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  1. Timelines in this series are not and have not been coordinated. Chapters involving different characters often take place out of order. Foresaken - I haven't read the chapter, but Sam is already at the Citadel at the end of AFFC, and the Battle of Storm's End and Cersei's trial are rapidly approaching as of the end of ADWD. So I doubt that it is that far ahead. Mercy - Swyft was preparing to go to Braavos as of the end of ADWD. Even if delayed, it is likely only a few weeks later. It would seem that Arya has been with the troupe for a few months. Izembaro,its leader, was the person she was sent to at the end of ADWD. As for the maturity, Arya has always been more mature and precocious than her chronological age would indicate (especially by modern standards. Given that she is almost 12 by now, I don't see anything too unusual. Alayne - News of Ramsay's marriage to "Arya" may not have been considered important in the Vale, plus it occurs some time into ADWD. The whole conflict with Stannis has probably taken place too late for news to get out yet. Plus, Littlefinger has been deliberately keeping Sansa in the dark about currrent events. Although I expect Myranda will be happy to tell her about "Arya"'s marriage and gauge her reaction. Given the series's usual difficulties with the passage of time, I really don't see anything unusual in the preview chapters.
  2. Aw, thanks! The first thing to remember about the vale storyline is that it is, first and foremost, Sansa's story. She is the main player there, and its importance lies in the fact that she is there. I think her story is (like that of Bran and Arya) a coming-of-age tale. Her coming of age will, I think, involve becoming an actual player in the events of Westeros. So, a few thoughts. Marriage - I really don't see her marrying Harry or Aegon. She has no interest at this time, and has a current marriage to use as a blocking method. Also, I don't see Aegon lasting long enough. I also think her story is going to be one of being able to get stuff done on her own, without having to go through anyone like a husband or guardian. Armies to the North - I think the Others are going to attack before too long; most likely by the middle of TWOW. If that is indeed the case, I can envision Sansa rallying support for the fight against them - starting in the Vale. I think this is the most likely reason to go North. I'm not sure they would be willing to go just to put her in charge of Winterfell. Side note: All roads to Winterfell (real and metaphorical) go through White Harbour. Any contestant will need the Manderly's on their side. Jeyne Poole - GRRM gave her whip marks for a reason ("Checkov's whip-marks", you might say). They are going to have an effect in the future. I am convinced of it, and Littlefinger is the only character I can think of that it would be likely to effect. Mad Mouse - I think he is what he appears: a free-lance looking for a payday. Although I would be surprised if Varys doesn't have somebody keeping an eye on Littlefinger, if only to avoid nasty surprises. Sansa's disguise - Her disguise is a pretty thin one. The convenient arrival of a natural daughter at the same time as the disappearance of Sansa Stark, whose description she somewhat matches, is going to be suspicious. Myranda certainly knows, and I have my suspicions about Nestor, Bronze Yohn, and Lady Waynwood. Hairnet - I doubt it will reappear, unless it is used to poison someone. Producing it would implicate those who produce it, whether Sansa or Littlefinger. Also, I doubt it would help Tyrion. The fact that his wife took poison into the wedding only makes Tyrion look more guilty than he already does. Side note: I expect that the Tyrells are under the impression that Sansa was an active member of the conspiracy. I wonder how that will play out.
  3. Dany to judge what? Joffrey's murder? Given that he was the son and successor to the Usurper, I doubt she will care; may even think it a point in Sansa's favor. That Myranda knows who Sansa is I have little doubt. I wouldn't be usrprised if they come to some sort of agreement over Harry, as Myranda is interested in him, and Sansa really isn't. I think the Mad Mouse is working for himself, but wouldn't be at all surprised if one of the other knights is working for Varys. It's a perfect opportunity to infiltrate Littlefinger's household. I was thinking that Sansa would not be happy to find out her friend was abused in Littlefinger's care, and would consider it asa betrayal of her trust. I doubt that it would be sufficient to get him in trouble; not by itself. By the way, Jeyne is not a commoner. She has a House. I think she is at a level of the Cassels, or possibly Podrick Payne. Lower nobility, but definitely highborn. Harry has nothing to do with my suggestion of taking troops North. I was suggesting that they would go on their own initiative, at Sansa's request. And Harry is nobody until and unless Sweetrobin dies, and I have a feeling that won't be for a while, if ever.
  4. While it would be interesting if the hairnet were "evidence", the person it most implicates is Sansa herself, so I doubt she would produce it herself. She has no real proof of Littlefinger's involvement, and if she were to try to use it against him, he would likely say she was lying in retaliation for whatever caused her to accuse him. Littlefinger could produce it against her, but questions would be asked about how he knew. I doubt that she will marry in the near future. Her story seems to heading in the direction of her coming into a position of power and influence in her own right. For example, if the Knights of the Vale go North for her, it won't be because she is Harry's wife and he orders them. It will be because she is Sansa Stark and asks them nicely, and they decide they want to help her. I too expect that there will be massive death and destruction at the end, and it will be "all hands on deck", so to say, especially for members of the Great Houses. Lots of marriages and resulting children, and distribution of rulerships. Strangely enough, Tyrion is the only substantial character I can see her married to in those circumstances. Sandor would be interesting, but politically, he has nothing to offer. I think Littlefinger is deliberately keeping Sansa in the dark, preventing her from learning things. Also, many of the events you refer to happened rather late in the story. Ramsay's announcement of his marriage was well into ADWD, and the actual conflict between him and Stannis was at the end of ADWD. Which is well after the end of AFFC, and probably even the Sansa preview chapter. And Daenerys is being taken seriously in KL only at the very end of ADWD. I expect these events to become widely known fairly early on in TWOW, though. Bad as Ramsay's treatment of Jeyne was, I expect that Littlefinger can escape responsibility for it. I was referring to Littlefinger's treatment of her. While under his control, she was apparently tortured, sexually abused, and forced to work in a brothel. That is likely to displease Sansa should she find out. Given the skeletons in his closet, I expect some to come tumbling out, causing a breach between him and Sansa.
  5. There is no necklace. That was in the show. She has a hairnet with poison crystals in it. as far as anyone knows, she is still in possession of it. Littlefinger's being poisoned by it is a distinct possibility, but killing soneone by poison can be risky, especially if you don't know what you're doing (and Sansa doesn't) I too expect that the status of Winterfell will be settled by the time Sansa is in a position to do anything about it. I have serious doubts that she will ever marry Harry. She doesn't like the idea of marrying again, and doesn't seem to particularly like Harry either. Sansa is unaware of Ramsay's marriage to Arya - real or fake. I expect Myranda Royce will be happy to tell her, though, and test her reaction. She has no idea what happened to Jeyne Poole, either, and is unlikely to be happy about it if she finds out. As for Ramsay, I expect him to be dead well before Arya is back in Westeros. Nor do I expect Arya to become an assassin,, either. She hasn't the training for it, and given the events of the preview chapter, is unlikely to stay long enough to get it. I expect that when she does leave the Vale, it will be for the North. She can safely reveal herself there, as the Crown's authority doesn't really extend there, and the accusations of involvement in Joffrey's murder would likely be to her benefit, and not to her detriment. And if Cersei is out of power, she can probably reveal herself in the Vale, as well. I doubt she will go to KL. There is nothing for her there,, except bad memories. I too ship Sansa and Tyrion. I think they would make an excellent political team together. In any case, I expect her to use her marriage to Tyrion as a blocking maneuver to prevent being used as marriage bait (which she is quite wary of). I can also imagine her dragging her feet on obtaining an annulment, if it came to that.
  6. My bad. I did forget about Lysa. I was focused on the group at Riverrun. Still, I have serious doubts that the Starks will end up fighting each other (although I can see proxies doing so). They still like one another too much, and are still sane (even Arya).
  7. The Greyjoys are even more dysfunctional than the Lannisters, and the Baratheons were at odds from the very beginning of the story. As for the Tullys, while they had disagreements, there was no plotting against each other or other serioius conflict between them. They got along pretty well. I certainly expect some disagreements and fraught conversations among the Starks, but at the end of the day, they still love and miss each other, even Arya and Sansa. So I don't see them actively plotting against one another.
  8. Gilly spent her life at Craster's Keep. She is not Free Folk and knows nothing about their lives. Her going to Dany adds nothing to the story. Given how much Sam cares for her, I think Martin will keep her close to Oldtown so she can have an effect on Sam's story. Marwyn advising Dany is an excellent idea, and will likely happen. He can give her current information on events in Westeros, as well as on more magical subjects. By the way, Dany has heard Marwyn's name before. Mirri Maz Duur mentioned that she was trained by him.
  9. "Alayne Stone" is a pretty thin disguise. It is pretty clear that Myranda Royce (and probably her father) know who she really is. I wouldn't be surprised if Lady Waynwood has suspicions about Alayne's true identity. In any case, the dowry makes it a decent match.
  10. I think she is referring to John Bradley, who plays Sam in the show. As for my vision of the characters, on re-reads, I tend to have the show's versions in my head, which is unfortunate especially for the younger ones, whose show versions are often too old for the book characters.
  11. There are a couple of things I am reasonably certain of. 1. Jon is not actually dead, only seriously injured. I think he will be in a coma for some time, including the arrival (and departure) of Jeyne Poole. I think his protective clothing will prevent the daggers from being fatal, but it won't do him any good. 2. Jon will lead the fight against the Others. Whether this is in his capacity as the LC of the Night's Watch or something else (King of the North?) I am unsure of. I also think the Wall and those manning it (Night's Watch and wildlings) still have a part to play, if only to delay the invasion until help can arrive. Or at least try to delay it. 3. Jon will not come into serious conflict with family members. The Starks aren't the Lannisters. Even now, they pretty much think nice thoughts about each other. Rickon being used as a figurehead by somebody could potentially cause problems, although I have doubts that he will actually make it south of the Wall.
  12. I think Sam finds her a position with the Citadel and she gets a place in Oldtown. Given that Oldtown will probably come under attack from Euron & Co, this would likely put her in danger. I suppose she could wind up at Horn Hill, but I think GRRM will keep them in close proximity. I would guess that the cinnamon Wind isn't going anywhere until all passengers and cargo is unloaded. That includes Gilly and Aemon's body. I don't really see any point in her going to Slaver's Bay. Neither she nor Marwyn is POV so it wouldn't add anything.
  13. I still have a hard time seeing the Knights being willing to simply help Sansa take power in the North. There is going to need to be more. The fight in the Riverlands was an invasion. This is an internal fight among Northerners. I do think that Sansa's story lies in the North. She is a Stark and always has been, even if she de-emphasized it for a time. The South holds nothing for her, so I don't see her going there.
  14. I think it was said in the opening episode of the show I could be wrong. I'll go check my DVD tonight. Virtually all of the quotes in the books relating to the "old ways" are from the Ironborn.
  15. 1. Rickon isn't showing up anytime soon. Anybody who thinks that Davos is going to do a simple "out and back" to Skagos is in for a rude surprise. I think Davos winds up at Hardhome (the timing is about right) and then heads into the Far North (which we've been told we'll see). Whether or not he has Rickon in tow, I don't see either one getting south of the Wall for some time. 2. Robb's Will. While we don't knnow its contents. it is safe to assume that it disinherits Sansa. Which means that she is unnlikely to be able to simply waltz up North and be welcomed. 3. And I don't see why the Knights of the Vale would be interested in a fight to take Winterfell. Especially if it is against the Northerners, their natural allies. Of course, the battle for Winterfell will likely be over by that point, with either Stannis or the Manderlys, or both, in control. 4. Winter is here, and the Others are coming. This is where I think Sansa's story is headed. Jon will ask for help, and Sansa will convince the Lords of the Vale, and their Knights to send it. Given the apparent affinity for fighting the Others. this may be easier than she thinks. I can see Baelish opposing this, or causing problems, resulting in a breach between them. That a breach is coming I do not doubt, but I'm not sure of the cause. I'm, fairly confident about Davos and Rickon staying North of the Wall, and that Sansa will help out in the fight against the Others, as well as the fact that she ultimately destroys Littlefinger. The rest is up in the air.