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  1. I'm hoping they survive, Roose mostly, he's the most badass super ordinary guy in the series. I mean everyone describes him as super ordinary except those baller eyes he's got and everyone fears him. If Ramsay survives, which doesn't seem likely, meh. There's plenty of bad people in the world. Keep him on a tight leash and he'll be the North's own Gregor Clegane
  2. At least some of Walder Frey's kids/grandkids. I mean come on, there's like a hundred of them. They can't all be killers.
  3. Hell yes. Bravo to you Ser, that is the most baller statement I've read since "Edd, fetch me a block." Well done
  4. AFFC is different from the other books because it has a different pacing and style than the ones before it. All of these books are very character driven, but Feast is different because whereas before all the characters chapters were in some way advancing the plot, Brienne killing Shagwell and burying Nimble Dick was a great scene but it doesn't really get her (or anyone else) farther down the plot. I did enjoy Feast greatly though. I felt like it was nice to see how the people and places of Westeros had weathered through the War of 5 Kings it also sets up what's going on in the less visited parts of the 7K. Though I don't see the point of any Arianne chapters and found the whole Dornish plot line tedious. I did like the Ironborn story though, mostly because I enjoyed its characters more. And welcome to the Forums
  5. Step 1: hide Jon from everyone Wait until he's older Step 2: "Hey Varys, who's your barber?"
  6. Maybe Selyse didn't have a mustache at the time?
  7. I really hope Belthasar Bolton had a pink pavilion. But aside from that, this OP doesn't seem to conform to his own rules. You want it to be about the tactical aspect of Theon's raid and have the nerve to threaten others if they bring ethics into the discussion, yet you have done all but discuss the actual raid. Your argument is based almost solely on assumptions and you refute any evidence or perspective that is out of line with your own. For example, instead of raiding Andalos, you say he should have built a series of fortifications along the eastern coastline of the largest kingdom in Westeros because it would be cheaper, how? Building castles along a huge coast, manning them, and maintaining them in the event of an incursion would be way more expensive than a fleet to do some raids. And those ships wouldn't be useless afterwards. It's really only a waste if he does nothing with them, he can use them however he wants. But why even bother with idea of all these new castles, it's not like Argos won? The existing castles and lords did their jobs and stopped him at the Weeping Water with their King. That's not far from the coast and it is not stated that Argos' invasion did too much damage anyway, it might have but we don't know. So what's the point of massive defense projects if the existing defenses completely worked and did what they were supposed to? Argos came to Theon's house and shit on his lawn, so he went to Argos' home and tore up his.
  8. Where do whores go?
  9. Favorite House- Boltons of the Dreadfort Favorite Character- Roose Bolton, the Leech Lord Our Blades are Sharp
  10. Blacks: For the Rightful Queen, For The Rouge Prince, for The Sea Snake, but most of all For Roddy and the Winter Wolves.
  11. If there's one ghiscari who's gonna help Dany rule Meereen, it's the Shavepate. He's gross, he's ugly, he's mean, but he gets results. Maybe that dude whose daughter he tortured was innocent, but that kind of shit happens in every regime in the series: Qyburn, brave companions, Boltons, even Mord to an extent. He created the brazen beasts and they were effective, not to mention his advice, while paranoid, was usually based in sound reasoning. I'm not saying he isn't a piece of shit, cuz he is but he's a pretty useful turd to have around.
  12. I don't think that the horn was designed to tear down the wall. After all like the other posters said, that's a dumb idea. It is the horn of Joramun after all, and Joramun was the King beyond the Wall during the reign of the Nights King, when he allied with Brandon the Breaker to defeat him. The Nights King was the 13th LC of the NW, that implies that the wall was already up when Joramun was King. But did Joramun create the horn or find it? I think that's a better question. My idea of it is that the wards in the wall are what break when the horn is blown, I mean it's gotta be loud enough to wake giants from the earth. The Others are Ice creatures, why does a massive wall of ice stop them? Magic duh. Without the wards I suspect that the others won't have too much trouble with the wall.
  13. Carcosa, to meet the 69th Yellow Emporer
  14. I imagine that as long as the iron bank and the iron throne have been doing business there has been some debt. Probably even during Tywin's prosperous tenure as hand. Debt on such a large scale in economics is not necessarily a bad thing all the time. If you make regular, appropriate payments then whoever is loaning to you will be more inclined to grant you further loans, that's the founding principles of credit. However I imagine that Robert's gross misuse of funds outweighed the payments being made and put the IT in massive debt not just to the Braavosi. But to return to the OP, the Lannisters are probably richer than the gods themselves. I imagine the reason they don't take all the debt is that they themselves have the throne, so it wouldn't gain them anything.
  15. There's not a lot of evidence to support the idea that COTF live in Mossovy other than that it's a forest with shapechangers in it. That's not exactly ironclad proof. While the ifequefron who (possibly) live further west than the thousand islands and north of the dothraki sea sound more like the children. As to the sinking of the islanders mainland, I agree it does sound a bit like hammer of waters. However I see no reason to think that it couldn't have been caused by the deep ones themselves. For why? Who can know, whether it be the COTF or the children of Dagon (not Greyjoy, lovecraft Dagon), we cannot presently say.