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  1. I just meant that regardless, Brandon and Rickard would end up dead. I don't think they would be at the level of Lewyn or Jonothor.
  2. Oh! Thanks. It's a bit vague but I suppose young can be anything from 14 to 29.
  3. lol Aemon's blind XD
  4. Problem is actually verifying that he's a Targaryen. Fire immunity seems to be a TV show exclusive too, so tossing Aemon into a bonfire wouldn't work XD
  5. Lyn didn't kill a king but he was fighting for the Targaryens at the beginning
  6. Tarly with a helmet and full plate armor on, a Lannister shield and armed with Oathkeeper. Harlan with no armor on, and armed only with a butchers knife. Fight to the death.
  7. Even without Aerys choosing fire.. he could still have had ordered Lewyn Martell and Jonothor Darry to go up against Brandon and Rickard.
  8. Jaime can't be on that team since he's a Kingsguard.
  9. Oh. Another question, where was it stated that Iron Emmett was young? Is there an actual quote to that?
  10. Yeah but the wiki only mentioned that Smalljon was strongly built like his father, and could grow bigger. But there was no info about him being notably skilled in combat. But Walder Rivers and Tytos Blackwood, minor characters, it was actually written that they were skilled in combat, in the wiki.
  11. Oh, damn. That guy who told me the ham feat was making it up then lol How old was Bigjon and Smalljon during the Red wedding? Was Smalljon renowned to be skilled like Walder Rivers or Tytos Blackwood? All I've known about him was that he's strong like his dad. But his dad was mentioned to be one of the few people that could beat Jaime.
  12. Is it true that Smalljon Umber killed several Frey men with a ham drumstick? During the Red wedding that is. I can't find the specific quote of it. Also, how old was Iron Emmett during Robert's Rebellion?
  13. But he wouldn't be so badly named as the "late" one if his forces were, with intent, utilized for King's landing and Storm's end. I know the Lannisters took King's landing anyways but right after the Battle at the Trident, it's not like Ned knew that back then.
  14. Yeah but I couldn't find it in writing that the Freys went with him. Ned also kept on calling Walder Frey as the late Walder Frey, which seems to me like resentment that they didn't help during the rebellion. Correct me, if I'm wrong
  15. Sure they were late and came only after the Battle at the Trident was over, but there was still King's landing and the siege at Storm's end afterwards.