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  1. [SPOILERS] The Fifth Season by NK Jemisin

    Holy abrupt ending, Batman! Finished two days ago. Really loved it. I caught on early that the three POVs were the same person and thought it was a really clever way to present the story. I did not suspect the narrator or the "you" POV and interludes was Hoa until the end. I think the Hoa narrator structure implies a fourth iteration of our protagonist where Hoa is explaining the backstory to her. Maybe she gets amnesia during a future transformation? That the moon crashing into Earth I caught in the first interlude where Hoa focuses on what was missing from the sky. No mention of the moon stood out. I think the Rock Eaters are some sort of computer memory storage system. That was my take from Hoa explaining how his red crystals were him and also IIRC a good medium for memory storage. So I speculate that Antimony is incorporating Alabaster into her own memories by eating him as she turns him into rock. Maybe the Rock Eaters are all attracted to Orogenes that can tap the Obelisks because they want to incorporate that power into themselves by eating the person? Explains why they zoned in on Synene when she used the obelisk to fight the Guardians and Hoa had to fight a bunch off. Guardians are super creepy. Like evil cyborgs with the anti Orogene implants. The prologue says that the obelisks once had different names. Wonder what that name was. The place that the obelisks were created at Fulcrum is called the socket. What do you put in a socket? It's the endpoint in communication between two machines. The machine at Fulcrum is still active if buggy. Drives the Guardians crazy every now and then. Clearly looking for communion still. If you plug an obelisk into the socket I wonder what communication will happen next? Lots of cool mysteries to speculate over. Will come back later with more thoughts. Wanted to get these out.
  2. The Alchemy Wars - Ian Tregillis (Spoilers Books 1 and 2)

    Unjon, We choose the manner with which we react to outside influences.  Free will. Don't mean to derail the thread so I'll just put it this way. I'm not saying you are wrong, just that I don't understand what you are actually saying. Can't wrap my mind around the "third option" that is neither causality or randomness.
  3. Funny I have preordered a book called The Romanovs: 1613-1918. Had awesome reviews and billed as covering some crazy stuff
  4. The Alchemy Wars - Ian Tregillis (Spoilers Books 1 and 2)

    I never managed to get past the standard objection to free will: actions are either caused or uncaused. If caused, then determinism leaves no room for free will. If uncaused, then randomness leaves no room for free will.
  5. February 2016 Reads

    Read Luna New Moon by Ian MacDonald based on recs here. Was really good. Basically, his homage to The Godfather on a moon colony. I didn't realize it wasn't a standalone when I started though! Hate when I do that. A few cliffhangers at the end.
  6. NFL 2016 Divisional: THE GREATEST GAME

    Siiigh. Good game Denver. Had hope in my heart but wasn't to be. Would love to see Cards win it all.
  7. NFL 2016 Divisional: THE GREATEST GAME

    JamieL, behold the irrationality of the NFL betting markets.
  8. Wow! So that happened. Again.
  9. See this is perfect. This is exactly why it's irrational. Way more than half the betting money thinks just like you, driving the line off of -3 down briefly to -1 and now holding at -1.5. No pre existing argument can sway either side. Let's just check back in after Carolina manhandles them.
  10. Fair point on thug. I was being tongue and cheek with my question not implying he actually was suspended this time for the Bell or Ben hits.
  11. I wonder if Burthug considers a one-game-per-player-knocked-out suspension a fair trade.
  12. Ugh. And the line goes to +7 and maybe even climbs from there. File under "sports betting markets are irrational": the betting public is heavily on Sea driving the line down to +1.
  13. Moving to right thread! You people pick the game winners straight up? Where's the fun in that? Picks should be against the spread. I do a pick five every year (pick five games each week against spread. Weekly payouts for going 5-0 and payouts for top 3 season records.) My six year old really got into football this year. He's a Jets fan. Despite all my best efforts to pour Black and Gold into his veins I ran into the first instance of children following peer group friends over parental influence. Depressing on several levels. Well he got into doing the pick five with me each week, which was a ton of fun bonding. We hit 5-0 once and finished third for the season. (I choose to ignore the moral implications of teaching a six year old about gambling.) Chiefs +5 - I think this is a very fair line but feel like Smith keeps them in the game until the end when Pats win on a last second FG. Honestly could see Pats blowing this game wide open, but they haven't been decimating good teams down the stretch. Cardinals -7 - This is the no brainer of the week. The public is fixated on the Seattle blowout of the Cards and Aaron Rodgers playing on good game last week. Cards are dominant and balanced compared to GB who will not be able to run the ball. Look for Fitz to to have a huge game, showing the world he still has it and wants to go out on top. Panthers -2.5 - Again a bad line. Should be more than a FG so jump on it now. Seahawk Magic ends this week when they cannot keep Cam in the pocket. Look for Wilson to throw a pick six trying to make a comeback in the second half. Steelers +6.5 - this is a bit of going with my heart over head. But I think the beat up Steelers have enough in them to stay close with the Broncos. This line will fluctuate towards game time. Look for it to drop to +4 or go to +7 based on injury news at skill positions.