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  1. WHEEL OF TIME officially optioned for television

    Bela should be the pov for the series.
  2. Fargo 3: not until 2017

    I thought that was him.
  3. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Season 2 of Gomorrah premiered last night on Sundance. It didn't drop a beat from season 1. This show is brutal.
  4. Fargo 3: not until 2017

    Sy's losing control at the end of the rampage was the best part about that scene. Nikki's burglary had me laughing as well. Was Goran Bogdan's character Yuri Gurka?
  5. WHEEL OF TIME officially optioned for television

    Not to mention the relative skill and power of various characters.
  6. The Leftovers (spoilers)

    Tom's line to Nora about not even knowing she existed was the coldest thing I saw on television this year. What a fucking gut punch.
  7. Fargo 3: not until 2017

    This article makes the comparison of the opening scene to Kafka's The Trial. Interesting take.
  8. The Leftovers (spoilers)

    None of them were. However, Grace(the leader) reminded me a lot of the woman who's faith kept getting tested in the intro of s3ep1. I'm wondering how they know about the book of Kevin? Have Matt and Kevin Sr. been in contact? Is this the future? And wth wasn't the police officer driving a V8 Interceptor?
  9. April Reads: What, fool, are you reading?!?

    Good to read the reviews for the rest of the series are overwhelmingly positive. I've been hesitant of late to start new and/or unfinished series, but this one I have no qualms about and am actually excited to tackle the next few novels in the series. However, I need to read different books in between and have been turning more and more towards history. I'm now on Hampton Sides' Blood and Thunder.
  10. The Leftovers (spoilers)

    I loved the episode. Quite an emotional one. But the tattoo was hilarious, as was the trampoline scene. She walked in on Kevin choking himself Not sure quite what to make of the Australia scene, but really liked it and the previews for next episode.
  11. April Reads: What, fool, are you reading?!?

    Late to the party but I loved Max Gladstone's Three Parts Dead. It exceeded my rather high expectations after reading many of the positive reviews. Excellent world-building, interesting characters, well-paced plot and intriguing central mystery. I'm looking forward to reading more of the Craft Sequence.
  12. WHEEL OF TIME officially optioned for television

    Oh please, please, please Sam Elliott as Thom Merrilin *fingers crossed*
  13. It wasn't the most exciting season finale and really dragged out the conflict on board the Rocinante and Mao's pleasure yacht imo, but left enough questions to be answered next season, mostly the Arboghast and Venus. I loved the shot of the "caliban" getting torched.
  14. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Finished the season 2 finale of Hap and Leonard. While more serious and less crazy than the first season, I enjoyed it just as much.
  15. Fargo 3: not until 2017

    That ending Not sure what the intro had to do with the rest of the show. Could be nothing and Hawley just being cute showing a scene with the Stasi and then the Stussy brothers in the next. So far so good. The stage has been set for the season. Classic Fargo