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  1. In politics Sometime the fiction became reality and politicians looks more like characters from Hollywood. This year election will be one to remember...

    Before the start of the season Messi was the obvious choice, Then he got injured. We then saw the rising of Neymar. But now that the King is back and fit that make things very interesting, personally I will go for : 1- Messi 2- Neymar 3- Ronaldo special mention to: Suarez, Müller, Ibrahimovic, Neuer, Busquets, Hazard, Lewandowski...
  3. Where do whores go?

  4. Ooops! I forgot, plz :bowdown: GRRM bring on WOW to wash out some of these non sense in this S05 :bang: . The Truth, only the Truth and All the Truth.... :wideeyed:
  5. 9/10 Cersei! Cersei Cersei! it takes something to play a scene like that. what a flnally... I am happy with that end, Simply Amazing!
  6. I had shivers when I was reading the pit episode in the book. So I had great expectations and I was so excited to watch it on the show. The finally and last scene was great, I guess this is why it is called a SHOW. All the twists and changed from the book (some really laughable) on the other hand made the all thing a BIG disappointment for me. Some people just should not be on that pit. It is as simple as that... :(
  7. Just go for it...! It will be a none stop reading, when you will have your head up again, you will be like all of us here desesperly waiting for the release date of WOW like if it was your "Precious".
  8. How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    I started with the TV show. I saw the first 3 seasons in one go. I could not wait for S04. So when I learn about the books, I started my reading and it was a REVELATION and a none stop reading. Before the S04 even started I was done with the books, so the best of Both World. Just Read it!!!
  9. Syrio Forel

    The Great Syrio Forel will be back, he was just too good to fall like that. So I will keep on reading...