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  1. Matt replied to my email already. He said he applied a fix so we should be able to navigate now. He would like feed back from those of us with the problem. I won't be able to check until tonight.
  2. Actually no. I was thinking it was pretty much Mel doing what she wants regardless what Azor Ahai wills. That sort of duplicity isn't a trait I've seen in Stannis. When I consider Mance in Winterfell I wonder what Mel is really up to.
  3. That's an interesting take on it. I agree in principal with your arguments in favor of "releasing" arcane knowledge. I'm just not sure it's a good thing given the mindsets of the characters in story. I concede Westeros is a magic place. A very low level magic, but magic nonetheless. I find the alchemists blaming the dragons for the resurgence of their magic to be telling. Are dragons the most magic thing? We've got telepathy in all it's forms in our own world. Is it magic or simply a part of all our brains we don't know enough about? We've got ghosts and accurate prediction and madness as well. I never thought our world was particularly magic. Westeros or Planetos is pushed to be a young world, commonly thought to be only 10 to 12,000 years old. But it seems to have progressed much more slowly than our world and there are undeniably magical things, people and places there. Randyll Tarly bathed Sam in some animal's blood to grow his courage, Cersei snuck out to see a fortune teller and there is always Varamyr with his ability to inhabit multiple creatures. The problem here is that none of these characters are particularly "good guys". Bran or even Marwyn's type of magic would be a seriously scary thing in any of their hands. The Faceless Men are generally accepted as a branch of the Iron Bank. The alchemists operate out in the open. I think my point is that if there is a conspiracy to suppress magic the Maesters aren't doing a very good job of it. Are the abilities to skinchange and ride dragons really something the masses need? Is magic the key to vanquishing the Others?
  4. All really good stuff for a lady who is too busy with essays. You are a treasure, Sweetsunray. Just a few thoughts... It's not confirmed that Alleras is Sarella. Rereading all your sphinx/riddle quotes I tend to think it's all about Alleras' real identity. She's on the side of the rebels. I wouldn't be surprised to see her earn all her links then come out. I'm certain this has something to do with Oberyn, and possibly Doran's long game. Equal pay for equal work/education as it were. Our Alleras' motives are still unknown. We do however, know what her half sisters are about and I wouldn't expect her to be far from the root of their thinking. At this point it is all a riddle. In our tale there is a very special type of sphinx: The Valyrian Sphinx. It is of course, a dragon's body or wings or some damned thing. So while I really enjoy your immediate jump to Cersei as a regular sphinx which fits very nicely if Aeron's hallucination is metaphorical, there are other types of sphinxes. That's all. There are real kraken. What are these twisted winged Targ babies if not Valyrian sphinxes? Dragons are real. Which takes us all the way back around to the riddle of the sphinx. Now you've done a nice job establishing the sphinxes as guardians. I'm with you that far, but fall short of understanding why he would need the literal sphinxes at the Citadel. Do the sphinxes literally open the doors? Or is it possible he actually needs Alleras to work the glass candles? That never cross my radar until I read your list of things Euron collects. Marwyn would be a nice addition.
  5. Send a letter to him. That's all it took with Ran and he got back to me right away. I told the webmaster I'm not the only one having the problems so hopefully they can throw a switch and fix whatever is preventing us from utilizing this most invaluable tool.
  6. @Ferocious Veldt Roarerthanks so much for the leads. I seem to have forgotten my reddit password, but I was able to send an email off to the gmail address. You've been a great help here. Let's hope the webmaster reads the mail and fixes the site so we can all quote like bosses! Again, thank you!
  7. Some altogether new things to consider. You're still the best ever. Thanks! It appears we may have a riddle on our hands here. I've long thought these deformed Targ babies may be sphinxes. If we have reanimated corpses of humans and beasts, roaming spirits of the kings of winter and resurrected dead in the riverlands why not an army of long dead (?) never born sphinxes?
  8. Welcome to the forum. You've certainly picked an interesting topic for your maiden post. I've read through and concur with nearly all the statements above. Believe me, we have discussed this subject at length for years. I have to throw in with @Blackfish09 and ask what your ideas are. It's clear you don't particularly care for the night lamp theory, so what are you thinking could happen? For all it's worth, I am Team Ramsay as the author of the Pink Letter. I don't think Stannis is in league with Mance and I'm absolutely certain that Stannis has a brilliant plan for ridding the North of those pesky Boltons and Freys.
  9. We've been with Jon Snow since he was what? 14 years old? We've watched him pout and brood and delight in pleasures of the flesh and war. We've watched him develop relationships with beasts and men. It would be an epic cheat not to see what's going on in his head. I'm hoping he will Targ up a bit and become a full on king. To quote a youtube guy I like,"Cat was an asshole." She's a zombie and still doesn't have a lick of sense. Who cares what she thinks? Jon though...he's important, vital to the story. How can there be A Song of Ice and Fire without the person it is all about?
  10. There are kraken--(forgive me, I am unable to use asearchoficeandfire for a verbatim quote)--during one of the small council meetings in ADWD someone mentions a sighting. There are dragons and kraken, why not sphinxes? Euron says himself that he needs an heir worthy of "HIM". Who is him? I think Euron wants to be a god, but this statement leads me to believe there is some higher power he needs to satisfy, at least in his mind. It appears to be a tiered power thing. Whatever it is Euron prays to it requires a great deal of destruction. GRRM says we won't see any gods step into the story. But we do have 3 Eyed Crow, sorcerers and alchemists and COTF and shadow binders and dragons. There is plenty of magic to propel forces for good and evil. Euron simply chose the dark side of the magic available. I won't be underestimating him. So yes, I agree that Euron needs an army. The Others have an army of reanimated corpses, there is no reason Euron won't command ghost ships or "mythical" creatures. Where is @sweetsunray? She will know which character from mythology he is supposed represent.
  11. This is why I hate using my phone for this! I replied to you 7 or 8 hours ago and apologize that it didn't come through. Stupid phone. Thank you so much for providing the text. It really puts this concern into perspective. You have to hand it to whomever it was authored that wiki entry--s/he stayed true to the text. Very nice indeed! You rock, brother.
  12. Do you happen to know how we can contact the webmaster at asearchoficeandfire? I had some major problems here of all places and Ran was great helping sort it all out. If we can get hold of this person I'm sure he/she can tell us what our problems are. Can't donate if we can't access, right?
  13. I have missed you @Clegane'sPup! Methinks there is nothing befuddled or confudicated in your bright mind. I promise you Pup, there will be tons of supplemental material. Can't wait to see what you come up with then. Hope with me that this forum then continues to provide an invaluable resource for our studies into this amazing fantasy. Maybe everything is relevant to ASOIAF. Your Qorgyle findings are so worth looking into. I wouldn't mind hearing about Bloodraven's stint as LC from Dunk or Egg or maybe even someone from the Raven's Teeth. Yes! You have me sort of giddy about the whole fostering thing. Jon Arryn's influence is apparent in Ned and Robert definitely respected the man. TBH, I though Tywin would have been the best thing in the world for Lysa's bratty kid. Grow that little monster up real quick. Speaking of monsters, Sam is fostering Dalla's boy in a way. Yronwood fostered Quentyn so this connection between Oberyn and the Qorgyles is very interesting. Did Stannis foster Edric Storm? These 2nd fathers impacted their wards beyond traditional primary parents. Did Hoster Tully make Petyr Baelish this icky Little Finger? Oh gads, tell me Mel isn't fostering Davos' son! Rickon is being fostered somewhere--I sure hope we get to see his foster family. We know the north clansmen provided wet nurses for Gilly's boy, but who has the care of him? Sorry, you made me digress. There are plenty of mysteries that need to be solved in the material we have. Still it will be excellent to get a little more information so we can quit speculating and get down to real solutions. Rock on with your bad self, Pup.
  14. Good place for Roose with his creepy eyes and creepy voice and leeches! I just imagine he would be among the most wanted in at least the North and supposed he might try to head south for protection.
  15. I've been unable to use asearchoficeandfire on any computer or my phone for about a week. Bummer. Please let me know if you find out what the problem is. I've tried in both Internet Explorer and Google but I can't get it to do anything.