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  1. Nope, no spoilers.
  2. It's not necessary to watch the film first. The only elements the show and film share are the setting and the Camorra. However, I would still suggest watching the film. It is very good.
  3. Yeah, Gomorrah, American Gods and Fargo just ended with The Leftovers finishing two weeks ago. And nothing new on Netflix has really interested me. I watched the first episode of GLOW last night, but didn't enjoy it much. However, Snowfall premieres July 5th. That and GOT are the only summer shows I'm anticipating.
  4. Oh, I agree with you. And seeing as it was Pietro's last order, a final option if you will, he may have some semblance of a code. I was just trying to see it from Pietro's standpoint and not condoning his actions. What may have been even colder was Genny naming his son Pietro after setting up his father's murder.
  5. Sure, but there have been a few innocents killed in the show. My take was similar to WarGalley's. Then again, Pietro's fatherly instincts are twisted to say the least.
  6. The Sundance Channel also airs the show.
  7. I agree. His character ties in with the Kafkaesque theme of the season, i.e. the absurdity of bureaucracy.
  8. Arguably the best show on television currently. Season 2 was phenomenal. It's difficult to improve on season 1 but season 2 did just that. Every episode is excellent. The writers never take an episode off. I can't say that for most of the best television. Yeah Don Pietro was pretty cold ordering the murder of Ciro's daughter. However, Ciro ordered the murder of Imma and almost killed Genny last season. Still, it's difficult to pick who is the coldest of the bunch in this show. I've always rooted for the Savastano clan. Imma was my favorite last season, but I was leaning towards Genny after seeing the shit he went through in Honduras. No wonder he went against his old man. He came back a very different man. I really love how the show focuses on the bit characters caught up in the conflict. Patrizia was fantastic this season. And last season was fantastic with the girl who owned the bridal shop. I forget her name. Also the young kid whose brother worked for Conte in Spain.
  9. Tie 1. Gomorrah s2 (every episode was brutal and fantastic. If not for great seasons from The Leftovers and Black Sails, would leave every other show in the dust so far in 2017. Just finished it and already having withdrawals.) Tie 1. The Leftovers s3 ( wonderful end to a show I wasn't too sure about in season 1 but absolutely blew me away in season 2. Season 3 picked up wonderfully where 2 left off. Melodramatic as all hell, but such a treat to watch.) Tie 1. Black Sails s4 ( like The Leftovers, season 1 was a slow burn. S2 it was at it's peak, and s3 and s4 were just a slight dip from s2. Fantastic finale that makes you view Treasure Island from a completely different angle. Capt Flint is one of my fav tv characters now.) Big Little Lies (still the most pleasant surprise of the year for me. Great story and riveting performances from all) Legion s1 (trippy and a bit indulgent, but very entertaining. bonus points for some creepy scenes and a refreshing take on superheroes.) The Young Pope (another pleasant surprise. Jude Law was fantastic. Trippy and entertaining) Fargo s3 (a slight dip in quality from s1 and s2 but still quirky and entertaining) American Gods s1 ( loved the novel, show is enjoyable with some nice expansion of the novel. Not too sure where to rank it. Enjoyed the shows above more, but in the middle of the pack is about right.) Hap and Leonard s2 (love Purefoy and Williams as the titular characters. Just fun. I need to read Joe R. Lansdale's novels) The Missing s2 (better than season 1) The Expanse s 2( fun sci-fi fix. Needs more space battles) Trapped (Icelandic noir) The Son s1 (based on Philipp Meyer's novel. Had its moments. Slightly preachy and predictable at times, but I give it higher marks due to its being a Western) Veep (still an episode left, but my least favorite season so far. Only placing it here since it hasn't finished yet) Taboo (what a disappointment and waste of time. Could actually be lower than the DNFs below. Kept waiting for it to go somewhere but it never really did. I suppose the design was neat) DNF : The Magicians s2 ( finally had enough of the miserable characters) The White Princess ( I made it through last year's The White Queen, but couldn't stomach The White Princess after a few episodes.)
  10. I liked the finale. Bookending the season with interrogation scenes was neat. Liked having another Gloria and Varga face to face. I was hoping Varga would get some justice. It was great to see him frazzled, and even frightened, this episode. Wrench and Nikki were entertaining again. They and Varga were the best part of the season. I liked Wrench finishing Emmit for Nikki as well. He did kind of owe her However, as much as I was entertained by Wrench and Nikki this season, their arc at the end required a little suspension of disbelief. Nikki, specifically. She suddenly had the upper hand in the conflict after her beating from Yuri and the other henchman. She went from seemingly out of her league to toying with Varga afterwards. It didn't ruin my enjoyment of the season, but had me questioning her success initially. The Stussy brothers were a bit of a miss for me. I didn't care for either Emmit or Raymond very much. Still an enjoyable season but a little dip in quality from 1 and 2.
  11. I finished Philip Caputo's, A Rumor of War. Haunting and frustratingly tragic memoir of the Vietnam War.
  12. It was sounding more and more like a SNL parody. Had The Lego Movie been Lord and Miller's only work I wouldn't have been too skeptical. It's the Jumpstreet films that had me worried. I have much more faith in Ron Howard.
  13. Decent finale. Loved Kristin Chenoweth as Easter. I appreciated them answering some of the questions for non book readers. As a book reader, and this goes for the entire season, Overall, I enjoyed the season, but felt it was a bit heavy on style over substance and the narrative structure was a bit disjointed. I found myself enjoying scenes and episodes more than the season and story as a whole. The Coming to America stories were my favorite part of the season.
  14. I bought the dvd and watched it last night. Thought it was excellent, especially the performances. It really captured time and place quite well. I loved the soundtrack as well. I really wish films and soundtracks were bundled together. It would convince me to purchase more films.
  15. Looks good, as a trailer should. I'm on board since Kelly Reilly is starring in it. Interesting version of Sweet Child of Mine playing in the trailer.