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  1. Almost right its Sansa/Aegon.
  2. This is the best line I have seen in weeks.
  3. Granted but it seems Direwolves do most of the snarling in the books.
  4. The need is real...
  5. On Reddit a couple a months ago a theory known as the Harrenhal Conspiracy answered this question quite well IMO. Its an expansion on the "Southron Ambitions" theory and basically fingers Ethan Glover as the rat who told the Mad King about the Lords plans to overthrow him. It explains a lot of other things quite well.
  6. He doesn't need to run. Really he would just need to outlast the Winter. Long way to go. Dreadfort is noted on how strong and secure and how the Boltons have holed up for years.
  7. Back to the Dreadfort likely.
  8. Yup its almost like he was preparing for Robert to die and war.
  9. This oh so much. Perfect example at Crossroad's Inn. Cat thinks it must not comes to war, goes downstairs captures Tyrion and starts the war. WTF? Just like the people who think all Frey's deserve to die just for being Frey's. They really don't. What about the good ones that held faith with Robb, or the ones who had nothing to do with the Red Wedding? Most people will cheer when we she more dead Frey's next book. Just kind of sad.
  10. I just wish more people would admit this when they post these ideas. Well on the flip side why would anyone in the Riverlands support Jon as King of the Riverlands? He worships foreign gods, is a bastard, has taken the Black and has no connection to House Tully. Just because Robb who lost them the war wanted it so?
  11. Certainly possible. Also the Rhoynar were supposed to have water mages of some kind. I do have a only somewhat crackpot theory on House Darry not being destroyed but going underground to help the BWB and other fun things.
  12. One could make the case that opinions on bastards took a downturn after the Blackfyre Rebellion and then the rise to power of Bloodraven. Some fans have speculated as much. Listen to Cat.
  13. Very nice catch. Indeed puts the scales back in her favor.
  14. Stannis will be key in defeating the Boltons. Sadly I don't see any end game with him on the throne.
  15. Glad to see other fans of Dune. Faceless Men are so close to Facedancers it hurts. I wonder if Weirwood paste or Shade of the Evening has an properties of spice. Other than seemingly granting or improving ones powers.