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  1. Congratulations to WhiskeyJack. Third place for me, after being first until the semis Perhaps we can do a thread like this again for the BPL?
  2. Wales are really unfortunate in having to miss Aaron Ramsey tonight. Let's hope Andy King proves an adequate replacement. I predict a 1-0 win for Wales.
  3. I am honestly surprised Löw hasn't subbed in some of the 'new generation' players (Weigl, Sané, Can) in the easier games this tournament, instead of ageing stars like Schweinsteiger. These players are the future of German football, and could easily have gained some tournament experience. Now Löw may be forced to give one of them a Euro debut in the semis.
  4. My points per round have gone down terribly since matchday 1: MD1: 73 pts. MD2: 57 pts. MD3: 48 pts. Ro16: 42 pts. Quarter Finals: 34 pts. I had like five Belgians in my team this round, and they fucked up. Only decent performer was Payet, and I didn't even captain him. Anyway, congrats on first place, hopefully I'll get back there after the semis.
  5. Simply amazing goal. And deserved, in my opinion.
  6. Bit late due to the time I've needed to process this defeat, but I'll have a double vodka. One for the letdown of the Swedish being kicked out, another one for the end of an era in which Sweden was capable of competing at a decent level of football, solely due to you-know-who. *Starts crying in a corner*
  7. I anticipate a goalless draw at Switzerland - Poland after 90 minutes. After that, anything could happen but if I had to choose I'd go for Poland to edge it, since they've conceded zero goals so far and Switzerland haven't really impressed in front of goal in the group stage. Wales will win against Northern Ireland, unless Will Grigg comes on. In that scenario, I predict a 10-1 win for N.I. Croatia v Portugal should be the most enjoyable of the bunch. I expect an open game. The result will really depend on how well Ronaldo plays, really. Still, Croatia should be dominant in midfield and I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.
  8. After a very good first matchday, every round I've scored fewer points, so I'm hoping I can turn that around with my new squad. Still in front though New team: Sommer / Neuer Boateng / Dier / Koscielny / Meunier / Smalling De Bruyne / Payet / Kanté / Kroos / Iniesta Bale / Lukaku / Morata Goalkeepers combined have conceded one goal (Sommer vs Romania, which was a penalty). Forwards have scored eight goals among the three of them, so if their form is any indication, I should do well in the knockout stages.
  9. Finally some open games. This is the championship I've been waiting for. Glad Iceland progressed too! Now they're up against England, which should be a decent game. Also, go Sweden. This is our last shot at progressing in a major tournament for the coming 50 years, since Zlatan will retire
  10. I will go for Belgium. At this point it's likely they'll become second in the group, meaning they are on the 'easy' side of the knockout phase: Germany, France, Spain, Italy and England all face each other in the semi-finals at the latest, whereas Belgium will be in the half of Croatia, Wales, Poland and Switzerland. As long as they don't do anything stupid, they should have a fairly simple road to the semis, and a good chance at the finals.
  11. Kante, Payet and Giroud on the bench (among others) for France all in my fantasy team. Not happy with Deschamps... I expect a goalless match. As for Albania vs Romania, it should be more fun to watch. I hope Albania wins or at least scores in their first major tournament.
  12. Also, watch Spain-Turkey, if you have time.
  13. Don't know about Kane, but Sterling definitely shouldn't start. I'd say Vardy for Sterling and Sturridge as a supersub.
  14. You gotta feel for Albania here. They defended very well throughout the match, only to concede in the very last minutes. I hope they win against Romania.
  15. I've heard the loser's lounge serves very good drinks.