part in getting the war going, and much else, the destruction of WF was an unintended and unexpected collateral consequence of that war.
  5. I am on board with this. What we have is very fragmentary and is too little to really form any sort of informed opinion. GRRM has also said that what happened between Lyanna and rhaegar will remain somewhat of a mystery, in that we will get multiple and somewhat contradictory accounts, and will have to make up our minds as to what really happened. There are several individuals who are or may be still alive who could potentially shed light on the situation: Howland Reed (obviously), Benjen Stark, Ashara Dayne, Richard Lonmouth, and Wylla the wet nurse come to mind. For myself, I am inclined to think that Rhaegar was influenced by prophecy simply because the other alternatives make even less sense. He is smart enough to know that running off with the daughter of a high-level lord is going to cause serious problems, so he would have to have (at lest in his own mind) a damn good reason. Helping Lyanna elope doesn't qualify. As for Lyanna, her main objection to Robert was that he would cheat on her. Going off with a married man hardly makes sense in that light. Hopefully, we will get more information in the future, and can at least make more informed guesses.
  6. He uses traditional informants, even in KL. Dontos told Sansa that he sells Varys what he overheard as a fool, and suspects that Moon Boy has been doing so for years. He knows that Rhaegar made off with Lyanna, that she was under his control for about a year, and that she died near the end of the war. And he knows that Ned showed up with a convenient bastard son of just the right age to be Rhaegar and Lyanna's. This is all stuff that is pretty much common knowledge. A smart and suspicious man like Varys could figure out the possibility of a fake history for the baby. But he can only speculate, as there is no real evidence, much less proof. And with Ned's demonstrated lack of interest in politics, there is no real risk of Jon being used as a figurehead by Targaryen loyalists, which would be his main concern..
  7. I think Varys suspects R+L=J. but has no proof, and Ned isn't giving him anything to work with. Ned also isn't giving him anything to worry about either. I expect Varys has informers at all the major castles, so would be able to keep track of Ned and Jon. Of course, nobody else has any proof, either. Without proof, even if Howland Reed tells Jon, or anyone else about it, it will be hard for Jon, or anyone else, to do anything about it.
  8. I count a supervillain as someone who has a malign effect outside his own vicinity. Joffrey, Gregor, and ramsay are all really nasty, but if you're not next to them, you are probably safe. Euron is seriously bad news, as is Cersei. Together, they could potentially cause a great deal of damage. Littlefinger also probably qualifies, depending on what he has done/will do. And I wouldn't be surprised if Varys is one as well.
  9. For the battle at the Crofter's Village, it will probably be told from Asha's POV. Most likely, she will be with Stannis and will be privy to whatever information he receives during it. Assuming they win (or at least don't lose). I expect a move on Winterfell, which would also most likely be covered by Asha. If necessary, GRRM will arrange things so that she can know what is happening. As for inside Winterfell, I don't think we will get a POV, nor do we really need one. At this point, the important players are Roose and Ramsay, who aren't getting POVs, and the Northern lords, who may be conspiring with each other. In any event, both sides will be keeping their activities a secret, and GRRM probably wants to keep the whole thing under wraps until it sorts itself out, so any POV would probably either give away too much, or be essentially pointless. Stannis is really the important player here, along with Asha and Theon, so telling it all from outside Winterfell makes sense. A note on timing: Jon's stabbing clearly comes some time after the Theon preview chapter. In fact I anticipate that Ruses like false flags and Trojan Horses are like mother's milk to the likes of Roose and Ramsay. I can't imagine that they would fall for anything like that. With respect to another possible theory, I also doubt that there is a secret way into Winterfell, or it would have been used before now, either by Theon when he took it, or against him afterwards.
  10. In order to finish in two books, there are two events that need to happen by the middle of TWOW, or the 2/3 mark at the latest: the Wall comes down, or at least is under serious attack; and Dany arrives in Westeros, or Western Essos (Pentos, Braavos, etc.). If this happens, it is possible to wrap things up in 2 books. Otherwise,I have doubts. Martin really needs to distill the story to its essentials, and concentrate on the principal characters (Starks, Lannisters, Dany, and Stannis). Other stories need to be consolidated, wrapped up, or discarded. This means Ironborn, Dorne, FM, Slavers Bay, BwB, and the like will either have to join other plots or get wound up. I expect the Ironborn and Dorn to get consolidated with other stories, and the others to be left behind (and good riddance). If he can get back to the essentials, it is possible. That may be easier said that done,however, and may be what is taking so long (deciding which of his children to kill off, so to say).
  11. Probably because Cersei was in a snit about Jaime and didn't want to give him the title. By this point, they really aren't getting along well. I think Cersei is effectively in charge of House Lannister, as well. I know she appointed Damion Lannister as castellan of Casterly Rock.
  12. I've seen the term "fortnight" used, which refers to two weeks in the real world, probably here either the same or half of a month. Timing in this series is notoriously vague. It is essentially impossible to make any kind of a precise, accurate timeline of events. If it's accurate, it won't be precise, and if precise, accuracy will be quite doubtful. Some things are impossible to nail down within less than a month or so.
  13. He may not be having affairs right now, but I doubt that he will have one with Arya, either. There is a 5 year age difference, plus significant class differences. Arya may not care, but Gendry does. I really don't see this pairing as being all that compatible. Possible pairings that I can see becoming romances: Arya: Edric Dayne, Podrick Payne, Tyrek Lannister. All are early teens, roughly Arya's age. She has met Edric, and seemed to get along withhim quite well. Had they been together longer, I could easily see something having developed. They could easily meet again. Podrick is someone she would regard as "safe". Hell, she probably coud dominate him. And he's with Brienne, who is interested in finding and helping Arya. Tyrek may be hiding in Braavos. If so, they could meet, with meither kowing who the other really is. Fro the record, I do not believe that Arya will ever become a trained assassin. But that's OT. Jon: Meera Reed, Wylla Manderly. Val and Daenerys are already mentioned. Meera and Wylla are very Arya-esque, which appeals to Jon. Both are in the North. Meera is with Bran, Jon's "brother", so a meeting is a definite possibility. Wylla is a noted stark supporter. If he becomes politically involved, either as King in the North, or leader against the Others, she could come into play. Brienne: Ser Hyle Hunt. Stop. Laughing. I admit it's a stretch, but he is one of the few men around who actually respects her ability and choice of profession. I can't think of anybody for Sansa. I don't see her actually doing anything with Harrold Hardyng. She is only with him on orders, and I don't see it advancing. I don't think she likes him all that much. I don't see Aegon as a possibility either. I actually think she will keep Tyrion as a paper shield initially, and possibly join him in a political partnership later on. Probably no real attraction, though. . That's all for now.
  14. On that we can agree! Although I doubt it will be helping Daenerys in Essos. Otherwise I fear that our views of Arya's story are so different as to be essentially incompatible. And since we have gone way OT I will call it a day and retire from the field.
  15. Getting back to the OP: The reason we don't see more happy, loving couples (and families) is that they aren't usually the subject of stories, unless it is to break them up, as with the Starks. I am sure that there are plenty of happy couples and familis (or would be, if it were a real place), they just aren't who the story is about. I would say that Ned and Catelyn were a happy couple, as were Tywin and Joanna. Roslin seems to love Edmure, so that pairing has some hope for it. I also think Jeyne Westerling and Robb were genuinely in love as well, and Jeyne still is. I would like to see Sansa and Arya fall in love, although I really don't see Sandor or Gendry, respectively, as good partners for them.