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  1. Who will be missed the most if he/she was killed? And why?

    I already miss Ned and Robb, Tywin and King Robert and even crazy Lysa. But they all left their mark on the story that ensued. I never imagined Tywin would go so quickly or badly. I still think Lysa could have been a great villain and I'd love to see what frickin' Little Finger would have to come up with to get around her. And Lady. What could Sansa have been able to achieve with her wolf? Though I imagine Cersei will get her day in the sun in the aftermath of ADWD epilogue, she's got to go. She's terrible and I do love to hate her. I will miss her a lot. Then there is Stannis. Poor Stannis. He almost seems destined to go down with a sinking ship. But he's stubborn and determined and I hope he gets a win before he's taken out, too. I think I would honestly miss any of these characters I've studied and researched. They have become part of my life. Even silly Daario and hell bent Aeron. I will feel cheated when Melisandre or Blood Raven go. I will be outraged at losing Jamie or Brienne or Asha or Theon--good grief, it feels like I've known Theon forever. I would be grief stricken to lose another Stark or Tyrion or Davos or Dany. They are my rallying point and the characters I spend hours rooting for. I hope Roose and Ramsay and Euron's deaths last entire books so that their mysteries can be revealed. However, I love a good guy and really good guys in this tale are counted on 3 fingers. I've already stated my affection for Brienne and Davos. They are brilliant heroes as heroes go. I might throw Meera in that category too. But I think I would honestly miss Sam the most if he was killed off or lost and I no longer had him to pin my hope on, for Jon, for Dany and for all Westeros.
  2. Is there any significance to the Rat Cook or Mad Axe?

    Why only these 2 stories? What of Danny Flynn or the thing in the night? I've seen the Danny Flynn story connected to Arya, but I'm not sure I buy it. But there may be a girl hiding among the men of the Nights Watch. Before all the commotion before "For The Watch" attack on Jon I was really looking forward to seeing Selyse take up residence in the Night Fort in hopes of learning more about these great old stories.
  3. Petyr Baelish is Varys’s Littlefinger

    Well Ser, you've established Wee and Willie. I hope you will unsheath I mean reveal Winkie in Part 2. Your tie in to the blue of the flames and Other's eyes is astonishing. Well done and great catch, Brother. Should we take the blue of Robert's or Gendry's or Renly's or even Euron's eyes in consideration here? I've always thought there was something off with those upstart Baratheons...and like Little Finger, Euron is a dick, too. It's good to add this coincidence (hrm...) of blue to the cache. Stannis obviously had ED problems and may have been more disposed to a man as was his brother, Renly. Seylse's moustachio and all. Perhaps Stannis and Davos have an even deeper relationship than we read. It's hard for me to picture Davos sexually and have seriously considered that Stannis may have been attracted to Jon for all his offering and promises. (Candy, Little Boy?) Your topic touches on all these considerations without tainting the conversation with your own bias. As to the ever bizarre relationship between Varys and Little Finger...I have to agree. It's so obvious they're in cahoots but I was always distracted with the seeming disparate agendas. You've sure brought some truth to light. It's time to discuss all of this before TWOW is released to further obscure our ability to discern the truth. Thanks so much for opening this door. Some of our heroes and villains have some interesting bents.
  4. Yes, I'm afraid slavery was the economy of the land, hence my thinking she should have killed all the masters in the beginning. A scourge was required to rid Mereen of it's ignorance. I see no alternative to death for the masters. I don't know that they are evil so much as ignorant and opportunist and selfish. My country bears the scars of slavery and we did not kill our masters. It took a civil war to overthrow the regional religion of slavery in the south and it was won after more destruction and death than any war fought on our land. Ignorance and opportunism and selfishness persist here more than 200 years later, but there is no slavery and the masters learned to make their livings by employing folks. In my country the slaves worked everything but ran nothing. They were prohibited from learning to read or write. That said, what are the great exports from Mereen? All I recall are olives and slaves. Surely Mereen has more to offer their world? I do recall Dany's rule in Mereen as a failure. She brought war to Mereen and did little to protect her prize. She's like an idealistic child who thinks "this is very bad, I shall banish it" without thinking it through. I admit it would be impossible for me to rule over a slave economy because the idea is repugnant to me, but I would think it though. There is a slave who asks to be permitted to sell himself back to his master as a teacher or tutor and she offers contracts instead. That was a stroke of genius, really. Other than this teacher I don't recall any educated slaves. I concede that the slaves work everything, but I doubt they ever ran anything outside small manufacturing, like the weavers. It takes power and education and knowledge to run a country. Working and managing are 2 different things. All in all, it was a flighty and foolish prospect to take Mereen when she made to contingency plans for Astapor. Dany is a conqueror, not a diplomat.
  5. Skin Changing and The Last Greenseer

    You are full of surprise things Bloodraven should be concerned with but isn't. Let me counter with this just for fun. Is it possible the Prince That Was Promised/3 Heads of the Dragon is a political prophesy whereas Azor Ahai and/or The Last Hero serve some other type of prophesy that perhaps doesn't concern our former Hand and Lord Commander now that he is no longer involved in the political arena? Gads and I'm already spinning the greenseer/Last Hero as seen through an LC's eyes argument in my own head. This is really an interesting line of thought Aetta. Thanks for bringing it up.
  6. Skin Changing and The Last Greenseer

    Hey @Midnight Confession--thanks for stopping in and welcome! That's part of the discussion: Is skinchanging really an abomination and if so, what is Bran and what will he become because of this. Bran's hands are tied in being immobilized. You used the word victim to describe Hodor and I won't say it's the wrong word. I mentioned Frankenstein in the OP--who is the hapless monster here? Who is the doctor forcing his will upon an innocent creature? I think that within the context of the story inasmuch as we have there is a reason (maybe many reasons) for Bran to have all these experiences--skinchanging, warging, visits in time, speaking through trees and birds, watching maybe communicating in dreams--it reads like gathering forces to me. And I think Hodor is Bran's vehicle for more than 1 thing. Still when the smoke clears, are Bran's actions in Hodor really an abomination or was Hodor designed for exactly this purpose?
  7. Skin Changing and The Last Greenseer

    You know, that's a damned fine point you're making. We often separate the story into 2 parts: politics and The Others. In that BR hasn't mentioned his great grand whatever niece, perhaps it is telling of her part in the fight against The Others.
  8. Viserys meets the dragon

    I think there may well be something to Dany imprinting all her dragons, but only bonding with Drogon. I'm not sure who chose whom in that dynamic, but the bond is there. Still I think the relationship between Dany and the dragons goes deeper than imprint. Didn't Rhaegal and Viserion allow themselves to be collared? That act was submission by both dragons. It's dangerous to proceed under the assumption that anyone who has interacted with an egg could leave an imprint on it. Didn't Illyrio, Jiqui and Jorah all handle the eggs as well as Viserys? In this context I'm thinking of Grey Ghost and Cannibal. All those years on Dragonstone yet wild as the day they were hatched. Riders were finally found leading me to believe there is some sort of connection, be it psychic, physical, sensational or spiritual between dragons and riders. Yes, I've seen the PJ videos and I'm not convinced DNA can call across species to each other. I suppose there could be an astrological or numeric thing at play here but I wonder if it isn't something far more base, like smell? Punk Ass Viserys Targaryen with a dragon. I'm so glad that didn't actually happen.
  9. Skin Changing and The Last Greenseer

    Thank you Lady. This is a good read in the context of this conversation. It appears to me that Bran has lots of options in front of him.
  10. Skin Changing and The Last Greenseer

    Why wouldn't Hodor dream? He can think, he just can't express himself exponentially. He exhibits many character traits and interacts in conversation. I'm sure he's got memories and hopes as well. He's a lovely character. I think he would essentially take on Bran's personality which would cause Hodor to be lost to us. It would be a loss. The only thing I'm not sure about is the ability of this man boy to say anything other than Hodor. Sounds like a mental hiccup and despite Bran's dominant consciousness, it would still be Hodor's brain, right? Hard to say how it would go but it looks like a good thing.
  11. Skin Changing and The Last Greenseer

    Liven accomplished. You dance a fascinating jig, Ser.
  12. What is Ghost?

    OH heck yeah. I've thought there was something to her red eyes forever and there is that milky white complexion, but I don't think it ever crossed my mind she could be an albino. Good on you, Dude.
  13. What is Ghost?

    That's a good question. I've seen many posters indicate that readers may determine the "worthiness" of a character by the wolves' reactions to them. Ghost seems to take to Mel. That should mean I can trust Mel to some degree, but I still find it hard to do. Shadow babies for fratricide is still a deep chasm for me to cross. In truth none of the direwolves are ordinary. Lady seemed to be the most grounded (domesticated?) or least magical of the pack, but we also didn't get to know her very well, did we? Then there is wild Nymeria who seems to sort of protect Arya or maybe she was only letting her girl know she was still around the Riverlands while gathering her smaller grey cousins into a force to be feared. Fierce Shaggy Dog fighting unicorns and biting people, acting much like a wild creature despite being right there in the crypts with his boy. Grey Wind almost warrior like in Robb's cause. Summer so loyal and observant maintaining his wolfishness in hunting, protecting his entire group of humans yet still communicating with his own pack and adopting, winning I'm not sure what the word is to describe what he does with his little wolf pack, but I am watching that with a very close eye. Then we have our Ghost who often disappears for long periods, almost socializes with humans--certainly protects more than Jon and stays in contact with his original pack. The link between Summer and Ghost is nothing short of fascinating. Ghost also seems to have a sense or precognition, at least in Dance, with the pacing Jon credits to Boroq's boar. Still he does seem to listen to Jon and allow himself to be commanded. Maybe we just see Jon commanding Ghost more often than Bran/Summer, but there is this obedience to Ghost that doesn't fit his natural roaming persona. Ghost being unable to speak is an odd thing, but perhaps it is a disability along the lines of Bran's that causes his magical ability to be more pronounced or suspect. But, I don't really see his magic as any different from Summer's or Nymeria's in the wolf dreams. The main difference I see is his many trips away though Jon doesn't worry. So I don't think Ghost is warged by anyone but Jon. And though he is the odd one, his boy is also an odd one--he is after all, the familiar of a half Targ. I'm going to follow this one to see what comes up. You've really put some good questions out there @Quellon.
  14. Skin Changing and The Last Greenseer

    Enlightening about Martin's uses for bolt. Let's see what have we managed to pull together here? Reaching, intent, feelings associated with skinchanging, empathy and bolting. Of course I've never been one to have the patience for cross checking uses of words in the massive story. Not true--I did once go through all the uses of "melt" but that when I was convinced the Jogos Nhai were Others. Funny what a single turn of phrase can do to a reader. I thank you very much for defining "bolt" in relation to our little paragraph as well as the other words and terms you shared. It was very interesting accompanying you up and down the stairs Ser.
  15. What was that thing between Cersei and Taena?

    It's a rare thing for a woman to be in Cersei's position at this time. I can see the whole confabulated penis envy argument has merit, but I'm also down with the plausibility of Cersei fulfilling her power lust at Taena's seduction. And I do thing Taena seduced Cersei, though I really enjoyed I think Taena may be far craftier than we are led to believe. And I think Taena is working for someone and find it very interesting that after the imprisonment, debasement, disrespect torture and the walk that Taena is the one she wants back in company. Then again we could all be wrong and they both just dig the whole thing. To answer the OP, a line from Night Moves, an old Seger song, "I used her and she used me and neither one cared..." is maybe the best way to describe what I thought of the relationship.