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  1. Characters apparently killed off-screen

    Yes Raynald, the Knight of Seashells. He's the one I was thinking of, too.
  2. What does House Royce remember?

    No Lady, but it's on my list to visit.
  3. What does House Royce remember?

    Why not indeed! Mance plays multiple important parts in this story. I think your idea is a fitting future role for him to play.
  4. What does House Royce remember?

    There is probably a Thenn or OG Wildling 1st Man who can probably read the runes. The house words originated in something important. I have a sense that the original houses who had (purchased, won, stole whatever) the original 10 named VS swords played a crucial role in either forging the original pact or The Last Hero's quest. We've got "We Remember", "Winter Is Coming", "First In Battle", "Hear Us Roar", "We Light The Way" and "Here We Stand" for the houses we can trace VS swords and words to. 3 house mottos are missing from that line up. Perhaps as we learn more about the purpose of the prophesied heroes and ancient agreements we will have enough information to piece the significance of these house words together.
  5. The Journey from Ice to Lightbringer

    The Lightbringer/AA legend is also told by Salador Saan to Davos. His version agrees with Mel's. As you say, it's just a myth.
  6. The Journey from Ice to Lightbringer

    Amen. Our mythical swords appear to be gone and our Last Hero only had 12 companions. I love that you've listed so many named swords, but I will argue that we don't know Vigilance is with the Hightowers. It doesn't appear to have been seen since the 1st Battle of Tumbledon during the DOD. Nearly 150 years back. I hope it's with them, but I wouldn't categorize it as known. There is a 45 year old man who I believe is a legitimate Reyne (but could be a Tarbeck--fascinating either way). A 3 year-old boy managed to escape or was taken from the carnage at Castamere. So there is one out there somewhere. I don't think Sam could actually wield Heartsbane. It is our last truly big greatsword. They are between 5'6" and 6' long. Let's save that for a big man who can actually use it and let Sam be a wizard. I think Red Rain and Nightfall and possibly Heartsbane are all about to change hands in the conflict in The Reach. I expect Truth and Orphan Maker and Blackfyre to show up in TWOW. I have a feeling Dark Sister is already where she needs to be so she may not move at all. I also think Brightroar and Lamentation are truly gone, never to be seen again. My point being that these 12 swords will find their heroes. I think we've already seen all the possible heroes, like Bran with Hodor and Meera. I have had better luck matching the names of the swords to other swords than I have matching them with heroes. My list is currently 30 long. I'm only sure of 2 or 3 at this point.
  7. The Journey from Ice to Lightbringer

    I do like the imagery and understand how you are stitching your idea into the fabric of prophesy here. The thing is we just can't be sure of any of the prophesies. Some people believe the story of the making of LB is actually the recipe for making VS, others think the Nissa Nissa willing sacrifice is the key. Personally, I think the stupid legend points to AA more than the sword, but that idea is as silly as any other so I won't bore you with it. All I'm saying is if LB is as you say like this elder wand, you have to be open to seeing it prophesy be damned. Arguments in favor of Dawn being actual Dragon Steel are pretty persuasive starting with the name. Dawn, to end the Long Night. I find it most curious that there are 15 named VS swords then Dawn with the legend of the Last Hero and his dozen companions. If you follow the appearance and disappearances of the swords once the Targs landed their number continue to add up to 12. More than once. That is as persuasive to me as any sword meeting prophetic criterion.
  8. Upcoming Battles

    A million years ago @Nevets had the idea that the battle for Mereen will be lost. Sad and shocking, true, but the idea packs a punch with me illustrating the futility of Dany's lingering. She was born a queen, she didn't have to learn or something along those lines. Other than the potential loss of some excellent characters what is the point of a win in Mereen? Dany would almost need to conquer all Essos for any huge culture change to be realized. Mereen is just 1 of many that still practice slavery or say they don't but really do or really don't. Mereen doesn't matter to Westeros, the IT or the Others. The only thing I can honestly see moving Dany's story in the direction of Westeros would be the overthrow or rule of Volantis. If she amasses a Dothraki horde on her own does she really even need the Unsullied? Mother's Men? Her sellswords will follow her anyway or not. They are inconsequential in comparison to 60,000 Dothraki screamers. That's all Robert was afraid of at any rate. Say Dany never returns to Mereen--then what is the point of the battle other than to kill Barristan, Vic, Grey Worm, Brown Ben and pretty much everyone but Tyrion? Does anyone honestly see Tyrion not surviving this battle? That's not to say I don't want Team Dany (including Marwyn) to succeed in this. A win just seems to invite more Essos story and I'm just tired of it. The characters are fascinating, but the story is not. Astapor and Qaarth were good stories. Dany's petulance and indecisiveness is silly. She needs to get back on a horse and go wandering or just gather her fleet and get moving. The Battle for Winterfell should be full of twists and turns and though I believe Stannis can pull this off I don't think it will be a slam dunk. I don't think Asha's story is done by a long shot. Between the houses conspiring against the Boltons in favor of Stannis and actual Bolton forces there aren't that many Bolton loyal. Given the chance I think any reasonable North man will turn against Roose in a heartbeat. Blood will be up where Freys are concerned and I expect they will be obliterated. Those boys are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Euron has set up the whole debacle in Old Town. He has set the Iron Born up for failure. He's taken the best among his people and propped them up as these little lords of these little islands. And left them most decisively. He's left an old man in charge of the Iron Islands. Euron is not on conquest for the Iron Islands at all so much as he is willing to sacrifice his people for whatever his game is. Though I do see his ultimate triumph should he meet Redwine or Aurane Waters or even Salador Saan I am hoping for Euron to take a few major hits and losses in any conflict. I'm beginning to suspect that Euron's real purpose may play all the way to endgame. Gads. Aegon & Jon Con should have both expertise and surprise on their side, winning the Stormlands quickly. Aegon does seem to be a bit of an egotist and firecracker to Jon Con's slow burning rage. I expect Dorne to join them signaling a civil war in Southern Westeros. I expect they will go to the Reach to become unlooked for heroes in pushing the Iron Born back. Then they can head for King's Landing. However, there should be delays. Depending upon Margaery's disposition when Aegon saves the Reach, the entire Tyrell clan and their bannermen could easily fall right in line on Aegon's side. I think Marg would have to either be killed or escape Kings Landing in some way before this could happen. Either way, Connington hasn't got a lot of time to spend saving the realm. He needs to get his boy on the IT and he needs to do it fairly quickly. The Riverlands are close to exploding. There are way too many characters converging there and near for this place not to be finally decimated or liberated. There will be some very hard deaths of beloved characters, but I think the Freys will also be quite done in any capacity in the region. I don't see the BWB having ambitions beyond this territory and once a final vengeance and peace are brought to the Riverlands I expect this group to break up and go their separate ways. This will be interesting to read.
  9. That was terrible! Still giggling. Do you know why witches ride brooms? Vacuum cleaners are too heavy. I think my problem is time zones as I'm nearly dead last every time! Thanks, that made the 6 year old inside me very happy.
  10. Blast from the past

    I know it's a stretch, but I really see similarities between Bloodraven and Visenya. They both ruled for disinterested kings, they were both excellent fighters with Dark Sister and dabbled in the dark arts. Their ruling styles and loyalty to their kings seem very much in harmony to me. Now before anyone throws Prince Daemon in the mix, he was a nut. Bloodraven and Visenya, to the best of our knowledge, only had 1 lover and never jumped off a dragon to stab a nephew in the eye. Daemon seems a lot more like a combination of frickin Little Finger, Gregor Clegane and gatehouse Ami to me.
  11. Dammit Leech, I was thinking that myself. You beat me to it again.
  12. Oh now those are wonderful quotes in this context. And interesting indeed, that a man on the same level as a sell sword defers to Daario. Lady, this is such clever detective work. I don't know how you put this together, but it sure gives me hope that we may see TWOW someday and that it will be wonderful. I waited a year for this and it has proven to be so worth the wait. Good job. Please if there are other "snowflakes" lay them on us.
  13. Jojen sick

    Hehehehehehe--that was good, Pup.
  14. who's excited!!?

    I remember an interview quoting GRRM as saying Tyrion and Dany would cross paths in TWOW, but that's it. These characters still have a very long way to go before converging. But I am excited to see Brienne and Jamie team up again and hope Obara and Hotah will be entertaining. I don't think the books are going the way of the other medium that is delivering their version of the story. But I would like to read some reunions or new unions.
  15. Jojen sick

    Things get very strange for all the kids in the cave. They've traveled a very long way, starved and cold which certainly wore them down and as many above have stated, Jojen may be compromised by his earlier childhood illness. But his attitude really changes in the cave. Meera and Hodor and even Bran want to explore the wonders, hear stories, be dazzled. But Jojen curls up into himself and becomes sullen. He wasn't sullen before. Jojen is magical. Perhaps his mojo is hampered in the cave or merely by (as someone also said) being far from home or even simply north of the Wall. Maybe. What is apparent is Bran's instruction while he's still learning to control himself. He is surely strengthened by food and warmth and having reached his goal. Bran doesn't know what to think of the cave. He sort of resigns himself to this as his future. Jojen likely knows or has at least dreamed that this is not the end of Bran's road and doesn't dig all the death in the cave or Bran's willingness to accept it for himself. Meera tells Bran that Jojen is homesick. I doubt we will ever get the full story behind what's going on with Jojen, but I wouldn't discount any and all speculation. Jojen isn't like other 12 or 14 year-olds. What's the deal with him taking his ball and just sitting at the mouth of the cave looking out for hours?