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  1. Aside from my unreasoning hatred of Rhaegar Targayen--some more common ones. Walder Frey (ASOI&F)- Is killing everyone under guest right REALLY so heinous? George R.R. Martin made me want to see them all die so badly it's still what I'm looking forward to most. Glokta (TFL) - It's a toss up between him and Bayaz because it turns out, no, he really WAS every bit as awful and despicable as he routinely claimed himself to be. What he did to Queen Terez is something that makes his ending status all the more loathsome. More so because he was so likable and engaging for the previous two books. Mike "Ghost" Jenkins (Paladin of Shadows) - I only read the first book but it's impressive there's actually a protagonist in a mostly mainstream thriller series who rapes a teenage girl and beats her. Needless to say, I wasn't interested in pursuing the series after. Griffith (Berserk) - He's a rare case of being the kind of guy who I understand why he did all the terrible things he did but also condemn him for it all the same.
  2. But now you watch it for LITERARY CRITICISM. Interestingly, the subject of "what is and what isn't" cyberpunk is discussed heavily here on the RPG.net forums with many of the same arguments here. https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?702219-Is-there-a-better-cyberpunk-movie-than-quot-RoboCop-quot
  3. I think you'll enjoy it. Interestingly, there's a good argument cyberpunk is a genre which can't exist the way it originally was because human society has changed to the point a lot of the elements traditionally associated with it as shocking: the economic downturn, the ubiquitous of computers, corporate hegemony, and the technologically skilled high tech thieves are pretty much now facts of the 21st century. As such, its satirical element no longer exists. It's why we have shows like Mr. Robot and games like Watch_Dogs which are cyberpunk but take place in the "real world."
  4. This is just me as a long time fan of Tom Clancy but I tend to think of technothrillers as using plausible science fiction while cyberpunk is softer. Of course, this runs into the issue of genre argument I think is frequently abused. Specifically, that books don't have to actually be in ONE genre alone. The Dark Tower by Stephen King is fantasy, a Western, AND horror. So, I think things like Universal Soldier have cyberpunk elements whether or not they are completely so or not.
  5. I actually don't 100% agree with this list but it's about inspiration not perfect and was written for fans of Cyberpunk 2020. "Cyberpunk Cinema Classics" https://aeonite.com/cyberpunk/c4/
  6. I think you mean poor and disadvantaged. And no, Robocop isn't but ED-209 is. Clarence Bodiker and his cronies also get advanced military grade hardware which they deploy against Robocop as well. The sequel replaces them with the more authentically cyberpunk Robocop 2, of course. For me, the heart of why Robocop is a good example of cyberpunk is that it captures the spirit of fighting against the Man and the fact technology isn't being used to solve major social crises. But if it's not cyberpunk for you, that's your judgement call obviously. I agree with most of what you've said here. While Robocop is a police officer, it's also a random note he's a criminal for the latter half of the movie too. Which is to say while it's not a positive criminal movie by any means, quite the opposite, it does have a distinctly cynical view of the law. Weirdly, I've always been intrigued by the corporate henchmen in these sorts of movies.
  7. Eh, Robocop has a computer in his brain. But let me correct to say, "High tech" period. Be they replicants, cyborgs, computers, or so on. Well, we could start with Robocop. OCP beats out Weyland Yutani and the Tyrell Corporation for the ultimate cyberpunk evil corporation because not only are they awful fucking people, they're AUTHENTICALLY awful. They're a bunch of douchebags who do all their evil not because evil or to be a god is the goal but because it's to make money--and their cost saving measures as well as incompetence has horrifying effects. They oppress the world with things like ED-209 but only because ED is a horribly made machine designed to line their pockets and the human cost of such a thing is unimportant to their bottom line.
  8. Eh, A Boy and His Dog is one of the founding works of post-apocalypse fiction which I find to be a genre that isn't cyberpunk but exists in the same housing complex. Cyberpunk is something that requires the "punk" element where the man is fucking over society (which is what punk means) and that requires a society to begin with while PA works tend to be lawless to a certain degree. Cyber means computers, information technology, and virtual reality so you need computers as well as "high tech" to work. I should also note over on the Facebook Cyberpunk lists, everyone generally agrees the most annoying thing is everyone asking "Is X media cyberpunk" as no one can agree 100% on a definition.
  9. I'm so happy for this site because of it.
  10. True. I suppose I gave it a pass because Murphy is a piece of corporate hardware that makes up for the fact he's shiny and chrome by the fact it's a Fate Worse than Death to be consigned into such a body. I will also give it's a strange sort of punk that would include the best hope for humanity (in Detroit) being a cop--however out of step he is with his fellow striking corporate-owned DPD. Which I suppose, as terrible as it was, makes Robocop 3 where he's outdated, broken, and fighting for the poor directly as the most cyberpunk of them.
  11. Well Demolition Man is clearly inspired by cyberpunk in the context of being a bunch of rebels against a conformist society with our protagonist standing in the middle. I'm very much of a belief that cyberpunk is less about the tech and hardware (though that's always there) than the rebellious angry attitude. Obviously most genres are kind of a Venn diagram with stuff squarely in the middle and gradually moving out until stuff isn't X genre at all. Like grimdark. Neon Dystopia--a site I hope to someday be registered on, talked about it: https://www.neondystopia.com/what-is-cyberpunk/
  12. Eh, I go with Mike Pondsmith on this. "High tech, low life."
  13. All physical books published by Crossroad Press are 40% off this Black Friday (starting now despite that) until Monday. http://crossroadpress.com/shop/
  14. Cool. For me, it's about the physical hardware (cybernetics) and the social injustice. By your definition, Deus Ex isn't a cyberpunk game because there's no internet parts.
  15. Really, you are all about the virtual reality/cyberspace huh?