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  1. I had to look up who eyepatch Morty was. Great episode though. I love that Blonde Redhead Track they use as the Evil Morty theme song too.
  2. The Room is kind of an obscure reference, I'd say. Although you might think the editor would've looked it up or something. But otherwise, that seems like a pretty standard letter for a marvel letters page. I'm often surprised by the depth of feeling on display in there. That's geeks for you though, more power to them. And fuck 4chan.
  3. I would say that if you're not really interested after a few chapters, that's not a great sign. As a series it does drag on a bit but the first book is pretty streamlined. One tip for readers put off by the density - just read the main character povs. There's three guys and four girls and you'll miss barely anything from the main crux of the story. I was also sort of disappointed by the last three/four books. It was a good effort by Sanderson but didn't really manage to capture the charm of the books, such as it is.
  4. I think Boris is, as usual, just attempting to stick himself in some vaguely advantageous position, without necessarily harbouring specific ambitions at the moment. I honestly have no idea at this point whether a deal involving some kind of continuance in the single market would be popular or not but it's definitely something that's easy to take a position against. JRM, otoh, is a worse kind of scumbag, one who is generally against equality and the rights of women but is apparently happy to serve a country that thinks those views are despicable. Yeah, right. He is quite good on Have I Got News For You though.
  5. The first half of season one is not great but then it somehow transformed itself in to one of the best things on Netflix. I just watched episode 2 of season 4, they ramped up the sense of tragedy even farther while keeping this sort of wry perspective which stops it being overly melodramatic. That "everything is shit but ..." attitude is something I've never seen done better.
  6. I'll post more thoughts later but I wanted to point out, for those that didn't know, that Matt was apparently saved by ... (comics spoiler)
  7. So with la liga refusing Neymar's payment and by the terms of Spain's weird buy out system, he now has 200 million euros sitting in his own bank account. Give him a taste of what it will be like after a couple of years in France.
  8. The names trickery (Liz and MJ) was a bit cheeky. Either make them new characters, which I would be fine with, or give better explanations for how they're new versions of the classic characters. Like have Toomes marry Mrs Allan at some point and have Michelle, eh, not called Michelle? Calling yourself MJ when you're Mary Jane seems reasonable but calling yourself it when you're Michelle Jones is weird. I also thought it was a little absurd that Toomes had a contract with the city which is apparently voided because Stark decided to create Damage Control. Is there no compensation for that? I would be thinking "lawsuit," not "must become arms dealer." I also loved the car ride to homecoming scene. It was such good filmmaking, with Peter totally cowed by his date's father and all he can do is the most passive aggressive teenager thing of saying nothing but leaving his phone in the car in case he wants to follow it up later. Also gave me a little thrill for some reason knowing the scene was devised by that little kid from Freaks and Geeks.
  9. I hope this Misty Knight isn't going to fall in love with this Danny Rand. She can do so much better.
  10. They were mentioned but their involvement wasn't executive producer status until after the backlash, I think. And I'm not sure you need to imagine any storylines to see potential problems with this project. It's a show that will definitely cast at least some black people as slaves. It's not a historical story either, it's made up, they could have devised black parts as anything but they wanted to do slaves. What's with all this slap in the face tv anyway? Ever since someone smoked and belittted a woman on Mad Men shows are too bald with their controversy. I think we can handle something a bit more subtle once in a while.
  11. Nichelle and Malcolm Spellman (black writers of Justified, Empire etc) are in to executive produce too, although I notice that announcement was only made after the backlash. The problem is at least as much from the fact that GoT isn't racially diverse enough as it is from the premise of Confederate.
  12. Top Gear is made by BBC Worldwide, a separate company (which is why Matt le Blanc isn't on the list). Evans has presented the One Show and other stuff on TV so that probably ups his salary. Similarly, Winkleman has a radio show too, so that's why she's more than Daly. Presumably Hugh Edwards also works more than Fiona Bruce in some way. If they're paying men more for doing the exact same job that's illegal, so I doubt that's what's going on. Anyway, still can't get my head around Evans making so much. It's not even that I particularly dislike him but he's paid so much more than other radio presenters (like over a million quid) and I really don't think that the radio 2 breakfast show wouldn't be as successful with someone else.
  13. Well, he works like 7-9 every morning. I know people that work full days and don't get paid 2.5 million. He's probably got more reach than any other presenter, in terms of listening figures but Strictly Come Dancing has a much higher profile than the Radio 2 breakfast show.
  14. I was kind of surprised Evans makes so much. He's a radio presenter being paid a fortune by tv watchers, how does that work? And Graham Norton owns the production company that makes his show, why does he need a presenting salary at all? But that the female presenters of Strictly Come Dancing get paid more than 1.5 million less than Evans seems the most ridiculous. To keep this somewhat relevant - Capaldi apparently gets paid 200 grand, which seems surprisingly little given the show's footprint. You've got to imagine Whittaker has a lot less negotiating power than Capaldi had.
  15. News reports this morning reveal the real reason the BBC probably wanted to cast a woman - so they can pay her a lot less.