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  1. Vegas has it at 33.3% to 66.7%.
  2. Well there was an in book explanation that Amos’s trigger was inability to access the ship so Clarissa wouldn’t be able to die there with her family. It was the only thing he let himself “need” and was denied him. Either that’s a believable explanation to you or not, YMMV, but it’s not something that came up in the prior 30 years and Amos never let himself “need” anything else. If you postulate that the prior 30 years were sort of routine and ordinary course for the crew of Roci, then there also wouldn’t be many opportunities for Holden or Amos to be in situations where they might kill each other.
  3. Loved the book and the setup for a big conclusion to the series. I agree the 30 year gap didn’t have characters change much. It didn’t bother me too much though. Given the last Duarte chapter, he seems to be taking on the mental characteristics of a Protomolucule maker species with the seeing thought patterns. I’m guessing he becomes an unstoppable force but then is killed when he’s close enough to one of the Protomolecule killer species Events. In other words, when everyone in the Sol system lost 3 min of consciousness, such an attack would kill Duarte because he is more like the Protomolecule maker species now.
  4. They really need to review the catch/interception while going to the ground rules and replay rules. That INT looked no different than several “catches” that were overturned on review.
  5. Everyone in Pittsburgh expected this. It was pretty dumb for the Steelers to release him vs a few others on the roster, IMO. Harrison plays really well against the Chiefs LT so was worth the pickup just for that. Also, I’m sure the Evil Genius is picking Harrison’s brain for all sorts of Steelers intel on signals and play calls. At the least, it will cause the Steelers some disruption needing to switch things up if the end up facing the Pats in the AFC Championship game. Sigh.
  6. I agree. It’s round two of Bakker saying that Cnauir’s arc was finished after TTT.
  7. This Wikipedia entry is on point: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_claimed_to_be_immortal_in_myth_and_legend And it lists someone that seems like the earliest (predates Wandering Jew): Ashwathama the Kaurava warrior after the kurukshetra was cursed by Krishna 'to be immortal and roam the earth without love, respect and social acceptance from anyone until the end of time'.[3]
  8. People have asked. It’s been talked about in these threads. Best guess is that Kelmomas did it on his way to the Golden Room. He is the one that noticed Sorweel drop the bag after all. And you like the dragon. We get it. YMMV.
  9. I don’t think it’s that. I think the cognitive dissonance of a dragon that likes human “cunny” (how do the anatomies even work together??) caused the laughter mechanism or the WTF reaction to kick in for many readers. Once either of those mechanisms engage, you’ve lost the ability for the reader to engage in some deeper meaning. So basically the execution failed to deliver whatever the fuck Bakker wanted to deliver with that scene.
  10. There’s the mythology of (alternatively) the Wandering Jew or the Immortal Roman Centurion that taunted or stabbed Jesus during the Crucifixion.
  11. Ok. Withdrawn.
  12. No it came up after TGO with the passage about Kelhus’s heart crashing into ruin. That was the TGO evidence of Kel loving Esmi. There’s more in TUC. You can debate whether it’s just the Ajokli effect, but at the end of the day it still results in Kel believing he loves Esmi. So it seems odd to argue that Kel thinks he loves Esmi and acts as if he loves Esmi, but really he doesn’t love Esmi because Ajokli effect. *shrug* Likewise, Kel wanting to save the world to me wasn’t apparent from the text but is what Bakker said in the AMA.
  13. Oops. Yes, meant Proyas.
  14. I hated the cannabalistc orgy as much as the next guy, but your response is not fair. The TGO Sorweel inner monologue was by way of foreshadowing and now “explaining everything” so rendering the scene moot. MSJ didn’t contradict himself. Also the Sorweel downfall and death was some of the most moving and best (IMO) parts of the book. YMMV
  15. Or the key is lack of identity, which could have multiple causes. In Kelmomas case it was caused by being two souled but could have been caused by something else for N.C. The text reports two cases of two souled and both involved twins where one died plus other weirdness of the twins seemingly entangled with each other when both alive. We have no reports that N.C. was a twin We do have reports of N.C. being dragged through Golgotterath by Seswatha on search of his love and concubine who was dead but Seswatha lies to him about her being alive. A potentially crushing blow to the psyche when he realized the truth. Then his wife poisons him, he is buried alive and dug up by Aurang, dragged back to Golgotterath where (?) happens to him. These events could be identity shattering. We in fact see a scene where N.C. views the Inverse Fire with no real reaction and his POV is intentionally “identity-less” there as opposed to prior N.C. scenes.