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  1. Hour of the wolf loves petting his pussy cat
  2. Mad Aerys: Fury Kingsroad
  3. Where's that mentioned?
  4. Also that stone snake guy who climbed upto save himself
  5. Badminton can be counted as my favourite sport, though I enjoy video games like Saints Row more TPB will tell us about their favourite beverage
  6. He's already back
  7. Makes sandwiches for Obama. They're also good at dominatrix stuff if you're interested
  8. No. He always tells the onions to go to Skagos Why is Tywin bald?
  9. Jon is pretty good for his age. He has the advantage of that bererk rage which makes him pretty powerful (which hints at his potential). He is also able to stand up against Mance (the best swordfighter of Nights Watch) and is on par with Iron Temmet, who is one of the best fighters in NW. There's no way he'd be able to win against someone like Bronn or Jaime (pre-Hoat), but he's on his way to getting there
  10. Welcome :D
  11. When my father died TPB regularly visits the reddit asoiaf sub?
  12. I really disliked the paranoid chapters of Cersei. And yeah, i agree that this is the most boring book of them all. I read the rest of the books in a week or two each, but I've been reading this one for two months now, and I'm still only halfway through. My favourite PoVs were Samwell(braavos chap), Areo Hotah, Jaime (especially when he goes to Riverrun), and Sansa. Loving the way LF is revealed :D
  13. Yomi is a cool username :o
  14. Bump
  15. Welcome to the forums :D