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  1. What makes you think anyone had harmful intent towards Sansa in any event? All I see is a boy trying to impress a girl - who happens to be his betrothed. I am also unaware of any animus by Cersei towards Sansa at that point. I think if something like this had been contemplated we would have heard about it in Cersei's POV. As for his sending of the catspaw, it was intended as a mercy killing. He probably thought he was doing everyone a favor. Idiotic but hardly corrupted.
  2. I think all Joffrey had in mind was to ingratiate himself with his betrothed by showing off, giving her a little excitement, and letting her do stuff she wasn't allowed to, like drinking alcohol. Normal kid stuff. And I doubt any adults knew they were going to go off into the countryside unescorted. Of course, that might make even more forbidden fruit to enjoy. It is useful to remember they are both children, even by Westeros standards. Joffrey is 12, Sansa 11. The only sexual stuff I can even imagine them doing is of the "i'll show you mine if you show me yours" nature. Embarrassing if caught (unlikely), but hardly the stuff of scandal. With regard to @Ygrain's OP, I am of the opinion that Joffrey acted on his own with regard to the catspaw. It is not entirely satisfactory, but the other solutions are even worse. Also,it's exactly the sort of stupidity that a 12-year-old might come up with.
  3. While she was Roose Bolton's cupbearer she heard that Bran and Rickon were dead and Winterfell sacked. She was going to ask Elmar for more information, but got into an argument instead. She was under the assumption that the Lannisters were responsible. I'm not sure that she knows about Theon's role, even now.
  4. There is another possibility, as well: that the situation in Meereen is decisively settled. Either Tyrion ends the fighting, and brings about peace, or (more likely) the Volantene fleet turns the tide, and Dany's allies are decisively defeated and forced to flee (probably aboard the Greyjoy fleet). In both cases, there would be no real reason for Dany to remain. I think moving the story to Essos is highly unlikely, and would be incredibly unsatisfying.
  5. If I had to make a guess, I would say it is probably "fever of unknown origin". Simple, straightforward, more of less true, and entirely uninformative. And probably all too commonplace, for that matter.
  6. Howland Reed is the most obvious source, but not the only one. I think that, if he is alive, Benjen Stark knows who Jon's mother is. In any case, I would bet that he knows a lot more than he has let on. Ashara Dayne (if alive) would also be a potential source of information. Crackpot: If there was a maester present at all, there could potentially be a record hidden at the Citadel. Sam could be the one to find out. Whether he decides to disclose it would be another matter. Yet another secret to keep, perhaps.?
  7. If there is no Red Wedding and things are patched up with the Freys, she would probably remain betrothed to Elmar Frey. (Yes, I know they cancelled it; but they could either reinstate it, or pretend the cancellation never happened). This is far from the worst fate. Marriage would be several years away, and Elmar was a decent sort. Plenty of time to get to know each other and get used to the idea of being together. If Robb and Catelyn somehow survive the RW, or the Freys break off without the RW, she probably winds up at Riverrun. A betrothal is certainly a possibility, although I think Tywin was overstating things a bit. In any case, we've seen several characters who would be potentially suitable matches for her (Jaime's squires and Hoster Blackwood, for example) She would be too damn happy to be reunited with her family and in a safe place. I doubt she would run away in any case. She has seen what things are like for a child alone, and it isn't pretty. Even now, in Braavos, she craves security and a sense of belonging and purpose.
  8. Gregor torturing villagers to death. Ramsay's hunts Red Wedding Rickard Stark's death Jeyne Poole's treatment Ramsay's torture of Theon
  9. I fully expect Jeyne to go to Braavos, but not to pray for Ramsay's death, kill herself, or anything else at the HoB&W. I actually expect that Arya will hear that there is another Arya and will go to find out what is going on, and they will meet. I anticipate that Jeyne may be a catalyst for Arya's return to Westeros.
  10. And that child was Jon. The rumor that Ashara was Jon's mother is mentioned in Catelyn's second chapter in AGOT. It is therefore logical to assume that Cersei's mention of Ashara's child is referring to Jon, who she probably assumes was taken from Ashara by Ned. I've seen nothing to indicate that Cersei had any other information, including independent information that Ashara was indeed pregnant at all. I don't know the reason for the obsession with trying to show Ashara was someone important's mother. Her importance to the story is most likely her involvement in the events surrounding the Tower of Joy, and the possibility, if she is still alive, that she could shed some light on the whole subject. There is no reason whatever to believe that she is the mother of either Jon or Daenerys. With regard to Ashara and Rhaegar, we have no hints of anything between them. We do, however, have evidence of interest in, or by multiple other men, such as Brandon, Ned, Barristan, and even Howland Reed. If there was anything between Ashara and Rhaegar, I am confident we would have gotten some indication of it by now.
  11. Wex's story is inherently a suspicious one. It is a long way to follow two people for no apparent gain, and he cannot have followed them all the way to Skagos, as it is an island. Even if he saw them board a ship, there would be other potential destinations. I suppose it is possible he heard Osha mention Skagos, although to be close enough to overhear would be dangerous with the direwolf about. I am, however, satisfied that they are indeed on Skagos. One possibility is that Manderly is using Wex's tale to hide how he truly knows their location (either he put them there himself, or was tipped off, possibly by the Umbers.) As for what happens next, I expect that Davos is involved in Hardhome, and ends up in the Far North. I don't think Davos or Rickon is going to be south of the Wall anytime soon.
  12. Many of these everyone is interested in: Jon's survival - How and what next? Jaime/Brienne/Lady Stoneheart - Who survives, who dies, what next? Arya - How, why, and when does she leave the FM. (I do not believe for a second she becomes a trained assassin.) Does Jeyne Poole play a part? Sansa - How, why, and when does she take out LF and become a real player? Does she go North? Davos - I think he is our POV for Hardhome, and winds up in the Far North. Even if he gets Rickon, I don't think he makes it south of the Wall anytime soon. Battle of Winterfell - Who wins?,, who dies? I think Wyman won't make it, nor did he expect to. With (f)Arya gone, I think Roose and/or Ramsay make a run for the Dreadfort. Howland Reed, Benjen Stark, Ashara Dayne, Richard Lonmouth (aka Lem Lemoncloak, I think). Some or all of these will appear to give us information of Rhaegar/Lyanna/Tower of Joy. Others mentioned in the thread: Euron. I can't get interested in the Ironborn, but I have to admit that Euron is being set up as the next Big Bad. I think he may gain control of a dragon and be one side of Dance 2.0. Sand Snakes - Sarella is the only I'm remotely interested in, and that's because of her proximity to Sam. Marwyn - Could be an interesting mentor to Dany if he can reach her in time. To be honest, though, I cannot get interested in Dany, Tyrion, etc. until they reach at least the Free Cities. Until then, they are so separate they don't really matter. That's it for now.
  13. The 6 main characters are usually considered to be: Jon, Tyrion, Daenerys, Sansa, Arya, and Bran. All are fundamentally decent people, but have made mistakes, some serious, and some have done some pretty bad things/. But I would say there is no way that any of them is anywhere near a bad person. And, remember, the North follow the Starks because they like them., not because they are mean SOBs like Tywin. Although Ned can be mean when he has to be (just ask Jorah Mormont). There is much goodwill for the Starks, which will likely help the kids when they finally make their move.
  14. I have a suspicion that Aegon is not going to last very long. The fact that he was introduced so late in the story doesn't help his case. Jon Connington knowing about Robert's Rebellion would actually be a factor as to why he is a POV. If he has information, late in the series is the perfect time to reveal it. With only two books (supposedly) left, it's a good time for some revelations about the past, and even the present activities of secretive characters.
  15. If, as I believe, Lyanna remained at Harrenhal a a guest of the Whents (at least until her brother's wedding), then all Rhaegar ha to do si find out her travel plans to get to Brandon's wedding in Riverrun. Probably half of Harrenhal knows when she's leaving, so all Rhaegar has to do is find a suitable spot for an ambush. Sounds pretty easy and straightforward to me. As for Arya, the master doesn't have to be favorably disposed to the Faceless Men to give her a ride. He just has to be afraid of them, and fear what would happen if he refused a simple request for transport from an apparent FM agent. Brienne saw Titan's Daughter on a later trip in Maidenpool (it was months later so is not the same trip), suggesting that the galley goes to the region regularly, and probably has traders it deals with on a regular basis (including in Saltpans before it was destroyed). And how, again, is Jaqen supposed to know Arya is going to show up in Saltpans? There are way too many intervening events after she leaves Harrenhal for anyone to know what might happen.