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  1. The conversation between Jamie and Tarly was illuminating how Cersei could actually get anyone to support her rule. Put secondary houses in charge. Nice move. I think it's possible but not probable that Cersei may take a dragon out of the game or at least seriously wound one of them. But I have to agree with you, no one would sit by and allow themselves to be BBQd alive to save a mad woman they hate anyway. I get the feeling Cersei's end isn't as close as we might like yet. Ultimately Westeros is already a mess. Dany should think about this again before she really engages her people, forces who love and believe in her. This whole season should be a senseless bloodbath.
  2. I understood the Greyjoy ships were sent to Dorne to get the soldiers. But, as you say, I only saw our dearly departed Sand Snakes and Ironborn. I didn't notice any Dornish fighting men. Ellaria overthrew the ruling family in Dorne. It's never really made clear what's going on there. I wonder if Dorne will continue to rebel without their leader now?
  3. I don't think you and I are having the same conversation. I'm not in anyway arguing about Blackfyres, Brightflames or bastards in the male or female line. A dragon is a dragon. You don't have to be a Targ in the male line to have anything special. Magic is magic. As I recall Daemon Blackfyre, his mother and father were both Targs. I'm not sure how anything I said originally spiked your argument. I think the whole thing is about Tyrion, not anyone else.
  4. I'm pretty sure Tyene bites it next Sunday. So no one is in charge of Dorne. Or the Westerlands. Or the Reach (I think Tarly will buy it too.) The Hightowers don't seem to exist in this version of Westeros. The Unsullied will be awfully close to the Iron Islands if this becomes an interesting military situation. The Vale is vulnerable with all the fighters in Winterfell and Sweet Robin in charge. The Riverlands seem to be up for grabs, too. Oh, and no one is in charge at Storms End or the Stormlands. Seems to me the only stable territories at the moment are the Crownlands, North and Iron Islands. Oh Boy.
  5. Well I think the battles will be Highgarden with Jamie and Randyll Tarly. I really need Tarly to join Jamie. It gets him closer to Old Town and Heartsbane. Leave that for a minute. Sam will spirit Jorah out of town and if he's got the brains he should have by now he will have heard some of Jorah's story and send Heartsbane with Jorah with the intention of getting it to Jon. Sam gets busted and booted from the citadel. Maybe he catches a fast boat with Jorah. Good times. The Unsullied will attack Casterly Rock. They will win, but Grey Worm will die. This places the Unsullied, Dany's finest, near the middle of Westeros in close proximity to both the Riverlands and Iron Islands. Leave that for a minute. On 2nd thought, leave it for another episode. Dany's elite are in an excellent position here. Jamie will take Highgarden and then see his army decimated in a revenge strike from the dragons and Dothraki. I would really like a 2nd dragonrider to help with the logistics. Tarly will be killed. Dickon will be killed. Jamie and Bronn will narrowly escape. One of the dragons will torch the stupid scorpion before it hits anything in the air. I wouldn't mind if Qyburn was the one pulling the lever when that happens. Euron will bring his gifts to Cersei. I think she's nuts enough to kill Tyene right in front of Ellaria. And she likes fire. It's not my idea but I enjoy the idea of a reenactment of the murders of Rickard and Brandon right there in front of everyone. Euron will want to draw out any information from Yara. I say he keeps and plays with her for an excruciating while. Bran gets to Winterfell. Arya ends up somewhere, probably in some sort of trouble. Little Finger pouts because Sansa is only paying attention to Bran. Sansa and Little Finger will both be revealed to be up to something separately. Jon struts up to Dragonstone and impresses everyone. Hopefully Tyrion will clue him in on what a diva Dany can be. The Night King continues his exodus south, inching closer to The Wall. I think it's possible that the BWB may either arrive somewhere important or cross paths with Arya. 6 down. Poor Brienne, Pod, Mel, Varys and Bronn are part of a quickly vanishing community of supporting characters.
  6. Yep, that was my thinking. I know of no other old dragons.
  7. It took a long time to build Kings Landing unto the children and grandchildren and well into Balon the Blessed's time. It's also said that Aegon, at least, travelled quite a bit leaving the rule of Kings Landing to Visenya for the most part. I doubt there was a dragon pit. There were only the 3 dragons and they were huge. I don't know if they have to have a home base, but Dragonstone really isn't that far from KL by air. It's safe to believe these dragons resulted from eggs in the cradle and grew to adulthood with their humans, bonded and trained as well as a dragon can be trained. When considering Aegon's Conquest you have to throw Dany's story out. She doesn't know what to do--no one has given her instruction. She's feeling her way through it. Aegon, Visenya and Rhaenys were real honest to goodness dragon lords. I'm sure their magic was fully vested in each of the dragons. In consideration of these differences, it's probable that Balerion, Meraxes and Vhagar were better behaved than Drogon, Rhaegal & Viserion. The people of Westeros were frightened of the mighty dragons. Their masters were never said to fear their dragons. I bet they could take them any where any time.
  8. Thanks for the Blackfyre lesson. Wasn't the point but you were upfront in saying you weren't sure about the point I was making. This conversation spilled over into a personal conversation today where I was asked if these types of dragons include the dead. It is a good conversation with many angles. Another winner @One-eyed Misbehavin! I was only pointing out that it was curious that Moqorro would say anything at all to Tyrion about dragons. If Moqorro has the gift of prophecy, perhaps he is trying to lead Tyrion to question his own bloodline. I am asking myself if the statement was put to another character what meaning it might have. I think this could just be a bit of more fun misdirection at the hands of a Red Priest. Really, there is only 1 old Targ if Aemon is dead and Varys doesn't count. Dany is the baby as far as I can tell. True and false are as your lesson illustrates nicely, subjective. When I read dark and light I jump to personalities and persuasions not Brightflame or Blackfyre. I can't come up with a good reason to puzzle Tyrion about any of it if it doesn't relate to Tyrion himself.
  9. I didn't think we would EVER get to chat about anything again. I haven't been able to access the site for almost a week. Moqorro's quote is indeed intriguing. I wonder why this priest finds himself with both Tyrion and Victarion. But that surely has no bearing on what Tyrion was told. I fail to see how this quote verifies that Tyrion is not a Targ. The World Book leaves the possibility open while seeming to undeniably quash the possibility of Cersei and Jamie being Targ bastards. If the priest bothers to impart this bit of mystery to a clever dwarf it is to give said dwarf a puzzle to solve. I've always thought that Tyrion being mentioned among these dragons should indicate to him that he is a dragon himself. Afterall, how often is Tyrion described as snarling over the long course of these books? It's not as though Tyrion is the only 1 in the midst of the dragons, either. We have all Jorah and all the Essosi host Dany sports as well as Jon's vast number of associates. Aegon's group. Bloodraven's groupies. In that it seems that all that really separates the Blackfyres from the Targaryens is a simple legal title, they are essentially all "dragons". It could be as simple as DNA regardless of title. Someone above was questioning Quentyn's falseness. Like Stannis, Quentyn has as much Targ in his person as he cares to identify with, which is very little. Tyrion on the other hand at least respects the majesty of literal dragons.
  10. Playing catch up here. With regard to Jon potentially being named King in the North...I'm not convinced that title is exclusive to Winterfell dwellers. Even if Bran or Rickon were Lord of Winterfell Jon could still be a king in the land--one having no effect on the other. If the KITN is simply ruler of the region and protector of the people, the Starks and Winterfell would fall under those auspices. But Jon would rather be a Stark than pretty much anything. Sansa? Would she settle for a title less than Queen? Of all the Stark kids Sansa seems the one destined to rule from the top of the food chain. I could see Jon continuing his work for the Wildlings as a KITN and for the Watch--establishing a real military, rescue missions, food banks--he's got support from the Iron Bank. The stickler in Jon taking up a king's title is Stannis. Stannis has the main support from the IB. Jon's agreement was in conjunction for supplying the NW, not the entire North. Still there is a secret Navy and all the interesting magic in the North. With the inevitable invasion from Dany, Aegon's campaign, Euron's motives and whatever happens in Kings Landing a KITN in the person of Jon Snow could actually organize the North and possibly the Riverlands against all the wars to come.
  11. As I read this it occurred to me frickin Little Finger is collecting Hoster's grandchildren. Ick. Let's hope Edmure's child takes the long way around by way of Dorne or something. Ick.
  12. That's why I love an open discussion. Your exception is noted and appreciated. In my simple way of seeing things, one would discount the other. Many readers appreciate that a good claim to the Iron Throne would propel Jon to action whereas many others read Jon's character as more propelled by Stark worthiness (for lack of a better term). We sympathize with Jon as he struggles with his identity which is definitely Stark. I'm not sure what being a Targ will actually do for Jon outside what it does for me. It explains Ned's sacrifice and love. It gives poor misunderstood Jon an edge over all but 2 other players in the game. In a tale as long as ASOIAF I still hold out hope I will read "The End" in my lifetime within 2 books. Again, the simple minded trusting in an end and assuming there isn't enough time for Jon to become a Targ. I was hoping for Jon to be who he wanted to be from the beginning, not the Prince That Was Promised.
  13. All I have for the Council is that Viserys did name Rhaenrya his heir. Aegon had no inclination to take the throne. Prince Aegon was with a paramour when he was found. At first, the prince refused to be a part of his mother’s plans. “My sister is the heir, not me,” he said. “What sort of brother steals his sister’s birthright?” TPATQ Perhaps Rhaenyra or Viserys, rather, set precedent? If the eldest son took it for granted his sister would rule and so many lords supported Rhaenyra's claim, it looks like Allicent was all that stood in Rhaenyra's way.
  14. Ah that's some great 'splaining, Lord Varys. I was angling for an absolute answer on the Jon Snow question. I would think that being a legitimate ONE would obliterate a legitimate claim to THE OTHER. Starks don't have claim to Targ anything and vice versa. Very nice. I realize the Tullys probably won't find themselves fat and happy Lords again. But frickin Little Finger is an ugly shadow in the corner of everything happening in the Riverlands. He could try to prop Lord Arryn or Lady Sansa up, but he would have to be ready to take on the Lannisters and I don't think it's quite ready yet. Nice twist bringing Lady Stoneheart in. Didn't see that coming, but a very nice surprise take on things.
  15. @velo-knight and @kissdbyfire, thanks very much for the legal lesson. It's all very good stuff. My questions stem from reading numerous discussions about Sansa's potential sway over all these regions and the possible claim she could make on the Westerlands. I think she's given way too much potential here, but that's my take. It's my understanding that Rhaella crowned Viserys. Aerys was dead and a new king was either on the throne or just about on the throne. Can the Queen of an overthrown King really crown her son king? I would think she had zero power or say at the time this was done. Just as I'm not sure Ned as Hand could actually withhold the crown from Robert's son. Perhaps once paternity could be disproven or at least serious shade cast on it, but not at the time of Robert's death. Though I think there was a small loophole in writing Ned in as Regent. As we saw, Cersei, the better connected, was able to do as she pleased politically. It is that connection through cousins in the male and female lines that gives rise to the topic. Real history is great and meaningful. But this is the situation we are dealing with. If a cousin in the male line would have a greater claim than a cousin in the female line wouldn't Edmure and his (male) child have a claim to the Vale? There are no more Arryns unless Harold Hardyng has relatives and I'm not sure he actually does. Though I'm sure that there is Arryn blood in all the noble houses of the Vale.