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  1. I have no strong feelings about Jon/ Dany either pro or con, but I don't get these arguments at all. Nothing in common? apart from both being young and fairly attractive, they have had similar arcs of abandonment (he: bastard of the family, she: orphanized and exiled, sold into slavery), of surviving hostile environments and finally, of ruling. Jon cares for the wildlings, Dany for the slaves. Like it or not, D&D went out of their way to show these parallels so much that I found it insulting to my intelligence. Hell, they even both felt they had to carry out/ order a controversial execution... That doesn't mean I necessarily assumed they would become lovers (it might have been just as inteesting had they become enemies, both being sort of well-meaning, feeling they fought for the good cause, and being so similar), just that they have a lot in common; different tempers (borderline depressive vs slightly unhinged... er, I meant brooding vs passionate) notwithstanding. I do agree that her dumping Daario so abruptly felt a bit strange. I thought she did care for him, but never assumed it was "true love".
  2. Thank you! I must have missed this...
  3. Where is this reference of "three major twists" from? D & D interviews?
  4. Der Postillon is a satirical site (think The Onion, just unsualyl not quite as good.) ETA: Someone beat me to it. ETA: The article is quite amusing, though.
  5. I was completely unspoled to the books when the Talisa story unfolded, and I assure you it came across as very anachronistic and ... just strange. I kept thinking that either she was a Lannister spy, or that after her death, her rich and influential Essos family would surely inquire/ exact revenge. (Maybe join Dany's course, volantis seemed to be an important city...) Then that love story would still have been strange, but at least there was a purpose to it (other than getting them killed and escalating the war fot the IT). When I later posted about it (wondering why we didn't hear from them), I was accused of honeypotting! So at least with me, it didn't work well. As to Breaking Bad, I haven't watched it, but I agree that outstanding writers can get away with anything. Because they do it well. Mediocre authors should not try to accomodate actors or even characters they like by trying to fit the story to them...
  6. I just read a political blog where they think McCain's behavior signals the Republicans are closing ranks...
  7. DT is not tweeting. Liar, liar! #Sad
  8. (Show-only person here) - I used to believe that the direwolves would play a large role; they were in one of the the very first scenes of the show after all, plus there was magically one puppy for each Stark/ish kid... - I used to believe that Talisa's rich parents from Volantis would surely investigate/ exact revenge/ play a role in upcoming events (maybe join Dany's cause); after all, Volantis seemed to be an important place, plus what would have been the point of Talisa? - I used to belive Dorne was an interesting, culturally rich, fun place to be, because Oberyn. - that there was some internal logic to the Faceless Men and some secret agenda of Jacquen (i.e. he didn't run into Arya by chance; that might still be revealed, I guess) - that Jaime would seriously regret pushing a child out a window and murdering a relative and get a real redemption arc - that Loras was a brave night with more character traits than just "gay"... - that Dany would learn about other forms of government (than feudalism) and later try to apply it in Westeros - that Dany and Missandei would be having, well, a thing... - I, too, believed the Others would have a culture (what with the dead animal art) and that they would be more grey - that people rising from the dead would be thoroughly changed I'm sure there was more but can't remember right now.
  9. Merkel called Trump's withdrawal from Paris "regrettable... and I'm putting it mildly." For her, that's practically a cry of outrage while swinging a baseball bat. However, I'm very sure that Europe will not react in any form of real punishment towards the US. China, I have no idea. But Europe can't even agree on a common refugee policy. And the day Merkel does anything that could be regarded as "anti American" is the day hell freezes over. Which it won't, 'cause climate change. @King Ned Stark: The Paris Agreement is already a very low common denominator ktype of thing, so I hope they will not renegotiate to water it down even further.
  10. He got the promise that European countries would increase military spending. (I won't get into this discussion, just mention that other countries pay a lot for the results of American military interventions already...) Back to climate change... Trump vs Earth: WIN! Awesome!
  11. From my understanding (according to reports), he was pushy and very unfriendly during the NATO summit. (He also got what he wanted without giving anything - which I blame more on Merkel et al than on him - , then insulted "The Germans"...) He's also expected to distance himself from the climate treaty (or has he already?). It has also been suggested (in talk shows and such) that DT is trying to deflect attention from Russia etc. I'm sure the satire/ political parody shows will have a field day with him, but then they always do and it's hard to top reality... ETA: Or what @theguyfromtheVale said.
  12. Re: The trailer... I wonder if The Totally Lesbian Kiss (will Yara be kissing Ellaria's lips off?) will be a murder attack a la Myrcella... Or maybe even a mutual suicide thing (in the face of defeat or in captivity)...
  13. For a bit of childish glee... Macron greeting Trump at the NATO summit: https://twitter.com/EmmanuelMacron/status/867807337364500480/video/1
  14. Sorry, wrong thread!
  15. And I'm sure Indira Varma was happy to play such a well-conceived, complex, rich, organically evolving character... What a showcase of her talent!