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  1. Let's speculate about the future roles of Willas and Garlan

    Growing Strong indeed. Can't you say that about Westeros in general?
  2. Possible last Reynes(SPOILERS ALL)

    It would be interesting to see a scion of House Reyne. I'm just glad your not rehashing the whole Peytr Reyne idea. I have my own thoughts on the identity of the High Sparrow. Still I like the idea of Tom O'Seven's, I have always had him pegged as a Targaryren or Blackfyre supporter.
  3. What have the Ironborn been doing since the Conquest?

    http://towerofthehand.com/blog/2016/12/05-politics-of-seven-kingdoms-5/index.html This would explain it far better than I ever could.
  4. Small Questions v. 10105

    No worries, also Andalos, aka the area the Andals originated from is near the territory or has been taken by the Dothraki in the century of blood. I need to pull out the World Book to check, so the Dothraki have conquered or at least had contact with that culture or the leftovers that were there. I supposed that makes me wonder what happened to all the other Andals left in Essos... its probably in the World Book. I need to stop lending it to friends.
  5. Targaryen Morality

    No slavery in Westeros, probably trying to fit in better with the culture of Westeros. Aegon certainly proved that.
  6. Why are the Targs...

    I have always wondered about that. Considering how wealthy the House was under Corlys Velaryon you would have thought they would have bought one from somewhere. Or odd they didn't have one from before the fall, even Celtigar has the axe.
  7. Small Questions v. 10105

    I don't think anyone ever explained the differences between the First Men, Andals, and Rhoynar to him. He probably thinks all Westeros are Andals and they are the largest grouping so it would make sense IMO.
  8. Well they are passionate about their ship nothing wrong with that but just giving OP a warning.
  9. Who tried to kill Bran?

    I agree in all probability it is Joff since Martin basically says as much. Mance is a distant second but interesting option.
  10. Will Jon marry Val?

    Should be the motto of this subforum.
  11. Who tried to kill Bran?

    Plans on Sansa a girl he has never met.... right. Baelish at the start of the story isn't trying to destroy the Starks but keep Stannis off the throne. Do people really think he gave some guy gave him a bag of silver and a dagger. Go cause chaos... I think Baelish still has it.
  12. Who tried to kill Bran?

    Mance tells Jon he took a bag of silver went he went to Winterfell, same as the catspaw had. Also why kill Bran in a word chaos. He came and could note the friction between the Starks and Lannisters. I mean Eddard even notes that he might have to deal with him in his early chapters. Mance wants to get South of the Wall and doesn't want to have to fight the entirity of the Seven Kingdoms when he does. How better to not have to fight them if he can get them to fight each other?
  13. Who tried to kill Bran?

    1) Most likely it was Joffrey unless Martin is messing with us. 2) Mance is a close second, the bag of silver could be a clue. 3) I think people who think Baelish is behind this are out of their minds. The logisitics make it next to impossible.
  14. Bolton's Burnt Book: Mysterious Reading

    They have been the Alpha and Beta houses in the North for thousands of years. The North remembers... Reek this is the skin of a killer... FM as in Faceless Men and not First Men... right? I don't think he was against the Stark in the beginning. His early actions were attempting to remove the strength of his neighbors and increase the power and strength of is House. Marrying the Frey's was hopefully to make him a bigger role in the new independent North. Only after Robb lost the Frey's and Karsarks he knew it was over. Can of Coke for you that is excellent.
  15. Riverlords

    They are the Poland of Westeros everyone is going to kick the shit out of them when they fight each other. They have done it for most of the history of the Riverlands. Generally comes back to the Blackwoods and Brackens. That was several centuries of pent up rage at the rest of Westeros. The Stormlands and Iron Islands in particular.