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  1. Robert Graves, as mentioned above(I,Claudius and Claudius the God are terrific. I wasn't a fan of the narrator in Count Belisarius but the story is great.) Colleen McCullough's Masters of Rome series is highly praised on these boards and elsewhere. Mary Renault wrote a number of historical fiction novels set in Ancient Greece such as her Alexander the Great series. John Maddox Roberts SPQR series. I've had Gore Vidal's Julian on my TBR list for a while. (I should really get to that one.) Steven Saylor's Roma Sub Rosa series is an ancient Rome mystery series.
  2. Bjorn and Halfdan's voyages could be very interesting if Hirst doesn't screw them up. However, I'm expecting a GGK twist with this Byzantine "nun". Kattegat still sucks. Harald is much less interesting. York is boring without a battle. I was hoping that final shot of all those rats meant the plague would come and wipe that whole slate clean.
  3. It really shot right up my list of tv favorites, blowing away most the series I've watched the past few years. On par with Gomorrah and The Leftovers.
  4. Yeah, I was wondering what the hell they were thinking. I prefer the Thursday slot simply because nothing else I watch airs then, but USA never even gave a heads up to viewers that I'm aware of. Luckily I rescheduled the series on my dvr for Thursday before missing any episodes.
  5. So, looks like Whiterose was right and they could go back and make everything like it was before 5/9. Naysayers be damned! Overall I liked the finale. I appreciated the twists concerning Romero's keylog. Also enjoyed Price's telling Angela that 5/9 and the events following it were just pettiness on the part of the 1%ers. We'll see how Elliott gets his revenge next season. My two complaints are the reveal of Price being Angela's father and how conveniently Dom(or how predictable the barn scenes were) took the place of Santiago. First, I simply didn't like the reveal of Angela's parentage. I simply don't like incestuous casts of characters where characters seem to be related or long-lost friends, etc. The benefit to the reveal is it justifies Price's obsession with Angela these past seasons. As far as Dom and the events in the barn, it was all a bit too convenient. Santiago was dead weight, as was Whiterose's boytoy, and they were conveniently eliminated. I hope nobody was on the edge of their seats worrying for the fate of Dom, Darlene and Elliott. There was no suspense for me in those scenes. Overall, big improvement over season 2 and almost on par with season 1.
  6. Yay! Looking forward to it.
  7. Isn't the lead actress from Ingobernable the one who met with El Chapo and Sean Penn? That list is a surprise to me, but I never truly binge a series. Maybe an episode or two per evening for a series that really grips me. American Vandal was also the only series in that list I watched. Really enjoyed it though. Godless, Dark and Stranger Things(s1 & 2) were the only series I would consider binge watches for myself.
  8. A.B. Guthrie, Jr.'s, The Big Sky. Good story, terrific descriptions of the landscape and life of mountain men on the Upper Missouri in the 1830s-40s.
  9. They were obvious to us, but the character's reactions to them in the show were fairly realistic considering how illogical those events are. I also appreciated how Ulrich had to face similar supernatural, incomprehensible events as a police officer(more as a father and brother, though) just as his nemesis Egon had to 33 and 66 years before him. Egon wasn't incompetent as Ulrich believed. He was simply dealing with supernatural events beyond his comprehension.
  10. I DVR'd The Ox-Bow Incident the other day. I've had the novel on my TBR list for a while so will pick it up from the library before watching the film. I never saw The Homesman, but it's another adaptation of a novel on my TBR list. I loved Glendon Swarthout's The Shootist (adapted into the film starring John Wayne) and have been meaning to try this other novel by Swarthout. I finished the Czech noir mystery Wasteland(Pustina). It wasn't reinventing the wheel, so typical clich├ęs and red herrings included, but I was quite interested in the depiction of small town, economically depressed life on the Czech/Polish border. I've read Walter Presents was showing Agnieszka Holland's The Burning Bush miniseries in the UK. I'm waiting to see when that will appear on HBO since it's an HBO Europe original.
  11. I prefer this newer trailer to the previous one
  12. Dom has great taste in music. So was it Darlene's plan all along to get caught by Dom or not? Elliott's malware upload to the Dark Army seems a bit too obvious for it to work. I loved how Elliott's line to Angela about never being able to go back was at odds with her scenes this week where we see her first encounter with Price and Wellick and her running into someone selling bootlegs on the corner. The kitty poster reading "Keep Hanging in There" was amazing.
  13. Well, it wasn't as bad as the Bastard Executioner premiere, but it wasn't good. From the CGI up to the story itself it was kind of a mess. Hard to be optimistic about this one, but hey it's got knights and swords. Two of my favorite scenes were . . .