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  1. Why are there two R'n'R threads?
  2. >> I am sick an tired of Dany's million mile long stream of titles. Well, half of the dialogue writes itself that way! Some of the anachronisms that stood out for me: - handshake scene at the beach - "Do I have my facts wrong?" - "she's not about..." The exchange Dany - Jon was painful. The WW are real! The NKis real! Uhm, Jon, maybe a little elaboration would be in order. From Dany's pov, her not insisting on Braveheart Snow bending the knee (let alone giving him dragonglass) makes no sense. But of course, she trusts St Tyrion, who's a good judge of character, particularly with someone he met years ago. Actually, all the dialogue and monologue is bad now. Well-written and well-acted dialogue can be more riveting than any action scene; but most of these people just seem very chatty now. Here, foreign lord who will not bend the knee, let me tell you about my children and that I'm barren! My queen, before telling you our strategy for Casterly Rock, let me tell you about my father issues in great detail! Hey, stupid Dorne queen who killed my daughter, let me give a lengthy villain monologue like in the comic books, to spell it all out to you! And so on... D&D really ARE obsessed with "fingers in the bum", aren't they? TMI, Cersei. No one cares about your breastfeeding habits. Cersei's hairstyle is spreading; her new female minion (who was that?) has it, too! Bran about Sansa's wedding night... As sensitive as a sledgehammer. How about, "I saw how you betrayed Jon's trust, sending a ravengram to LF, killing Rickon!" Oh well. Nevermind. But something a little less personal and creepy? Dear Gods, Tyrion, it's a war council. Nobody wants your whole backstory. Just say, "There's a secret sewer system we can use", and get a therapist!
  3. Easy. They thought: "oooh, girl-on-girl action!" and of the 13-yo male demographic.
  4. Perfect.
  5. I didn't have the time to post my random thoughts earlier. I'm sure everything has been said by others, and better, but a girl needs to rant anyway. Dany questioning Varys: It's ridiculous that this conversation didn't take place BEFORE she accepted Varys' service. And he didn't answer the question about Viserys, instead he gave this monologue, which apparently satisfied her. Too dumb for words. Those first 13 minutes of cheesy dialogue (Dany/ Varys/ Tyrion/ Mel) were very painful to watch. And it didn't get much better. Grrrl power: Go to Westeros without any kind of war strategy. then have St Tyrion tell you what to do and parrot what he says. Hmmm, Casterly Rock must be taken because it's been the seat of Lannister power... I see. Surely a much better plan than to quickly conquer the capital, get rid of the usurper queen who blew up the vatican that all the peole loved and charm the commonfolk by being a nicer queen than Cersei (easy task), plus dragons. Poor Olenna. But then she probably doesn't care anymore. Sandra's objections against Jon instantly went out the window when Jon left business to her for the time of his absence. That was hilarious. LF is long past his expiration date. Why exactly is he talking to Jon right before he leaves and will conveniently be out of the way? Liked Nymeria, great acting by Maisie (and the wolf). But do direwolves roar like lions? The Arya/ Hot Pie reunion was very disappointing. One short sandworms scene ("Maamaa!") and I want them dead. So, nothing new. Thank you, anachronistic-looking pirate wannabe, for taking out two2 of them. speaking of... Grrrl power 2: Make out with another girl when you should be preparing for battle. Have no crew watch your back, no outlook. Also, make out in front of man, because lesbianism for men is awesome. Gods, I love me some feminism. Ellaria to Yara: Hey, you must visit Dorne some day. Great booze, only about 20 subjects, but lots of fucking and fighting, and everyone is a-okay with kin/g/slaying these days. Speaking of fucking, may I f--- your tits off? Ah, sooo empowered. So the maesters at the Citadel have been able to cure Greyscale all along, they just didn't feel like doing it? And nobody knew and made a riot? Then how did Jorah know? And what is the point, dramatically, for this whole Jorah/ Greyscale plot?
  6. As for my original post, yes, it's about the low quality and viewers not caring or not noticing, butimho also about the way all those atrocities are depicted for cheap thrills, and the messages they convey with it. (Because D&D may believe they have no themes and stuff, but they do: Revenge is cool, Evul bastards are just soooo wonderfully evil, honor gets you killed, a really immature attitude to sex and nudity, confusion of sexual violence with sex and much, more). It's just entertainment; but I also think that the kind of entertainment we enjoy is indicative of the state of a society. Of course there are many other indicators, like whom we elect for government, whom we admire for what, and last but not least how we behave in real life... Dang, my keyboard is acting up.
  7. No, you are not. This phenomenon of catering to the lowest denominator and so many people sucking it up makes me wonder if humanity deserves to be annihilated.
  8. Then who came back for sweeping on a regular basis until Dany arrived?
  9. Brienne: Why is he still here?
  10. My biggest disappointment is Sam discovering what he already knew, with no explanation other than "Oh yeah, I've been told before, but..." Dear D&D, mentioning that it is a plot contrivance does not make it less of a plot contrivance. No cigar. I don't think Arya murdering the Frey men for revenge should be a fist-pumping moment, but I do believe D&D were going for that. And according to that freefolk poster who watched the first episode in advance, it worked for him... >> How did she logistically get poison into every single drop of wine at the feast, yet manage to avoid any collateral damage whatsoever in the form of wives, servants or cooks swilling some of it out the back? Yes, I was wondering, too... A horsewoman can approach the Lannister soldiers without anyone noticing, getting so close she could easily have killed one or two before they even grabbed their swords? Okay. "Are you old enough to drink?" Dude, in the Miiddle Ages they gave gin to babies to keep them quiet. Everyone drank alcohol because the water was often contaminated. No-one would ask a teenage person that. Dragonstone: Dany & Co. in the boat, must be some very silent seas where nobody moves even the slightest bit... not the slightest shaking of the little boat that has to be balanced... Might be nitpicking, but stuff like that always takes me out of a scene. And the castle being deserted, not even a dog or lifestock left behind, no mess after a hasty retreat?! Or if it had been deserted for years, it would still not look that clean. >>At least Emilia's one facial expression and monotone voice was appropriate for her scene tonight. God help her if she has to look surprised, angry or aroused this season though. LOL. So true. About women joing the fight... I seem to vaguely remember it occasionally happened, but maybe I'm wrong. And I'm willing to cut Jon some slack as he has seen Wildling women fight alongside their men, so he might really have that idea. But it would have been more realistic if he just asked any girl/ woman who was willing and capable to arms, not everyone between ages 10 and 60... I'll take Lyanna over Olly anytime, but yeah, they're overdoing it. Very much. Sansa: You're super at ruling, Jon. Oh, you're totally dumb, btw. Huh? Sansa: Listen to my valuable advice! Like last season when you complained they didn't listen to you, then they asked for your advice and you had none to give? Whatev. (The funny thing is that I actually don't disagree with her on the traitor kids, I think that within this system there should be some kind of symbolical punishment or probation. The whole point is that everyone thinks dynastically.) Oh well, i could go on and on, but what's the point, really...
  11. Just a quick first note before I read up on this thread: The anachronistic costumes of some characters are really throwing me now, have been for a while. Now Euron's looks and posture before Cersei seem like straight out of a mildly modern West Side Story production...
  12. It just seems so forced to me, particularly the first half or so... As if she really, really didn't want to do this. Admittedly I haven't seen/ heard May speak many times, so maybe I'm wrong.
  13. I just came across this: Prime Minister May's London Pride address, wishing the participants a slow, horrible death or a lovely day or something... seriously, don't watch this if you are emotionally unstable, it just might tip you over to the dark side!
  14. About the Trump/ Putin meeting: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/07/07/trump-handed-putin-a-stunning-victory-215353