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  1. Well whenever you are ready then.
  2. Go on...
  3. Cat would inherit it, or maybe one of her sons seems the most likely source of action.
  4. Baelish will be taking the knights of the the Vale to the Riverlands not the North. Sansa will just be along for the ride unless she gets kidnapped again.
  5. Keep the strategy he did until the news of Renly's death, then offer a marriage alliance with the Tyrells.
  6. I still think Arya will die, not sure how or why but that isn't important. What will be interesting is the fact that she will live a second life in Nymeria and raise hell at the head of her pack.
  7. The reasons others listed above but mostly they were probably under contract to one of the free cities at the time.
  8. Only because he tried to put Stannis on the throne.
  9. Littlefinger, Doran is playing a longer game than most people think IMO. I think the whole Dornish POV's is one big smokescreen. 1) Arys Oakheart is an outside and knows shit about Dorne 2) Arianne is a gossipy socialite that can't be trusted with high treason 3) Areo Hotah, the video camera that rides All our POV's have no idea what is going on.
  10. Some combination of Tywin, Stannis and Randyll.
  11. I have enjoyed this point of view. Also that he will take up the mantle of the Vulture King. Interesting as always LM. I have my own crackpot theories on him but this is pretty good. Ran has stated that Darkstar isn't anyone's bastard so I'd say no. However I do have a crackpot theory on Marwyn being Lewyn's bastard with his paramour.
  12. Think Martin will reveal more about the actual group later?
  13. I am going to go with no. Joffrey is simply a chaotic element that shows that no matter how good the players are there are simply some elements that can't be predicted. As far as Martin's quote on the issue I think he was referring to the jousting dwarves bit from the Wedding. For anyone interested in theories on Baelish and his motivations I have complied a list of theories on another site. http://thelasthearth.com/thread/1601/petyr-baelish-motive-codex Once I finalized my own thoughts on the issue I was going to repost it here with my conclusions but it is a vast issue and its not ready but its still a good resource on theories about Baelish.
  14. Possible but the name doesn't sound Lyseni to me.
  15. This is the endgame but the next step in my opinion Aegon won't be on the throne because he wins. I think Jon doesn't want it (he'll be King of the North/Wildlings) and Dany will be dead. How the whole Dornish thing will go I am not sure. So many ways it could play out.