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  1. Believe me folks I'm not a crook
  2. I must admit that Euron is entering Ramsay territory but he doesn't bother me mainly because Ramsay was messing with characters I had an emtional investment in (Sansa, Stannis, Rickon, Osha) while Euron is messing with Carol and Larry so I say go for it
  3. I must admit to liking this episode more than any episode in S6. The Hound stuff was really good and I can see a similar scene happening in the books
  4. Yep " I didn't commit my men to your cause because I didn't want more Manderlys dying for nothing"
  5. Talk about characters who are the exact opposites how about Robett Glover and Wyman? Seriously we are talking about the two biggest post RW Stark supporters who are the doing the most behind the scenes trying to find and bring Rickon home but in the show Glover says to Sansa's face "the Starks are all dead" abd Wyman called them "a lost cause"
  6. Here is a preview of what firing Mueller will result in
  7. Honestly the thing about Stannis' arch in the show that gets me is how it effected everyone else around him. I always go back to the Northern lords because it such a obvious example of this problem. There is no reason in-canon (ie where excuses defenders use like budgets, pay actors, an only 10 episodes don't exists) for Smalljon, Glover, Wyman, or the small houses that joined Jon to be showing up in S6 over 5. Especially SJ his whole reason for showing up is how the Wildlings are a threat yet he doesn't seem to care Stannis stopped an later executed Mance? I mean really if we are using logic here he should of shown up in S5 handed Rickon over to Stannis as part of a deal that involved getting Bolton and Karstrak lands in in a post-Bolton North an in turn that makes Roose wanting to get his hands on Sansa make more sense as a counter-balance to Rickon
  8. It's sad that now in the RW bubble this Susan Rice story means Trump is somehow right but on the bright side Comey an the FBI are leading the investigation an they aren't basing that off of talk radio bs
  9. We are becoming a banana republic
  10. Please Hil don't even try to run again. The dems need to run someone young in 2020 to make the generation argument. Someone like Steve Bullock or Julian Castro
  11. Hahahahahahaha Trump gallup today: 36/57 oh my god he is hitting Bush after the market crashed #'s within 100 days
  12. Yep check the comment section he was at a golf course in Virginia FAKE NEWS
  13. Yep
  14. Rumors are swirling that Flynn has flipped on Trump
  15. I fing hate people like that so much being in Alabama doesn't make you more 'merican then people in DC or the two coasts. But Lord an Trumps henchmen is pulling an older than dirt trick from Watergate "no one cares about some third rate burglary they need bills to pay"