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  1. Several hundred? A few dozen, maybe. The Eyrie had a skeleton crew, so he's not getting a whole lot from there. Nestor is happy to give political cover, but I don't know how far he is willing to put his neck out against his neighbors. I think hostages would be a last gasp by Littlefinger, certainly not something he would do unless his back was to the wall. Sansa's response would be interesting, to say the least.
  2. And I doubt that they would be willing to allow their use to hold hostages. Assuming, of course, that the hostages aren't their kids in the first place. On the other hand, I do see Sansa getting angry at Littlefinger. He's given her plenty of reasons, once she discovers them. Plus possibly more to come (plotting deaths of Sweetrobin and Harry, for instance). It is also worthwhile noting that the tournament will expose Sansa to widespread public view, and possible recognition. How she handles this, if it happens, could be interesting.
  3. I think she may have remained at Harrenhal after the tournament. She has often been described as a bit wild, and was set to be married to a prominent southern lord, so her father may have felt the need to give her some seasoning and rub off some of the rough edges before her marriage (somewhat similar to Ned and Catelyn's plans for Arya in KL). Since the Whent's had connections to Brandon's bride, staying with them would make sense. Also, while the date for Brandon's wedding hadn' been set, it was obviously going to be relatively soon, so staying at Harrenhal would save her a round-trip to Winterfell. If this is the case, then she was most likely on her way to the marriage when she was intercepted by Rhaegar. She would have most likely had a small escort, sufficient for scaring off local troublemakers, but not up to the task of defending against Rhaegar and his friends. Whether this was by pre-arrangement is still to be determined. Rhaegar could have discovered her travel plans on his own.
  4. I think that the Vale is primarily important because it is the current location of one of the main characters (Sansa). Its role will be to showcase Sansa's transition from a pawn into a player. Myranda Royce certainly knows who Sansa is, and I expect that her father Nestor does too. I wouldn't be surprised if Yohn Royce knows, as well as Lady Waynwood (Harry's guardian). Sansa's first test will be to realize this and to get them on her side. Sansa is not going to marry Harry the Heir. She may string things along to please Littefinger, but won't do anything she cannot get out of. She has no interest in marriage at this time, and can probably use her marriage to Tyrion to avoid it for the time being. Littlefinger hold hostages? Him and what army? He barely has a household guard. If he is having to hire the likes of the Mad Mouse, I seriously doubt that he has the manpower to hold on to well-connected hostages. Sansa has yet to deliberately hurt another human being. I can see absolutely no reason for her to deliberately kill an 8 year old who she likes and is a relative. I do expect her to come to the realization that somebody needs to be killed - but that someone is Littlefinger.
  5. Prior to his trip to make Ned his hand, I don't think he had ever visited the North. He certainly seemed surprised at its size and weather. His courtship of Lyanna was arranged, and probably mostly took place long-distance, through Ned. While it is possible he could have fathered someone at Winterfell during his visist, I kind of doubt it. In any case, they probably would have died when Ramsay sacked the place.
  6. After dragging her around for the last ten years on the off chance that he might be able to do so? I think not.
  7. Syrio is Jaqen H'ghar Shadrich "the Mad Mouse" and his two buddies are really Howland Reed, the Elder Brother,and Sandor Clegane(!!), who is under glamour. Any theory involving Dany being substituted for the real thing. None of them work Joffrey wasn't the target of the purple wedding, and the poison was in the pie. Mance is Rhaegar Mance hired the catspaw. (TWOW spoiler)
  8. Littlefinger has no interest in sitting the Iron Throne. He is interested in power, yes, but not the responsibility that goes with it. He is amassing wealth and information so he can be the guy whispering in the ear of whoever is on the Iron Throne. Unfortunately for Littlefinger, he has a protege who is learning his skills, but doesn't have his attitude towards other people (i.e., he doesn't care who gets hurt, she does). When she discovers his plans and already existing skeletons in his closet, he's doomed.
  9. As @OtherFromAnotherMother said, you missed the point entirely. If it were important to the story, George would have had somebody say something about it. And it doesn't have to be a POV. Robert, Cersei, Barristan, and Jory were all present, and some of them are fairly bright, and would have security on their mind.. If it mattered, one of them would have said something. It doesn't really matter whether you think it is unusual. It only matters whether the author thinks it is unusual. And it is apparent that he doesn't think it is.
  10. His biggest mistake was trusting Littlefinger and failing to realize that LF was using him to cause trouble with the Lannisters through the discovery of the incest. His biggest single error was refusing Renly's offer of assistance after Robert's mortal injury. He knew Cersei would make a move, and, with Robert gone, he had no backup. Losing part of his guard to Donadarrion didn't help, but he was undermanned from the start, and knew it. As for losing some to the Gold Cloaks, that was temporary for the tournament.
  11. "What were those kids doing riding around the countryside without any escort at all? Somebody could have harmed them. Who authorized this, anyway?" Said by - um, nobody at all. Because that's not an issue. Not then, not since, not ever. If George were going to have this matter, he would have given us some sort of indication from other characters that they shouldn't have been out there. He's actually pretty good about that sort of thing. So I think that what we saw is all there is to see.
  12. I'm sure that she would be happy to spend however long it takes to get caught up. And Renly is probably the sort of person who would know the sorts of things she's is interested in (births, deaths, marriages, romances, arguments, etc.). Besides, it's who they sent. Robert's tail is probably there more as a "trapping of power" - as Melisandre put ii - than a real need for security. The Hound as well, I expect. They are in friendly territory. the land is at peace, and there is no real opposition to the king at this point. As for Joffrey and Sansa, the same applies. It is friendly territory, and there are going to be outriders guarding the outer perimeter (and given the size of the party, it is likely a very large perimeter) And Joffrey does have a sword which he does know how to use. And security wasn't an actual issue. Arya is not the sort of threat they're guarding against She just happened to be "dancing" with Syrio who just happened to be willing to get killed for her; she knew a secret way out of the castle; she had met Yoren, otherwise he would have recognized her; he was willing to take the risk of taking her along (he's supposed to be neutral, and she's a girl as well). Any of this doesn't happen, she's stuck in the Red Keep, most likely. Littlefinger is a consummate plotter. And an exceptional opportunist. When he sees an opportunity, he takes it. To a large extent, he makes his own luck. He also has lots of balls in the air. Not everything will work out, but he has enough going on that some will. I am perfectly willing to consider alternate ideas to what is believed. But I need good reasons to do so. With Arryn, there were contradictions already coming out about what was going on with the fostering. With Robb, a careful reader (or family member of Robb) would have wondered why the Westerlings were willing to have her marry at all, given Tywin's likely wrath. We should have asked the same questions Tyrion asked. (I don't believe a potion was involved, though) Here, we have been given no concrete reason to disbelieve what has been presented. No previous attempts by Joffrey on the Starks. No indication from Cersei that she had it in for Sansa prior to Joffrey's murder. No recent hints that there is something different about the Trident incident. Essentially, we got nothing. To be honest,, I would be happy to entertain the idea that LF himself sent the catspaw if I could make the timing work. It's the kind of thing I could see him doing. But I think that Joff doing it because of some suggestion by LF isn't really on.
  13. This is ridiculous. We are not dealing with the real world, but a work of fiction, and one that, especially at this point, was not particularly carefully written. George probably wanted to have Joffrey and Sansa to spend some time together, and used Cersei's meeting as an excuse to give them some free time. Of course, if you really want an in-story answer, they have been out of the capital for several months, so I expect Cersei is interested on catching up on what everybody has been doing (gossip, if you will). All I see otherwise is a boy trying to impress a girl, and give her a good time. The same goes for Littlefinger's run of good luck. The story is full of fortuitous coincidences. Jon was twice rescued in the nick of time. A few minutes difference, and he would be doomed. Arya needed an whole series of fortuitous events and meetings just to get out of King's landing, and that's not including all her later lucky encounters (BwB, Saltpans, etc.). With a story like this one, it's probably best if you don't try to overthink it, or you find yourself down a rabbit hole, wandering a maze of your own making, and getting nowhere.
  14. Ned's party at the Tower of Joy - 7 - successful, albeit with high casualties Men sent to prevent Jon from deserting - 7 - successful Mance's mission to rescue Arya - 7 - successful, more or less. 7 looks like a pretty good number for success. Has religious significance as well
  15. Jon is not dead. He is, however, seriously injured and will remain comatose for some time. Arya meets Jeyne Poole, and decided it is time to return to Westeros. Sansa convinces the Lords of the Vale to go North and help her brother fight the Others. The next major character to die will be Jaime Lannister. Davos and Rickon wind up at Hardhome, and then the Far North. They don't return south of the Wall before the end of TWOW. Daenerys heads west by the middle of TWOW. Bran will leave the cave and return South via the underground river.