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  1. Oh I know. I actually avoided reading the novel the show is based on due to criticisms of Douglas and his ego. It shined through in a few scenes in the series.
  2. Haha, I'm not disagreeing with your analysis. What I meant by weak, was Debbie and Holden together. It was never believable that they were a couple. Part of that may be due to my growing dislike of Ford throughout the season. The role felt miscast to me.
  3. Yeah, I think they've also mentioned it in previous episodes.
  4. I'm becoming more and more interested in the NYPD corruption arc. I'm waiting to discover who is really behind the clean up around the Deuce. Sweeney is an obvious prick, but also low on that chain of corruption. Could it be the mob pulling the strings in city hall? I was also interested in the obscenity cases scene and how they were simply dismissed due to a lack of precedent on what exactly constitutes obscenity. The decision in Miller v. California isn't until 1973 after all.
  5. Paul Tremblay's A Head Full of Ghosts was just ok for me. The ending really saved it and forced me to rethink my initial opinions of some of the characters. I was expecting something scarier. Now onto Christopher Buehlman's The Necromancer's House.
  6. Ford and Debbie's scenes together were the weakest part of the series for me. Carr and Tench were the best part of the series after the interview scenes. I was really hoping for more of Tench and Carr and less of Ford. The direction from Filcher was excellent, but I wasn't a fan of the ending of the series.
  7. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Hard to believe Due South was that long ago.
  8. Jan 22, 2018 premiere date for The Alienist.
  9. Dudley Do-Right?
  10. I liked Operation Daybreak. Not entirely accurate but close enough. Great ending. Of course the true story of Heydrich's assassination is interesting enough without any added dramatization. I've liked all of Cillian Murphy's work to date so kept my eye on this film. Unfortunately, it met with mixed reviews so I'm just waiting for it to premiere on a premium channel.
  11. I may have to check this one out when I get a chance. Wondering how it compares to the 1975 film Operation Daybreak.
  12. Damn, I wish I wouldn't have watched that newest trailer. Not that important of a reveal, but was hoping to be a little more blind going into this new season.
  13. I was wondering who that was supposed to be making a stink out of the rules as the ADT employee refusing to replace his coworker's tape. It's the only scene I've seen him in so far, so suppose more of a keep watching for myself.
  14. Only two episodes in but enjoyed those two. Tench and Ford are a great pairing. The only issue I had was
  15. First two episodes were good. Tench and Ford are perfect together. There is another thread already started, however.