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  1. Glad others had this thought as well.
  2. Don't we all?
  3. I'm sure all the Lords of the Reach with band together and declare Sam LP of the Reach for no reason, just like the Northern and Vale Lords did for Jon.
  4. Right up there with why was Jon's corpse the most important thing to him have Stannis died... because D&D wanted it to happen.
  5. Mayhaps he thinks a child from a Valyrian like Dany would produce the Stallion that Mounts the world?
  6. Some people theorize that Rhaegar was the one behind the Tournament at Harrenhal. He intended to hold a Great Council to peacefully depose his father. Of course Varys tipped Aerys off which is why he attended the tournament.
  7. "Creatively it made sense to us because we wanted it to happen." D&D
  8. Reading now. Cheers.
  9. Oh I thought your were talking about Maelys killing a bunch of relatives.
  10. Cersei making appointments is also what prevented Richard Horpe, a skilled Stormlander knight from being appointed to the King's Guard. Probably so a toadie like Blount could get in.
  11. @sweetsunray Maelys to the best of my knowledge killed one Blackfyre to take control of the Golden Company. Not sure where you are getting the idea about sisters and cousins, if you have I quote I would love to see it Between the sacking of Tyrosh by the GC and the Band of Nine. Also the lack of success for previous members of the family I can see the nobility getting rid of them. Look how quickly the nobility of the Free Cities soured on Viserys and Dany.
  12. My Tolkien knowledge isn't what it used to be but the description makes me think of Ringil the Sword of Fingolfin. Doesn't say three sapphires however but fits the rest of his motif I suppose. I wonder if this could be part of "Sapphires" means lies or has that theory been disproven? This is a nice catch.
  13. Ethan broke and told Aerys about Southron Ambitions. Which is why he was spared, IMO.
  14. Oh are we carrying on excellent. @sweetsunray I have one issue with current Tyroshi being associated with the Blackfyres. After Maelys and the Golden Company helped conquer Tyrosh with the Band of Nine I doubt any remaining members of that family would be permitted to stay after the Tyroshi took it back several years later. I also have my own wacky theory on Daario's identity from earlier in this thread (I think, its been awhile) and would love your feedback on it. I am looking forward to your essay on the Blackfyre's. Exactly there are so many threads that could lead so many places.
  15. Your proof of this is what pray tell?