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  1. I didn't consider this once when thinking about Rhaegar and his magic/ancient prophecy stuff. Very nice point. I completely missed that
  2. I really dislike any Rhaegar or Arthur Dayne still being alive theories And just as much as I despise all those ^ theories I mentioned I also equally dislike Euron Damn Greyjoy is Daario. Please stop
  3. This! It absolutely has no place on this thread. it was so great. "The flames the wizard conjured were blue... just like the blue of the wights' eyes!" Lol
  4. Yes I was adding to their physical similarities with the tall strapping features to go along with the 2 examples of blue eyes in the family
  5. This is a bit of a stretch... But the Mallisters are likely pretty tall healthy guys. And likely have blue eyes Lord Jason is described as lean and has a gaunt face. But he's also noted as being tall. Denys is still (somehow) on the wall so he must have been a strong healthy dude in his prime. His eyes are described as blue-grey but that's probably a mixture of age and bc he's lived his days out on the wall so it's showing on him. Lol Patrek son of Lord Jason I can't remember any physical description on him at all but he served in Robb's Personal Guard during both the whispering wood and the red wedding. So he's most likely also in very good shape.
  6. Lol Arya is actually a top 3 character for me in the books. I love her decision making compared to most people I've found who like, but don't love, her decision making. Ive said this many times but I can't stop.... She might be the only character (not just POV either I mean all characters) who survive her sequence of events as they unraveled. While a lot of it has to do with the decision making I mentioned I think her intelligence also is key. She's very Self-Aware more so than nearly every other POV. I never considered her boring bc I thought she's very consistently written and seems like she catches on to everything around her which reveals more to the readers
  7. i completely agree all the "biggest stars" that are kids are certainly being/have been groomed by others but this was really quite common back then for nobility. As to he Arya references..... Arya killed Daeron a deserter of the night's watch DURING her trip across the sea..... Is that her northern loyalty that is undeniably with her (needle), or is it a chance to test out her new skills, or is it bc the influence the FM have on Arya is making it easier for her to kill? Maybe a combination? Fantastic point on the way to ease Arya into making such serious decisions. Very well done and accurate. Someone as observant as Jaqen would obviously notice Arya's other Amazing qualities in my opinion. And possibly want her to attempt the training or at least come to Braavos (the coin that made the captain Arya's personal transport)
  8. I tend to think that indeed GRRM had not finished in his dynamic of their organization as a whole or even didn't want/need them in a bigger picture. I don't have a guess on how or why he was in the black cells. So basically I'm useless in his reasoning/purpose at that time. But I think it is relevant to bring up that a FM, a Magister of Pentos, and a former first sword of Braavos were all in the Red Keep itself at the same time. (I could be wrong on the timing but I believe that is correct)
  9. Riverlands-House Blackwood bc of Bloodraven himself and also bc egg married a Blackwood. Their 1st men blood and also their dues with the brackens is interesting Vale-House Royce I like the runic bronze armor. I like Yohn Royce and is ability as a warrior and Myranda is kind of fun to read. Their origin story is cool Reach- I like House redwyne as well. If anything for their power/wealth Westerlands- House Clegane has been the only interesting vassal in this region Dorne- House Dayne strictly bc of Arthur dayne Stormlands- Easily house Seaworthy lol but I also think the Caron's of nightsong are interesting for both their longevity (since the age of heroes) and love of music
  10. Not to get to far off subject but we have another example of a heart tree changing expressions and it's the Winterfell heart tree. At the beginning of the series bring described as melancholy, scary to bran, we have Theon thinking it is judging ominously. But in the chapter Jeyne Poole AKA ARYA STARK marries Ramsay SNOW Bolton the heart tree is described as having opened its mouth "resembling a laughing face" or something. Bran Would NOT be laughing then. Bran absolutely could never beat three anointed knights in turn that had already made it through the first day of the tourney. While I agree the tree shouldn't have been mocking (to prove the point shoulda been angrier) it DOES make since narratively bc it made Aerys so paranoid and wonder "who was after him" to the point he sent Rhaegar. (Jamie was the likely suspect in Aerys' mind as he denied participation to Jamie in the tourney and sent him to KL just to be a dick)
  11. Tolkien had a serious advantage..... It's a classic hero's tale with heroic companions. Peter Jackson was able to deliver the same exact action bc the courage of hobitts GRRM has made dozens of minor characters prominent and enjoyable while keeping a whole society and its rough history in nearly flawless (however bring so small the errors aren't relevant) Don't mean to be combative/rude in anyway but GRRM vs. Tolkien isn't close to a fair comparison especially in the conclusion department bc we knew what Tolkien was going for. GRRM has us completely guessing who has the plot armor to make the end game. And GRRM has a chance to make the most epic of endings and even if it's not a "massive failure" is just not fair or accurate. Poor Sean Bean. Why do you have to be so good at dying?
  12. Sorry I couldn't help you out more but this to me would suggest that this is a sign of disgust in regards to the act itself by using literal bile which is a way of expressing something totally gross. This would be interesting if true. Also I believe all Jon Bran Arya "taste" (but not quite) blood when their respective dire wolves eat flesh. However I also believe Jojen would be correct that anything the stark kids eat as their wolves could nourish their physical selves at all. And then there's a passage where it's not directly clear but seems like Jon Involuntarily was able to "use" ghost's abilities (hearing I believe) when someone is approaching. It's something like "he heard the men approaching or was that ghost?" Ill try together a quote bc I am ashamed of that Jon quote
  13. Thank you. Has any westori star ever rocked harder? Where he "left" Dark Sister is the coolest thing of all time. I'll add yet another Dark Sister wielder Aemon the Dragonknight. What he did for Baelor I've always thought family > King and well the whole him being the total opposite of his Royal older brother who is regarded as the worst of Targ Kings. I can always get behind someone who truly cares about their family and friends ahead of others.....
  14. Is this fair to say? He has barely begun in training and the stark kids are so young. They literally have their whole lives ahead of them
  15. It says you have much and more wisdom Maester Aemon is a good one