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  1. Great Ordeal Feedback

    That's pretty cool.
  2. Great Ordeal Feedback

    What is the textual evidence? Don't recall anyone every pointing to textual evidence on this point.
  3. Great Ordeal Feedback

    1) Very different circumstances. This is a throwaway line and don't see why he would lie. And Bakker pretty carefully worded the CuS thing as opposed to saying this line is "an error" 2) You are starting from an extradiegitic position assuming it is is Mek. Nothing in text about that and it only came from bakker on the zombie 3 seas board. You can't have I both ways.
  4. Have we theorized before that the NoGod has an expiration date? Bakker implies that in the other thread and it does tie up loose ends about why in the world he was taking the field rather than waiting out the cycle of stillbirths in a castle.
  5. Great Ordeal Feedback

    Bakker has said before that line by Mel was an error.
  6. I buy it. Instead of Sauron's all seeing eye, the No-God can't see anything and has to ask "WHAT DO YOU SEE?"
  7. china mieville

    Are they related works? Only asking because was planning to pick up LDNP based on this thread but not TCT.
  8. Great Ordeal Feedback

    Curiouser and curiouser.
  9. Great Ordeal Feedback

    I dunno. You have to take Death of the Author to its extreme in order to think this is all that curious.
  10. I have viewed perhaps Solo's best post ever. And it is now gone forever. No dweebs on the slog!
  11. Great Ordeal Feedback

    @PapushiSun some of hose questions were asked and answered in this thread already.
  12. Amazing that rsbakker came here for feedback and not to Madness's board. I think he's being a very good citizen with his posting. Appreciate that he's doing this. And he confirmed on his blog that it's him.
  13. Great Ordeal Feedback

    1) Just to answer the lingering question, I posted a comment on your latest blog post asking for confirmation you are @theRealRSBakker. 2) I really enjoyed the book. It provided answers to many of the speculations that people here have spent years debating. But it left several key mysteries for TUC. 3) The non men chapters were my favorite. Such an alien thought process and the conceit of Sorweel in the helmet was a very clever way to provide exposition seamlessly. 4) Akka and Cnauir together again! Enough said. And seeing the Outside leaking through Cnauir . . . the birth of a Ciphrang. 5) Agree with Lokisnow that Kellhus understanding the effects of a nuke explosion was jarring. Can imagine a few in story explanations that don't require Kellhus intuiting the effects in the spot, but that will need a mention in TUC if true. 6) Is there a head on a pole behind you or is there a head on a copper tree behind you?
  14. I think it may be him. Anyone ask him to confirm on his blog? I'll go check.
  15. I like. Onkis is a head on a copper tree (sometimes shown or mistaken as a pole). From a distance you can see the tree and not the head.