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  1. That's the odd thing, Sword of Destiny isn't a prequel, but a vital part of the narrative. So is the Last Wish. It's just you don't expect short stories to matter.
  2. Bizarrely, straight up truth, I wish the Streetfighter Universe were true. I would love to live in a colorful low-leve superhero universe where punching things was the way to enlightenment.
  3. My distaste of Rhaegar is basically born from the fact he's a guy who the narrative seems to present as this flower of chivalry but who kept screwing up in horrible ways if the presumed narrative about him is correct. * If he knew about the White Walkers, he never told anyone. * He said he'd do something about Aerys only after his father had ruined the realm. * He never made any attempt to reveal Lyanna was there of her own free will. * He did dishonor his wife and their children in a manner that even if it was a legitimate polyamorous marriage with her approval, no one knew about it. And yet we're still supposed to be genuinely happy about the guy and Lyannna. He doesn't inspire the kind of HATE which I felt toward the Freys but there's just such an annoyance about him as if the books feel I should still be happy he was so cool.
  4. I'm going to say that in addition to the easy answers of Ramsey Bolton, Joffrey, Walder Frey, and the Mountain that I'm personally one of the biggest haters of Rhaegar Targaryen. I really dislike how just about everyone gives the guy a pass for all of his boneheaded mistakes while coming down on Robert. For me, honestly, I think him getting his chest smashed him by Robert was the best thing to happen to Westeros.
  5. Rhaegar gets a massive number of people defending him. On my end, I'm comfortable with calling a Dragon a Dragon and that Robert did the world a favor by ending him.
  6. I think he's an okay dude. Gives fish, bread, and wine for free. Fanclub? I can take or leave some of them. I actually liked Glokta until the end of the First Law Trilogy. After all the torture, brutality, and awfulness--it was only his treatment of the queen which made me genuinely hate him.
  7. It will be redeemed if she's in a coma and the White Lodge is trying to coach her out.
  8. I just got the cover art for my latest book back. I haven't decided which to choose. Any ideas which works best in your opinion? http://unitedfederationofcharles.blogspot.com/2017/08/hey-folks-i-thought-now-would-be-great.html It's a humorous UF mystery series.
  9. Oddly enough, I'm getting back into urban fantasy after a two year drought. Watching Twin Peaks again made me think of a fully formed character in my head and resulted in my creation of I WAS A TEENAGE WEREDEER. http://unitedfederationofcharles.blogspot.com/2017/08/hey-folks-i-thought-now-would-be-great.html However, this isn't me plugging my stuff but actually complaining about my inability to wade through the dross to find the diamonds. I'm finding myself in a position where I want to read urban fantasy again but have no idea who would be a good place to begin with. I love to immerse myself in the genre of whatever I choose to write in and figuring out which series to read is daunting. I've just been re-reading Patricia Briggs A&O and MT series from beginning to end. I've realized I don't actually LOVE them but they're a surprisingly good "comfort food" in terms of reading as they're consistently entertaining without becoming overblown--weird gender dynamics aside. I'm thinking of trying the Daniel Faust series next. I loved the Valducan series by Seth Skorkowsky but that's a bit far from my were desires right now. My wife is recommending Kitty Norville and Jane Yellowrock but I'm suspicious of the descriptions.
  10. Tolkien loved the dwarves. He just didn't make them as awesome as elves.
  11. Am reading the ANGEL IN THE WHIRLWIND series by Christopher G. Nutall, which I really enjoyed the first book of. There's some problems I have with the book like the fact it's basically the War on Terror IN SPACE but they portray it as one of Good vs. Evil. Which...problematic. I may be ditching the series after the second one, though, because the second book is one about how religion is a source of so many wars and suffering in the universe. Which...fair point, there are a lot of religious wars. However, she works for a transparent stand-in for the British Empire and a corporatocracy who are the Ultra Pure Good Guys. Yeah...no.
  12. Interestingly, I was just about to check that out.
  13. Thankfully, we don't sweat the details too much there. Grimdark is anything suitably gritty and dark among fantasy and sci-fi. https://www.facebook.com/groups/grimdarkfiction/ To also give a sense where its politics lay, the group is celebrating Gay Pride right now.
  14. I finished reading OLD MAN'S WAR up to the HUMAN DIVISION. I think ZOE'S TALE was the last good one as I just didn't enjoy the whole conspiracy angle. It didn't make much sense and I also felt the series lost of what made it unique when it made the Colonial Union something not necessary to human civilization. I think the series should have ended at THE LAST COLONY personally. I also have finished the HARD LUCK HANK series up to ROBOT FARTS and I love the story. Not every book is a complete winner and they need a larger cast and less time skips but the protagonist is such a lovable thug, it's hard not to really enjoy it.
  15. If you belong to the Grimdark Reader List on Facebook, we have like seven or eight female authors. All of which are awesome. Deborah Anne Wolf (Dragon's Legacy) Anne Smith (Godblind) Anna Smith Sparks (Court of Broken Knives) M.L. Spencer (Rhenwars) Great bunch and environment too.