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  1. Seems like there was plenty of good reasons to stay too. The Marvel Disney enterprise is probably bigger than the DC WB and he'll be more limited at DC. And it's not exactly the benchmark for creativity. It's weird to think that these days the big characters would still be a draw for creators. But I suppose Bendis is one of the few who has the chance to write on anything he wants to.
  2. I definitely prefer Cornwell but I think Grossman probably is a better prose writer. He's going to struggle to better the Warlord trilogy though, that is true enough. But in any case, I'm pretty sure Grossman would consider himself a better writer than Cornwell so Wert's flowchart wouldn't work.
  3. The whole story seems like bullshit - Marvel staff met a random Japanese guy and assumed he was this reclusive comic writer because of his impressive Godzilla memorabilia collection? It seems like they just want to try and stick all the blame on one guy. But then they promoted him so clearly they have no shame anyway.
  4. I find (or found) Asterix funnier in English but that’s probably a cultural thing rather than a quality of translation thing.
  5. Politicians really don’t take great photos.
  6. Oh well I’m sure I’ll enjoy watching Sweden just as much.
  7. The Stranger Things kids can act a hell of a lot better than the first few seasons GoT kids though. Apart from Kali, not sure what happened there.
  8. Oathbringer ebook is 12.99 Uk money. That pretty expensive for an ebook (although Hobb and Martin are both dearer for new releases) but I imagine the hardback is going to be 20 Quid at least. And yes it has the in text art and diagrams (not the coloured end pages) but obviously that’s not that great when you have to biggen it and drag it about with your fingers. edit - actually I tell a lie you do get the coloured pages on a tablet type device.
  9. It’s a good statement as far as these things go but there seems to be some pretty big omissions. No mention of masturbating while on a phone call, no mention of the unnamed victim at the Chris Rock show who wasn’t just someone who admired him but someone who he was the boss of. The whole thing has the feel of trying to dial back the amount of wrongdoing involved like “yeah, I asked and they willingly stayed but it was still wrong ...”
  10. Better than Geoff Johns going to Marvel i guess. Looks like Jason Aaron could have his work cut out for him though.
  11. Amazon UK has a number of fantasy titles on offer in their “big deal” in the kindle store today. Blackwing by Ed McDonald from this year plus the Prefect from Alistair Reynolds, House of Shattered Wings and a bunch of other classic and recent books. edit - apparently it’s a Gollancz sale so it’s across all the ebook platforms.
  12. I had to look up who eyepatch Morty was. Great episode though. I love that Blonde Redhead Track they use as the Evil Morty theme song too.
  13. The Room is kind of an obscure reference, I'd say. Although you might think the editor would've looked it up or something. But otherwise, that seems like a pretty standard letter for a marvel letters page. I'm often surprised by the depth of feeling on display in there. That's geeks for you though, more power to them. And fuck 4chan.
  14. I would say that if you're not really interested after a few chapters, that's not a great sign. As a series it does drag on a bit but the first book is pretty streamlined. One tip for readers put off by the density - just read the main character povs. There's three guys and four girls and you'll miss barely anything from the main crux of the story. I was also sort of disappointed by the last three/four books. It was a good effort by Sanderson but didn't really manage to capture the charm of the books, such as it is.
  15. I think Boris is, as usual, just attempting to stick himself in some vaguely advantageous position, without necessarily harbouring specific ambitions at the moment. I honestly have no idea at this point whether a deal involving some kind of continuance in the single market would be popular or not but it's definitely something that's easy to take a position against. JRM, otoh, is a worse kind of scumbag, one who is generally against equality and the rights of women but is apparently happy to serve a country that thinks those views are despicable. Yeah, right. He is quite good on Have I Got News For You though.