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  1. Theon, Archery and Redemption?

    I think he lost to many digits to be effective again. He mentions probably being able to hold a sword (surely some dagger at least) but I really can't see the reloading a bow part. It does seem his only way to be relevant while fighting however so I'm not sure. As to his pre-mutilation skills, I'm pretty sure Anguy won the tourney for Ned or was 2nd to Jbaahar xho. If that's the case it's fair to say Theon was throughly outclassed. Fletcher Dick certainly enhanced (probably lied) about his history but I have no doubt the skill was outrageous. He talks about he could possibly take down 100 men in the right position and I don't see him lying to the half-hand. That's absolutely ridiculous no way Theon practiced for that But side note there are actually world class archers with no arms that use their toes and legs (look it up)
  2. Lord of Bones kicking Jons butt

    It's Gucci Mane.
  3. Lord of Bones kicking Jons butt

    How did my beautiful thread end up inside the privy?
  4. Who will be missed the most if he/she was killed? And why?

    Lothur Brune as a dark horse
  5. Most: Blackfish protecting the hell out of the castle he was born in. Or Dany freeing the slaves bc slavery is bad Least: Biological warfare in Mereen bc you kill many more innocents than necessary
  6. Lord of Bones kicking Jons butt

    Nice catch on the clan champions and 2 handed sword. Mance might not have used a 2 hand sword until he abandoned the Night's Watch. He'd definitely have to go by each group's "fighting traditions" until he had enough men. No doubt in my mind he just used the big sword and defeated champ after champ. Seems easy and a way to get loyal followers bc they look up to you for you'r prowess fighting. (by the way I believe Varamyr either joined late or Mance had enough people to take him on.)
  7. Lord of Bones kicking Jons butt

    But Mance was #1 sword in the night's watch (maybe Qhorin) and then beat every wildling "champion" and/or submitted many different people. He's a proven badass no doubt. I'll try to find some quotes
  8. Lord of Bones kicking Jons butt

    Darn it I thought I included that. But yes very significant. In fact Thorne could weigh 150 lbs and it would be impressive for a 14-15 yr old. One of the best moments in any book. Especially at the time
  9. Very clear examples of Maester Bias

    One of his better videos imo. But idk he's so.... Wrong
  10. Lord of Bones kicking Jons butt

    Never heard take up for Jon's abilities so much honestly but I can see your points. Very nice. Jon pulling that stake? Pole? Was another example of strength while furious
  11. Lord of Bones kicking Jons butt

    It wouldn't have killed Jon. Jon is LC someone would stop the fight before he's killed sparring but otherwise I completely agree.
  12. Lord of Bones kicking Jons butt

    Help fighting or Glaumoring? I'm confused. Mance doesn't need help fighting Jon
  13. 7 kingdoms as countries

    #nottoosoon I laughed my arse off
  14. Very clear examples of Maester Bias

    Very nice.... And I believe they did all in their power to get rid of supernatural things as well
  15. Very clear examples of Maester Bias

    And Tommen was too lol but I think it was more ceremonial than actual grief. I think GRRM uses "lickspittle" specifically for Pycelle. I find it so pathetic it is very funny