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  1. I’m partway through book 3 and enjoying this. I get thrown a bit because I feel like there are some inconsistencies from book to book on the magic system and frankly on the names (eg, Gawain/Gavin, Pye/Pyle, Jehannes/Jehan).
  2. At this point the only theory I want to see proven is that Manet is Elodin.
  3. Loved this book so much. Really can’t wait for the conclusion.
  4. British Luddite.
  5. You have to admit, after TUC, the heart in the butt theory of the Circumfix is looking more and more likely the right conclusion.
  6. The Kindle version is only $4.99. Can’t pass that up.
  7. Started the Red Knight first book in the completed Traitor’s Son Cycle. Really enjoying the book. I have to wonder if @Happy Ent has read it as I would love to know his take on the portrayal of flora.
  8. Some really good finishes this year. Great upsets too. My bracket still ok though I did have Witchita St in Sweet 16.
  9. Here’s the leaked ending on Reddit.
  10. I loved the beginning of this book but didn’t think it ultimately delivered on the build up.
  11. I can see that. Though I appreciated the in text explanation of:
  12. Just finished Ada Palmer’s third book in the Terra Ignota series, The Will to Battle. I thought it was an improvement over he second book and I’m looking forward to the conclusion.
  13. Just read Gnomon by Nick Harkaway. It was easily my favorite since his debut novel of Gone Away World. His craft has clearly grown, and the novel and plot is really complexly interwoven. A crazy mix of Chandler detective noir meets Neal Stephenson meets Inception.