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  1. It's sad that now in the RW bubble this Susan Rice story means Trump is somehow right but on the bright side Comey an the FBI are leading the investigation an they aren't basing that off of talk radio bs
  2. We are becoming a banana republic
  3. Please Hil don't even try to run again. The dems need to run someone young in 2020 to make the generation argument. Someone like Steve Bullock or Julian Castro
  4. Hahahahahahaha Trump gallup today: 36/57 oh my god he is hitting Bush after the market crashed #'s within 100 days
  5. Yep check the comment section he was at a golf course in Virginia FAKE NEWS
  6. Yep
  7. Rumors are swirling that Flynn has flipped on Trump
  8. I fing hate people like that so much being in Alabama doesn't make you more 'merican then people in DC or the two coasts. But Lord an Trumps henchmen is pulling an older than dirt trick from Watergate "no one cares about some third rate burglary they need bills to pay"
  9. Im a Bernie guy but this bs is part of the problem an why wikileaks was so successful the DNC didn't give him a fair playing field but he wasn't sabotaged
  10. Also Comey announced that the RNC was hacked also but the DNC info was only released. Hmmmmmmm
  11. From what is sounds there is alot of smoke but no one can find the fire
  12. Well they are right if a white celebrity threatened Obama it would be never forgotten.......oh wait
  13. Hey yall I decided to get a new thread going on US politics. So we got a president who is using Fox News to start some international incident with this real life?
  14. Healthcare starting to hurt Trump: Gallup 39/55, Rasmussen: 45/54
  15. Here's what I don't get about Trump and his healthcare plan. If it passes it will be worse the Obamacare an he creates an issue for dems run on for 2018 and 2020 successfully. Or it fails and Trump looks like a idiot for blowing a promise with his party controlling both houses. So it's a rock an a hard place