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  1. Even if you assume that Cat of the Canals lasts a year ( I doubt it was that long; I'd say 9 mos. at most), that still puts it at early to mid 301, in which case she would be turning 12. As to puberty, in the preview chapter, she doesn't have breasts yet.
  2. Yet another thing for us to be worried about re: Arya
  3. Arya is still 11 years old. She was 10 when she left for Braavos. When she is comparing notes with the Waif, she is close enough to her 11th birthday that she is unsure if she is 10 or 11. We can also synchronize things with Sam's arrival in Braavos, and in the preview chapter. There is also a mention of snow in the Riverlands, which can be connected to Jaime. Well under a year has passed since the Red Wedding and Joffrey's death. Joff's death occurred on the first day of 300. The RW was less than a month earlier. Given that less than a year has passed, it is still the year 300, so Arya is still 11.
  4. How far would Samwell go to stop Jon?

    It means nothing of the sort. It merely means he thinks Mance is expecting some sort of trouble on the mission. (Bolton men looking for Arya, perhaps?) Having women along makes it more likely that Arya will believe them to be friendly, and having several along means they have enough to defend themselves if necessary. While I believe the mission was unwise, Jon isn't stupid enough to send anyone into Winterfell and risk a confrontation with the Boltons, and his prior thoughts clearly show that he felt that, as long as Arya was under Bolton control, he couldn't help her.
  5. How far would Samwell go to stop Jon?

    It was Melisandre's information that Arya was in the wilderness on a dying horse and her suggestion that Mance go after her that even gave Jon the idea that he could rescue her. Up until that time, his thoughts are clearly that he can't help his sister and she is essentially on her own. If I am Sam I might suggest that Mel and Mance aren't trustworthy and shouldn't be relied upon. Alternatively, he could suggest that Jon send men that he trusts and get along with to go to the area on some pretext and hope that they run into her and bring her back to Castle Black. He would do everything he could to talk Jon out of open action by clearly explaining the dangers involved. When it comes to political subjects, Sam knows his stuff. Hopefully, he would also realize that Jon was creating opposition with his Wildling policies, and needed to better explain his motives instead of being quite so high-handed about everything. Once the Pink Letter arrives, Jon has few choices. He can either meet Ramsay in the field, or at Castle Black. Acceding to Ramsay's demands really isn't a realistic option. Jon evidently felt that meeting him in the field was preferable. I think the assassination attempt was the culmination of a lot of factors, and Jon's decision to meet Ramsay in the field was merely the precipitating event, not its reason.
  6. 1. Arya Stark 2. Sansa Stark 3. Eddard Stark 4. Jon Snow 5. Samwell Tarly 6. Brienne 7. Podrick Payne 8. Meera Reed 9. Sandor Clegane 10, Tyrion Lannister
  7. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    Given that Stannis is nothing if not dutiful and meticulous, I have no doubt that he did a thorough investigation of the identities and whereabouts of the last Targaryens after he took Dragonstone. If he had found anything suspicious, he would have mentioned it to Robert and the rest of the Council. Yet, we have gotten no indication that anyone in-world has any doubt whatsoever about Dany's legitimacy. Not so much as a whisper of a rumor. Strongly suggesting, at the least, that a girl was born to Rhaelle, and that girl left with Viserys and Darry. I can also see no reasonable motive for a later substitution, on either end. I see no reason for her caretaker or parents to give her up, and even less for Viserys and Darry (if he is still around) to accept her. As for her omission from the marriage pact, I expect that that is because it only involves Viserys and Arianne. She isn't part of it, and therefore there is no need to mention her. I am certainly open to the possibility of Daenerys not being who she (and everyone else) thinks she is, and I am curious about the constant mention of lemons being from Dorne But I've seen nothing to remotely convince me of anything other than that she is the daughter of Aerys and Rhaelle.
  8. Numbers and their significance in the story

    There have been several groups of seven: Seven men in Ned's party at the ToJ. Fighting 3 Kingsguard. Seven men in the party that brought Jon back to Castle Black after he attempted to desert.. Seven men in the group Brienne takes on at the orphanage.
  9. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    Actually, hers was a royal birth (albeit one in exile). Such births are not unattended. There would have been many participants and witnesses, and given the Targaryen difficulties with births, I find it hard to imagine that they didn't display Daenerys to the assembled population of Dragonstone at the earliest convenience. To not do so would invite whispers and rumors or a stillbirth. So far, in world, we have gotten not so much as a whisper of a rumor that Daenerys is not who she appears to be. Even if she were Rhaegar's child, she would not have a better claim. If I recall correctly, with the Targaryens, boys always come before girls. Plus Rhaegar was not married to Lyanna (a marriage without proof isn't a marriage), and it would be polygamous, and therefore questionable at best even if they were married. I see no reason for there to have been a switch at DS, or for Darry or Viserys to have accepted one. An infant and toddler is a royal pain, as she would have to be constantly watched over and cared for. If it's a stillbirth or she dies later, cry and move on. While useful, she is hardly essential for anything. Given all the groundwork that has been laid for R+L=J, I see no other reasonable conclusion, and have seen nothing to convince me otherwise.
  10. Will Jon marry Val?

    I doubt Jon will marry Val. If Jon marries anyone (officially, that is), it will be for political advantage. Politically, Val offers him little or nothing. (Also, she doesn't seem the type to insist on a proper marriage ceremony) One of the main purposes of a political marriage is to bind the parties together. Jon and the wildlings are about as tightly bound together as they can be. He is letting large numbers across the wall, to settle in the Gift, and is incorporating them into the Night's Watch. He is the best friend friend they've got, and they know it (or should). On the other hand, his fellow Watchmen and the Northerners are uneasy at best about this. Therefore, if Jon winds up ruling the North, he is likely to need to marry a Northern girl. Jon seems to be attracted to women that are like or remind him of Arya (Ygritte, Val). Might I suggest Wylla Manderly. She is feisty, brave, and not afraid to speak her mind. She is also from the richest and most powerful family in the North. Marrying her might help set the Northerners' minds at ease, and give them a point of influence on Jon. I would also suggest Meera Reed, but I doubt her family is prominent enough to satisfy the Northerners, although I wouldn't b e surprised if something happened between them. Of ciourse, if Jon winds up on the IT, then all bets are off. I have no idea who would be best in that case. I have doubts he will marry a family member (either by upbringing or blood), but I don't who else might be available
  11. Mistaken PoV

    Actually, you were right the first time. It is written from Sansa's POV. It is Chapter 28 - Sansa III. As for alternate POVs, Arya's fight with Joff (Arya), Ned's execution (Sansa), and the riot (Sansa)
  12. How to better set up the 5 year gap

    The 5-year gap works pretty well for many of the main characters' stories. Arya, Sansa, Bran, Daenerys, Tyrion, Brienne, and Sam can either take time off or complete tasks that can be done offstage. The big problem areas are with Jon, Stannis/Davos, Theon/Ramsay, and Cersei/Jaime. Jon and Cersei's arcs could simply go slower, but the others are a problem. My take on how a 4th book taking 5 years might deal with some of this. Arya - Pretty much the same. She would probably progress farther into training, but it would still be pretty dilatory. An inability to shed her identity and to take orders would put her on thin ice with the FM by the end. Events in the current preview chapter would lead to weither her expulsion, or a lateral transfer elsewhere (a courtesan perhaps). I don't think GRRM ever had any intention of making her a Faceless Man. Sansa - Spends the years under Littlefinger's tutelage, learning politics and exerting influence. Under her influence, Sweetrobin becomes stronger and a possible rival to LF.. By the end, she is ready to become Sansa again and do stuff. Daenerys - Spends a few years trying to run Meereen and letting her dragons grow and get bigger. Tyrion - Spends time either chilling in Pentos, or possibly with Aegon. After 4 years or so, gets sent to Daenerys, with story we have in ADWD. Bran - Spends time in cave learning magic stuff. If possible, moving the trip to the cave to ASOS would be beneficial, and would give his story in SOS some needed juice. Ends with his departure from the cave. Sam - Spends 5 years learning to become a maester., The only important events of his trip were the visit to Braavos and Dareon's desertion (which dovetails with Arya); Aemon's death, and his becoming sexually involved with Gilly; all of which could be done in a chapter. Brienne - Spends time looking for Sansa. Five years is an awful long time for a search, but hey, if John Wayne and Jeffrey Hunter can spend 5 years looking for Natalie Wood in The Searchers, Brienne can spend it looking over a far larger geographic area. Essentially, it could be handled through flashbacks, letters/visits, or something similar. Now for the more difficult stories. Jon - More or less similar, but taking longer. He spends his time recruiting, sending out scouting parties, arranging food and other supplies, and generally acting as a LC. Cersei - Pretty much the same, only it takes her a lot more time to wreck things in KL. Jaime - Spends time between Riverlands and KL. Not sure how he spends 5 years though. Stannis/Davos and Theon/Ramsay - I have no idea on these. I can't see Stannis standing still for 5 years, but can't imagine a campaign taking that long either. And Ramsay's plot with FArya is unlikely to take that long either, so I am at a loss there, as well. I do think that AFFC/ADWD would have been better if it taken a longer period than the 6-8 months that it does take. while 5 years might be a bit much, 2-3 years would probably have been manageable a would have helped advance many of the stories and make the characters older than they are now.
  13. War Crimes and Guest Rights

    Jon did not force Mance to do anything. Mance was quite happy to go out after Arya. in any case, Jon sent him to the wilderness to conduct a quiet, discreet rescue of a fugitive, not to take on the Boltons directly. Winterfell was simply not on the agenda. Jon's thoughts clearly show that he felt that as long as Arya was in the Boltons' possession, she was on her own. In his defense, it can be argued that the Manderlys are the actual hosts because they are the ones providing the food and drink. Also, it isn't the Boltons' castle. It is the Starks castle. That, at least, would be the Northerners' viewpoint.
  14. What was the best scene from the books in your opinion?

    Some I don't think have been mentioned: Cersei having Lady killed Renly and Stannis's parley Sansa builds Winterfell out of snow Brienne takes on the Bloody Mummers at the orphanage I also like Arya hiding Needle and remembering her family and what she's lost
  15. I doubt that any character bar Daenerys will get more than 8 chapters in Winds, and Sam and Davos I see with 5 or less. So I would expect only one each to catch up, with Sansa maybe getting two (including the one we have seen). Even including Jaime/Brienne, the battles could start pretty quickly (6 or 7 chapters in).