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  1. He's also probably closing off all the plot-holes, errors, etc. so people like us don't make absurd theories based on lapses and mistakes, which is something of a problem in the earlier books. In other words, you can blame us! In all seriousness, I think he is a bit of a perfectionist, and getting all the detail in the books right is probably going to chew up a great deal of time. I do wish he would get it over with though. At this point, I'll take very good over perfect. Especially if "perfect" never arrives.
  2. Yep, pretty much. I think it's nonsense, and the omission of Robert Arryn from the list of potential suitors essentially confirms that there is nothing to it. GRRM, certainly by this point, is more careful than that.
  3. The Ashford Theory, as I understand it, is usually used to suggest that Sansa will be married, or betrothed to, Aegon (Targaryen), not Jon. And it is missing a major component - Robert Arryn. Lysa told Sansa that she fully intended that Robert marry Sansa. Obviously this plan died with Lysa, but it was clearly as strong a possibility as Willas Tyrell was. And there was no Arryn at Ashford.
  4. Yep, the ferocity of Bolton defenders never ceases to amaze me. (And, no, I am not referring to you. I know you to be a Jon defender.)
  5. If Robert had asked, yes. Ramsay isn't Robert. He isn't even the Crown's representative, just another Northern Lord, and a lunatic at that. If Roose Bolton, Warden of the North, wants them, then he should say so. Also, Stannis's family and Mel have men protecting them, so turning them over would likely be difficult without the significant possibility of bloodshed. Of course, the fact that there is a genuine dispute over who is actually in charge doesn't help matters. In a situation like this one, even doing nothing means you are effectively taking a side. The only person Ramsay might be entitled to is his wife, and that depends on what the laws, rules and customs are regarding mens' ability to torture and otherwise mistreat their wives, and what anybody else can do about it. And we haven't been told what those rules are. Otherwise, he isn't entitled to shit. Given that he felt he could do nothing for her when she was in the custody of the Boltons and only considered rescue when he was told she was fleeing in the wilderness, I find it difficult to believe that he would have countenanced a mission in Winterfell. A rescue in the wilderness can be done discreetly and covertly. One in Winterfell is much more of a direct confrontation, and I see nothing to indicate that Jon wanted such a confrontation, and much to suggest that he didn't.
  6. I don't know exactly how it works, but she is, I believe, mentioned as being 15 in the appendix of AFFC, which is before her first appearance in ADWD, which suggests that the 15 age is accurate. Given that green is a color associated with the Manderlys, her dying her hair that color is likely her assertion of her identity to the Freys and the rest of the audience.
  7. Wylla Manderly is described as being 15 at the meeting with Davos. Also, in the Appendix of AFFC she is specifically stated as being 15 years old. This would put her birth too late to be Ashara Dayne's child. Also, when I think of green flame, my first thought is wildfire. I think that the Patchface prophecy is more likely about the Battle of the Blackwater, where green flames featured prominently. I'm not sure about the other colors, but blue and black are more associated with fire. Also, Edric is not the same name as Eddard. While Edric Dayne could potentially be named after Ned Stark, it seems pretty thin. Ned is more of a nickname, not a given name.
  8. If Syrio is really Jaquen, why didn't he show Arya Syrio's face at Harrrenhal when he changed faces for her. That would have definitely impressed her (and us). Also, what is he doing spending several months teaching her swordcraft, when he could be doing something much more useful, and why did he agree to go to Winterfell with them. I don't think that Ned or the North is that important, and, anyway, Ned wasn't going with them. Master criminals get caught all the time. Often it is because someone betrays them, they make a mistake, or some cop gets incredibly lucky. Any of these could have happened to Jaquen. and, to be honest, from what I have seen of their operations in Braavos, they don't strike me as being more than very capable and careful operatives who can easily change appearances. Which means they can still get caught if they are unlucky. If Syrio can change his face that easily, then he can just as easily pretend to be Joe Beggar from Flea Bottom who decides that the NW is better than starving on the streets of KL. Which enables him to join Yoren's convoy as one of the 20 or so adult men who aren't confined. That way, he can easily do whatever he needs to do, and slip away with no difficulty. If he was trying to get close to Ned, then why did he have virtually no interaction with Ned during the time he was instructing Arya? And why would he agree to go with her and Sansa to Winterfell, when Ned is staying behind in KL. If you want to suggest ulterior motives for getting close to Arya, fine. But I don't see the point of that, either. I do agree that the FM seem to be more than simply assassins. My guess is that they also gather intelligence and general information (reliable information on events being valuable in a place like ASOIAF-land). This could even be more important than killing people. Certainly, Arya's training seems more geared in that direction. Bronn had a real sword. If he had had a stick, Vardis would have wiped the floor with him. Similarly, if Syrio had had a real sword, Ser Meryn wouldn't have stood a chance. Actually, yes I do believe that. Actually, I think that he was placed in the black cells by none other than George R.R. Martin in order to advance Arya's story, and that Martin never gave any thought as to why he was there, nor did he expect anyone to care, or get thousands of others to care with them. (Remember, at this time the series was essentially unknown, as was the internet). If you want an actual reason as to why he was in KL, it is a major city which certainly has many people willing to pay big money for either someone else's death or good intel.
  9. It would be even more poetic if it was the Strangler from her hairnet. Although I actually think he will be killed more openly; execution, most likely.
  10. I find it hard to believe that any lord (even one as non-traditional as Howland Reed) would declare a child who is not related to him at all as his first-born and therefore his heir (which she was until Jojen was born). A bastard, maybe; a true-born? no way in hell. The same problem goes for Wylla. Not to mention that there is no extraneous reason to think Wylla is someone else. Nor Meera for that matter, although I do like the theory that her mother is really Ashara Dayne, who went into hiding with Howland in the swamp.
  11. Jaime (to Brienne): "Find Sansa for me, so I can keep my damn vow." Littlefinger: "Who the fuck is Jeyne Poole?" Shireen: "Aaiiieeeee!" (screams) Arya: "Stick them with the pointy end!" Tyrion: Looks like I'll find out where whores go. Cersei: "Let it all burn!"
  12. Like who? The only one I can think of is Littlefinger, and I think he sees her as a Catelyn substitute. I don't think Sandor is physically attracted; he just sees someone (a bit like himself as a child) who needs to see reality before it kills her. Everybody else pretty much ignored her in ACOK, and I don't recall any untoward interest in her in AGOT either.
  13. With the exception of the Freys, the Tullys seem to do pretty well in terms of retaining support among their vassals. And the freys are big enough and rich enough that they can get away with being somewhat independent. The Brackens ande Blackwoods have been fighting each other forever, and will likely continue to do so., but it doesn't seem to spread to their neighbors. Harrenhal had the Lothstgons years ago, but, hey, the Starks have the Boltons to deal with, and they have a firm grip on their territory. The River Lords were quick to support Tully's grandson, Robb when he rebelled, and, for the most part, still support him. I would say that the Tullys have at least as much support from their own vassals as most of the other great houses do. Everybody has their vassals that exert their independence.
  14. Jon "knows nothing". At least, in the sense that Varys and Baelish do, about plots, secrets, and the like. As for king-types, we already have Daenerys's POV, and seem to recall him saying he regrets not giving Robb a POV. I'm pretty sure GRRM has said we won't get any more POVs, so Mel is the only other one really in position to cover the Wall, unless Asha or Theon shows up. ( I think Davos is at Hardhome. In any case, we won't show up for a while)
  15. I think he is either only injured or is revived rather quickly. In any case, I expect some POV chapters, although I anticipate the first one to be some ways in (1/3 or so). Jon is too important a character to not have a POV going forward. (At least, I hope so; I could be wrong)