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  1. Given that Jeyne Westerling is confirmed to appear in the Prologue, most readers expect the Blackfish to make a rescue attempt for her and Edmure. I doubt it. I think the prologue will take place in Casterly Rock and she will appear upon her arrival there. I actually expect Davos to wind up there. The timing is about right. as he would arrive there at about the right time. I expect him to give us our look at the Far North as well. I think Tyrek is hiding out in Braavos. Maybe he'll meet Arya. That would be interesting. I wouldn't be surprised if Brienne and Jaime don't go anywhere near LSH, but have no idea where they would go instead.
  2. Did Rickon Stark try to make alliance with Tywin?

    If I recall correctly, Rickard Stark was forming an alliance to counterbalance Aerys. Tywin was Aerys's Hand and therefore close to him. Probably too close for comfort. Tywin was also probably aiming higher for Cersei, and I don't think he had any other girls the right age available. As for why Rickon Stark didn't offer an alliance, his being 4 years old probably had something to do with it. That and his dad's execution by Tywin's grandson, who he was supporting.
  3. A couple of observations: We never see the death of Insurance Man. I have sometimes wondered if the whole thing was a fake designed to test Arya's dedication and willingness to kill on command and the guy is still around somewhere. While we know that a poison-covered coin can kill (see Oldtown Pate), this coinc was provided by the Waif, so we don't know if it is actually real. I think he is actually dead, but can't help wondering. Maggy the Frog: Everyone seems to assume that Maggy's prophecy means that Tommen and Myrcella will die before Cersei, but I'm not so sure. Prophecies tend to have about as many loopholes as a carefully written tax code, so they have to be read with care. It helps to read them literally. While I accept that "gold will be their shrouds" indicates they will die as monarchs, it does not say that Cersei will actually see these shrouds. And "your tears shall drown you" could refer to a lot of things. Another thing. In the prophecy, "another will come along, younger and more beautiful" is assumed to refer to a queen. Yet, in English, when "another" is used without a modifier, it often simply means "another person", or in this case, "woman". Sp whoever takes down Cersei doesn't actually have to be a queen. Food for thought..
  4. Why there is not Baratheon POV chapter in asoiaf

    Because the story isn't about them. The story is about the Stark - Lannister rivalry, specifically the destruction and rebirth of the Starks and rise and fall of the Lannisters; the last surviving member of the Targaryens' attempt to regain her family's position as rulers of Westeros; and the Nights Watch and its fight against whatever is up North. The Baratheons are important only insofar as they play into one of these stories. Robert and Renly die early on, Joffrey is really a Lannister, and while Stannis is important, his story is more effectively told through others. The Baratheon children aren't really important, and unlike the Stark children, the story isn't really about them.
  5. What would you change about the show?

    On the subject of awards, I have noticed that shows often win Emmys after they have been around for a time and have gained momentum. This is often when they are on a downward slide. This seems to have been the case with season 5, at least, which even some media outlets regarded as a particularly weak season, and that Peter Dinklage's performance, in particular, was lacking in s 5 after many good seasons. For myself, I lost interest midway through s 5 due to irrational behavior, inconsistent characterization, and incoherent storytelling. Also, as a Stark fan, I got frustrated with the Starks being made stupid and bad, and the whitewashing of the Lannisters. I will cheerfully admit to being a fan of the books, which I had read long before the show came out. While I may have had some complaints, I though the first 4 seasons were really quite solid, with a drop in quality for season 5. I haven't seen s 6 so can't really comment on it.
  6. How many years have passed in the story?

    Yep. Arya is 11. Sansa is 13. Their ages are both mentioned in AFFC and ADWD. They were 9 and 11 in AGOT. Jon is either 16 or 17. Dany is 16. Robb was still 15. He turned 16 somewhere around his marriage to Jeyne. George was planning on having more time elapse during the story, so the characters would be a little older by now, but it didn't work out, so he's stuck with characters who are probably a little younger than he would wish..
  7. How many years have passed in the story?

    From the first Bran chapter to Jon's assassination (probably the last event so far) has been roughly 2 and a half years. AGOT lasted about a year. ACOK lasted about 9 months, and begins a year after Jon Arryn's death, which occurred just before Gared's execution. (Arryn's death occurred just after Joffrey's 12th birthday. Sansa saving Dontos was on Joffrey's 13th.) ASOS about 3 months, and AFFC/ADWD about 6-8 months. It is possible that Dany's wedding occurred before Gared's execution, but in any case, the elapsed time is under 3 years.
  8. Danerys is Ned Stark's bastard daughter

    I think her having been in Dorne makes a lot of sense. It would mean that the Dornish were in deeper for longer than anyone realizes. And it would make sense that Darry was the glue holding it all together, so that when he died, it fell apart and they had to leave. It would also account for the repeated mentions of lemons being from Dorne.
  9. Danerys is Ned Stark's bastard daughter

    While they may have been overthrown, they are still royalty in exile, at least. as such, a birth is still a big deal, and an invisible child is going to raise suspicion. Also, if Rhaelle is pregnant and there is the possibility of a live birth, then you could easily have an extra child to deal with, and twins of noticeably different ages is probably not going to work. I don't believe that either Ned or the Daynes would regard Dragonstone or exile as being safer than Dorne. Especially once Rhaegar was defeated, which meant that Dragonstone would be, at best, a temporary refuge. What, the Daynes can't keep a secret? We know that Ned certainly can. And unless they proclaim her as Rhaegar's, there is little that Robert is going to be able to do anyway. And the only way she's heir to the throne is if Rhaegar was married to her mother, and for that you would need proof, and acceptance of polygamy. Plus she's a girl, which for the Targs is an additional problem. While I think that there is something suspicious about her past, her parentage isn't it.
  10. Satin

    Is there anything wrong with the idea that Satin is a boy whore who decided that the Wall was a better option than the other possibilities open to him? Not everybody has to have a secret identity or agenda, and I don't see Satin as being an important enough character to have one in any case. Besides, I think there is enough of that sort of thing going around anyway. I practically need a scorecard to keep track of the secret identities and agendas that are already known, or for which there are substantial clues.
  11. Pivotal Characters and Choice

    I do not believe that Sansa has any intent to murder Robert or, for that matter, to knowingly allow him to come to any harm at all. I also firmly believe that she will do everything in her power to prevent harm coming to him. A breach between her and Littlefinger is coming, and if LF intends harm to Robert, that could be the cause. I think that the pivotal characters in the story are the six remaining POVs from AGOT (Tyrion, Jon, Daenerys, Sansa, Arya, and Bran) plus Stannis and possibly Cersei. It is their actions and choices that will determine the fate of Westeros andthey all have choices to make. Jon - Nights Watch or Northern politics? And how does being killed or almost killed affect him? Does he continue his attachment to the NW, or does he take up being politically active and helping Stannis. And how will that affect the fight against the Others? It is possible that he will need resources outside of the NW to fight them that will only be available if he gets political. I expect that by the time he awakens or is resurrected fArya will be on her way to Braavos so will not be an immediate factor in his decision. Tyrion - Support Daenerys or someone else. His knowledge and analytical capabilities will be an asset to whoever he chooses. Plus, he has contacts in Westeros that could prove useful. Daenerys - Westeros or Slavers Bay. Will she allow herself to be distracted by Meereen, or will she (finally) set her sights on Westeros. And how does that play out. Dragons will probably be useful against the Others Arya - Is she no one or is she a Stark of Winterfell. And what does being a Stark involve (she clearly isn't no one, but it may take awhile for her to figure that out). I think (hope) she gives up on vengeance and assumes the mantle of responsibility that being a Stark entails. To rephrase Aemon, "Kill the girl, and let the Lady be born." I also think her wolfpack will be important against the Others Sansa - Her decision will revolve around Littlefinger. A breach is coming, and how and why it happens are likely to be pivotal. I think she will be an important political player. I see a potential role rallying support for the North and the fight against the Others. Bran - Will he remain in the cave or leave it. Will he remain in a fantasy world where he is all-knowing, but has little ability to affect events, or will he consent to being bound by his disability, but in the real world, and maybe able to affect things. Meera may help to keep him grounded in the real world I also suspect that the CotF/Bloodraven have secrets that could be troublesome and cause Bran to part ways with them. Stannis - How far will he go against the Others and what will he do to get the crown of Westeros. Cersei - I think her story is near an end but that will do much damage on the way out, making disastrous decisions that cause trouble for everyone else. Jaime and Theon I think are near the end of their stories, and are no longer characters around whom the story revolves. Brienne, Davos, and Sam are major characters who will have an effect, but their will stories will be closely connected with the pivotal characters. Everyone else will either be a main character's supporter/helper or antagonist.
  12. Danerys is Ned Stark's bastard daughter

    That would require an awful lot of people to keep a secret for 17 years, and we haven't got so much as a rumor that anything was wrong. Even an individual as well-informed as Kevan Lannister has no doubts about Danerys's legitimacy. Also, a royal birth requires a royal baby. Given Rhaelle's known health issues, if a live newborn isn't quickly presented, people will be suspicious, and tongues will start wagging. And still be wagging when Stannis arrives a short time later. Which would probably mean smuggling a baby into Dragonstone through a blockade. I see an awful lot of moving parts, and no reason for the fake Daenerys's mother (whoever that may have been) to go along with it. Or for her or her family to keep quiet if they didn't go along with it. So I agree that there was no swap. I also agree that anytheory has to include at least one Targaryen parent, as sheis clearly Targaryen. The dragons and visions prove as much.
  13. Why Tywin doesn't use Faceless men to kill Stannis

    The Waif's story is the only indication that the FM even accept children, let alone require them, and that appears to have been a special case resulting from the Waif's injuries from the previous assassination attempt. In that case, everyone came out ahead, with the FM getting an acolyte, the Waif getting a useful position, and the father no longer having to figure out what to do with his injured daughter. Given Tywin's wealth, Stannis's prominence, and the likely difficulty of carrying out the assassination, I expect they would demand a prohibitively large amount of money, and Tywin has no reason to believe that he can't get rid of Stannis through normal, military means, so I doubt he would consider it worth the expense.
  14. Bran vs. Jaime

    The FM had to use a lot of pressure and manipulation to get her to do it. She would make a lousy assassin and I think the FM know it, which is why they aren't really giving her any real training. She is young so I have hope she comes out of it and becomes a Stark again. Her Stark/Tully upbringing has helped keep her moral compass pointed more or less in the right direction, if a little wobbly.
  15. Too much nudity

    Nudity is one of those things where less is often more. A little bit used wisely can go a long way, while a lot of it merely becomes annoying or the film equivalent of wallpaper and becomes meaningless and insignificant. And the Littlefinger prostitutes scene was probably the worst of the whole season 1. I watched it on DVD and the noise was so distracting that I had to mute it and turn on the subtitles!