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  1. We might get an ice wolf in the show too. sort of hope there is not too much cgi.
  2. yeah true about cold/snow for dragons. i seem to recall they struggled in rain in the books.
  3. is ice dragon cop out at this point in story (especially show) where so little build-up? I think the book might have sufficient lore for this though as at least one unaccounted for dragon. can picture dragon swooping low to lay waste and out jumps ice spider ftw!!!
  4. Yeah both these were my thoughts. Dragons take down wights then up to men with VS swords to take down walkers. it just seems to easy at this point in time unless infighting or wicked ice spiders.
  5. Maybe bran is the one that sent the wolves??? They were clearly warnings (i.e. stag killed the mother dire wolf), grey wind trying to warn rob prior to RW?
  6. based on what we saw in the cave, what hope do white walkers/wights have against dragons really?
  7. i don't mind the wolves going out but i want to see them go like a boss. not epic enough imo.
  8. ships only sink when I'm on them, question is, will he go down with it?
  9. i think show has established danny fireproof sufficiently. i also thought it was clear that the laza khaleesi did some prep work for the tent to catch fire - see how purposeful danny walked to centre podium and fact they connected (she was 16 and not keen on hanging out forever also never wanted to be khaleesi - stolen). don't dothraki oil their hair, they are walking molitovs. i also think it is designed to be repetitive. now she has large dragons, now she has unsullied, now she has free riders and sell swords. now she has dothraki. it is like a 2nd rebirth but this time with purpose. they are similar but different, i'm not sure she knew she would survive funeral pyre but had nothing to loose, this time she knew and it was well planned enough given it was pretty well on the spot with jorah dario and laza khaleesi.
  10. this was also my biggest "moment" of the ep (i.e. bran leaving the cave).