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  1. Does it really matter? I used to want to understand why he had the Southern Ambitions but I realised that it doesn't matter anyway, hes dead, Lysa is dead, Robert is dead, ned is dead, etc etc, so why like much later in the story do we care what he was trying to do back then? considering we already know it failed anyway.
  2. Agreed its a nice theory but I don't buy it, too many variables.
  3. Agree ^
  4. Unsure...
  5. ^ thats it.
  6. Fairly sure it was meant to be together but because of the size of it he split it in two geographicly?
  7.   LOL cheers :) Yeah that scene with Brienne was intense. Also her fight with Shagwell was wicked, when he kills Nimble Dick. Class.   Yeah I agree Vic is a G, the bloodied mail fist.   Thanks Syrio lol, tbf i have one or twice seen people resort to insults and like proper arguments on here but then they get removed or put in their place, there is no need for it really ay. Disagree sure but like leave it at that right?       I'm looking forward to rereading this book now after reading some of these replies on here. Still slugging through "...and the truth shall set you free" before Dance.
  8. :agree:
  9. :bang: Of course. Cheers. My memory is terrible I need to do a re-read of the whole lot once ive started finished Dance, so that will be sometime 2016. :dunce:
  10. Yeah i have also seen the order online, its called a feast for dragons or something similar. Its the first half or 3/4s or so of ADWD that overlaps with AFFC. However i have only just finished AFFC and tbf i think i would have rather of read them together, because now when i start Dance I've got to try and remember what was happening in Feast at the same point.
  11. I dont recall :(
  12. From what i gather, Pod likes hanging around with the beauty. xD       Sorry....
  13. Right gottcha, i must have not read that properly ay. nice one :)   I hope she doesnt kill Jamie though, although id rather that than Pod die.
  14. Oh right, thats cool sounds good to me lol
  15. :agree:   Its interesting how its some peoples fave book and others like it the least. Once ive read ADWD i think i will start again, maybe read AWOIAF too.