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  1. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    I fing hate people like that so much being in Alabama doesn't make you more 'merican then people in DC or the two coasts. But Lord an Trumps henchmen is pulling an older than dirt trick from Watergate "no one cares about some third rate burglary they need bills to pay"
  2. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Im a Bernie guy but this bs is part of the problem an why wikileaks was so successful the DNC didn't give him a fair playing field but he wasn't sabotaged
  3. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Also Comey announced that the RNC was hacked also but the DNC info was only released. Hmmmmmmm
  4. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    From what is sounds there is alot of smoke but no one can find the fire
  5. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Well they are right if a white celebrity threatened Obama it would be never forgotten.......oh wait
  6. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Hey yall I decided to get a new thread going on US politics. So we got a president who is using Fox News to start some international incident with this real life?
  7. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    Healthcare starting to hurt Trump: Gallup 39/55, Rasmussen: 45/54
  8. U.S. Politics: Russian Around

    Here's what I don't get about Trump and his healthcare plan. If it passes it will be worse the Obamacare an he creates an issue for dems run on for 2018 and 2020 successfully. Or it fails and Trump looks like a idiot for blowing a promise with his party controlling both houses. So it's a rock an a hard place
  9. US Politics: Everyone's Manipulating Everyone

    So is this what Watergate felt like?
  10. Would it have been possible to adapt all of the storylines left out?

    You're forgetting the biggest one left off that could of be adapted, the actual freakin' Northern plot in ADWD with Wyman/frey pies/Stannis rallying the North/Davos goes on a rescue mission/ Theon having time devoted to his redemption/an Jon being stabbed over the PL
  11. How do D&D decide what to keep/cut..?

    Can't have Stannis discussion without me . As some have pointed out Stannis can't lose to Bolton and burn Shireen so either the burning is D&D fiction or Battle of the Bastards is an seeing as how that plot went the more likely explanation is that BOTB is made up. Also it's subtle but I can't let go off is how the politics of the North make no sense in the show. Take for example Smalljon, according to his motivations in the show he has a million better reasons to show up at CB back in S5 an hand Rickon over to Stannis. Also like the books Deepwood Motte is under siege during S5 according to shows timeline so why doesn't Jon tell Stannis about it like the books? Jon was shown getting all these letters from Northern Lords after becoming LC and later Davos gives Jon this speech after he turns down Stannis about how he can't sit on the sidelines and his vows do line up with helping due to "shield that guards the realms of me/as long as the Boltons rule the North suffers" that's a perfect set up for Jon to tell Stannis to attack Deepwood to win Northern support. An that's not even covering Roose feering the Northern lords will rebel to the point of committing treason with Sansa or Wyman/the Northern lord who's parents Ramsay killed that little lord Mormont called out for sitting on the sidelines for no reason
  12. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    The thing that gets to me though is how Trumpers can love how Trump went off on the media over something that's true. Nothing about the leaks over the investigation into campaign ties to Russia has been misreported by CNN/NBC/ABC/NYT/or the WP.
  13. What would you change about the show?

    I would of changed the Northern plot by kinda smashing the two plots together. Bare with me cause it gets long, first in S4 we cut the IB plot an instead Davos gets the idea from Shireen to go to White Harbor an we get the scene with Davos dragged away to get executed, then in the first episode of S5 we get the "North Remembers" scene were Robett Glover is introduced as well but instead of Wex an Rickon, Wyman has the captain who set Ayra to Bravoos an that is where Davos is sent and he gets Ayra to the twins in S6 instead of her Deus ex machina journey. Now back North, S5. Mance dies like ion the show but instead of "the free folk will never follow you", they bend the knee like the book but unlike the book Stannis takes them with him as mountain clan substitutes in exchange for the Hardhome rescue. So with Stannis marching down with wildlings (an later Glovers (after he liberates DWM offscreen) an smaller houses Ramsay pissed off) results in Smalljon hands over Rickon to the Boltons like in the show (Karstark is there too). Ramsay mutilates Rickon in front of Reek resulting in Reek/Theon tree scene an later him rescuing Rickon. Wyman insults the Karstarks resulting in a riot that Theon kills Ramsy's girlfriend and jumps off the wall with Rickon. They are saved by Glover an Stannis decides to attack WF after the snowstorm stops thinking with Rickon, Bolton will have to face him out in the open or risk more rebellion. Ramsay kills his dad after finding out his step-mom was secretly pregnant and had a boy and blames Wyman and straps him and his high command on the burning cross and feeds his stepmom/baby to his dogs (E9 shocker). Meanwhile, Sansa is in the Vale with LF and after finding out through LF spies the Boltons have Rickon manipulates SR to send the Vale North. So E10 S5, we get the Battle of Ice: Stannis/Wildlings/Glovers vs Ramsay/Umbers/Karstarks, Ramsay uses Osha (in place Rickon) and RIckon (in place of Jon) breaks rank (on Shaggy in place of a horse) to chase after her resulting in everyone in Stannis' side breaking rank but Osha an Shaggy are killed by a rain of arrows (in place of Ramsay shooting by himself) while Rickon is hurt. Glover duels SJ, Karstark launches a cavalry attack which splits the Stannis amry in half and the Boltons form the spartan shield thing like the show and like the show Sansa an the Vale make the save. Ramsay is fed to his dogs but Theon not Sansa watches it. Also Shireen/Queen/Mel are at CB the whole time an Jon is stabbed after he returns from HH an gets a PL from Ramsay demanding Rickon back so he does like book "Im gonna march on WF" resulting in FTW. An done
  14. Stannis and the Battle of Winterfell

    It seems pretty obvious due to a number of reasons mainly D&D opening their big mouths of Shireen coming from George that Stannis will take down the Boltons and BOTB never happen. So what they should of done is cut the IB plot from 4 to set up Davos/Wyman with Davos going to save Arya in place of Rickon. The with Stannis push back the Shireen plot an have him take down the Boltons in 5 with a fallout with Stannis ruling WF vs Jon and the Wildlings vs and Sansa an the Vale being the conflict for 6
  15. Stannis and the Battle of Winterfell

    Oh you sweet summer flower when it comes to Stannis and the show "logic", "flowing narrative", and "natural plot progression" don't exist