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  1. Definitely my fav Claire North book. It was great. I have never read her books under different names. Are they very different?
  2. Very good short story by Marshall in Evil is a Matter of Perspective. It's set in this world, set before the novels. It's about the church of the burnished chain and lifts the curtain on a few interesting things at that institution. Recommended for those waiting for the third book.
  3. Don't do it! Just a few more weeks until America gets a Bakker birthday present.
  4. This. I love 15 Lives. Thought Hope was really good and Touch was ok. Games Gouse was fine for what it was.
  5. I'm a fan of the title.
  6. Is this TUC spoilers or no? And I didn't think either thread was over 200 yet.
  7. Relatedly, amazon just canceled my preorders of volumes 20 and 21.
  8. I just finished it and that's a pretty fair review. But I do think with some thought and teasing out that it contains some revelations about Earwa. It's a very short story and I recommend you read Bakker's forward to the anthology first as the story I think is Bakker's attempt to exemplify the philosophical points he makes in the forward.
  9. Oh right. I ordered ebook. US.
  10. I pre ordered and email from Amazon.com says 5/24.
  11. It's "inverse flame" in my TTT trade paperback.
  12. Also in TTt they get referred to as Keepers of the Inverse Flame (later changed to fire). That sounds like a job description that could go back far in time.
  13. Or he left to kill sranc or some other reason and was supposed to kill himself when it the mission ended. Instead he shocked everyone by coming back. So they didn't let him back in.
  14. Wait, what does it mean that "you apparently already read the end"? Did someone leak the end of TUC? I'm going to have to avoid the whole interwebs for a month. Ugh.