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  1. Tell it, Sister!
  2. We will have to agree to disagree, Ser. Maester Luwin tried very hard to discourage any musings about magic Bran had. He should have known better. As to gods, I doubt we will ever know if they are true or not. Much as in our own chaos, God is a matter of faith.
  3. These religions, their gifts and tolls, are driving me nuts now. Oh yes I feel a very disjointed topic coming on! Jon has got tremendous support from all sorts of people--his cousin Alys and the Thenns, Tormund and his gang, Morna Whitemask, Satin, Sansa, Sam--even Stannis, to mention only a few. I'm talking real support not what ever political game the Stark Loving North has in mind, but people who know Jon and understand his heart if not his ideas. I sure wish Maester Aemon had stayed at the Wall. Still, there is a person missing from all those lists of people we could all compile. Jon's auntie across the sea and far away. I find it utterly distressing Mel never mentions her, Thoros doesn't mention her and Jon doesn't know of her. Who knows? With Cersei in charge Dany could be a savior to the realm of Westeros. Just supposin'. Maybe Gilly and Dalla's Boy are on that ship with Marwyn! Jon's got some very fierce people on his side, that is, who admire him and in Tormund and maybe Val's cases, maybe love him. Love is a powerful thing. I'm very interested to see the reactions of everyone at and along the Wall following Jon's attack. I have thought of 1 thing that really may come of Jon's rest, dead or alive. Should he wake, he will finally understand he is a warg and what that really means. I'm excited for that. Of course, I do wonder when he will begin having those exciting if disconcerting dragon dreams. There is part of me who hopes the Wildlings execute Mel for all the damage she's done, particularly is she is unable to help in Jon's healing or revival. Of course, I'm also very excited to read Arya and Sansa's reactions to what stories they hear of Jon post attack. We have the best conversations in our little book club!
  4. Well said, as usual, Lady. I do want to just bring up my great revelation today: Patchface and Beric came back with new gifts. Prophecy and the ability to light steel with blood. I am glad you invited the discussion of Jon's plight. It would be good to get a handle on his possible states of mind. Though I am still determined that Brienne will find some faith and love in any change she may experience.
  5. Oh I do believe, Lady!
  6. Oh my. Amazing how far off I was. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you explaining this. I've never thought of people feeding the weirwood so much as the weirwood as a big file cabinet of all the memories of time. I totally get where you're coming from now and hope to be able to get a lot more out of the conversation. Who knows? Perhaps we are both right and I just need to get a whole lot better at symbolism. I would never have (and never did!) established the connections of the visuals you've picked up on. Comparing Bran's water drop to the tear tattoos is so easy to follow once you understand. Maybe the most impressive explanation of rape to skin changing I've ever read. Now I get why some folks are so upset at Bran's inha Hrm, we've got to figure out how R'hllor ties into or opposes this Drowned God/Old Gods deal. That was great, Lady. Thanks so much for joining us here.
  7. True but look at us raving mad dogs hanging around in a forum talking about the books we already have. I read recently that GRRM disappointed people many times during the writing of ADWD with his projections. Now he prefers not to disappoint, hence the infrequent info. If nothing else we have each other.
  8. True about Patchface. I needed the reminder--this is so NEW to me. You do this to me every time, LynnS! I'm tying Patchface's revival to the red magic revivals we've already seen. I mean there was no Drowned Priest to administer to him, so something else happened with this guy. Should we be looking for new "gifts" in Beric or LSH? (Hard as that is to even imagine) Wait, maybe not! Beric is able to light his sword aflame with his blood. That's new. Any idea what actually happened to bring Patchface back? I have nothing for any new power LSH may have except maybe something to do with that Hound's helm Lem is wearing?
  9. Welcome, Ravenous Reader, Poetess of the Nennymoans. You've put so much in here and everyone knows I struggle with symbolism. I beg your indulgence because it takes time for things to click for me. Bran going through the Black Gate is a passage into slavery to the weirwoods? I've read your post thrice now. I understand the words but don't comprehend the meaning. I assume this is the sum of past, present and future knowledge of Bran's story? Or is it more interpretive? Is his association with the weirwoods a bad thing? Are you saying that all these gods, Drowned, Old and R'hllor are perhaps the same entities? That's a mind blower, but remember I just put Patchface together. I can see it--it's so close. Am I anywhere near grasping your meaning here?
  10. This Trios mystery is a good one. You mentioned Patchface, who we know was drowned and really expected to be dead--strictly a water death, that is--can you tie the Drowned god or the practice of Ironborn revival (which is known as the kiss of life IRL, sort of on the subject off the subject) to this? Aeron has certainly been drowned. I don't recall if Theon was when he went home or not. Now you've got me thinking about Patchface being a clever entertainer prior to dying. His resurrection does seem to be much like Beric's even LSH's--where they are less in revival. Wow, I never made the connection before. Thanks for that!
  11. More beautifully stated than I could muster. The nuances of the events are open to interpretation because we have so little information, but this is the essence of the relationship between a father King and heir apparent in more than just Aerys and Rhaegar. They weren't all so careless as Robert and Joffrey.
  12. @The Fattest Leech, is that a link to a Youtube video? It's a great place to get lost for a year or 2! Thanks for the links. You're still the best.
  13. Yah I'm with the majority here. There was no reason to think Ramsay was in charge of the Dreadfort. By all appearances the Boltons were staunch Stark supporters at the time. Roose often bemoans his bastard's bad blood and distances himself from Ramsay...until Ramsay turns it around and "saves" Winterfell from the Ironborn. Then Ramsay becomes OK in Roose's conversations. Rodrik had no way of knowing what the bastard of Bolton was up to.
  14. I saw this on Youtube last night. In that we've heard nothing from publishers or THE MAN himself, it's nothing. Probably just a promotional thing to encourage sales for the book store. GRRM has said many times that he will let us know when TWOW is done. Winter is still here and we are still waiting. Follow notablog instead of the myriad internet gossip sites. Enjoy the wait talking with the many book lovers waiting here with you.
  15. Agreed entirely. You can read Davos and make up your mind about him. GRRM gives a statement that I take as merely the tip of the iceberg. There is a great deal to the Onion Kinight.