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  1. waif isnt arya. but im saying they couldve done it that way and it would be a good twist.
  2. Not if they mentioned that the faceless men have to become other people, and live there lives as if they were that person as part of there training like in the books. The waif having to live as arya would be the final part of her training. the waifs death happened off screen it was pitch black, arya was badly wounded and stood little chance. Rewatch the bravoos bits with arya/jaqen/waif again and you will see this isnt a tin foil hat theory. Although it is unlikely. The games they played on arya would suffice to learn all about her past, people she knew, and who she was as a person. Why would arya become "no one" as jaqen said when she becomes arya again? Unless the waif killed arya, then sacrificed her old face to the hall of faces, to complete her training by taking on a new identity as arya stark, and as part of that identity you would have to live as if you are arya. So the new arya we see now is the waif's interpretation of what arya stark was like and what she would do. Hence why nymeria did not fully recognize arya. on top of this the way arya talks, her voice, her mannerisms, seem alot different then the arya before the scene with the candle and needle supposedly killing the waif.
  3. arya is dead. the waif is a fake arya back in winterfell.
  4. would be an interesting twist, and good writing. Which makes me think thats not the case in the show.
  5. LF just made a mental note of that theres some scrolls laying around earlier. and when arya arrived he must of come up with a new scheme, not sure how its gonna play out yet.
  6. what is the point of the other maester mentioned earlier with sam/gilly that kept a record of every time he shit. maesters keep records.
  7. they hinted at little finger doing this in previous episodes when he gives the maester a look after he said luwin kept a copy of every raven scroll.
  8. jorah vs euron would be a good fight.
  9. If they were going to get all the smallest details right it would take the show 30 seasons, and the actors would be old men by the time they finished the show. I think D&D did a decent job with the show aside from a few episodes that I thought shouldve been written differently. Certain moments i wish were more like the books, and other things im glad they didnt do it just like the books, because it just wouldnt make sense for TV (like tyrions nose for example)
  10. now that i think about it, he probably gave that look, because of the letter lyssa aryn sent to catelyn in the first episode (which was orchestrated by LF)
  11. ya i dont think theres any more secret targs. thats just non sense fan worship of targs.
  12. i was thinking the exact same thing just now, and ya put it out there for me. although waking dragons out of stone, could just as easily be jaime causing dany to stop sitting around dragon stone and attack his lannister army which we just saw. born amidst salt and smoke, again we just saw him in a battle with alot of smoke, and drowning in salt water.
  13. one of the beggars/rapists in kings landing that the hound kills after they try to rape sansa.
  14. ya got it the wrong way around. the dead cannot defeat the nights watch or get past the wall without dragons. If that wasnt the case they wouldve invaded along time ago.
  15. come on guys... if he was dead, they wouldnt have had bronn save him from the dragon fire? duh.
  16. if jon snow does bend the knee to dany, i have a feeling sansa wont stand for it.
  17. this thread is non sense. sorry to say. rules and customs are broken all the time (especially during wars). Otherwise they wouldnt be called rules and customs. also no one cares lol.
  18. i agree with ya. unfortunately ive been thinking since there are only 9 episodes left until the series ends, likely we will see arya killing littlefinger and wearing his face to bring the vale under control. Which is a bit of a dumb ending to littlefingers story arc, I was hoping to see him make least one last shocker type play for power before they kill him off. But as ive said, only 9 episodes left. Not sure if theres time for LF/Varys to do something cool. imo even worse then the ending they gave stannis, at least with stannis they gave him a cool epic scene and even let him kill 2 farm boys before he died. With LF/Varys i wanna see some major power moves before they get killed off. But nope, wont give us that lol because the entire story is about jon snow and dany now (the 2 most boring characters).
  19. that may be what littlefinger finds out, when he goes through maester luwins notes. (luwin kept a note/raven scroll of everything, and they mentioned it in the show, you will notice LF's face takes some interest in that)
  20. dont think so. its an assassins blade, arya happens to be a faceless man. Weve already got the hound, brienne, jon, tormund, beric, etc etc etc to be killing white walkers. Arya is a trained assassin not a foot soldier. I thought the same thing as you before this episode. However I have a feeling now that cersei sent the assassin. Or perhaps paid littlefinger to send an assassin and frame tyrion for it. Seeing that cersei always hated tyrion, she wouldnt mind framing him and having him killed up north.
  21. he wasnt heading to winterfell, they were heading to eastwatch, much farther north.
  22. speaking of reunions. Tyrion/Jaime/Bronn reunion Brienne/hound reunion arya/jon reunion in the next episode or 2.
  23. they did bring this up when davos and jon were asking messandai about her origins as a slave. and messandai says the queen would give her a ship and wish her well if she wanted to leave at any time. Cant say dany would do the same thing for tyrion though.
  24. ive been a believer in the jaime kills cersei theories for along time. so i dont think he dies just yet. perhaps hes taken prisoner and tyrion sets him free.
  25. doesnt sound like something id be interested in watching, but people are way to quick to judge this before they have even written the first episode. If you dont like it, you dont have to watch it, simple. And if no one watches it the show will fail. But it sounds like since everyone is pissed off about this it will get a bunch of attention and end up getting alot of people to watch it lol.