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  1. I know, I saw it on the news and it was even more disturbing than reading about this horrible suggestion...
  2. Well, well. No. 1 - Free Deniz - check. (And of course I'm happy for him.) https://www.welt.de/politik/ausland/article173644774/WELT-Korrespondent-Deniz-Yuecel-kommt-frei.html http://taz.de/Deniz-Yuecel-kommt-frei-Troeoet/!5485238/ No. 2 - Siggy beating his manly heroic chest - check. (NOT happy about that.) Anyone taking bets regarding his political future? Yilderim and Merkel yesterday, valiantly fighting a terrorist attack that displayed photographs: http://taz.de/Tuerkischer-Ministerpraesident-in-Berlin/!5485092/ ETA: http://taz.de/Nach-der-Freilassung-von-Deniz-Yuecel/!5485304/ Gabriels großer Auftritt Eigentlich wird Sigmar Gabriels Anwesenheit dieser Tage in München vorausgesetzt. Als geschäftsführender Bundesaußenminister soll der SPD-Politiker auf der Sicherheitskonferenz mit internationalen Spitzenpolitiker*innen die angespannte Weltlage diskutieren. Doch nach einem kurzen Auftritt vor dem Bayerischen Hof am Mittag, verließ Gabriel München schon wieder – und düste zurück nach Berlin. Die Nachricht des Tages, Deniz Yücels Freilassung, die wollte er in der Hauptstadt erleben. Oder vielmehr: dort inszenieren. Im sogenannten Newsroom der Zeitung Die WELT, für die Deniz Yücel als Türkei-Korrespondent bis zu seiner Inhaftierung tätig war, kam Gabriels Rolle bei Yücels Freilassung besser zur Geltung. Denn sie ist, wie er klarmachte, allen voran ein Erfolg für ihn.
  3. LOL. That'd be fun. However, I think Gabriel will manage to keep his post. The way he managed to kick out Schulz was backstabbing, he even used his little daughter for it, and seems dumb at the surface (had he just kept quiet for a few days, the parody shows were doing the job just fine), but while he is many, many things, he is not stupid. So now the base is as angry at him as it is with Schulz, but what if he managed to prove in a heroic act how great he is as a foreign minister? Yilderim has been making noises about Deniz Yücel maybe getting free soon. (Of coursde he doesn't know because Turkey is a democratic state and the courts are totally independent.) Gabriel is best buddies with Erdogan (and Schröder, who might help out. He knows his way around pure democrats like Putin.) Voilà - Siggy saves Yücel, with whatever dirty deal (official or not)! The base might forgive him and celebrate him.
  4. Six and a half reasons why Sigmar Gabriel should remain (maybe not entirely serious): http://taz.de/Plaedoyer-fuer-Sigmar-Gabriel/!5484140/ They forgot his peace-making abilities and true internationalism, what with our tanks and guns being everywhere...
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/feb/11/merkel-defends-painful-compromises-that-kept-her-in-power Angela Merkel has defended “painful” concessions she made to the Social Democrats (SPD) to win a fourth term as German chancellor and said criticism from conservatives was not a sign her authority was waning. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/feb/10/germany-politics-kevin-kuhnert-student-angela-merkel-spd-grand-coalition Kevin Kühnert, a 28-year-old student from Berlin who heads the youth wing of the Social Democrats, is the most talked-about politician in Germany. If he succeeds in his plan to scotch the idea of a Grand Coalition, the fragile construct agreed on last week by Merkel’s conservatives and the left-of-centre SPD, he will simply be the man who turned German politics upside down. (Spoiler: He won't succeed. And yes, he will become like Gerhard Schröder... they all do, after their little leftist stint with the youth organisation.)
  6. Agreed. That said, I think with their latest antics, that party is dead in the water. And I, for one, will not be sad. Schulz, Nahles, Gabriel... No, thanks. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/feb/09/martin-schulz-abandons-ambitions-germany-foreign-minister
  7. Oh sorry, I have the flu, which makes me dense and cranky. I agree with your assessment. ETA: I had missed last week's "Extra3", it's quite good: https://daserste.ndr.de/extra3/Extra-3-vom-01022018,extra14064.html
  8. No, one has not.
  9. Of course, a few months ago, Schulz definitely promised never to become a minister under Merkel... Oh well. I guess he knows he's an embarassment anyway, so it doesn't mattera nymore. As to Scholz... Yeah, because G20 was such a success... https://www.politico.eu/article/holding-story-5-takewaways-on-german-coalition-deal/ Germany’s conservatives and Social Democrats agreed to renew their “grand coalition” after weeks of marathon — and often contentious — talks. So why is no one breaking out the champagne?
  10. This argument could have stopped after "yeah, infant-mortality, but what's a child's life compared to FREEDOM". Freedom, of course, always being directly proportional to one's wealth, but that's the correct definiton of freedom anyway, right?
  11. https://www.politico.com/story/2018/01/31/trump-state-of-the-union-reality-380145 “You can say yes, but for the tweets and calling Haiti a shithole and being insensitive after Charlottesville and after attacking civil servants on a Twitter account and after completely conflating his private financial interests with policy making in the White House, if all those things were off the table, yes maybe he could have had a successful presidency,” said Tim O’Brien, (...) https://www.politico.com/interactives/2018/sotu-commentary/ President Donald Trump’s State of the Union agenda has two things working against it: Congress and time. https://www.politico.com/interactives/2018/trump-state-of-the-union-2018-transcript-analysis/?lo=ap_a1 full transcript and fact checks
  12. That may be true; but we store information in computers, clouds, and libraries. And access to this information would make much of a difference. To think how much knowledge got lost during both the Dark Ages that we know of... medical, scientific, engineering... But this has nothing to do with the memory capacity of our brains. In fact, it could be argued that has decreased with our seemingly unlimited access to information (why store it in my brain when I can google it anytime?). Which, of course, does not mean we are born with lesser brains than our ancestors, just that we use them in different ways. A stone age person used their memory and their problem-solving capacity very effectively for, say, finding resources, sewing fur clothes against the cold (INVENTING the needle, btw), raising your child so it would survive, making tools, hunting techniques, making art with primitive tools, etc. ETA: Of course we memorize aLOT of things in our brains from early childhood, too -- just like our ancestors, just different stuff.
  13. Do you have a link to support this claim? AFAIK, our brains are basically the same as those of the medieval people, or the people during the Bronze age collapse, or even those living in the stone age. Of course our knowledge, even of less educated people, has grown immensely.
  14. Why should anything be unflattering to his followers? Also, he'll find a doctor who will attest to the fact that he is the most virile, beautiful, sexually inventive man who ever graced the earth. At the same time, Trumpists will loudly show their support, for God only intended one way to have sex. Nobody will notice the contradiction.
  15. Isn't that the whole point of his posts, though? People have kept trying and trying, for many incarnations of this thread.