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  1. My guess is Cersei and or Dany takes the brunt of the "hey dummy, you're concerned about all these political machinations, but we have real problems to deal with."
  2. Classic. I think the Wall needs to come down to defeat the Night's King. That might be revealed to Bran in a vision. He is currently located at a Weirwood, so early next season would be a good time for him to discover that. More than likely, he would have a vision, and then when he awakens just say something cryptic like "in order to beat the NK, we'll have to do something drastic."
  3. I thought we were talking about Lyanna Mormont, who I love, but she always looks like she's going to say this
  4. Qyburn is in league with Varys. He is just supporting Cersei to destabilize the Throne. Either that or Varys is letting his little birds help Qyburn just enough to keep KL destabilized. Widows Wail will end up with Arya. Jaime will take it from KL. Arya will ambush him and take it. Another option is that Jaime reports to the Wall in a total Jeor Mormont move and gives it to the Starks. Euron will kill a dragon. There will be a Cleganebowl. Howland Reed will never show up. Meera knows the secret of Jon's ancestry.
  5. Well I picked these because I thought they were topics that there were a lot of theories on. I don't think GRRM will ever ties things up so neatly. I think he wants the speculation. It makes for a better story. fAegon is a great example. Dany will "know" in her heart that fAegon has been sold a bill of goods. But no one will ever make that explicit. It's not like Varys is ever going to say "yeah, and he's a Blackfyre, so we win!" Short of that, they don't have genetic testing in Westeros, so I don't see how the mystery is revealed. Not revealing it to be the truth means the true believers can hold onto hope that he is the "rightful" king.And I agree that fAegon will contribute to Dany not trusting Jon, but that is a matter for Dany and her True Believers. It's not necessary to do a big reveal. I said before all this stuff is good for the fanfic angle. Someone pointed out that GRRM said he doesn't like fanfic. Well he likes it enough to go to all these comic book conventions and to write a book alongside two fanfic bloggers. So methinks the lady doth protest too much. I think GRRM feeds the mysteries and "subverts the tropes" because it makes for a better story, and the way to measure that is by the amount of web traffic devoted to his books. Dan Brown don't get this kind of attention.
  6. 1. I would bet good money that Varys has Blackfyre. 2. I don't see any internal consistency in your logic. If Longclaw was Blackfyre, Aemon knows the secret and has kept the secret. It would be a lot easier to say it was a NW sword and for Aemon to put something about it in the library. Or claim the records were lost - they are a mess. 3. It's still not clear WHY Mormont would lie about the sword. If it's Blackfyre and Bloodraven brought it to the NW, to keep it from rebels, then so be it. Just rename it and say it's a NW sword, not some bogus Mormont sword. Presumably the records at Bear Island would be in better shape to verify the sword's provenance than the ones at the Wall. 4. It was Maege Mormont who sent Longclaw to the Wall, not Lyanna. 5. I honestly don't recall any mention of Longclaw being noted as darker than any other VS sword. And if so, I would think Jon would be as good of a judge as Sam, probably having held Ice a number of times. I am not sure Sam held Heartsbane. Longclaw is noted as dark, like any VS sword. 6. Dany won't wield Blackfyre. She isn't trained. She's tiny. It's a big sword. It would be weird. I think she would designate it to Jorah as the LC of her Queensguard. I agree she is probably going to die. That doesn't prevent her from acquiring more swords in the mean time. 6. If Bittersteel doesn't have the sword, why would he lie about it? He knows Bloodraven would just call BS on him and show the sword. Seems unlikely that Bittersteel didn't have the sword and if he did lose it, then why didn't Ser Eustace mention that? Maybe Bloodraven glamored it from him or something, sure. Still seems unlikely. 7. Jeor seems pretty unaware of his raven. I agree everything you said is possible. Just seems like too nice of a little bow for ASOIAF.
  7. I guess I have a different interpretation of whether Tom Bombadil fits into LOTR. IMO he very clearly represents the notion that our most sincerely held struggles are just a part of a world that goes on without us. At the Council of Elrond, they suggest giving the One Ring to TB, and they say "nah, he's probably just lose it." That's funny. And I think GRRM has built in some of those concepts as well - the mysteries of the oily black stones, for example. We'll never know that one, I don't think. The question I am asking is which of these mysteries, especially the ones that people seem to draw into so many tinfoil theories (the FM, Doom, various missing swords, various missing people), which of these are key to the story, which are red herrings, and which are just going to be mysteries?
  8. Isle of Faces is a good one.
  9. Yeah, it seemed like D&D were amortizing the amount of money spent on Arya, Tyrion, Missandei and Grey Worm, so they put them in a lot of crappy scenes. They could have wrapped up Arya so much more quickly and eloquently. I have no idea what they were trying to accomplish in Mereen.
  10. House Drumm got Red Rain from a knight - not even a lord. I agree it's a tad, little bit, weency bit fishy for the Mormonts to have a VS sword, but not out of the question. But... 1) Why would Jeor Mormont make up the story about giving it to Jorah when he joined the NW? That's easily verifiable, and in fact, Jon could have verified it standing in front of Lyanna Mormont straightaway. If it was a NW sword, why not just say "this is longclaw, it's been in the NW for 500 years, given to the man most capable of weilding it..." seems like a better story. So basically people are just saying Jeor is a bad confabulator. 2) It seems more plausible that Dany will end up with Blackfyre in the show, and fAegon in the books. Why? Because Varys has Blackfyre. And it's hidden in King's Landing. In the show, Varys will give Blackfyre to Dany when she takes the crown and he says something like "we procured this from some sellswords in Essos. We thought you should have it because it's Aegon the Conqueror's Sword." It will be a majestic reveal. If I am further speculating, Dany will give Blackfyre to Jorah and we will have some serious irony. In the books, Varys will give it to fAegon once he cements his pact with Dorne. I am not sure what GRRM is going to do with fAegon, so I can't say what fAegon will do with it, but I assume he will march North eventually. But he won't want to give it to him too soon because he will not want people making the bastard/Blackfyre connection.
  11. They did when Olenna was talking to the Sand Snakes. But I thought she had previously offered to marry Sansa to Willas on the show. If they did, they have officially "forgotten" the event.
  12. The initial slow pace of the show is gone for a few reasons. 1. Production and associated costs - they simply must end this as the wow factor fades out and more people ruin it with spoilers. I am looking at you Truede. And actors will simply get more and more expensive. That's what killed Friends. 2. There are just too few relevant characters left. They Tyrells are dead. There is no fAegon. The Boltons are dead. Stannis is dead. These characters all carried the water, but now the pot is full and it's time to cook. 3. They had to get things lined up for Dany to come to Westeros and for Jon to become King, and for there to be enough disorder in Westeros to facilitate what needs to happen to get Jon/Dany in the right place with an army to fight the others. It was simply dragging on. 4. They had to play a little bit of catchup since they spent so much time WALKING. GRRM could learn a thing or to. I don't need yet another side quest to foreshadow what we all know needs to happen.
  13. I agree it would be a great story for the show to introduce Edric Dayne and the newly minted Sword of the Morning, and for him to ride North to meet with Jon. And perhaps that is how Jon's parentage is revealed. I don't get the obsession with Blackfyre being Longclaw. Lots of minor houses has VS swords and still do. Tywin had been trying to buy one for years. The Tarlys have one, and had one as a THIRD TIER house in the Reach. The Corbrays have one. House Drumm and Harlaw have them. VS was most available back in the time of the petty kings, so its very likely that a house might rise to power long enough to acquire one by trade or conquest.