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  1. Casting have been on point, with the exception of Rhaegar and the sand snakes. Euron looks legitimately related to Theon. And Lena well you'd never find someone that can do a Cersei like her. The acting has been flawless there. She doesn't even have to say anything to convey how she's feeling. I also agree with GeorgeIAF that Sandor Clegane's, Tormunds and Briennes casting is amazing as well as Robert's amongst others.
  2. It's definitely cold. The dragon died. Froze. The Whole basis of the White Walkers is ice. Everything is cold, everything is icy, everything is dead. How the hell does the dragon then breathe HOTTER fire than ever before? That's just pure nonsense. It is cold.
  3. Yeah disappointed that they didn't make him look somewhat different. A different hair style at least. Tie it up or something..
  4. "When enough people make false promises, words stop meaning anything. There's no answers, only better and better lies." -Jon
  5. "Maybe it really is all cocks, in the end." - Jaime
  6. Jon loved Ygritte.. The cave scene? And he Still loved her even though she shot him. I would say that was the lightest form of imprisonment a king or queen has ever delt anyone. If it were Cercei he'd be dead or tortured. And when he wanted to leave he pretty much just told her he was going and shes all "oh alright then take Jorah with you"
  7. I'm not sure what you mean referring to Robb and Theon? I recall Ygritte being a pretty big bitch to Jon as well, actually the biggest bitch. Shot him with an arrow and pretty much called him an idiot all the time. I guess he likes being the sub.. But how has Dany been a bitch? Haha he's like "Yesss!" But seriously I don't think he cares too much about making bastards or he wouldn't have had nookie with Ygritte. He could have had not only a bastard but a half wilding bastard that would have been looked down upon even more so than he was.
  8. Jon doesn't really get to see many girls.. she must look like the most beautiful thing in the world to him. (All clean, nice clothes, hair did) Plus we know he likes a strong willed women (i.e.Ygritte). A queen of dragons must look very appealing to him. That plus the lack of sex on his part I can see why he'd fall head over heels for her.
  9. I don't think Jon was thinking of babies haha "Hello person I just met" "I CAN'T HAVE BABIES!" "Err ok... chill" But yeah she probably will get pregnant.. Or they just all die and there would be no point of any of it!
  10. Leaving with them from the wall
  11. Wait what?! How does that happen? OP: They definitely have a thing for each other. But not sure why she pulled away from Jon? She's unsure maybe? Jon was definitely after something a little more in that scene.