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  1. NFL 2016 Week 9: Once You Go Dak, You Never Go Back

    It's decided by a vote. Sometimes the vote is tied. And voters can actually split their vote if they want (at least Peter King occasionally claims he does that).
  2. Wise Man's Fear XI

    I think Bunk said it best: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OLa5Bfw2cnA
  3. Wise Man's Fear XI

    And the meek shall inherit the earth.
  4. NFL 2016 Week 9: Once You Go Dak, You Never Go Back

    Philly doesn't have the best defense by any real metric I'm aware of. And their rush defense is very middle of the pack.
  5. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    I think that was just Bernard able to freeze his memories and move around in them. Not that it was an actual event where he froze Theresa.
  6. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    Well that certainly set us up for a finale. Bernard based on Arnold as expected. Delores killed Arnold in some incident. Not yet reveales that William is a different timeline than MiB but a big clue. Delores running away and losing the stomach wound points toward two timelines. In the healed timeline she runs into MiB. On the other hand, the William storyline is different than what MiB would have us believe about his history in the park and the first time he did something bad only a year ago with Maeve Maeve storyline coming to a head in the real world I'm withholding judgment as to whether it's a plot hole MiB is a board member and the one that kept Ford in charge. He is also behind the IP theft
  7. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    Ok. Haven't read first couple threads. That makes Ford much worse on the evil scale than MiB.
  8. November Reading 2016

    Read A Crown for Cold Silver. It took me a few chapters to get into it, but I ended up really liking it. Very much Grimdark (in the good sense). Dig the writing and lots of strong and well developed characters. Not my favorite in the genre but more than hold its own. Immediately jumped into the sequel and hope it keeps up the quality.
  9. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    This would make an awesome montage in the last episode that links William to MiB. A bunch of scenes of him with Delores and killing Teddy over and over, etc.
  10. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    I think MiB is dying, maybe has cancer or something, and he's on one last hurrah in the park looking for Arnold's last Easter Egg. MiB has built it up to be something truly meaningful. Not sure it will turn out to be, but MiB clearly believes it is something that transcends. I like the theory that Logan dies in some incident. I don't think Delores kills him because MiB believes that threat of death is the one thing the park is missing. Assuming William is MiB then MiB wouldn't hold that opinion if he knows Delores has killed in the past. Also, I see a lot of focus on the MiB tape of Delores, but I haven't seen any focus on how "evil" the whole set up of the park is. Think about the Delores loop in the beginning of the season. Basically day of her life ends with her father being killed and then she gets killed and/or raped by the host that kills her father. Her loop is basically the worst day of her life. Over and over again.
  11. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    Anyone have a screen grab of the person getting choked?
  12. The "losing money" line was in the William storyline. No hint in the "prestent day" story line that it's a money loser. In fact Ford is spending a ton of money on a new story line and no one has mentioned that the company can't afford to spend that money. I think that's further evidence for the two timeline theory.
  13. November Reading 2016

    Thanks. That's helpful to know. I have not read Earthsea.
  14. I don't think we know Arnold's last name. Bernard's is on imdb. So what we really know is that Bernard Lowe anagrams to Arnold with some leftover letters that could form a common last name: beerw.
  15. So I just saw that Bernard Lowe is an anagram for Arnold Weber. That clinches it for me.