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  1. Sea Dragon Point exists in the North. Hence there must have been sea dragons at one point to name it after. Better be Sarella.
  2. A pound of speculation and not a ounce of proof. Or even hinted at.
  3. Maybe since he cousin is getting married soon? I don't have my book with me. He definitely says he is returning to Riverrun but I don't remember him giving any reason.
  4. Oh fun fact. Ravella Smallwood. The nice noble lady that tries to clean and dress up Arya in the Riverlands was born Ravella Swann. So she gets cleaned and a makeover from a Swann.
  5. Ah no worries. While the greatsword bit is a strong evidence to me. Mainly because it is such a specialized weapon, the only two greatsword we know of that get used in active combat are Dawn and Heartsbane. Also the Mountain Clans of the North champions are supposed to wield two handed greatswords. So maybe Mance has some unknown connection to them? No its the bit about uniting all the various Wildling tribes together. Also the fact that he just knows think that a ranger that spent his whole life on the wall wouldn't know anything about. I am reminded of Jaime thinking about the Kingswood Brotherhood and how Dayne defeated them. Mance does have an incredible capacity to win people to his side. He even survived Stannis and getting burned. As I said its far from conclusive but here are a few points that point toward it IMO. I also see how the Halfhand fits but then he just dies without revealing anything which is a letdown.
  6. He probably isn't. Still Ned's fever dream is far from conclusive, and there are plenty of hints in the text to point at it. Nothing conclusive but one of those fun things to think about. Why does it make less sense in your opinion?
  7. Either way Ned was in the Vale when this happened so he wouldn't have first hand knowledge of what happened. I still Rickard was heading South for his daughters wedding, while leaving Benjen as the Stark in Winterfell.
  8. I'd say if you just read the first 2-3 books then R+L=J seems obvious but the hints Martin keeps dropping in later books could point in several directions. Personally I am about 70/30 on R+L=J. I would like it to be N+A=J.
  9. Walder's strategy was to intermarry with as many Houses as possible, As for who Robb should have married? Margaery Tyrell easy.
  10. If you can find the link between Baelish and Mance I'm all ears. Well I have the notion that Baelish and Doran may be in cahoots.Parallels, hints in the books but certainly nothing conclusive other than the fact they seem to be running the same playbook. Let everyone else kill each other off then make your move. Now if Mance is actually Arthur Dayne I could see this making a scary lot of sense.
  11. Doran Martell mayhaps?
  12. Sent and looking forward to your feedback.
  13. Indeed sounds like you would need a glass candle to solve that problem. Problem is neither of them should have access to one.
  14. I agree that Robin is Jon's but I can see the arguement that he is Baelish's. Get reading I would hate to accidental spoil something. Indeed. Back on topic. I have always wondered about Val and Dalla, possible connections to the Moon Singers. Not sure when if Mance was in Braavos to meet Baelish. I just don't how the logistics of how that is possible.