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  1. And the heads of his uncles were should they be ? Robert would be king thanks to his uncle and Jon arryn so where would their head be laid ? Nor I think he would be able to achieve half the things you claim he would actually. Jon wouldn't have to fight, unlike what you might think there are many ways to deal with problems without warring, and Jon wouldn't raised an army against his foster son for the sake of Hoster Tully, he would either try to appease both party with Hoster or just stand aside. Besides Brandon Stark would have to explain why he suddenly wants a Targaryien as a King when he conpletely hated them before the war. I doubt his hypocrisy would pass among the Lords. North can do whatever they want with Jon (Snow) but he has no claim on the throne since Robert killed Rhaegar and the Houses Lannister, Arryn, Tully and Tyrells bent the knee. Brandon Stark can be as envious as he wants and endangered his nephew's life by jealousy that's his own problem. When war will come out if it ever comes out he will get smashed by Robert's hammer like the losers he was. Martells didn't follow the Targaryen willingly they were blackmailed by Aerys with the lives of Elia and her childrens. If they truly want a Targaryen on the throne, they will chose Viserys and try to have him marry to Arianne. They will certainly not help the Starks to take what they lost because of them. Actually the most likely end game of that fanfiction would be the end of the the Iron Throne and the return to 7 Kingdoms as it was before the conquest of Aegon I.
  2. Firstly Robert isn't married to the Lannisters and you will excuse me if I find laugable the idea Jon Arryn will side with the Stark against Robert because he happened to be tied with 'an unwilling already deflowered girl' he barely know... Yeah sure he will side against Robert for her sake. Secondly Robert never asked for the children's death even though he was secretly glad it happened, don't see why it would be any different with the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna. Despite his hatred for the child he knew how despicable the action would be. Now I don't know how it changes your scenario but the thing is clear Brandon is the one pushing for a war instead of trying to appease the realm so let's see who won't fight for him after learning the truth behind it. The Lannisters wouldn't they have nothing to win, quite the contrary actually. The Tully would rather try to appease rather than fighting a war they could easily avoid, besides they don't have all the Riverland lords with them which could end very badly for them. Jon wouldn't betray Robert and fight another war for that greedy backstabber bloodlust. Dorne is a non-factor here, they will certainly not fight for that child who is the proof of Rhaegar's humiliation of Elia and Dorne. Besides the Starks sounds like backstabber that planned it all since the beginning. The Tyrell don't have anything to win by fighting for the Stark, if they wanted a Targaryien King, they could have it with Viserys. In all case all of this is fanfiction since I don't see Brandon or the North fighting a war for the Iron Throne so yeah no war and Robert is still the King. You should accept the story as it is.
  3. Rhaegar is the one living close enough to Aerys to witness of his mandness and his inability to rule, he is the one who is in a tense relationship with his father and the most likely at risk at the time of the tourney of Harrenhall. Besides Aerys wasn't his priority since he thought it was a good idea to run off with Lyanna before even ending what he had begun, dealing with his father.
  4. Another fanfiction thread in which the all world from the North to Dorne is supposed to hate Robert... Ok, so this is basically the story of overly ambitious men who fought to dethrone the Targaryiens along sides families Baratheons, Arryns (and later Lannisters) killing in the process Aerys, Rhaegar and his children with his wife, forcing the young prince Viserys (who by all appearance should have been king) and baby Daenerys to leave their homeland until the moment they find out -the prince they hated so much- had a illegitimate child conveniently bearing Starks' blood and decide that they don't care anymore if his only legitimity on the throne is his Targaryen's blood that they wiped out few days earlier. The level of treachery is strong here but I wonder what is the most funny, the idea that people actually believe any lords would listen to the North after this or the idea that northerners would be shameless enough to pull such a disgraceful action.
  5. No need to rewrite the story, Rhaegar didn't do anything to remove Aerys, actually he only made the situation worse. Intents doesn't equal actions. As for the others lords, I fail to see how they could have acted in any way without a strong alliance covering them such as the STAB (which might have been the purpose of all those betrothals).
  6. When you think most of those informations were free for the last four years...
  7. Well I think you know the answer, it allowed him to protect Lyanna's honour (per se House Stark's honour) because her being the poor kidnapped lady sounded better than the wild daughter who broked her betrothal to ran off with a married man causing de facto the deaths of thousands. Besides, why would Ned try to protect Rhaegar's honour ? It's not as though Rhaegar ever cared about how Ned's family honour tarnished once the affair would be exposed.
  8. Firstly I never said, I consider it to be true, I just couldn't understand Lord Varys reasoning. Now to respond to your question Aerys might have not trusted Dayne and Whent to be close to him and leave them under Rhaegar's command until the end of the war. The other possibility would be that they outright chose to obey Rhaegar over Aerys.
  9. So you think he would take the risk to have them roasted like Lord Rickard ?
  10. I like to read your analysis through passages from Jon but reading your post I was thinking, wouldn't Rhaegar be worried the rebels would be a danger for Lyanna the same way Magnar and the Wildlings might have been one for Ygritte despite being her owns ? All of this confirming his idea that the he and Lyanna couldn't expect to be welcomed anywhere in the warring Seven Kingdoms.
  11. Actually it's been a long time Snape is just marketing character used in the prospect of fan pandering. You just have to look at how the moviemakers twisted 'the Prince's tale' emphasizing scenes that portray him as a poor pick-up martyr and erasing anything that portray him in a bad light. So anyone wondering about why Snape was alive completely out of character should stop making itself a headache with the numerous inconsistencies behind that character and just accept the fact he is there only for fanservice.
  12. Tywin can feel as insulted as he wants, Robert is his King now, and he has no one to go cry after now he treacherously had Elia and the kids murdered. Besides doing the right thing no matter the consequences, isn't it what Baelor actually did ? Standing for a nobody like Duncan against his nephew and offending his brother wasn't a scandal ? Robert was always partial person and morally coward, that's why even years later as a King he had Sansa's wolf executed while he knew just like everyone else that his son was lying. He is nothing like Baelor and the Arya/Joffrey scene should be enough to prevent anyone to draw a parallel. Well it seems you can't (conveniently don't want to) see the difference between between helpless babies being savagely murdered alongsides their mother and two kids sadly fighting and dying on the battlefield alongside their father so I guess I'll stop here. By the way you seem more interested into "winning a duel" rather than having a good debate so rest assured, I don't intend to read your response, this is definitely not worth my time.
  13. That's not standing for the weak or what is right, that is being generous. What I'm asking you is that one time where Robert defended the 'weak' despite title or anything, that time his sense of justice caused a scandal but he didn't care because he acted for the good. Elia and the kids are a good example of Robert partiality, they were already dead and he was the king, no one could have opposed him had he chosen to execute the Mountain.
  14. And I never said he did, read me carefully. We don't if that's true or not, what we know is that their storie shares are a lot of similarities the twins' one besides if the Lannisters happens to win the war what we know about them will only be "rumours". The Kingsguard are obeying the King nothing else, everyone know it, that's why Daemon Blackfyre protected Gwyane Corbray corpse after their battle, because there was no enmity between them.
  15. This is it, Robert spared a man who fought nobly but he is to take your words someone who "was willing to fight for what they thought that was right." I suppose he thought it was right to have Elia and her children savagely murdered since he didn't want to punish the culprits.