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  1. I'm not going to use spoiler quotes since X-ray made this a spoiler thread. SO BEWARE: SPOILERS MAY FOLLOW. Plesz, I agree it works thematically. On a plot level, though when the protagonist gets together a posse the reader has an expectation that the posse will accomplish something meaningful towards the climax. So I had those expectations for the stills in the party that were never met. Like Chekhov' gun never fired. It wasn't a big deal for me at all, just something that could have been more satisfying if the posse had been utilized. Similarly, I didn't understand why Steel and her stone people didn't continue the attack at CorePoint. There was clearly an underground battle during the travel there, but why did it stop after that?
  2. Or more pointedly, 'Will we ever get another series where the seasons work like they do in Westeros?'
  3. The Inverse Fire. He reflects us all back at us.
  4. Why does it have to be based on planetary dynamics? Could be that the heart of winter that Bran sees in that one dream has Power of Winter within X mile radius. And every so often the heart of winter travels south closer to the wall so that swaths of Westeros fall within the radius? I mean at some level of the onion it has to become hand wavy magic. Even for real life physics (e.g., why is the Standard Model correct? For some handwavy reason).
  5. I finished Stone Sky last night. @Werthead or @Xray the Enforcer can we convert this thread into a spoiler thread for the final installment (or maybe wait a couple of weeks first)? I really loved the concluding volume overall. Though not perfect I think it concluded an excellent trilogy in the right way A few thoughts in spoilers:
  6. Don't mind DRII. He's our Sesame Street's Oscar the Grouch, but we love him for it.
  7. Leviticus 11:23. Well played.
  8. I haven't looked at it, but I saw some recent posts in the TV section about there being new theories on YouTube about it. Something about the destruction of a moon during an eclipse. Believe the poster was @LmL That is the sum of my knowledge.
  9. That sounds about right pre reading the Bakker AMA.
  10. The Madness quote was that Kellhus is dead but not done.
  11. That which comes after determines that which comes before "suggests a Means by which a wizard did it." And Bakker said he wants people to engage in what that paradox means, and you quote him saying this. The fact you do not find it engaging so are groping for a different explanation is . . . interesting.
  12. Quoting this just to post that the conclusion of the trilogy that started with The Incorruptibles was just released: Infernal Machines. Good series overall. Also NK Jemisin's new book dropped today. Have just started it and very happy to be back in this world.
  13. Because there is no proposed mechanism between two-souled and No God other than "a wizard did it." And it breaks down in that the previous No God (System Initiation) was not two souled, his father was. And it's inconsistent with statements made by the author at the AMA. And. And. And.
  14. It would have the benefit of providing a rationale for Mimara to be at Golgotterath. I guess?
  15. He did. But souls exist in Earwa so . . .