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  1. And I'm sure Indira Varma was happy to play such a well-conceived, complex, rich, organically evolving character... What a showcase of her talent!
  2. Jo498 and Notone pretty much summed up the current political situation. I've pretty much given up to see any decent politics in my lifetime, but I'd have appreciated at least a bit of suspense for the Bundestag elections... Of course, with Schulz, everyone already knows the emperor has no clothes, after all, so... yawn. Anyway, I just wanted to post a nice little tidbit about the AfD which, I think, has not been covered: A couple of weeks ago, they elected two party leaders. One, well-known, old, right-wing even for AfD standards. The second, until-now lesser known leader of this nationalist and homophobic party is a lesbian. Who lives with a non-German. Raising children. Abroad. Oh, and she's even more right-wing! >>(the actually unemployed and poor) hardly vote at all, it seems open if they would even bother even in such a case. These non-voters might be sunk to deep into depression, videogames, some other stupor to care. Yeah, who could have guessed? You create a precariate and only 20 years later, they just don't care anymore...
  3. Congrats - not necessarily for getting Macron, but for not getting Le Pen (yet)!
  4. Wow, the debate was ugly. Worse than Trump/ Clinton. LePen worse than Trump. Or maybe my perception was coloured by watching it with simultaious tranlation, which is always stressful (too many voices)... Those two journalists were a bit overtaxed with trying to reign them in...
  5. So DT is now really optimistic he'll solve the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict. Whew, good thing that'll be out of the way soon. i always thought it should be a piece of cake.
  6. Also, former FN members claim that Le Pen's abandoning blatantly racist, particularly anti-semitic positions is just for show. They can still hold and discuss these positions among themselves, but have clear instructions to never do it in public.
  7. Serdan at his best, as usual! I agree it's disturbing. Also, Erdowie- er, Erdogan has really been riling them up against Germany, with his nazi accusations and suggestions like his "have 5 kids each of you to fight them from within!" comment... But I've generally made my peace with the fact that democracy is SO last century, so ...whatever.
  8. Well, he has already basically called the Dutch and the Germans nazis, so it's interesting to see if he can come up with anything worse...
  9. I think it's definitely time to be horrified, particularly wrt social life in Germany...
  10. Looks like Erdogan won, i.e. the majority voted "yes" by a narrow margin. Considering that any critical press has been silenced, many journalists or dissenters imprisoned or fled, Erdogan non-stop on state tv (and giving up to 3 speeches a day), it's certainly not a landslide victory, but still... The final numbers are not out yet.
  11. There is at this moment a press conference of the German government. Germany is a-okay with the bombings. Journalists keep asking whether it is really clear that Assad is responsible for the chemical attack; the speakers keep answering that Assad did it in the past, so...
  12. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Very good idea, please do! I'm sure there are other crafty people who would collaborate. The FAQ could also point out the contradictions of these repetitive questions... I mean, there are some trolls coming back again and again to this thread (not alluding to recent posters, mind you), so I'd beg to ask: If this thread bothers you so much, why do you come back to it? Which is also a nice answer to the question of why we are watching the show...
  14. Wow. He refused to do the handshake with Merkel for the press. What a classless a..
  15. http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2017/03/05/longtime_trump_adviser_roger_stone_calls_critic_a_stupid_ignorant_ugly_bitch.html?utm_content=inf_10_2641_2&wpsrc=socialedge&tse_id=INF_020ca1f0022411e7a22fa5876bd4fd44 Not judging, but...