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  1. in Russia, people don't own guns, instead guns own people
  2. I want some vanilla cake!
  3. guns dont kill people, people kill people!
  4. LMAO these two are complete shit for writers. Prepare for random 3rd grade penis jokes to suddenly pop up out of nowhere in the Star Wars dialogue now. This will be the nail in the coffin for Disney's Star Wars.
  5. No wonder why Cersei is so confident!
  6. aaren't the Lannister army all dead now?
  7. 7'9-ish in the books i think, close to 8ft. not sure if his specific height was ever mentioned in the show, but i think its trying to pass him off as atleast 7ft.
  8. Simple explanation for this, the writers are sh!t
  9. and the dialogue is still shit! who would have thought a meeting between most of the main characters could be so boring?
  10. yea and Drogon's emotional cry when he saw his brother fall. Truely emotional scene.
  11. Hahaha, my sarcasm detector went through the roof reading this!
  12. Can i mock you now just to make up for not being around to mock you the first time?