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  1. Robb The speech and performance by the guy who played the Greatjon was uncomparable.
  2. So some major houses are extinct/on the brink of extinction: Housr Baratheon : extinct House Lannister: Jamie is of the kingsguard, unlikely (not impossible though) that he will father any more children. Only hope here is Tyrion. Cersei too old to have another child? House Tyrell: for show purposes is extinct House Martel: exstinct House Greyjoy: Balon's last son cant procreate, hopes lie with his crackpot brother. House Stark: Only male heir is a cripple and unlikely to father any son. House Tully: Edmure a prisoner (for how long ?), has one child, may possibly survive. Targ: Dany is barren and can't have children, is Jon a trueborn or bastard? Arryn: SweetRobin lives. Does anyone else see the story move to desolution of the feudal system and instillation of a more democratic society?
  3. This I have to agree with. As much as Sansa is a Ned Starks trueborn daughter and its 100% Stark, she is likely to wed some nobleman and bear children who take his name and house and customs. Its sad to say, but house Stark is dead.
  4. Being done with LF doesnt imply that she's done with her ambitions. Also, after having told LF that she's "done with him" and still needing to call him for help in the form of the Knights of the Vale, certainly doesnt indicate that shes done with him. If anything she knows how to read him better and not be manipulated, but that doesnt mean she wont work with him to get where she wants to be. She's just more educated now.
  5. I have to agree with you, especially on the point about Sansa's reaction. I also noticed her smile as Lady Mormont says "we know no king...." Etc, a smile that CLEARLY faded after Lady Mormont declares Jon KitN. I posted it in another thread, but I was surprised to see that others hadn't noticed it (blindspot perhaps?). For me, LF's quip to Sansa in the godswood about Jon being a bastard and she being a trueborn Stark is not for nothing, I believe they are building up for some serious sibling rivalry in season 7, maybe not a Northern Civil war as there are so few episodes left, but maybr something more sneaky and underhand. Sophie Turner also did mention that there will be sibling rivalry, and if you watch the post show analysis with the director and D&D, they also hinted that Sansa could be out of ease with Jon declared as KitN.
  6. I loved them together as well. I think Tyrion genuinely respected her as a Lady of Winterfell. They seemed to strike up a friendship despite their forced marriage. I'm hoping the two re-unite... they will be a powerful couple.
  7. So, to me she didnt say she doesnt want to lady of winterfell title. The scene went as follows: Jon saying he asked them to prepare the lords chamber for her. Sansa says "no you should take it" Jon saying "no you take it, of it wasnt for you and the knights of the vale we wouldnt have won" Discussion about the Lords title (and chamber) ends there, with Jon offering it to her, but she doesnt accept or decline.
  8. From what I can remember: Just the prophecy in season 1, and her saying she wont bare anyones children to Khal this season... I the book there is a chapter where it sounds like she has a miscarriage to me, but I could be mistaken. Ergo she is mot barren and can conceive.
  9. This raises the question of what is Dany's long term plans. She plans to take the 7 kingdoms and re-instatr the Targ dynasty but if she is barren, she can never produce an heir..? What are possibly her long term plans with regards to succession? According to her knowledge she is the last Targ alive and once she dies the Targ dynasty dies with her.
  10. I also got the same feeling - they don't really have a clue about the WW. They most certainly did not meet to discuss how they will fight the army of the dead. If anything they met to discuss Tormund and co
  11. Just watched the KitN scene again: When Lady Mormont is talking about "the north remembers etc" - Sansa is smiling. When Lady Mormont says that she "knows no king but the king in the north whose name is Stark" - camera focuses on Sana and shes still smiling. Then when Lady Mormont says "I dont care if he is a bastard..." And proclaims Jon KitN - camera focuses for a moment on Sansa and her smile clearly fades, then it changes focus to Jon. To me this is a clear indication that Sansa anticipated being named QitN and when it became clear Lady Mormont was talking about Jon Snow, she was disappointed. Just my observation.
  12. Is anyone excited about the fact that Tyrion and Sansa may potentially be reunited???
  13. It grates my nipples that the major northern houses were portrayed the way they were. The Umbers are supposed to be fiercely loyal to the Starks. Complete omission of the Manderlys...