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  1. Ned Ignoring Arya

    You're not alone in this irritating. Ned sure does go against the grain and ignore signs. I think the problem is between Lord Father and mischief making younger daughter. It's not that Ned doesn't love Arya, it is that he's too busy to hear what she's saying. In 1 ear and out the other as it were. The sad truth is he might have heard if the story had come from an adult. Given our source of intel here is Arya, I'm not so sure anyone listened to her prior to Gendry.
  2. The Journey from Ice to Lightbringer

    That is one way it could all work out. We certainly need a flaming sword and it was a nice reminder that the Lightning Lord's sword broke as well as Thoros' swords of old. The logic behind Lightbringer, a flaming sword, being made of particularly fire resistant steel is sound. Why settle for Valyrian Steel when Dawn is supposed to be made from the heart of a meteor? Seems to me you would need a material stronger than Valyrian Steel as opposed to hotter than steel to cut through it. Starfall is allegedly made of the meteoric material and has stood for 2 to 10,000 years. I'm thinking these swords the Others carry are as cold to ice as dragon flame is to fire. This is where a flaming sword will be particularly useful. Brienne has done OK with Oathkeeper. That is, this sword has served her well. It is said that Valyrian Steel "remembers" and occasionally seems to act on its own will. Could be the memory isn't so much of a bloodline than it is to another Harry Potter item, the Choosing Hat. Could be 12 (not 11) Valyrian Steel swords are required to accompany Lightbringer. Martin spent a lot of words describing Tywin's pride in claiming the remnants of Ice. We are told the dye wouldn't take correctly and even given particular measurements for Widows Wail. Why would he unite Widows Wail and Oathkeeper after all the words he invested in separating them for houses Baratheon and finally, Lannister? Dany, like Jon, could have any of many parents. Regardless of heritage Dany is not a warrior. She is a conqueror, but she has no use for another weapon. She's got 3 dragons. I'm thinking a sword would be useless overkill for her. She promised Jorah a Valyrian Steel sword, not Dawn. I'm not especially invested so much as resigned to Dawn being Lightbringer--even that is tenuous at this point. @Nezza86, you've made some valid points in the OP but I'm not sure you've made a case for a VS Lightbringer. I have to ask if this is your original idea or if you formulated it after several reads?
  3. Tyrion's Condition

    I think Tyrion is safe from the Grey Scale. Alcoholism not so much. I can't see Tyrion getting a common or unremarkable death.
  4. Is Lightbringer (the first) Valyrian steel?

    I mix things up too and agree the books are so rich. I have multiple lunch bets riding on those Valyrian Steel Swords being critical to end game so here's to hoping you are right!
  5. Is Lightbringer (the first) Valyrian steel?

    Ah, I get it now. Listen, this is a good topic and a lot of fun to discuss. This is the book forum. We can't assume anything from the show until we actually read it. I was excited about more than 1 thing happening in the show that never happened in the books. It's hard to get on the same page when we mix mediums. There was a time I thought the swords would become important in the show because I know they will be crucial in the books. Truth is we've only got 3 Valyrian Swords even mentioned much less seen on the show. We saw Dawn, but the show never went into it's really unique history. I thought the dual swords were bitchen, but it's not the way it went down with Arthur Dayne at the Tower of Joy. Now I'm thinking Long Claw and Heartsbane will be important on screen and that's it. I will be surprised if we ever even see Dawn again on screen. Given the role VS plays in the show your theory makes absolute sense.
  6. Brandon Stark's possible revelations

    I searched Dany, Cat, Ned and Jon. All I came up with was 2 more ebon/weirwood doors (Dany & Ned), a horn, spear and mask in the wildlings' possession (that's Ygritte's horn, by the way). So only 2 complete instances with Arya & Sansa for the Starks. However, we've got 3 doors with the Starks if we include Ned. Who is it cautions us to be aware of something happening or being said 3 times? I know I'm excited and the concept is tenuous. We know POVs are supposed to be severely reduced by the end of TWOW. Bran will have to tell the stories in the places we don't have POVs. I've wondered how that could be done in Dorne, the Vale or Essos where there are no actual weirwoods. And I got my buddy @Other from another mother excited too, so my job is done. Thanks for indulging me.
  7. Brandon Stark's possible revelations

    Well now isn't that juicy! You know what else could have happened at that table? Arthur Dayne, Gerold Hightower and Oswell Whent may have been given their marching orders for their mission at the Tower of Joy. Sweet catch, Man! Totally reconciles the need for a weirwood in a place they don't grow.
  8. Brandon Stark's possible revelations

    Well Ser, I'm conducting a search. Will report back if I find anything juicy.
  9. House Targaryen Naming Conventions

    How utterly informative. This is great information and a fascinating discussion. Thank you for addressing my silly question and sillier lack of intel regarding Brightflame, et al. I meant to ask about Sheira possibly being related to the name Serra. In the real world names such as Sophia, Sonia and Sandra (in all their many spellings and derivatives) stem from the name Cassandra. At least that's what I've read anyway. Thanks so much.
  10. House Targaryen Naming Conventions

    Ah, that's excellent information. From so many names. Thanks Man!
  11. House Targaryen Naming Conventions

    You put so much work into this really nice representation of your research. Back to the original question, do you think that either Serra or Varys fit the Targ naming conventions? I've read plenty about Varys being possible but nothing about Serra. What do you think?
  12. Brandon Stark's possible revelations

    Thanks Mac, it's a dubious sort of connection and even I get how it's supposed to work. It's Theon's dream in the weirwood bed that allows a sliver of possibility for weirwood, dead or alive, to have a certain correspondent (for lack of a better word at 6 AM) property. I wasn't trying to drive the point home I just got a kick out of the dual likeness in both places with both Stark girls. Wanted to share that interesting bit of information with friends. Can't wait to see what either you or @Greywater-Watch can come up with for this connection. I will go digging for a 3rd instance with another Stark.
  13. The White Walkers are the Others. The Others are the White Walkers.

    I saw someone do it before and you seemed to be delighted. Just trying to keep the momentum going.
  14. Is Lightbringer (the first) Valyrian steel?

    I understand where you're coming from. It would be helpful to have some real dates or at least dependable dates for everything, but all we have is guesses. From what I recall the World Book assumed that dragons were sighted in Westeros long before the Targs came over. A good while back, but they were around. I'm at a bit of a loss over the bolded as I'm not sure I'm following you with regard to blades changing color. In truth, we don't know anything about Dawn, whether it was dragon flamed or this meteoric material is some form of steel or not. Isn't white hot the hottest a flame can burn? Let's reserve judgement on that one. I'm not trying to fight with you or give you a hard time, but what evidence do we have in support of Valyrian Steel having any effect on Others? Dragon glass, sure, but none on Valyrian Steel that I recall. All we have is Sam and Jon thinking maybe Dragon Steel is Valyrian Steel. Have I forgotten something?
  15. Brandon Stark's possible revelations

    I was closing everything out for the night and asearchoficeandfire is still open. Not only is Lysa's chair made of weirwood, but Little Sweet Robert's throne is also made of weirwood. Guess what else is weirwood at Auntie Lysa's... Lady Lysa pulled at Sansa's arm. It was either walk or be dragged, so she chose to walk, halfway down the hall and between a pair of pillars, to a white weirwood door set in the marble wall. The door was firmly closed, with three heavy bronze bars to hold it in place, but Sansa could hear the wind outside worrying at its edges. When she saw the crescent moon carved in the wood, she planted her feet. "The Moon Door." She tried to yank free. "Why are you showing me the Moon Door?" Now we have 2 instances of chairs and doors in the same places.