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  1. I think that would fall too much in line with the old GoT we knew and loved. This new version of the show will probably see some divine intervention save them all so they can live happily ever after.
  2. At this point in the show, I'm feeling like he's the only character left that makes any sense and hasn't committed any major acts of betrayal of my disbelief or insulted my intelligence. Just about every other character is hailed as a hero one moment, and acts like a total imbecile the next, or has taken a 360 character arc and ended back as the same loathsome person they initially started as. I actually want to see the White Walkers win and convert all of Westeros... hell, the entire damned world, at this rate!
  3. I want to know what stopped the wights from simply walking across the bottom of the lake bed and crawling up that island. Not like they can suffer frostobite or even need to breathe. So what if the ice breaks, just means they have to talk a little harder.
  4. I might be getting my episodes confused, but wasn't this the one where we start with Jamie and Bronn lying by the side of a lake? Sorry, but anyone who's gone involuntarily diving in a lake will tell you, you don't just *swim* out of a lake that easily. Even with clothes on, it's tough to tread water and one of the first things they teach you in Boy Scouts, even is to kick off your shoes and take off your clothes. Jamie did a body slam into some very deep water, apparently. When the show starts, he's laying on the opposite side of the lake from where the battle was fought. Either A) he swam... which is impossible to do when weighted down with that much armor. Or B) Bronn rescued him... which is equally impossible to do to another person wearing that much weight, plus the weight of his own armor. Anyhow, Jamie is dead. There is no reasonable way to assume he would have survived that plunge he took at the end of the episode. If they wanted to show a situation he could survive, they shouldn't have angled the camera 10+ feet below the waterline, looking up at him sinking. His survival is just another "jump the shark" moment this series has taken since season 5, imo.
  5. "Could" be dangerous? Remind me who betrayed Ned and held a knife to his throat in the throne room, again?
  6. Sansa should have died long ago... my opinion at least. She has to be the least likable character, who brings the least with her to any plot of the story. The one and only thing she has is her surname, and that's the only thing Littlefinger likes about her as well. The fact that she's now throwing a potential wrench in Jon's plans is adding insult.
  7. It's funny reading these after I just watched the "leaked" episode 6 last night. Some will be happy to know that what you think should happen, does. Others will be happy to know that what you think is stupid, continues to be just as stupid The way I view it, though, is that Tyrion is trying to do anything and everything possible to save his friends on one side and his family on the other. He hates his sister, but she's still his sister. However, he loves his brother still and knows that Jamie won't leave Cersei's side and will be stubborn about conceding anything, as he witnessed on the battlefield. Focusing them on the WW, which he doesn't fully believe in anyhow (remember?) is his way of distracting them from killing each other a bit longer.
  8. I was wondering the same thing over the past year or so. But... Gilly read the passage from the book she was looking through that described a secret annulment performed alongside a marriage of that same person. We can safely surmise that the annulment was that of Rhaegar and Elia Martell and the marriage was to him and Lyanna Stark. This would make Jon a fully legitimate Targaryen and the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, in every way, shape and form. The question is, how would they prove this to the rest of Westeros?
  9. I felt season 6 just sold out seasons 3-5. I'm still wrapping my mind around what time frame allows people to travel so quickly back and forth without missing months of drama in between where they left from and are going to. Even season 1 made a huge ordeal about the trip form Kings Landing to Winterfell, but now everyone does that, or greater without blinking an eye or missing any key moments. No matter how you place each of these time lines, they make no sense when they cross back over one another. But aside from that... Season 6 (and 5) seem to have forgotten some major points that we've known to be true throughout. Sam in the Night's Watch having a wife and kid, Jon being declared king despite being a bastard and so on. Then I felt like things were wrapped up too nicely and loose ends tied too quickly in this season. You could feel them feeling rushed and just wanting to get on with it already. There's Benjin's return, Rickon shows up again and dies, as does that Wildling woman whose name I forgot, Ramsay's killed finally, Cersei just says "fuck it" to everyone and wipes out 90% of the Kings Landing plot lines, The Hound returns from being near dead, Winterfell is back in Stark hands, Dany has her hoard and is finally sailing to Westeros... They might as well have given us a bow to tie all the story lines shut with. Seasons 1-5 combined, didn't leave things as tidy as this one season has. There was too much ex machina in this season that Game of Thrones simply does not have. Sure, I was grinning when each of the major events happened, but still, if this were like the original seasons, Jon would have died in a hopeless battle like Stannis did. Sansa would have gone into hiding some more. Dany would be doing nothing across the sea, like usual. Rickon would have been taken prisoner at the end of the season. Arya would have been killed, or simply left for Westeros without incident... yet. Hodor would still die. Cersei's plan would have backfired and she'd be on trial. And the season would have ended with the scene of Tommen jumping from the window.
  10. Remember when Eddard lost his head? Remember the Red Wedding? Remember when Theon invaded Winterfell? Remember Renly's assassination by his own brother? Remember Brienne defeating Sandor? Those were pure GoT moments. Now we have the ex machina season 6 upon us, where everything is being handed to us on a silver platter, wrapped in a neat ribbon. It feels too out of place to even be the same show at this point.
  11. It's like Gilly and Sam have been together for so long, the writers forgot that their relationship is actually forbidden and takes place discreetly, out of view of people. On Arya's account - it felt it wasn't her portrayal of Cersei that won her over, but it was the actress herself that Arya admired. It was only until after a dialog with her, that Arya really felt like she became a human being again.
  12. My thoughts on season 6 are pretty much that they are telling us to skip seasons 3-5. As you said, Jamie's character felt like he was developing and then, he backtracked - he's now the same hot-headed, incestuous idiot he was in seasons 1 and 2. Daenerys now has her Dothraki back and is planning to take over Westeros... again. Bravo. Thanks for wasting out time for 4 years. Whitewalkers are coming! Yep, we saw that and knew it in season 1. Nothing new here. Just tell me - how fucking slow do they move?? They seemed pretty speedy in Hardhome and the Night's Watch can move from point A to B in a matter of weeks. Why do the WWs take years to move that same goddamned distance?! Jon is dead. Oh, wait, nope. Never mind, he isn't. Arya wants to kill people in season 2 and trains in season 1. She gets stuck doing some boring crap in the last 3 seasons and now she's going back to wanting to kill people with her sword again. Brienne served Lady Stark, then swore to serve Sansa. Something happened for a little while somewhere and now she's back to serving Sansa. Littlefinger is still a prick, being a prick, doing prick-like things. Season 3 could have consisted of 1 episode that tied all the loser ends together (Kill Stanis and Tywin, Zombify the Mount... oh wait, he never really did anything than brutally kill people anyway. Never mind, he's still the same...) and left us at season's 6 doorstep. And the writing feels like daytime soap opera quality. GRRM went on such an epic killing spree with his characters in the story, that there's really very little left to root for, or against. Some of the most fleshed out, developed characters have all been killed off. The ones they didn't kill off, they sidelined into sub-plots that go on forever without amounting to anything. "OMG! Hodor died!!!" Who gives a rat's ass? From a character development standpoint, he was 1 dimensional - an huge oaf that only served as an oversize wheelchair. Had Bran actually discovered Hodor's past earlier and his background been developed, I might actually care. Season 1 made me watch season 2 because it pissed me off. In a very, very good way. Seasons 4-5 made me watch season 6 because they pissed me off in the opposite direction... with boredom.
  13. No, not a book reader (I feel you judging me!). My book reading era stop right after the Asimov years. I just noticed a certain pace and tone set for the first 4 seasons, then season 5 dragged a bit and now, in season 6 it just feels... rushed? At least some parts feel off-paced. Some feel rushed while other feel bogged down under their own weight. Part of this whole feel is the fact that there are about 9 plot lines to cover and 10 episodes to cover them in, each 50 or so minutes. That's like watching an hour long TV show about a character, once a year. It better be a damned good hour and/or an amazing character to keep me coming back! They need to make good use of their time and when they don't it just kind of gets amplified (Dorne... anyone?).
  14. I binge watched Seasons 1-4, catching up with the series as 4 ended. Then I waited for 5, where I binged again on the first 4 seasons and now 6. The show just seems to have gotten too.... hrmmm... "soap opera-y". Just "happy coincidences" all over the place; people related to one another, people who know or have heard of the other, or have met in the past, etc. And then the deaths of damn near everyone at some point just adds to this feel, The first thing I noticed about season 6, though, is the lack of GRRM's writing influence. I'm completely confident he lacks any ability to write a gratifying climactic scene to any plot line he's created. In Season 6, we're subjected to 2 in a row right at the start. That feels totally out of place for his usual epic tales of anti-climactic tragedy. It wouldn't surprise me if season 6 started to wrap things up and season 7 put a nice ribbon around them. I don't actually know how I feel about this though. Part of me thinks "Yes! Something's finally happening!!". Part of me feels betrayed because it's not happening the way the other 5 seasons did. Then we have the plot lines that are actually left... Mereen seems to be a void that sucks characters in and lets them waste away in limbo until they escape. Now we have one of the most entertaining character in the show, Tyrion, stuck there, falling victim to the same neglect Daenerys did. King's Landing... I'm over it. Really, these characters don't change or develop any bit since season 2 and don't seem to have any affect on anyone else's story line. For instance, we find out that apparently Daenerys is a popular name in the world, as are her dragons, but no one in King's Landing seems to give a rat's ass about that - it's like the city is tuck in its own little bubble and could be swallowed up into the earth next episode but still have no effect on the rest of the story. Littlefinger - Give me a break. At first I thought i hated him because he was sinister and sneaky. Now I realize I hate him because he... just isn't written very well. He's conniving for the sake of being conniving. It seems that half of the back-stabbing plots he launches can be accomplished by doing it directly himself. There's no rhyme or reason as to why he does what he does, other than for the sake of being a sneaky bastard. Sansa, I thought she was the weakest character from season 1 and am disgusted that I've had to endure 6 seasons with her. I'd rather watch 6 seasons of Sandor Clegane and follow a character that actually has depth and isn't a stereotype like Sansa. Jon Snow... One of the few plots I like. Unfortunately, now Sansa is involved with it *yuk*. Arya - one of the other few plots that are interesting and I wish they'd focus on more. Although I'm not sure what the point of her blindness was supposed to be.
  15. Back to the topic... nothing GoT throws at me really shocks me anymore. Oh look! Eddard got beheaded. Hey look, everyone at the wedding got slaughtered. Oh, now Jon Snow got stabbed. It's too commonplace at this point to even elevate my heart rate anymore.