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  1. Not to get to far off subject but we have another example of a heart tree changing expressions and it's the Winterfell heart tree. At the beginning of the series bring described as melancholy, scary to bran, we have Theon thinking it is judging ominously. But in the chapter Jeyne Poole AKA ARYA STARK marries Ramsay SNOW Bolton the heart tree is described as having opened its mouth "resembling a laughing face" or something. Bran Would NOT be laughing then. Bran absolutely could never beat three anointed knights in turn that had already made it through the first day of the tourney. While I agree the tree shouldn't have been mocking (to prove the point shoulda been angrier) it DOES make since narratively bc it made Aerys so paranoid and wonder "who was after him" to the point he sent Rhaegar. (Jamie was the likely suspect in Aerys' mind as he denied participation to Jamie in the tourney and sent him to KL just to be a dick)
  2. Tolkien had a serious advantage..... It's a classic hero's tale with heroic companions. Peter Jackson was able to deliver the same exact action bc the courage of hobitts GRRM has made dozens of minor characters prominent and enjoyable while keeping a whole society and its rough history in nearly flawless (however bring so small the errors aren't relevant) Don't mean to be combative/rude in anyway but GRRM vs. Tolkien isn't close to a fair comparison especially in the conclusion department bc we knew what Tolkien was going for. GRRM has us completely guessing who has the plot armor to make the end game. And GRRM has a chance to make the most epic of endings and even if it's not a "massive failure" is just not fair or accurate. Poor Sean Bean. Why do you have to be so good at dying?
  3. Sorry I couldn't help you out more but this to me would suggest that this is a sign of disgust in regards to the act itself by using literal bile which is a way of expressing something totally gross. This would be interesting if true. Also I believe all Jon Bran Arya "taste" (but not quite) blood when their respective dire wolves eat flesh. However I also believe Jojen would be correct that anything the stark kids eat as their wolves could nourish their physical selves at all. And then there's a passage where it's not directly clear but seems like Jon Involuntarily was able to "use" ghost's abilities (hearing I believe) when someone is approaching. It's something like "he heard the men approaching or was that ghost?" Ill try together a quote bc I am ashamed of that Jon quote
  4. Thank you. Has any westori star ever rocked harder? Where he "left" Dark Sister is the coolest thing of all time. I'll add yet another Dark Sister wielder Aemon the Dragonknight. What he did for Baelor I've always thought family > King and well the whole him being the total opposite of his Royal older brother who is regarded as the worst of Targ Kings. I can always get behind someone who truly cares about their family and friends ahead of others.....
  5. Is this fair to say? He has barely begun in training and the stark kids are so young. They literally have their whole lives ahead of them
  6. It says you have much and more wisdom Maester Aemon is a good one
  7. Correct whatever "squatters" or any people that happened to be in Harenhall's walls left as soon as Daemon landed inside 2 weeks previously. So yes you would be correct about that. Certainly no one could have been close enough to hear their dialogue. Great point and honestly something simple I overlooked
  8. Absolutely. One of the coolest people in the entire series.
  9. Absolutely. These 3 will roast you lol
  10. No the only "evidence" or the sentence in the book is when Aemond One-Eye lands Vhagar in Harrenhall and says The prince helped his woman down from Vhagar’s back, then turned to face his uncle. “Nuncle, I hear you have been seeking us.” “Only you,” Daemon replied. “Who told you where to find me?” “My lady,” Aemond answered. “She saw you in a storm cloud, in a mountain pool at dusk, in the fire we lit to cook our suppers. She sees much and more, my Alys. You were a fool to come alone.” When I made the post I didn't remember the storm cloud or mountain pool
  11. All in the title except Don't get personal about it.... If you have reasons you identify with a character say "I can identify with him".... Unless it means something to you that you'd really like to share No Bashing other's characters. Corrections are always welcome but let's not try to debate on opinions.... please. Tell us why Jaeharys was your favorite ever. The best King sounds great but unifying the laws into one, ending the super weird Lord's Right, and the building and planning of the Network of roads across the kingdoms sounds better I'll try to get more in later I could do this all day but off the dome.... My Obvious: (No Order At All) Baelor Breakspear- I'll say that his son had it fairly accurate while scolding Dunk. He had not the potential, rather the already evident ability to be a wise,fair,actually concerned, and maybe Best Choice of any man we've seen for the right to rule over and pass judgment on others (If Daavos wasn't blindly loyal to Stannis he possesses similar qualities which I respect as man and character) not saying Daavos would be a good King..... I said he possesses a few similar qualities Ned Stark-Including Rhaegar (unless rheagar met with the ghost of high heart on occasion bc that would be cray) the most insane storyline IMHO in the main 5 books. Yeah he's to honorable but you know what? He's that good. Also a great father who is understanding and patient Barristan the Bold- The manner he earned his nickname, the badassness, although it hurt the realm duskendale is so epic, he beat maelys the monstrous who is closer to the mountain in strength rather than the hound (yes I said it) no matter the case he took that freak of nature down. Arya- Not my favorite in the 5 books but rather my favorite of all the material related to ASOIAF. I'll keep it simple and say what I always say that it's my firm belief Arya is the only human (not girl boy adult or child noble or common) who would've survived her tragic storyline until this point. And she is so intelligent and so cool. She is underrated as a comedian even her thoughts are super funny at times. But her self awareness/scouting the situation at hand (better than many adults) and sheer will to be a survivalist make her my favorite of all time. Ill post more later
  12. This has to be true. Euron's character is pointless otherwise. He HAS to not only beat the redwynes, but do something that asserts himself as king of the seas hopefully hurricane or kraken related. Stannis already sent for sail sails, Aurane Waters stole the New Royal Fleet, and the redwynes are the Lannisters only sea strength capable of being serious in battle. (Although I could also see Tywin building an over-the-top fleet post-euron/Vic burning his fleet and not telling a soul) so yes I agree Euron has to dominate the seas
  13. How was she able to use the fire to locate Daemon? I thought the priests had to train or practice to use the fires. I suppose stannis did the same but he did have a red priest that was there to at least let him know it was possible to see visions. Did Alys maybe just hear this was possible and try it on her own? Any implications (even if speculative) this could have had?
  14. Dark sister also seems to be the sword of Targ champions of their time (excluding Daemon B.) Dark sister yielders: Visenya (saved the conquerer being attacked, not the conquerer saved her) Aemon the Dragonknight Daemon T the rogue Prince Bloodraven (lesser tier but still deserving of such a weapon) Fir the OP Aegon 1 is explicitly stated as being a warrior without peer. So he had to be the best/arguabl the best of his time. But most are correct in saying we truly don't know
  15. I've thought about it before and maybe it's bc Lady Catelyn was dead for so much longer it took more than me of Thoros' prayers to rhollor it took a "life" to bring her back. Ax to why is have to say it's bc they allowed the hound to kidnap Arya and he thought he was doing Catelyn the only thing he could do to repay that debt idk