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  1. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    Wow. He refused to do the handshake with Merkel for the press. What a classless a..
  2. US Politics: Lock Him Up!

    http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2017/03/05/longtime_trump_adviser_roger_stone_calls_critic_a_stupid_ignorant_ugly_bitch.html?utm_content=inf_10_2641_2&wpsrc=socialedge&tse_id=INF_020ca1f0022411e7a22fa5876bd4fd44 Not judging, but...
  3. US Politics: Lock Him Up!

    As long as Trump himself doesn't correct his accusations, will Trumpers still believe him?
  4. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    You just beat me to it. Although I was just gonna write, Oh God, now he wants more nuclear weapons... O God, oh God, oh God. Something about it being a good business, or whatever.
  5. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    Well, that explains it! (I mean, I love the contest, call it Stockholm syndrome, but the so-called music is a bit jarring.) I kind of hope they'll make a new, updated "Sweden Second" video, including Trump's mention on the rally, the Euroviision song contest, plus the moose incident.
  6. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    You have got to be kidding. Even if we ignore the big 12-year-sized elephant in the 20th ecntury room, while Europe does not have this tradition of recent slavery and the segregation laws that came afterwards, there is a long history of segregating/ persecuting/ even killing jews. Not to mention the very long tradition of discrimination/ segregation of women.
  7. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-39018096 Before Air Force One landed, President Trump came to the back of the aeroplane. He shook our hands and told us we'd see "a fantastic crowd of people" at the rally. He was warm and friendly to us on the aeroplane but things changed at the rally. Standing on stage, he said reporters "are part of the corrupt system". When he attacked the media, people in the audience screamed their support. I sat with other journalists in an area that was surrounded by metal gates. At times the animosity towards the media felt personal: my colleague was taking photos, and one man held his hand in front of her lens. As we left the hangar, another man said to us: "Goodbye, lying media."
  8. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    Yep. If I remember correctly, this goes back to the marxist/ maoist theory of Hauptwiderspruch vs Nebenwiderspruch (principal contradiction vs ... I don't know the proper English term). ETA: Which was also a neat way to justify that male revolutionaries in the 60s did the thinking and rallying and cool fun things, while the female ones made them coffee or typed their speeches. Incidentally. And the modern women's lib movement (at least in Europe) came to be because women realized that that tiny little Nebenwiderspruch just didn't resolve itself.
  9. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    When have issues of social injustice ever "worked themselves out"?!
  10. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    This thread is called "Speculation, news, theories..." and that's what people do: speculate and theorize how cheesy or how awesome it's going to be. You, by referencing Jon's KITN scene, implicitly theorize that the story will probably just as awesome. Btw., I politely disagree. Jon's coronation, for me, was bad because he did not earn it. (For plausibility/ in-story reasons, not because I dislike Jon). I don't remember whether this was already stated in season 6 speculation threads or not, though.

    Mars Second.
  12. German politics xth attempt

    I'm too lazy to offer my general view, but I must agree wrt Wagenknecht (and Lafo). And I actually used to like the former. There was a talkshow on the topic of Trump (on Monday, I believe), and Lafontaine was there, and all he offered was basically... love and respect for DT. In his mind, Trump apparently really takes on the capital and such. Really strange. That really drove home the fact that these two (who seem to be one entity ever since they hooked up) must be removed. In my perception, Wagenknecht used to be a brilliant analyst of the current (and historical) political and economical situation, but she is getting more and more populist (in the bad sense) and nationalist.
  13. US Politics: Redefining National Security

    I know.
  14. US Politics: Redefining National Security

    You are right; sorry, I misread.
  15. US Politics: Redefining National Security

    Hopefully one of our UK friends will step in and tell us. to my limited understanding, Parliament would debate and decide whether or not she receives him. Oh, and I think she does not officially hold political opinions...