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  1. If you cant stand violence, nudity and incest, Game of Thrones might be the wrong show for you. I am afraid, it won't get less. No offence, just sayin'. But at least there will be some beautifull weddings later.
  2. There is never too much nudity
  3. Again, nobody said here anything like that. You have brought zero arguments to prove your accusations, you claim things nobody is saying and you contribute to this topic like a polar bear contributes to quantum mechanics.
  4. No one is saying that. Where exactly did you get that? Can you quote someone?
  5. Let me say it this way (my opinion): If this book would be the first book of the series, there would be no second book. You can take AffC completely out of the series, and nothing would be missed for the plot. You could add everything important that happens in this book (amd there is really not much) as a flashback of the different POV's in the fifth book and you would have spared 1.500 pages of reading and 5 years of writing. So to answer the question of the OP: yes I personaly thought AffC was boring too and boring was the nicest Word I could find to describe it.
  6. We sure can agree on that. Cheers (I don't know how to do the beer emoticon )
  7. There are also huge critics about the writing and story telling about the last two books. But I don't want to go off-topic here. So I don't want to go further on that matter.
  8. Indeed. In my opinion. Just like others people opinion about the show.
  9. The first three books were brilliant. The last two, barely mediocre. Everyone that I know, aknowledges this. So be carefull when you speak about butchery or mockery.
  10. You missed my point. I am not saying that the show is flawless. I would like to discuss the weaknesses of the show. But based on the show as its own. Not this non-stop comparisson to the book. P.S. the first reply has not work somehow. Sorry.
  11. The book readers (myself too) often make the mistake to assume that the show is made for us. We are not the main target. The show is a huge success because it reaches a huge part of vieweres, regardless of sex, race and age. So to answer the question of the OP, you have to consider how television works, and only that. It does not make any sense to adress it to the book, because as far as the show concerns, the books are irrellevant. Now let me argue about this: Let's say the show is done purely to entertain book readers and only a visualisation of the book: Only Book reader: The show will end after 8 seasons, with about 67 hours material. If you would add all of those characters, there would be no time to explore their story. It would be just a mess of short character introduction with no depth and character developments at all. It would be more of a cameo than an actual story. Even with the characters that we have, we still have problem that their story seems to be rushed. If you have seen Batman v Superman you would understand what I mean. Warner Bros. tried to please the comic book readers by adding so much characters in one movie, but it had the opposite effect. The movie was a mess for every comic book fan. It seemed overfilled, rushed and artificial.The movie tried to hard, and it imploded on its own story. That would exactly happen with GoT. For non Book readers: The main critic about GoT from a lot of viewers who have not read the books, is that the show has to many characters and that the viewers don't even remeber half of it (probably less). Just watch "honest trailers game of thrones" on youtube. It gives you a very realistic view on this matter. I watch GoT with my brother, my fiance and with some of my friends. Besides me and my fiance none of them has read the books. And it is pure horror, when for example Roose Bolton shows up, and not only don't they know his name. They spend minutes to try to remeber who he was again. And it is no wonder. According to statistics there are 3.3 new characters on avarage on every new episode. That is huge, considering that there is already a huge basic staff already. Adding Aegon, LS, Victarion and the Tyrell brothers would be pointless to them. Since the major part of the fans of the show are non-book readers, you would just loose audience. So from both perspectives it would make zero sence to add the characters above, with the exception of Arianne. They could have cut the sand snakes and add Arianne as the antagonist.
  12. Dany, Jon and Bran. Three dragons, three heads, three tales, one story. There is the story of the prince that was promised. This is a Targ Story. TPTWP is said to be from the direct line of Aerys II. Only a full Targ will fullfill this role. So Danny is here the best option. There is the story of Azor Ahai. This is a story of the red priests. The story of Melisandre. Jon's Story after she resurects him. There is the story of the Last Hero. This is clearly Brans story, since it is the only one relating to the COTF, and the only one that is connected with Bran He hears it already in the first Book. We readers know the story through him. All the three storys are basically the same: A chosen one who will save humanity from the others, from doom. Yet, there are three versions. It is no coincidence from George to tell three versions. Thre dragons, three riders, three Heroes, one story. While Jon and Danny have Targ blood and can tame the dragons, Bran can't. But he can warg. He will warg one of the dragon, probably Viserion.
  13. Dorne was a complete disaster, but I don't know if a telenovela would have saved it
  14. Not sure if trolling or serious