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  1. I'm guessing he's being sarcastic. Only a week ago, he was ridiculing the very idea that Mance was really Rhaegar in disguise. It's on p. 7
  2. With Ned headed to the Wall, and Jaime in Robb's hands, the stage is set for a deal wherein Jaime is exchanged for the girls (fuzzing over Arya's absence; hopefully she will declare herself once it is announced), and Robb agrees to go North in exchange for that and Ned's continued survival. Given that Renly and Stannis are not going to merge forces, and may in fact fight against each other, an eventual Lannister victory seems likely. Whether Robb would become King in the north is debatable (I doubt it), so essentially you have status quo ante where the Lannisters are in charge, Renly and Stannis dead or badly defeated, and the Northerners back North. Ned isn't going to get "lost". If Ned says he is going to take the black, then Ned is going to take the black. That is the sort of person he is. He is not going to renege on a solemn promise. Period.
  3. I kinda like the idea that Arya gives her the "gift" and puts her out of her misery after seeing what a hyper-focus on vengeance has resulted in. I actually think the preview chapter is paving the way for her eventual departure. The FM aren't likely to be too happy with her actions. It may take awhile, but I'm pretty sure she arrives in Westeros, and the Riverlands is a logical place, given Nymeria's presence. Plus there are people she knows there.
  4. In that event, they would likely simply transfer the killing or saving to someone else. Given the likely body count going forward, there is likely to be a large number of potential targets to choose from. I'll admit that this is considerably less than a certainty. I do think she will attach herself to at least one of the Stark girls. Arya is a definite possibility if she winds up in the Riverlands. Given that we got 8 chapters of what can only be regarded as character buildup in Feast, I am fairly confident that she will be around for some time to come. Otherwise, her story would be an even bigger waste of time than it is already widely perceived to be.
  5. I would bet money that Jon will be a POV character in TWOW. He is too important character to ignore, and there is too much unfinished business in his story, not least the question of his parentage and its effect on the story. The only reason he wasn't in Feast was because of the geographic split. Given the upset reaction by readers to that split, it is extremely unlikely that GRRM will do anything like it again.
  6. Spoilers by inclusion: (pretty much confirmation of already existing expectations) Jon's parents are Rhaegar and Lyanna. Basically a given at this point. Jon returns quickly. Up in the air as to whether resurrected by Mel, or is only injured, but either way, it has little visible effect on him. Jon becomes ruler in the North. Pretty much expected. Arya leaves the FM without difficulty and returns to Westeros. Definitely will not become FM, because that would be too cool for the show to ignore. Brienne joins Team Sansa, and Sansa goes North with the Vale army. Spoilers by exclusion: Aegon won't be siginificant in the end. Dorne won't matter much either. Rickon won't make it to the end. At the least, he won't play any major role in what happens.
  7. I think Bran himself is a better candidate. He has the same attributes as Rickon, plus he is potential to affect events. Which still puts him well back in the (very large) pack of potential AARs. The leaders being, Daenerys and Jon, obviously. Of course, not only is Rickon not AAR, but Arya isn't going to become a Faceless Man, and Sansa's time in the Vale is a detour (albeit a necessary one) on the way to Winterfell and the North. Although I will admit that Bran is likely to become a seriously good warg. So you got one right.
  8. And your evidence for this is what, exactly? I see no reason to doubt Robb's account of what happened. It's not as if it makes him look all that good. It's still an incredibly foolish thing to do. As for marrying a known quantity, he didn't really know Jeyne either. In fact, it is likely that he would know more about a prospective Frey bride than he knew about Jeyne when he married her. It is certainly true that Jon is criticized more for FArya than for Ygritte, although I believe that that is unfair. Jon sent Mance to rescue a girl fleeing in the wilderness. Mance went to Winterfell on his own initiative, and possibly for his own (or Mel's) purposes The thoughts in Jon's POV clearly indicate that as long as she was in Bolton control, there was nothing he could do for her, and he was clearly troubled by the actions he did take when he thought she had escaped. Jon did not deliberately bring about a conflict with Ramsay. That is due to Mance going to Winterfell. Once the battle was joined, though, Jon had no choice but to respond. While his actions, were, like Robb's, foolish and unwise, I do not regard them as being dishonorable.
  9. Good catch! I have always regarded Baelish as bad news, but I hadn't realized just how bad. About marriage; Sansa has one big card to play - Tyrion. I wouldn't be surprised if she does all she can to remain married simply as a blocking move to avoid an unwanted marriage, or one done with ulterior purpose. For example, I think Lady Waynwood may suspect who Sansa really is, which is why she allowed the betrothal to Harry the Heir. Yes , he has probably had plenty of practice at this sort of thing. I wonder if he got some practice with Jeyne Poole, as well as intel on Sansa. Having your target's closest friend and companion in your control would certainly prove useful. I too think that the Kindly Man and the FM are lying to and manipulating Arya for their own purposes, which are not in Arya's interest to go along with. For one thing, I do not believe for a second that they are actually training her to become an assassin, or ever intended to. And the training she is getting in detecting lies doesn't help in her case, because she is learning to detect falsehoods and their lies are ones of omission and misdirection. I think that both Sansa and Arya will wake up to the true nature of their "mentors" (simultaneously, perhaps?), and manage to pry themselves loose. Needle and the cloak could certainly play a part (what did happen to that hairnet, anyway?).
  10. My guess is that @sweetsunray is referring to Lady Mellario of Norvos - Doran's wife and Arianne's mother, who left when Arianne was in her teens. Norvos is conveniently close to where Aegon has been hiding. @sweetsunray, on another note, does your OP focus on the trope in general or on Aegon's group specifically. Because in my experience with Fanrtasy, these Bands tend to be composed of primarily main characters, or at least have a main character as their nucleus. The best examples of these that I can see are Dany's court with its mixture of exiles and slaves, and the NW, now focused around Jon, which is nothing but outcasts and misfits. On a smaller scale, Bran's group would qualify, as well as being the closest thing there is to a fantasy-style quest narrative in the series, with its small band of cripples and misfits traipsing across the wilderness in search of salvation. I'm not sure that Aegon's group or the BwB, for example really qualify, at least not yet, but I do look forward to further comments on this subject..
  11. not to mention the fact that Mance Rayder already existed at the time that Rhaegar was killed at the Trident. So, are we supposed to believe that Rhaegar took on the identity of someone who already existed, instead of simply pretending to be one of what was probably a multitude of Targaryen supporters that washed up in the NW at that point. And, if so, what happened to the real Mance?
  12. Arya will probably return before too long. The Mercy chapter seems to be paving the way for her leaving the FM. As for Bran, I expect that he will in fact leave the cave - probably via the underground river, which could deposit him near the ocean or the Wall.(my guess is the gorge near the Shadow Tower) I expect that Daenerys will spend at least 2 or 3 chapters with the Dothraki. In the meantime, Tyrion will probably run things in Meereen, thus eliminating the need for Barristan and Victarion POVs. GRRM has said that it will be late in the book before Dany and Tyrion meet. Five story lines would be quite nice, given how sprawled out the story has gotten. I expect the North story will coalesce at Winterfell, and Sansa will also wind up in the North after leaving the Vale. Davos will likely end up at Hardhome and the Far North, and may not make it back south before the end of TWOW, but Jon, Stannis, Bran, and Sansa will all probably end up at Winterfell before the end of the book. Storm's End will combine with Kings Landing. KL is where the action is, and Arianne and Aegon will need to go there. I also expect that the Reach and Oldtown will merge and might connect with either Dorne or KL. Jaime and Brienne are also unlikely to stay permanently in the Riverlands, so I expect a merger with KL and/or Sansa's story. So essentially, we will have eventually: the far North; the North; Kings Landing Oldtown/Dorne; and wherever Dany is (I think she will head to Westeros.) Five stories,, with probably around 11 POVs by the end.
  13. Of the ones mentioned, I think Roslin Frey (Lady Tully) has the earliest date of conception - at or just after the Red Wedding, which means she should be about ready to give birth. While I think Jeyne Poole is likely pregnant, the date of conception would be much later, as would Fat Walda's and Gilly's.
  14. Yep, Alliser Thorne was probably quite familiar with Rhaegar and would likely recognize him. Not to mention Stannis and probably a fair number of men in his army at the Wall. Remember, Rhaegar died only about 15 years back, so there are probably quite a few men who would be able to recognize him. Considering this, and all of the other problems with it, I think it is time to put a stake through this one.
  15. 1. If anything, those who come back from the dead seem to have more of what drove them before, not less. Beric was even more dedicated to helping the smallfolk of the RL, and Catelyn was more vengeful than before. And that's assuming he's dead, which I'm not convinced of. So I don't see death as making Jon less committed to fighting the Others. 2. From what we can tell, it seems to be a comparatively small faction of the NW that stabbed him. I think the vast majority of the NW are either supporters, neutral, or, while they oppose him, don't support killing him. Just because a small faction tries to kill you, you're going to say "the hell with it'? I doubt it.