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  1. So the hound is Rory Mccann. Don't know much about him, but he looks like he fits the part.
  2. I'd rather Sandor NOT be Ray Stevenson. I don't want all the comparisons to be with Rome. I think the series needs to stand on its own, and I think bringing in actors from Rome would hinder the series more then help it. I don't want Sandor to make people think of Titus. He should be unique. Think how much people are saying they won't be able to see Bean as Ned because of a part he played in Lord of the Rings. He was on screen for maybe 1 hour in that movie. Contrast that to the screen time Stevenson has had as Titus Pullo.
  3. I guess I was thinking of when Jeyne said his father thought it was a pig when they delivered the boy. or something to that effect. I assumed the "they" was Sandor and company, but you're probably right. More likely, it was Ned and his men, or Robert's men. I doubt Robert would have taken the time, he would have left it to someone else. for some reason I was thinking Sandor did that dirty task too. He should have; if not that proves he's even that much more of a coward.
  4. Here are the Giant characters: am I missing any? What order should they go in? Gregor - 7'5" definitely the biggest - could be Conan Stevens, or a few other real life Giants like Paul Wight - none need to be great actors Sandor - 6'8" - I think, but I don't know where I got that. - Needs good acting Chops, I'm guessing Willig who's up and coming, and probably not to expensive. Drogo - supposed to be the largest man among thousands of Dothraki. - should have a more exotic look, Mongolian, or Asian maybe. Robert - 6'6" - probably undersized (cast wise). - already cast. Hodor - "half Giant," although that might be from more then his height. :) - doesn't need to be a great actor. Tormund Giantsbane Shagga Greatjon Umber - He's the older one? Smalljon Umber - He's the younger one but bigger then his father correct? And of course lots of Giants ridding Mammoths, but I'm guessing they'll be CGI.
  5. just to add one thing to this. I hope Conan Stevens isn't just hoping for Benioff and Weiss to give him a call. I hope he's actively pursuing it, and hope he's reading the books because from what I can tell from his website - he doesn't understand Gregor all that well.
  6. Yeah, there is something truly endearing about a man that can cut a little boy nearly in two and laugh about it as he hands his bloody corpse over to the boy's father.
  7. The Hound is going to be Matthew Willig from a recent interview: As for what lies ahead for Matthew, he is eager to find out where his acting journey will lead him next. “I don’t have anything written in stone. There is an HBO pilot coming up that I am very interested in. But there is nothing right now on my table that I am getting ready for next week,†he said. “Things have been coming across that hopefully in the next year or so will put me out there and make me a little more visible.â€
  8. I thought you were full of it. until I looked it up.
  9. When Jaime goes to Harrenhal on his way to Riverrun, he comes across Gregor's men. Gregor had fed part of Vargo Hoat to his prisoners, and to Hoat himself. Jaime learned about Sandor killing the men at the crossroads inn and thought to himself that both of his father's dogs had gone bad. Vargo's Nose and Ears had been slit off, along with his head. He thought of a story he was told as a child of: Mad Lady Loftston who bathed in tubs of blood and precided over feasts of human flesh - reference to the Lady of Blood: Countess Bathory who was also a cannibal and bathed in the blood of her virgin victims. [i]One enduring legend is that Erzsébet had slapped a servant girl one day, got blood on her hand, and after washing it off found that it made her skin look younger. Alchemists apparently assured her that this was a sign of her nobility, so to restore her waning beauty, she made a practice of bathing in virginal blood. These ideas were suggested in 1795 by Wagener, when he (as translated by Sabine Baring-Gould) wrote: "Elizabeth was wont to dress well in order to please her husband, and she spent half the day over her toilet. On one occasion, a lady's-maid saw something wrong in her head-dress, and as a recompense for observing it, received such a severe box on the ears that the blood gushed from her nose, and spurted on to her mistress's face. When the blood drops were washed off her face, her skin appeared much more beautiful—whiter and more transparent on the spots where the blood had been." Apparently, "Elizabeth formed the resolution to bathe her face and her whole body in human blood so as to enhance her beauty." Her accomplices, he said, would catch the blood in a tub so that Erzsébet could "bathe at the hour of four in the morning. After the bath she appeared more beautiful than before." [/i] I know this story from a [b][url=""]toy[/url][/b] I saw in a local Record Shop.
  10. In Feast for Crowns Arianne explains to Arys Oakheart that: House Toland of Ghost Hill's Sigil is a Dragon biting it's own tail. The dragon is time; it has no beginning, no ending. Could be another reference to The Wheel of Time. Aeis Sedai wear a ring with a snake biting it's own tail, that signifies Time without end.
  11. I ran a search and didn't see this one in there yet. Ser Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning who weilds Dawn is very similar to Robert Jordan's main character in his Wheel of Time Series, Rand Al'Thor, the Lord of the Morning, Prince of Dawn