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  1. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    @Kalbear Mimara looking at the NoGod with TJE is the trick. Recall the skin spy test. Only the ensouled can grasp paradox. So when Mimara forces God to see the NoGod, the sleeping God of Gods grasps Its first paradox, becomes ensouled and is created. @Sci-2 I like the parellelism of Moe going down the wrong path by becoming Cish. And Kel going down the wrong path by relying on the Logos to grasp the Absolute. The foreshadowing in TTT wasn't that Moe failed by becoming Cish, it was that Moe failed because he was Dunyain and with withered emotions.
  2. [Spoilers] EP605

    Glad you like it. It was said a few posts above mine and I was responding to that. And of course no one will say it post inside GoT where D&D confirm.
  3. [Spoilers] EP605

    Hodor! and you bookies are wrong if you think d&d invented that. That reeks of GRRM.
  4. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    Hold the door. Guard the gates
  5. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    The Pat chapter provides some confirmation that Akka is the father of the unborn baby. At least Minara thinks to the baby as if Akka is the father.
  6. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    I don't know. So the Inchies came to Earwa and splintered God in order to justify their extermination of Earwa's population? Maybe I'm misunderstanding your point. Maybe on some far away planet the creation of the Inverse Fire splintered God while simultaneously showing the Inchoroi they are dammed? That I can see. Separately, maybe Mimara looks holy in the TJE because that's God's vision turned on itself. What else would God see in a mirror?
  7. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    Sure doesn't bode well for dragons and chorae. On the bright side, no further need to speculate on it.
  8. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    MSJ, don't forget when Mimara looked at the chorae with TJE she first saw and experienced damnation before that fell away as the "false foil" it is. What you see in the Outside as Kellhus isn't the truth so much as the last layer of the onion that needs peeled.
  9. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    The above shows Kel has been here at least three times. He says he's never been here. The most crocadilian Son says Kel said that very thing. That implies one other time. But it implies during that other time that they had the same conversation where Kel also said he hadn't been there before, implying a third time he had been there. You can almost infer a recursive process where Kel had been there infinite times having the same conversation. Bizarre. Maybe it has to do with how the Sons see Time. Like the white luck warrior? Are the Other Sons the Inchoroi? "drinking from bowls that are skies, savouring the moaning broth of the Countless, bloating for the sake of bloat, slaking hungers like chasms, pits that eternity had rendered Holy ..." Description fits I think. And the location fits. The Other Sons are where Kel is sitting, where "he has always hidden" and where the head in the pole is anchoring him. In other words in Earwa.
  10. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    Classic Bakker to not have blogged forever when a bunch of preview material is out and it would be the perfect time to get some good PR.
  11. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    Becaus there is one more layer of the onion left to peel. You think it Truth that men are just bread and tasty damnation treats. But it's not so. Mimara saw through the chorae the false foil of damnation fall away and felt the truth of the love and peace of God. Can I get an Amen?
  12. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    I posted about this once but can't find now. Basically my thoughts were that chorae introduce a contradiction that destroys sorcery. Mimara supercharges a chorae with TJE such that it's a contradiction that destroys the Outside leaking into Earwa thorugh a topoi. We know that the gods can't see the NoGod. And we know that TJE is the vision of God. So having TJE view the NoGod would create a contradiction that destroys [fill in the blank]. Didn't make the connection with WHAT DO YOU SEE? I like that.
  13. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    Yes. Remember TDTCB prologue: inchies say there are no crimes if there are no men Dunyain say there are no crimes if there is no deceit Mimara will say there are no crimes if there is no desire Book of Fane quote from preview chapter tied it all together. God said let there be desire and deceit.
  14. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    Crap I think my whale mother explanation has legs. Remember Earwa is the world that works basically like the ancients think it works.
  15. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    Whale mother theory that don't love but just thought of. Genetics isn't the right way to analyze this. It's about the soul and coming close to the Absolute for the souls through selective breeding. For men that means smarter, faster, stronger, taller, etc. For women that means better yielding to the needs of the man's soul so becoming better breeders.